Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 24

Monday Night Raw

The show starts off with the authority. When Triple H announces Summerslam on the network he then gives the mic to Randy Orton.

"See the best part of summerslam ladies and gentlemen is my guarantee to you, i guarantee to you that i will methodically decimate Roman Reigns. Roman took something very dear to me so in return i took something dear and precious to him. I took his niece. You can look at the announce table and see remains of that SOB after what i did to him last week, if you think what i did to him last week is bad well that is only a taste". Randy said.

Randy is then then interrupted by Roman Regins walking down to the ring but stops in the center of the audience with Sarah.

"Randy Orton claims the viper is back, which means i took everything the viper had last week and i'm still standing RIGHT HERE. And Hunter since you're all about great deals i got one for you i'm gonna come and beat the viper's ass for free. TONIGHT! And Orton let me tell you one thing if you ever in your life come near my niece again and put your hands on her well there will be no more Randy Orton when i'm done with you. That also goes for ALL OF YOU". Roman said.

"Hey calm down, calm down. Randy you got Roman Reigns at SummerSlam, hold on you'll get him at summerslam. Tonight Roman Reigns is gonna face a demon and i expect to see a demon tonight. Roman Reigns you will face Kane in a last man standing match. And don't go anywhere because that match happens right now". Triple h said.

Roman then walks the rest of the way to the ring jumps over the barricade then picks Sarah up and she goes to the announce table and puts a head set on.

"Ladies and gentlemen we have been joined again by Dean's kid sister Sarah". Michael cole said.

"Hi guys". Sarah said.

"Hello". The three commentators said.

"Sarah could i ask why you here with Roman and not your brother Dean?" Michael asked.

"I come out with Roman because he is my uncle and to give him support for his matches. Plus i love to observe his matches along with my brother's matches to give me an idea on what i can do in the future when i become a wrestler just like my brother and uncle". Sarah said.

"Sarah, later on tonight your brother Dean And Seth Rollins are both competing in a beat the clock challenge if Dean wins that what do you think the stipulation for that match will be?" JBL asked.

"Knowing my brother it could be anything to get his hands on Seth Rollins. But maybe as a guess its going to be a 2 on 1 handicap no disqualification match". Sarah said.

"Sarah last question then we'll get back to the match in this last man standing match who does it favor more, Roman or Kane?" Jerry asked.

"It's a bit hard to say because they are both good athletes and we have to see what they can bring to the table". Sarah said.


Both Kane and Roman are weak after repeated blows to each other and after being thrown into almost everything. Roman is starting to take control of the match while Kane is down, he then throws Kane in a corner of the ring and hits him with a closeline. Then when Kane shakes that off then Roman hits him with a superman punch then Kane gets up from that only to get hit with a spear and Roman getting the win.

"What an interesting match, don't you agree Sarah". Michael said.

"Yup and i will see you three later". Sarah said.

"You're coming back for your brother's match? What if Seth comes out?" JBL ask.

"Then he will get a beating. Bye guys see you later". Sarah said.

"Bye". The 3 commentators said.

With that Sarah took the headset off and made her way to Roman who then picked her up and brought her to the back where they spot Dean coming from his locker room.

"Dean!" Sarah yelled running towards her brother.

Dean again crouches down to get tackled down by his sister in a hug and he then laughs getting to his feet and picks up his sister.

"My favorite girl in the world. You okay no headaches, upset stomach, anything". Dean said.

"No Dean i'm fine i promise". Sarah said.

"You alright Rome?" Dean asked.

"Yea i'm fine just had a last man standing match with Kane". Roman said.

"Uncle Roman?" Sarah asked.

"What's up princess?" Roman replied back.

"Would you help me train? Seth challenged me to a match and i need some help training". Sarah asked shyly.

Roman didn't like the fact that Seth challenged Sarah to a match for many reasons but if she wanted to face him she would need all the help she could get and he would help her train.

"Sure baby girl i'll help you train". Roman said.

"Thanks Uncle Roman". Sarah said.

"No problem". Roman said.

(skips a bit later)

It's time for Dean's beat the clock match with Alberto Del Rio.

"Sarah, do you want to stay with Roman or come with me?" Dean asked.

"I want to come with you because if Rollins comes out i wanna tell that traitor to his face i accept his challenge". Sarah said.

Dean had a proud smile on his face, then he and Sarah made there way to the ring.

"This is round one of the Dean Ambrose-Seth Rollins beat the clock challenge, If Dean Ambrose is victorious he will set the time for Seth Rollins to beat later tonight.

Introducing his opponent from San Luis Potosi, Mexico weighting 239 pound Alberto Del Rio". The announcer said.

Before the match goes underway Sarah and Dean give a quick hug to each other. Sarah then goes to the commentary table and puts a headset on and the match goes underway.

"Hey guys i told you i'd be back". Sarah said.

"Welcome back. So Sarah this is the first match in the beat the clock challenge who do you think will win and pick the stipulation". Michael asked.

"My brother. I mean all those times my brother has had matches and he came down and my brother still won even though they were from disqualification my brother will come out on top and he will pick the stipulation that will be so great, so amazing that when me and my brother are finished with him we'll leave him how he left us. Bruised, battered, and beaten. So i say this to Rollins, Bring it on". Sarah said.

"You sure are a confident young girl, i mean your brother stood up to Seth Rollins for revenge what's your reason?" JBL asked.

"Same. Not only did he turn his back on my brother and Roman but he turned his back on me. This is a guy i trusted to not only look after me but to look out for my brother and uncle, and when he turned his back on them he turned his back on me. Then we he brought me into this feud that i have nothing to do with he crossed the line and yes i admit i was scared at first but as time went on i became more confident, stronger, and annoyed at him and since he brought me in this i am not going down without a fight and if i go down i'm bringing him down with me". Sarah said.


The match has now gone over 14 minutes and Dean is still in the match. Dean then gets up and goes into his crazy mode and just starts attacking Del Rio with everything he has then Del Rio sets up Dean for the cross arm breaker but Dean reversed it and set up Del Rio for dirty deeds and hits it getting the pin at the time of 15 minutes and 42 seconds.

"The winner of this match Dean Ambrose!" The announcer said.

Sarah then took off her headset gets in the ring and hugs her brother and with his good arm he picks up his sister knowing she and Dean will have something for Seth later that night during his match. They then head back stage to plan what they are going to do when Seth's match comes.

"So Dean what are we gonna do so Seth loses his match?" Sarah asked.

"We distract him with all our power just make sure he can't mess with you. Just stay close to me okay". Dean said.

"Alright Dean". Sarah said.

(skips to Seth's match)

"This is the final round of the Dean Ambrose-Seth Rollins beat the clock challenge if Seth Rollins can defeat Rob Van Dam in under 15 minutes and 42 seconds he will pick the stipulation for his match at summerslam against Dean Ambrose.

Approaching the ring from Davenport, Iowa Mr Money in the bank Seth Rollins". The announcer said.

Before the match goes underway the announcer stops them.

"Ladies and gentlemen from the authority Rob Van Dam will not be Seth Rollins opponent in the beat the clock challenge. Seth's new opponent is...Health Slater". The announcer said.

The match then goes underway with the clock counting down. Seth is telling Slater to get out the ring till Slater comes back with a closeline straight to Rollins upper chest area. The clock is now a little under 13 minutes when Dean and Sarah come out to distract Seth, the two siblings give a look which tells both of them the plan is in action and with that Sarah went to go get Seth's briefcase and hand it to Dean. Dean opens it they both read the contract the Dean tears it up then Sarah starts to rip up the rest of the ripped paper. Sarah jumps around the ring distracting Seth as much as she can while Dean steels soda from an audience member drinks it then pours it in the case. Sarah then makes her way back to Dean and he has popcorn from another member of the audience and throws some in his mouth then he lets Sarah pour the popcorn in the case. Seth is yelling at them while trying to defeat Health Slater. Slater now has caught Rollins but he kicked out. Sarah then takes JBL's cowboy hats puts it on and parades around then gives it to Dean he puts it on parading around more then shoves it in the case. He then carefully puts Sarah on top of the announce table with the case and she swings it then he finally makes it up with his sister and they just distract Seth more and more, the match is now at the 10 minute mark and from out nowhere Slater gets Rollins in a surprise attack getting the win.

"The winner of this match Health Slater". The announcer said.

Dean and Sarah are now satisfy with Seth's loss, Dean jumps down off the announce table then Sarah hops down taking her brother's hand they both leave ringside leaving Rollins angry now knowing Dean can pick the stipulation for the match at summerslam and with knowing Dean very well it could be anything. But before they make their way back stage Sarah grabs a mic and says something with Dean guarding her to make sure Seth doesn't attack.

"Seth, last week i got word you challenged me well...I ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE! Oh and i do the match under one condition or i don't do the match at all". Sarah said confidently.

"What condition? I'm gonna beat you either way and when i do you will be my helper forever or until your pathetic weak loser of a brother can get you back". Seth said.

"Oh Seth, Seth, Seth, this condition you're going to love. I will do the match if you agree to my stipulation or there will be no match". Sarah said.

"What stipulation?" Seth said.

"You will face me in a 2 on 1 handicap no disqualification match. And here's the best part my partner is...Dean. And if you don't agree there will be no match i'll just come out either by myself or with Dean and possibly beat you because here's the thing Seth, you messed with the wrong brother and sister. If you thought what i did to you before won't even compare or imagine what will happen if Dean's there. My dear uncle you messed with the wrong two people". Sarah said confidently.

"Fine but my stipulation stays the same you win the authority leaves you alone, you lose your my helper forever. Plus when i do beat you both i can watch the look on your brother's face as i make him watch as i take you with me and make you part of the authority forever". Seth said.

"I don't think so". Sarah said.

With that said Sarah dropped the mic gave her brother a knowing look he nodded with a smirk on his face and she ran to Seth kicking him so very hard in the groin area, a couple kicks to the ribs, and a hard punch to the jaw. Dean then makes his way over to Sarah who puts her foot on Rollins chest making a point. Dean then carefully puts his sister on his shoulders and make their way backstage.

"Dean? What is your stipulation for your match at summerslam with him?" Sarah asked.

Dean smirked and let out a chuckle.

"You said it part of it out there princess. It's a 2 on 1 lumber jack match". Dean said.

"You mean i'll be in my very first PPV match?" Sarah said excitedly.

"Yup, you will be in your very first PPV but we have to go over a couple things first". Dean said in a calm but strict voice.

Sarah knew when her brother used a strict voice he meant business.

"Like what?" Sarah asked.

"Well for starters in the match at all if you feel overwhelmed or dizzy you tag me in immediately and go the the medic out by the ring. Most parts of the match i will let you in but if i don't think you can handle it i'm pulling you out the match. Understand". Dean said strict.

"Yes i understand completely. But if i need help you'll help?" Sarah asked

"Yes. I'll be with you the whole time and i promise and swear to you nothing will happen. You will walk in with me and you will walk out with me". Dean said in a promising voice.

"I love you Dean". Sarah said throwing her arms around Dean's neck.

"I love you too princess". Dean said.

The final part of Raw was the contract signing with Stephanie and Brie. The two women signed the contract then Stephanie took the book and slapped Nikki across the face with it while Triple H pushed the table in the back corner of the ring blocking Brie from attacking Stephanie. Stephanie then performed a pedigree on Nikki, and Brie slapped Triple H across the face causing Stephanie to pull Brie over the table and attacking her then performing a pedigree on Brie.

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