Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 25

Friday Night Smackdown

They start off with Dean Ambrose with his sister.

"Ladies and gentlemen please welcome Dean and Sarah Ambrose". Lillian said.

"Monday Night Raw the authority thought they held all the cards. They thought they had their little beat the clock challenge in the bag, they thought they had a full proof plan but they can't figure out you can't plan for Dean Ambrose and his sister, and since me and my little sister here outsmarted "the architect" i get to choose the stipulation for our match at summerslam, against my friend, my pal, my brother Seth Rollins. Me and my sister have thought about it all week. Right sis?" Dean said.

"Right bro, we had ideas coming left and right all week. We have so many matches we can choose". Sarah said.

"You're right we have a lot of options here tell me what you think of them. We were thinking of a JBL's cowboy on a pole match. Coal miner's glove match. Maybe having some alligators surrounding the ring but i know that won't work out. A sumo wrestling match. A boxing match. We can for go and fight in the parking lot but we already did that. A good housekeeping match. We could have a loser must wash Triple H's car match but i'm pretty sure Seth Rollins already does that so that's off the table". Dean said.

Before Sarah says one of her ideas Seth comes out to address the two siblings. Dean and Sarah look at each other with a known stare and look at Seth to see what he wants.

"Alright you 2 cut the crap, when we were in the shield". Seth being cut off by the audience chanting "you sold out".

"When we were in the shield everyone knew you as the unstable one and i was the brains behind the operation. But after your's and that brat's antics on Monday night as much as it pains me i have to give you both a little bit of credit, that was pretty clever. But it's been a long week so let's cut to the chase alright, i heard all your little stipulations out there i know what you know what you wanna do so just name your stipulation so we can be done. Come on". Seth said.

"Well hold on ladies and gentlemen let us introduce Mr Money In The Bank". Dean said.

"Yea every one it's the two bit double crossing back stabbing traitor Seth Rollins". Sarah said.

"Hey that little briefcase looks a little rough today might wanna take that for some good detailing. Take it for a good buff and 't you say sis?" Dean said.

"You're right Dean, he should take it for a good buffing". Sarah said.

"Shut up. You know what both your problems' are? It's been this way the entire time, you like to think with your heart and not your head, and i get it that's courageous and people appreciate that. But that is going to get you but so far...and it sure as hell won't beat me at summerslam. If you both use your head from your heart it will won't matter what stipulation you put on this match because at summerslam it's the end of both of you and by the time summerslam ends i'll have a little helper who which happens to be my niece standing by your side there Dean". Seth said.

"No not this time, were gonna get Seth Rollins stuck in the middle of this ring with no where to go and if you try and run, your gonna run into a wall of bodies. Bodies we built our reputation on, bodies we stacked one on top of the other, we made a lot of enemies together Seth. Those enemies are gonna make sure ain't nobody runnin from this, those enemies are going to make sure we tear each other apart at summerslam Seth i promise you Seth we will tear each other apart. Now if you're old school like me, you can call this a lumberjack match. Call it a human cage, call it a wall of flesh call it whatever you want but call it the end of the line for Seth Rollins i swear to god...i promise summerslam August 17th, is the day Mr Money In The Bank goes broke". Dean said.

"I'm not going anywhere, i'm not going anywhere, i'm not going anywhere and you know why? Because no matter what happens at summerslam i still have this, whether you or anybody here likes it or not that makes me the future of the company. Speaking of futures, let's talk about your future tonight Dean Ambrose, see you had the option to pick the stipulation for our match at summerslam but tonight the authority has given me the option of picking your opponent for tonight on smackdown. And since i always know you're in for a good fight i picked someone who is so cold, and so merciless, that they were capable of this". Seth said.

The trion is shows Randy Orton beating Roman Reigns while making a sick Sarah watch as Randy throwing her uncle everywhere like a rag doll then makes her watch as he RKO's Roman twice on the announce table and breaking it the second time. It then goes back focusing on Seth watching as Sarah clings to Dean after watching that and Dean sees this he is pissed off, like he has never been before. Sarah then picks up her mic and talks to Seth.

"Seth know a few things, one get this in that little two toned brain of yours, i'm not and will never be your niece again. Call me your niece one more time and i will come up to that ramp and beat you in the middle of next year. Second this ain't no ordinary lumberjack match because it's a 2 on 1 handicap lumberjack match. You challenged me to a match what better way to do it then at summerslam because it will be the end of you because when we get through with you, you will finally be punished for selling out to the so called authority and for bringing me into this. Finally you will never be the future of this company because at summerslam you won't know who walks out as champion, it could be John Cena or i hate saying his name, Brock Lesnar, and if it is Lesnar i will pay to watch as he tears you apart limb from limb". Sarah said.

"I finally see it, i finally see where she gets her guts from, she gets them for you Dean. I mean all the times when we caught her she fought us off. Hell kicked me a few times in my shin. Your doing a nice job training her but after summerslam she will have a new trainer, actually a new set of trainers". Seth said.

"Seth i think you really need your hearing checked because it's week after week you become deaf when i tell you to leave my sister alone and you don't want to listen. So if i must i will come up that ramp and drill it in that two toned head of your's". Dean said.

Dean's music blares through the speakers of the arena. Dean and Sarah walk backstage to Dean's locker room so Dean can prepare for his match with Orton later. Dean sees his sister and she seems nervous and a little scared.

"Sarah? Princess you okay?" Dean asked.

"No, i-i'm scared". Sarah said.

Dean makes his way over to his sister and pulling her close to his side and she snuggles into his side close to tears.

"What do you have to be scared of?" Dean asked.

"Randy. The night he took me and made me watch as he, as he hurt Uncle Roman. W-what if he does it again Dean?" Sarah asked.

"Then me and Uncle Roman will get him. I'll understand if you would want to stay with someone tonight if you don't want to come to ringside with me". Dean said.

"No i'll come to prove to Seth that he can't bully or pick on us anymore. To prove to him that i'm not scared of him or anyone else for that matter". Sarah said confidently.

Dean had a smile on his face, his sister was growing up before his eyes. She had a lot of self confidence that would rival anyone, she acted more like an adult but she was still a little girl. His little girl that he would protect from anything and everything.

"Dean?" Sarah asked.

"What's up?" Dean replied.

"During Seth's match could i go out and distract him from ringside? By myself?" Sarah asked.

"As long as you be careful and not to do anything to get yourself hurt, if you think he'll come at you run back to me". Dean said.

"Alright Dean". Sarah said.

(skips to Seth's match)

"This next match is set for one fall. Introducing first from Hollywood, Florida, Dolph Ziggler.

And his opponent from Davenport, Iowa, Seth Rollins". Lillian said.

The match then goes underway.

(skips most of the match)

Ziggler is beating the hell out of Rollins for most of this match up. Rollins then comes back with a kick to Ziggler's knee and has thrown him to the pole shoulder first causing Dolph to fall out the ring after that. Rollins then gets out the ring and makes his way to Ziggler, he then throws him into the barricade on his back quite hard. He then sends Ziggler into the steel steps going shoulder first. Seth then rolls Ziggler's helpless body back in the ring hoping to pin him but fails. Then out of no where coming down the ramp is Sarah, she then merrily skips around the ring causing Seth to get distracted. Dolph then goes for a sneak attack to get Rollins but he kicks out. Sarah then carefully makes her way to the corner where Seth's briefcase is and snatches it away. Seth then yells at her to put it down but she doesn't, she parades around the ring with it. Seth then turns his attention back to Dolph who is weak from being thrown from a barricade to steel steps and Seth is stalking him from around the ring. Sarah then opens the briefcase and pours in a huge bottle gatorade she hid in her sweater pocket. Seth curve stomps Ziggler pinning him for the win.

"Here is your winner Seth Rollins". Lillian said.

Sarah then closes the briefcase and throws it up in the air causing juice to go everywhere and then picks up a mic.

"Oh Seth, Seth, Seth, my dear Uncle Seth you should watch your stuff more closely someone could take it and ruin it like it is again. Should really pay more attention to your stuff never know what can happen". Sarah said.

She then runs back towards the ramp standing in the middle of it watching her handy work as Dean's music plays through the speakers for her. She watches as Seth gets mad once again because she meddled in his match and messed up his case again. She then makes her way back to Dean's locker room and he has a huge smile on his face while laughing.

"You did a great job princess. A very good job out there". Dean said.

"Thanks Dean". Sarah said.

"What was that, that you put in the briefcase?" Dean asked.

"Gatorade". Sarah said.

Dean laughs a little at the prank Sarah pulled on Seth. Dean sees it's almost time for his match with Randy.

"Sarah, are you sure you wanna come with me? This match can get a little out of hand". Dean said.

"I'm sure, I wanna prove to everyone that Rollins, or anyone from the authority scares me anymore". Sarah said.

"Alright. But the second it gets out of control i want you out of there". Dean said in a strict voice.

"Right". Sarah said.

"That's my girl". Dean said.

(skips to Dean's match)

"This match is set for one fall. Introducing first being accompanied by Sarah Ambrose from Cincinnati, Ohio weighing 225 pounds Dean Ambrose". Lillian said.

Sarah just stands in her brother's corner waiting for the match so start and before the match starts she gives her brother a quick hug and kiss to the cheek, he returned the hug and kiss to her forehead.

Randy's music hits.

"And his opponent from Saint Louis, Missouri weighing 245 pounds Randy Orton". Lillian said.

Randy looked and saw behind Dean, Sarah who stands close to her brother's legs trying to stand confident. Randy smirks knowing he and Rollins had a plan for that match. Randy does his pose and the match goes underway.

(skips most of the match)

Randy is in control of the match, Sarah is standing on the other side of the ring standing watch as if Rollins were going to come and attack. Randy then throws Dean into the steel steps, then then jumps and slams Dean's injured shoulder to the mat. Orton then goes for a DDT from the second rope only to be countered by Ambrose fighting his way back into the ring, he then sends Orton flying over the second rope Dean then runs back on the second rope and flies out at Orton knocking him down. Rollins then comes out to attack Ambrose only to be hit in the face and knocked down. Sarah sees this and runs her way over after seeing Dean knock Rollins off the ring. She then begins to attack Rollins, she hits him with a few kicks to the ribs and stomach area. She then hits him with a punch to the jaw, he pushes her back and she falls on her back. Rollins then pulls on Ambrose's leg causing the match to get called off. While trying to get up Randy comes up and grabs her around her waist forcing her to get in the ring while Seth tortures her brother, she gets free from Orton's grip by kicking him in the shin very hard. She goes to help her brother but Randy pushes her a bit hard causing her to hit her head and go in and out of consciousness. After Seth curb stomps Dean and pours soda on him, he sees Sarah in the corner trying to stay conscious she whispers something to him.

"Help me Uncle Sethie". Sarah whispered before closing her eyes and passing out.

Seth was shocked, she hasn't called him 'Uncle Sethie' since she was little when he first met her. He was also beyond pissed off, he made have slapped Sarah a couple times but he made sure nothing ever happened like this, he may have called her names, hit her a couple times but his intention was to never hurt her. Just because he's with the authority doesn't mean he never ever stopped caring or loving her. He now decides on what he should do, he is going to turn on the authority.

Dean's eyes light up with anger, he is so beyond pissed off he could actually rip Randy limb from limb. Randy not only put his hands on his sister, but he pushed his sister to where she hit her head not to hard on the pole but it was hard enough to knock her out. Dean runs his way past a shocked Seth Rollins and picks his sister up in his arms trying to wake her. He then makes his way past Rollins before saying something to him.

"If anything happens to her at all i would hunt ALL of you down to the ends of the earth and back". Dean said in a threatening voice.

Dean then runs his way back to the trainer's room leaving Seth in the ring still in shock. Dean finally makes his way to the trainer's room and rushes in with his sister who is still unconscious from Randy's attack.

"Doc, can you look at my sister please she won't wake up". Dean said in a quick but worried voice.

"Lay her down on the table and i look her over. What happened exactly". The doc said.

"Orton pushed her into the pole and hit her head but it doesn't seem like she hit it hard". Dean said.

The doctor looked over the passed out child, and came to the conclusion she has a medium size bump on her head and she has a slight concussion. Dean nodded and thanked the doctor, the doctor then left the room so Dean could be with his sister. Dean then jumped as a knock on the door and opens the door and sees anger in his eyes. Its Seth.

"What in the hell do you want? Haven't you and your buddy Randy done enough tonight? It's because of that bastard my sister now has a slight concussion". Dean said in a pissed off tone.

"Look i never had any intentions on hurting her at all. Yea i called her names, slapped her, and hit her a couple times but i never ever in my life wanted to do this to her. I swear. If i knew what Randy was gonna do i was gonna stop him. You have to believe me. I'm just as pissed off as you are". Seth said.

"B-believe you? I'd rather listen to a drunk donkey then listen or ever believe you. This is the exact reason you should have never brought her into this. I now have to wait to see when my sister is going to wake up and so help me if anything at all happens to her i'm taking you all out starting with you and Orton. You have better hope that Roman hasn't seen this because if he did you know what he can and will do". Dean said.

"Dean, seriously i'm being honest right now. I never ever stopped loving or caring about Sarah, i only did it to impress the authority and now that i know what they are capable of, i'm turning against them but not until after summerslam. Till then i will work for them but i will not bring or mention Sarah in this feud. Even if i win at summerslam i won't take her from you. It wasn't even my idea to bring her in this feud". Seth said.

So if it wasn't your idea who was it? Dean asked.

"Randy's and Triple H's idea. They said if i didn't go along with it that they still use it against Roman. Dean when they told me to bring her in this i wanted to tell them to go to hell but if i did they still go after her either way. I swear on my life i never ever wanted to do this and if i had known what Randy was gonna do i was gonna stop him and have taken that blow to the head instead of her". Seth said.

Seth and Dean then hear a small groan coming from the room and realise Sarah is awake with a terrible headache.

"Dean?" Sarah said.

"I'm right here princess. How are you feeling?" Dean asked brushing hair from her face.

"My head hurts bad". Sarah said close to tears.

"Maybe this will help". Seth said giving the young girl an aspirin.

"Thanks Seth". Sarah said.

Sarah then took the aspirin gratefully and asked Seth a question.

"Seth, why are you here? shouldn't you be with Randy?" Sarah asked.

Dean and Seth gave a look before explaining.

"Sarah what was the last thing you remember before you passed out?" Seth asked.

"It was like a bunch of bright lights then darkness so i don't know. Why?" Sarah replied.

Seth had a small smile on his face before he answered.

"You called me Uncle Sethie. I haven't heard you call me that for a while, but when you called me that i realised something". Seth said.

Dean then picked up his sister and put her in his lap, holding her close.

"What?" Sarah said.

"I made a huge mistake. I should have never ever turned on you guys. It wasn't even my choice". Seth said.

"What do you mean?" Sarah asked.

"They said if i didn't do it, they were coming after you anyway and to keep you safe i did it. Sarah, princess i never ever in my life would ever do this to you. I may have done a lot to you but they made me do it. I'm am very truly sorry to you both". Seth said.

"How can we know your foreal? Like this isn't a joke or something?" Dean asked.

"Because you, Roman, and Sarah, are my family and now that i realised that i want to come back to you both. Plus i missed my little princess". Seth said.

Dean looks at his sister, they nod and Sarah gets off Dean and makes her way to Seth and he picks up the young girl hugging and holding her close as possible while she cries happy tears to have her other uncle back with her. She then cries herself to sleep while Seth continues to hold her. He and Dean then make small talk.

"You're not worried at all that they might get suspicious?" Dean asked.

"It's easy to lie, i did learn from the best". Seth said.

Dean smirked.

"Anything happens to her at all with this going on i'm going to kick your ass". Dean said half joking.

Seth lets out a small chuckle and then strokes the young girl's hair.

"Yea i wouldn't expect no less". Seth said.

While Sarah slept on Seth's shoulder, Dean and Seth are coming up with a full proof plan on Seth turning against the authority.

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