Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 22

Main Event

Sarah still being sick and asleep, Dean doesn't want to leave his sister but he has no choice since he is in a match with Alberto Del Rio that night.

"Go man she'll be fine and she's asleep. Nothing will happen to her on my watch i promise". Roman said.

Dean finally caves but before going to the ring he kisses his sister's forehead and whispers something to his sister.

"I love you princess". Dean whispered.

Dean then goes out to the ring in his usual crazy attitude.

"Ladies and gentlemen Dean Ambrose". The announcer said.

"I'm back and i'm in a foul mood. Just finished my promotional tour last night, shaking hands, kissing babies head not my strong suit but it was an easy way to keep me off Monday Night Raw and away from their precious little darling Seth Rollins. But i'm here tonight and i say let's cut the crap. I'll say this for Seth Rollins what don't you finally do what's best for business and come out here and get your teeth knocked down your throat and for all the times you messed with my sister in this ring. I bet my bottom dollar you won't because you have no guts. Let's find out. Does Seth Rollins want to hide back there behind closed door and eat protein bars with Triple H or whatever or do you wanna come fight?" Dean screamed.

Dean then sits in the middle of the ring and waits.

"Nothing, yea that's what i thought. Hide back there hide behind Kane, hold Triple H's hand. Meanwhile i'll be doing what i do going through every superstar, thug, goon, little bull, demon everyone they put in front of me till i get my hands on you Seth. And when i do you're gonna pay the price for selling out and each and every time you messed with my sister". Dean said throwing the mic behind him.

Alberto's music then hits and makes his way to the ring trash talking Dean. Then he brings up Dean's sister.

"And your sister i wonder if she is a lunatic like her brother. I bet she can't even fight like you can't fight. I bet she's like you weak, pathetic, a coward and a loser. I bet every time she gets scared of anything she runs away and hides behind you like a scared little coward". Alberto said.

"Alberto, i'm gonna say this one time and one time to you and to the roster. KEEP MY SISTER OUT OF YOUR DAMN MOUTH! DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR! Because if i'm not clear i will knock your teeth down your throat and shove my foot square up your ass". Dean threatened.

"I'm so scared". Alberto said.

"Yea, you should be". Dean said.

Dean then hits Del Rio on the head with the mic and begins attacking him for badmouthing his sister in front of him. Bad move.

The two superstars then get ready for their match which is now. The match then goes underway.

(skips most of the match)

Del Rio has Dean in a lock hold and Dean finally frees himself, he jumps back on the second rope kicking Alberto in the chest quite hard. Dean then goes for another attack but Del Rio ducks and hits Dean with a close line. He then throws Dean into the pole and he comes out sitting on his knees only to be kicked in the jaw by Del Rio. Dean then goes for another attack only to see Rollins up at the ramp coming to the ring. Dean then gets out the ring and begins the attack on Rollins, Rollins then throws Ambrose into the barricades and Dean starts to fight back hard. The brawl continues for a couple minutes before it goes into the ring then Dean throws Rollins over the top rope. He then goes to get a mic.

"Dean while i got your attention, i wanna ask you for something". Seth said.

"Why the hell should i do anything for you?" Dean asked.

"I want a match. But not with you. I want a match with...your brat of a sister". Seth said.

"Why in the hell would i even agree to that? For starters one i wouldn't let my sister go anywhere near you let alone have a match with you. Second there is no way in hell i would even agree to put my sister in the ring with anyone especially with you. Third i would never in my life put my sister in a situation like that. Fourth you're just crazy as a nut for thinking i'd ever do that". Dean said.

"You want me to leave her alone? Let her have a match. She wins i'll leave her alone. She loses she stays with the authority, specifically me. She'll be my little helper". Seth said.

"Well since she ain't here with me and me being her guardian and older brother i make choices on her behalf and my answer to you for the match. HELL NO. There is no way in hell you are having a match with my baby sister. She is an innocent child in this whole situation, you're just using her to mess with my head". Dean said.

"Wait, wait, wait. Innocent? Did you say innocent? She is far from innocent. If she were innocent she wouldn't have attacked me not once but twice and the second time she did it you just stood by, so in this match so you can stand by and see your little brat of a sister get hurt and the beating she deserves". Seth said.

"Rollins if you ever in your miserable life lay your hands on my sister, hurt her in anyway, shape, form, or fashion, i will end you forever. You want a match with me? Fine, i'll take you on anytime, anywhere, just leave my sister out of this". Dean said.

"No Dean i won't. I told you not to mess with me and you did so now your little sister pays the price. Speaking of her, where is she? Where's my niece?" Seth said.

"Rollins i'm gonna tell you this for the last damn time and this time listen and listen real good or i will drill it in that little head of your's. SHE IS NOT YOUR NIECE ANYMORE! LEAVE HER THE HELL ALONE! COME NEAR AGAIN I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH AND BACK!" Dean screamed.

Dean's music blares through the speakers and with all that done he makes his way back to Roman's locker room. When he opens the door and comes in quietly trying not to wake up his sister. He makes his way to her gently brushing her hair out of her face then caressing her cheek.

"How was she?" Dean asked Roman.

"She was okay. Her fever came down some, she puked a couple times, she ate two crackers and drank some juice then fell back asleep but not before seeing and hearing something that got her scared". Roman said.

Dean was afraid that his sister would find out. He then started to once again brush hair out of her face and she stirs awake.

"De?" Sarah asked sleepy.

"Yea princess it's me". Dean said.

Sarah then throws her arms around Dean burying her head into his shoulder crying.

"Dean please please don't let him have a match with him. I don't want to". Sarah cried.

"Don't worry princess you won't or ever have another match with him again. I promise. He'll have to go through me and Uncle Roman to get to you and he won't do that". Dean said.

Dean then starts petting his sister's head and rocking her to calm her and put her back to sleep. Dean then gets up retrieving his gym bag with his and his sister's stuff in it tossing it over his shoulder, he then carries his sister out with Roman behind him making there way to the car and going back to the hotel waiting to see what is Rollins and the authority planned for smackdown.

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