Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 27

Smack Down

They start off with Miz Tv with special guest Roman Reigns.

Roman makes his way down to the ring with Sarah close behind and they get in the ring and Roman sits down while Sarah stand because she knows this won't take long. She starts to get annoyed because whenever Miz asks Roman a question he cuts Roman off so she goes for a mic.

"Miz, if Roman is the guest why don't you shut up and let him answer your questions instead of cutting him off". Sarah said annoyed.

"Look little girl this is Miz Tv so whatever i say goes". Miz said.

"How about if you cut him off again i'll punch you so hard that might have to find a new movie star". Sarah said.

"How about if you punch me i'll fight right back". Miz said.

With that said Roman got pissed off, so while Miz was running his mouth Roman punched him square in the jaw knocking Miz out the ring and Sarah picking up the Intercontinental championship and throwing it over her shoulder.

"Hey Miz a guy in a vest, with great hair, and with a pretty good smile just put you on your ass. Oh and a word of advice if you ever in your life talk about putting your hands on my niece trust and believe i can and will take your ass out faster than what i just did". Roman said.

Miz then gets back up on the ringside holding his jaw where Roman punched him and Roman got up as a challenge.

Oh Miz by the way you forgot something. Sarah said.

Sarah then kicks Miz so very hard in his groin area and she is still holding the intercontinental championship.

"It's good to see you to Seattle. Randy Orton is known as the viper. But it's for a damn good reason because with that attitude he has won championship after championship after championship and that's what i respect. And that gives Randy every reason to respect me when i beat him at SummerSlam". Roman said.

After Roman drops the mic he takes Sarah who still has the the belt because she knows later on Miz is gonna have a match with Roman for what just happened. She and Roman make their way backstage to find Dean coming from his locker room because he is about to go in a match with Cesaro.

"Dean!" Sarah yelled in excitement running towards her brother. Dean then picks her up.

"Hey you just the girl i wanted to see. Roman did she have a title match? Because i see her with the IC title, she beat Miz at his own game". Dean said.

"More like took it from him after i knocked his ass out". Roman said.

"Smart girl. So Sarah do you want to come with me or stay with Uncle Roman?" Dean asked.

"I wanna come with you". Sarah said.

"Alright let's go". Dean said.

"Bye Uncle Roman see you after the match". Sarah said.

"Bye princess. Good luck man". Roman said.

Sarah then hugged and kissed Roman's cheek, he returned the hug and kiss to the forehead.

"This match is set for one fall, Introducing first being accompanied by Sarah Ambrose from Cincinnati, Ohio weighing 225 pounds Dean Ambrose". Lillian said.

Sarah goes to the commentary table and puts a headset on while Dean gets in the ring.

"Ladies and gentlemen we are being joined by Dean's kid sister the "intercontinental champion" Sarah. Welcome Sarah". Michael said.

"Hi Michael, JBL". Sarah said.

"Sarah why do you have the intercontinental title?" JBL asked.

"Miz shouldn't have cut off Roman so many times. He'll get it back because i know he's going to be in a match tonight with Roman". Sarah said laughing a bit.

"How do you know that will be a match?" Michael asked.

"Simple something happens between 2 superstars later in that night they have a match". Sarah said.

Cesaro's music then hits.

"And his opponent Cesaro". Lillian said.

The two men are in the ring and the match goes underway

(skips most of the match)

Dean glances back and forth to make sure his sister is okay. Cesaro then slaps Dean on the face and with that he slaps back. Cesaro then kicks Dean in the second rope only for him to catch himself from falling out the ring and he comes back with a close line hoping to get the pin but doesn't. Dean then sets up for dirty deeds but Cesaro counters it and pushes Dean to the ropes but Dean kept going back till he finally sets up for dirty deeds and hits it getting the win for that match.

"The winner of this match Dean Ambrose". Lillian said.

Sarah then takes off the headset and makes her way into the ring to congratulate Dean but can't when Rollins music hits. She knows since there still friends he won't try anything to hurt her.

"Ambrose this Sunday we finally go one on one in a lumberjack match, but it isn't an ordinary lumber jack match. Its a 2 on 1 handicap lumber jack match because that brat of a sister is your partner and i guarantee that after i beat you i will have a new helper with me. A match of your choosing by the way, a match with 20 other WWE superstars who don't like us very much are gonna surround the ring because if either of us try to run or hide like in a birthday present or the trunk of a car, the person who steps through those ropes one or maybe all of those lumberjacks will throw them back in the ring. This Sunday i will prove to you and to the entire WWE universe what i have known all along, i am the future of this company and i am better than you. I am better than some lunatic fringe who doesn't give a damn about his physical well being or even his own sister's wellbeing. I am better than some bipolar nutjob who should be locked away. I am better than some hellcat with rabies who was never my friend, who was never my brother, and who i never gave a damn about in the first place". Seth said.

Sarah then gets a few tears in her eyes and she follows Dean around to see what he's gonna do. They make their way backstage with Sarah close to tears after Seth's harsh words. She knew he had to make it look real but those words hurt her more than Dean. Dean is carrying his sister because she did not like to cry in front of people. They are close to Roman's locker room when Sarah sees something out of the corner of her eye.

"Sethie!" Sarah yelled.

Dean turns around and sees Seth coming towards them. Sarah then adjusts herself to where Dean can hand her to Seth and she wraps herself around him like a little monkey.

"Hey princess". Seth said.

"Not to interrupt anything but we should get inside before someone sees and we have to kick there asses". Dean said.

"Right". Seth said.

While they make there way in the room Randy sees this and he is furious. He is thinking Seth could be turning on the authority or he is still friends with Dean, Sarah, and Roman. He is going to wait and ask Seth himself before he takes it to Stephanie and Triple H.


In the locker room is Dean, Roman, Seth and Sarah wrapped around Seth like a little monkey.

"So Sarah you have a title match tonight? I see you have Miz's IC title. If i had known that i would have been at ringside". Seth said.

"More like i took it from him after Uncle Roman punched him out of the ring and i kicked him where it hurts". Sarah said.

"I know you can't be the same little girl i know. Your a lot tougher and stronger than i remember". Seth said.

"I do have some good teachers". Sarah said.

They all laugh then Sarah gets quiet and they all wonder what's wrong.

"Sarah? What's wrong baby girl?" Roman asked.

"It's what Seth said. How he never said he never cared about Dean, how he was never his friend or brother. And then refers to me as his brat of a sister". Sarah said sadly.

They all sigh while Roman had anger in his eyes, then Seth takes a deep breath then explains himself.

"Princess, i only said that to make the match on Sunday more intense and exciting. It was never meant to hurt your feelings, Dean's or anybody's. I have to say this stuff so the authority can still think i'm with them. Right now if they had caught me right here right now i don't know what they do to me, Dean, Roman, or you. Ever since what Randy did to you last week it made me wanna hurt him badly but i can't right now because if i do he will either hurt me, Dean, Roman, or they take you and i don't want that. I'm going to make sure nothing ever happens to you ever again. I promise". Seth said.

"Pinky promise?" Sarah replied holding her pinky.

"Pinky promise". Seth said taking her pinky.

After a while the four people talk and it's time for Seth to once again leave.

"Princess come on i have to go i'll see you Sunday i promise. You will be in my match so we'll see each other than". Seth said.

Sarah wouldn't budge she still had a tight firm hold on Seth not wanting to let go.

"Sarah let go of Seth come on princess don't you wanna go with Uncle Roman to his match". Dean said.

"Can Seth come to ringside?" Sarah asked.

"No princess i can't you have to go to your brother and Uncle Roman". Seth said.

"I don't wanna. Why do you have to go you just got back". Sarah said close to tears.

"Sarah come on he has to go". Roman said.

"NO!" Sarah cried.

Dean sighed and was afraid this happen again.

"Sarah Nicole i'm not messing around let go of Seth right now or you will be grounded for 2 weeks". Dean said strictly.

Sarah knew her brother meant business when he talked like that but she didn't want to leave Seth since he just came back into their lives.

"Go on princess i'll see you Sunday. I promise". Seth said.

Sarah gave one last hug to Seth and gave him a big kiss on the cheek, he returned the hug and gave her a long kiss to her head. He had missed her terribly and didn't want to let her go but he had no choice. Seth then puts her down then lowered himself to her level and puts his hands on her shoulders.

"Sarah, sweetheart i will see you again it maybe a couple days but i will see you again then Monday when i turn on the authority you will never have to worry about me leaving because i'll always be with all of you again. I promise when i do come back i will never leave you again, you have my word". Seth said.

"I love you Uncle Seth". Sarah said throwing her arms around Seth crying.

"I love you too princess, i love you so much". Seth said.

Seth then pulls her back and wipes her tears with his thumbs and kisses her forehead softly. Seth then leaves the room and Sarah can't take it and just starts crying, Dean then picks up his sister and holds her to his chest trying to calm her while Roman rubs her back. They hate to see her cry but Seth didn't have a choice to leave, if the authority got suspicious they will come and find him, if they found him with Dean, Sarah, and Roman they would makes all there lives a living hell. Especially Sarah since she is not only Dean's weakness but Roman's and Seth's weakness too. And since she is smaller and can now somewhat defend herself she is still vulnerable and that they can and will use against all 3 men not just against Dean. They can and will use Sarah for many different things if they find out Seth has or will turn against them. So they don't want to take any chances.

While Seth is walking back to his locker room to collect his stuff for the night he is stopped by a furious Randy Orton who is demanding answers.

"So why were you with Ambrose and his little brat of a sister?" Randy asked.

"None of your damn business that's what. What i do with my time that's for me to know". Seth said.

"You better not be turning against us Rollins i know that for sure because if you do i'll be sure to get you for it". Randy said.

"Why the hell are you even following me? Shouldn't you be getting ready for your match against Reigns for SummerSlam?" Seth questioned.

"I'll take care of Reigns, what i still want to know is why you were with Ambrose and that pest? What are you all buddy buddy again?" Randy said.

"Again it's none of your damn business". Seth said.

"Wait, this all started when i pushed that brat to so hard she got a concussion". Randy said.

"Piss off Orton i got to go". Seth said.

Right there is when Seth wanted to beating the holy hell out of Randy for bringing up Sarah who had gotten a concussion because of Randy's actions last week. Just because he was with the authority doesn't mean he never ever stopped caring or loving Sarah. Whenever he gets a chance by himself he take his favorite picture of her out his wallet and looks at it thinking why he ever did what he did. His favorite picture of Sarah is the one on her 9th birthday when she is dressed up in purple dress she picked out, her hair done up like a little princess and Dean holding her and on the left it's Seth smiling and on the right is Roman smiling, whenever he looks at it he has the biggest smile on his face wondering where the time went. He had met Sarah when Dean was at FCW and she was about a little girl about maybe 5,6 years old. Then they met Roman, then after a while Sarah warmed up to both men and she started calling them Uncle Roman and Uncle Seth. He then realised he turned his back on his family, his true family.


Dean and Roman have finally got Sarah calm down from crying, her crying is now sniffing and soft hiccups.

"Sarah, you have to know Seth is coming back and if he has to go he has to as much as he doesn't want to he has to". Dean said.

"I know i just wished he never left us at all, i want him back. I miss him". Sarah said.

"We know you do you have to wait just a bit longer then after SummerSlam he'll come back". Roman said.

"Yea he will". Sarah said.

Sarah then cleaned her face which was a bit messed up from her eyes from when she was crying and the dried tears on her face, she also had to wipe her nose which was running a bit. She pulled on her brave tough face and was ready to go with Roman to ringside for his match.

"Alright Uncle Roman you have a match with a movie star we should get going". Sarah said.

"That's my girl". Dean said.

Dean then gave his sister a hug and kiss to her head. She returned her brother's hug and kiss to the cheek.

"Alright Sarah let's go". Roman said.


"This next match is set for one fall. Introducing first being accompanied by Sarah Ambrose from Pensacola, Florida weighing 265 pounds Roman Reigns.

And his opponent from Hollywood, California, The Miz". Lillian announced.

Before the match goes underway Miz grabs a mic.

"Listen here you little brat i want my title back and i want it back right now". Miz said.

Sarah shakes her head no then the ref starts the match.

(skips most of it)

Miz has the figure four leglock on Roman hoping to get him to tap out, Miz is control for most of the match till Roman gets back on his feet and begins the attack on Miz. Roman then delivers a samoan drop to Miz, he then runs back on the rope and hits Miz with a hard close line. He then knocks Miz on the second rope of the ring and delivers a boot to the face to Miz. He then sets up for a superman punch and hits it right on Miz's jaw, then he hits Miz with a spear getting the win.

The winner of this match Roman Reigns. Lillian said.

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