Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 26

Monday Night Raw

Ever since what happened on smackdown Dean keeps his sister close to him but he still doesn't know if he should trust Seth. Seth says he wants to turn against the authority for what Randy did to Sarah. Dean makes his way backstage with Sarah by his side holding her hand going to talk to Roman before his match but he already went out so they decided to wait for him in Roman's locker room.

"Dean?" Sarah asked.

"What's up kiddo?" Dean replied back.

"Do you believe Seth when he says he wants to come back?" Sarah asked.

"I don't know, how's your head?" Dean said.

"Not bad, hurts a little". Sarah said.

"Okay just let me know if you need an aspirin". Dean said.

"Okay". Sarah said.

They then watch Roman's 2 on 1 handicap match with RybAxel which the director of operations Kane set up. Roman is dominating over the two superstars, Roman then knocks down Axel off the edge of the ring then continues to attack Ryback. Ryback is down outside the ring and Roman gets out and stalks Ryback but before he could make a move Axel attacks Roman but it was countered by Roman then Ryback acts him and throws him into the pole repeatedly. The ref then tells Ryback and Axel not to throws Roman into the pole or they will be disqualified. Ignoring the ref Ryback and Axel throws Roman into the pole a couple more times getting the match called off. The tag team then starts to attack Roman but doesn't go as planned. Roman then starts to fight off Ryback and Axel, hits them both with a closeline then sets up for a superman punch and hits it on Ryback first then Axel. He then spears Ryback and then Axel, after the attack Renee goes to interview Roman.

"Roman, clearly you're physically prepared for this match but as we edge closer and closer to summerslam how do you feel going one on one with Randy Orton?" Renee asked.

"I don't know Portland does it look like i'm readyyyy? And i'll admit Randy got me 2 weeks ago i was lying and what was bad about that night was he took my niece and made her watch as he attacked me and for that i'm gonna kick his ass for that, then this past Friday on smackdown he pushed her so hard she got a concussion and for that i'm gonna kick his sorry ass in the middle of next year. He claims i stole something from him i never stole anything from Randy Orton, but this sunday i'm taking everything from him. And he claims the viper's back, what's a viper when you knock it's fangs down it's throat? A worthless little worm. Believe that". Roman said.

Roman then makes his way to his locker room to find Dean and Sarah there with a look on Dean's face to make him think he needs to talk to him.

"You were awesome Uncle Roman". Sarah said running to him and he picks her up.

"Thanks princess, how's your head?" Roman asked.

"It's okay doesn't hurt but i'm fine". Sarah said.

"Roman can i talk to you before i have to go out?" Dean asked.

"Sure, go watch Raw baby girl so i can talk to your brother". Roman said.

"Okay". Sarah said.

Sarah then hugs and kisses her brother's cheek, and he returns it the hug and kiss to her temple. Roman then puts her down and she makes her way to Roman's couch to watch Raw while Roman and Dean step outside to talk.

"What's up man?" Roman asked.

Dean takes a deep breath and begins to talk.

"Seth came by after Randy attacked Sarah". Dean said.

"WHAT?" Roman yelled.

"He said since what Randy did that pissed him off and now knows what they are capable of he is going to turn on them after SummerSlam". Dean said.

"What do you think?" Roman asked.

"I don't know, with everything he has done i don't know. What do you think? Dean replied.

I don't like it for a second, knowing him he's just trying to plan and trap either you, Sarah, or me and if he hurts Sarah like that again you won't need to worry about him. Roman said.

I have to go but we can talk to him about it though". Dean said.

"Alright". Roman said.

Dean is wrapped up in a medium size box waiting and waiting. Seth's match is about to start.

"This match is set for one fall. Introducing first from Battlecreek, Michigan, Rob Van Dam.

And his opponent from Davenport, Iowa, Mr Money In The Bank Seth Rollins". The announcer said.

The match then goes underway.

(skips most of the match)

RVD is in control for most of the match up till Rollins counters and attack and he takes control then starts attacking Seth once again. RVD is so weak from his attacks on Rollins he is on his knee in the middle of the ring and Seth then does his finisher move the curve stomp, pinning RVD getting the win.

"The winner of this match Seth Rollins". The announcer said.

Seth then makes his way up the ramp holding the briefcase close to him, he is finally is up the ramp and looking around sensing Dean's presence. He starts to look around the assorted boxes then laughs making his way back then from the medium size box out pops Dean. Dean then jumps Seth down the ramp, Seth then goes in the ring and Dean gives him a close line which sends him over the top rope and with that Seth escapes through the crowd and Dean gets a mic.

"Run Seth run while you still can. There ain't no runnin, ain't no hiding in a lumberjack match, in 6 days your ass belongs to me. And for just 9.99 i'm gonna get more than my moneys worth". Dean said.

With all that said and done Dean goes backstage and is stopped by Seth. So one one is nosy they go to Roman's locker room, they get there open the door and Sarah runs to her brother hugging him, Dean then picks her up and hugs her close and kisses her temple. He then puts her down and she hugs Seth and he picks her up hugging her close as possible, he hugs her tight knowing he missed his niece terribly. He then goes to put her down but she refuses she wants to be held by Seth. Roman then stands up clearing his throat at his former friend, partner, and brother, Seth. Roman then gets a look in his eyes which tells Seth 'you hurt Sarah i will finish you'. They all sit down, Seth sits down with Sarah in his lap and her arms wrapped around his neck and her head on his chest, Dean and Roman sit across from them.

"As i told Dean, Roman i'm turning against the authority after SummerSlam". Seth said.

"Why Seth? Just why". Roman asked.

"After what Orton did to Sarah i knew that was the last straw they made, it wasn't even my idea to bring her into this it was Randy's and Triple H's idea. They said if i didn't go along with it they still use her to get to you and yes i admit i did a lot to her, i called her names, hit her and slapped her a couple time but that was just to show off i never in my life Roman ever wanted to hurt her. After what Randy did on smackdown i wanted to kick his ass so bad but i knew if i did that i'd have much hell to pay. That's why i'm waiting till after summerslam to do it because if i do it now we will all have very much hell to pay or they will take Sarah again". Seth said.

With that Sarah starts to cling to Seth a little wondering if what he says is true, Seth notices this and starts to whisper calming words to her. Dean and Roman see this and wonder if they can at least try and trust him again.

"It's alright sweetheart no one will ever hurt you again, i promise. It's okay sweetie, it's alright". Seth whispered.

"Sethie?" Sarah said.

"What it is princess?" Seth said.

"You promise they won't get me?" Sarah asked.

"I promise you sweetheart no one will ever hurt you while me, your brother and Roman are around. You have my word no one will never ever hurt you again". Seth said in a promising voice.

"I love you Sethie". Sarah said.

"I love you too princess. Always have. Always will". Seth said.

Dean and Roman see this and this is the old Seth they want back not the stuck up one.

"I want to make one thing clear here Seth, as i just saw Sarah can trust you some what but that doesn't mean i trust you. My point i'm trying to make is if you turn on her and us again you won't have to worry about Dean taking you out because i'll already take you out if you do it". Roman said in a deep threatening voice.

"Also if you do anything at all to hurt her i will kick your ass into the next 10 years". Dean said.

Seth knew that was coming, after he did a lot to hurt not only them but he hurt Sarah. When he turned on them he turned on her to that hurt her very much to know that she lost one of her favorite "uncles" to the authority. She never liked the authority, she never ever wanted to lose someone close to her to the authority again.

"I know you both don't trust me very much but you can trust me when i say this i will swear on my life right here right now, nothing will ever happen to Sarah as long as i'm around. From this day forward nothing at all will ever happen to her in the WWE or anywhere. I know that you all don't completely trust me but you have my word no one will lay their hands on her or i will kick there ass". Seth said.

Seth sees the time he's been gone a while and the authority might get suspicious so he gets up he tries to put Sarah down but she tightens her hold on him refusing him to leave.

"Sarah, sweetheart i have to go i'll see you again i promise". Seth said.

"No, you just came back. Don't go again". Sarah said close to tears.

"Princess i have to go, come on go to your brother". Seth said.

"NO! I don't want you to go again". Sarah said now crying.

Seth lets out a sigh and Dean gets up trying to pry Sarah from Seth's arms.

Come on Sarah he has to go now. Come on princess let go of Seth. Dean said.

"NO! Sethie please don't go please i don't want you to go". Sarah said crying harder.

Dean keeps trying till one of her legs accidentally hits Dean in the stomach area and her elbow hitting his bad shoulder quite hard knocking him down.

"If Seth goes he takes me with him". Sarah said.

Roman then tries to pry Sarah from Seth but has no sucess. After a couple minutes Dean gets up and is a little mad at his sister. She never acted like this before, when she was first born yes but not when she got older.

"Sarah Ambrose! Let go of Seth now he has to go and you're not going with him". Dean used in a very strict voice.

Seth then gives her a smile and a quick kiss to her temple.

"Promise you'll see me again Sethie?" Sarah said sniffing.

"I promise sweetheart, i promise i will see you again. Now go to your brother and apologize". Seth said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

Before Seth puts her down she gives him a quick tight hug and kisses his cheek. He smiles and hugs her back and kisses her head and puts her down. Seth leaves the room and Sarah goes to Dean throwing her arms around his waist crying her eyes out, Dean still had to talk to his sister about her actions.

"Sarah, look at me". Dean said strict.

Sarah looks at hey brother with tears sliding down her cheek and her blue eyes are now red from crying.

"Look i know you're upset but that does not give you the right to act like that. I know Seth just came back to all of us and you didn't want to leave him. But listen he still with the authority and if he is gone for a long time they will get suspicious and trust me they will come and find him, if they ever find him here with us who knows what they'll do to either you or us. Plus what you said to go with him, that hurt me princess that hurt me and Uncle Roman. Even if you did go with him they'll turn you into one of them or worse they will hurt you like Randy hurt you on smackdown i don't ever want to see you hurt like that again. But if you ever act like that again you will be punished. Understand me". Dean said strict.

"Yes". Sarah said.

"Good now come here and give me and Uncle Roman a big hug". Dean said.

Sarah throws her arms around Dean still crying, she then sees Roman with his arms out and Sarah jumped from Dean's arms to his burying her head into his broad shoulders. She finally cries herself to sleep on Roman's shoulder.

"Dude what was that? Roman asked.

"That was her getting too attached and clingy. When she was first born she got like that then when she got a bit older she outgrew it now she acted on a impulse". Dean said.

"I don't think she has ever acted like that before". Roman said.

"Trust me she has". Dean said.

They then watch the rest of Raw right now it is Randy Orton vs Sheamus.

(skips most of the match)

Randy is in control of the match and he sets Sheamus up for a DDT on the second rope but Sheamus counters the move, they send each other to the corners of the ring. Sheamus is on the right side of the ring on the top getting ready for a jump on Randy while he is down but from nowhere while Sheamus is in mid air Randy does an RKO, pinning Sheamus and getting the win.

"The winner of this match Randy Orton". The announcer said.

The final part of Raw ended with Hulk Hogan's birthday bash. Everyone on the roster superstars and divas and watch as Hulk Hogan has fun with some of the legends such as Mean Gene, Jimmy Hart, Ric Flair, Mr Wonderful, Roddy Piper, and NWO. Everyone is celebrating and having a good time till Lesnar shows up with Heyman, he and Hogan have a showdown till Cena comes running down the ramp challenging Lesnar to a fight but Lesnar won't do it so he gets out the ring and the party is back on.

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