Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 23

With Sarah still being sick and Roman not being there due to Randy's attack Dean has 2 choices for his sister, take her to ringside with him or leave her with someone. Dean walks down the hallway with his sick sister in his arms trying to figure out what to do with his sister when he has to go in a 2 on 1 handicap match with Rollins and Kane. Sarah stirs in her brother's arms waking up.

"De?" Sarah asked sleepy.

"What's up princess?" Dean asked.

"Do you have a match tonight?" Sarah asked.

"Yea, i do if i could i'd stay with you and if i could i'd bring you with me but you're sick and since this is a 2 on 1 handicap match i don't think it be safe for you to be out there especially when you're like this so i'm gonna leave you with Uncle Jimmy and Uncle Jey. Sound good?" Dean said.

"But i wanna stay with you". Sarah cried.

"I know princess i know". Dean said petting her hair.


The show starts off with Swagger vs Cesaro

(skips most of it)

Dean is backstage with his sister hiding in his arms watching Randy coming out to the ring to address what happened on Monday Night Raw.

"Last Monday on Raw i was informed by Triple H that at Summerslam Brock Lesnar will be facing John Cena for the WWE championship, i have no issue with Lesnar but everybody know that i'm the one who truly deserves to be in that championship match the only reason i am not in that match is because of one Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns stands in the way of my legitimate right to become champion as long as he's around i won't get what i richly deserve. So i took it upon myself last Monday on Raw to send a message to Roman, a very clear and distinct message". Randy said.

The trion screen goes back to Monday with Roman getting ready for a match with Kane but before he could Randy comes out of no where and attacks Roman while making a sick Sarah watch as Randy beats her uncle down and RKO him twice through the announce table then picks up a mic and says this.

"Roman let me tell you one thing. YOU DON'T TAKE WHAT'S MINE! Since you TOOK my title shot i'll take what's your's that being your precious little niece here". Randy said grabbing Sarah by the arm roughly and ends with Randy dragging away a fighting, screaming Sarah.

"So Roman i DARE you, i DARE you to step in the ring with me a venomous cold blooded viper who will inject poison in your veins and watch you cry in agony and curl up in a ball, a tight ball just like you did last Monday night on Raw and just like your precious little niece did as i made her watch as i RKO you'd not once but twice. And Roman you can believe that". Randy said.

With that said Dean is backstage crazy mad that Randy would use his little sister to get to Roman. Oh boy was Roman gonna get him for that. He then takes his sister to Jimmy and Jey to see if they will watch her and they agree to it since Roman is still out, Dean thanks them and heads out to do his promo and prepares for his 2 on 1 handicap match.

"Seth Rollins probably thinks he is safe tonight because he brought in his chaperone Uncle Kane to face me 2 on 1 handicap match. I'm sure Triple H thinks this is pretty funny because all the authority does is place obstacles in front of me to keep me from getting to their investment their precious little darling Seth Rollins. Kane you are a demon, but i know a thing or 2 about demons because i ain't crazy and i ain't stupid because i know what i'm dealing with tonight and i'm willing to go through it. I'm willing to go through you to get to Seth Rollins no man, no demon, nothing else will be able to pull me off of Seth Rollins, Kane i hope you brought 2 of those masks because when i get done Seth will need one for his face because he will finally pay not only for selling out to the authority but for also threatening my sister and putting his hand on her. Seth that is one thing you should have NEVER done, you should have never brought my sister into this but you will pay trust me you will. No one and i mean no one on this planet threatens my sister and gets away with putting there hands on her so you made the two worst mistakes in your life and for that you're going to get the ass kicking of a life time". Dean said.


"This is a 2 on 1 handicap match set for one fall. Introducing first weighing 323 pounds Kane. And his tag team partner from Davenport, Iowa Seth Rollins". Lillian said.

Dean's music hits.

"And their opponent from Cincinnati, Ohio weighing 225 pounds Dean Ambrose". Lillian said.

Dean gets in the ring wanting to attack Seth so bad but the ref keeps everyone from attacking each other and the match then goes underway with Kane starting off with Dean.

(skips most of the match)

Dean is down for most of the match while Kane and Seth make frequent tags back and forth to each other. Dean then gets enough strength to fight back at Seth then knock him out of the ring, Kane then comes to attack Ambrose only to get thrown over the top rope by Dean. Then from the second rope Dean flies out knocking down the two superstars. He then throws Seth back in the ring and starts wailing on him till the ref breaks it up, Kane then grabs Dean by the hair bringing him out the ring attacking him. Seth gets back in the ring and Kane goes to him making sure he's okay. Dean then gets back in the ring with a steel chair in his hands and swings it back on Kane's back hard getting the match called off, he then begins the attack on Kane and Rollins. He gets Rollins with it a couple times only for him to slide out the ring, grabs a mic and makes his way up to the ring. While in the ring Dean is beating the hell out of Kane with the steel chair and then performs dirty deeds making Kane's head slam on the chair. Seth is up at the ramp with a mic.

"Well Dean you made sure i get your message. But i said this on main event and i'm gonna say it again. I want a match with that stupid little brat of a sister you got. Wager's the same: She wins we leave her alone. She loses she stays with me". Seth said.

Dean then goes for a mic.

"Seth get this in that thick little skull you have. There is no way in hell i'm putting my sister in a match with anyone, especially you. Why are you so eager to get my sister in yet another match? I mean the first time you got your ass whooped by a 10 year old. You want that to happen again? I'd love to see that happen but i wouldn't put my sister in that position". Dean said.

"I want a match with her because i want to show her what can happen when you cross the authority. Plus i forgot to tell you this Dean, you can't say if she can have this match only she can. So you can't make that decision for her i want an answer on Monday or else". Seth threatened.

"The hell i can't. I make decisions for my sister if she's here or not. Plus since i'm her guardian, caretaker, and older brother i can make any decision i want for her and for this match my answer is HELL NO". Dean said.

"I will get an answer one way or another". Seth said.

"Seth make any wrong move i will run up that ramp and beat your ass into the next century". Dean said.

"I want an answer by monday and not by you. I want the answer to come from your sister". Seth said.

"For the last time i'm going to say this leave my sister the hell alone. If you go near her, breath around her, i will end you forever". Dean said.

Dean's music then blair's through the speakers. He then makes his way back to Jimmy and Jey who had agreed to watch his sister, when he gets there he knocks on the door and a panicked Jey answers.

"Thank god you're here. Something's wrong with your sister". Jey said.

With that Dean makes his way to his sister who is in Jimmy's arms crying.

"What's wrong?" Dean asked panicked.

"She just started to cry and say your name. We don't know if it's what Rollins said or if she were having a nightmare". Jimmy explained.

Dean then takes his sister from Jimmy's arms and he begins to rock her and brush her hair out her face.

"Sarah? Sarah? Wake up kiddo, come on princess wake up i'm here now. Come on wake up for me Sarah, wake up". Dean said.

After a few minutes Sarah's eyes shoot open and she sees Dean holding her in Jimmy and Jey's locker room. She then throws her arms around Dean and buries her head in his uninjured shoulder and cries while Dean sits there rubbing soothing circles on her back and petting her hair trying to calm her. Sarah cries then turned to sniffling and the two siblings talk.

"What's wrong Sarah? Why'd you cry?" Dean asked gently.

"I had a nightmare, it was when Randy took me Monday i told him to let me go or you'd get him but he said you would never come for me, then it turned into a match with me and Seth he hit me with 2 curb stomps won and made you watch as he took me with him". Sarah cried.

After hearing this Dean is beyond angry, he was beyond pissed off. He was mentally cursing Randy and Seth in his head every which way.

"Sarah, what i'm about to tell you promise not to get upset". Dean said.

"What?" Sarah asked.

"Seth challenged you to a match and he wants an answer on Monday. He said i can't make the choice since the challenge wasn't for me". Dean said.

Sarah then runs to the bathroom to puke after what she heard. Seth challenged her to a match. When she did it no one was there to stop her, Seth had provoked her that night to the point where she made the challenge and her own stipulation. Now since he did it she has to do it on his terms and his rules and if she lost she'd have to go with him forever. After Sarah finishes puking Dean takes a wash cloth over her mouth gently and hands her some water to rinse. She rinses her mouth out and makes up her mind about the match.

"Dean?" Sarah asked.

"What's up?" Dean replied back.

"H-how would you feel if i accepted Seth's challenge?" Sarah asked.

"What do you have in mind?" Dean asked.

"I want to do the match and since he wants to make his own stipulations i make my own to or i don't do the match". Sarah said.

"What's the stipulation?" Dean asked.

"A 2 on 1 handicap match. Me and you vs Seth". Sarah said.

Jimmy and Jey had smiles on their faces, Sarah was just like her brother, and one day she would be one of the best divas' ever because she'd have some great mentors when she trains.

"Is that what you really want Sarah? It's up to you, you don't have to do it if you don't want to". Dean said.

"I want to do it. I want to do it with you because i'm tired of him pushing us around like he owns everything so i think we should put him back in place and show him he messed with the wrong brother and sister". Sarah said confidently.

Dean had a smile on his face, his sister was growing up right before his eyes. She was becoming more and more like him everyday. She was becoming a strong, confident person who isn't afraid to speak her mind when she is mad. She was a mini version of her brother only difference is she has a ponytail.

"We can do the match Sarah. They might put it at Summerslam and if they do that, it gives us more time to train you so you can become stronger and if you want to become a diva when you grow up". Dean said.

"Thanks Dean". Sarah said throwing her arms around her brother's neck.

"Your welcome princess". Dean said kissing his sister's head.

Sarah then turns her head to Jimmy and Jey.

"Will you guys help train me?" Sarah asked.

"Yes we will". Jimmy said.

"Yeah we'll even teach you the samoan drop". Jey said.

"Do you think some of the other super stars or divas' would help train me?" Sarah asked.

"I'm sure they will if you ask". Dean said.

Sarah then ask some other superstars that she and her brother trusted. All the superstars that agreed to train her are Big E, Kofi Kingston, The Usos, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, John Cena, Roman Reigns, Chris Jericho, Sheamus, Zack Ryder, & Titus O'neil. The Divas' that agreed are The Bella twins, Natalya, Naomi, AJ, and Paige.

Oh boy was Seth in a match for his life. Sarah knew that came Monday she'd accept the challenge only if she made a stipulation of her own like Rollins did.

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