Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 28

Summerslam PPV

(skips to most of it)

Dean and his sister are preparing for the lumberjack match and Dean sees his sister and she looks scared and nervous.

"Sarah, what's wrong princess?" Dean asked.

"I'm scared. What if something happens and you lose? What if Seth takes me away?" Sarah said with fear in her voice.

Dean sighed and took a deep breath and began talking.

"Look i promise nothing at all will happen to you, me and Seth will make sure of it. We know if something bad happens i will help you but Seth can't not until tomorrow for now it'll be me, you, and Roman. But remember what i said if i think you can't handle the match i'm pulling you from it and you will stay at commentary. Okay". Dean said.

"Right". Sarah said.

"That's my girl". Dean said.

It's now time for the lumberjack match.

"This is a 2 on 1 handicap lumber jack match. Introducing first from Davenport, Iowa, Mr Money In The Bank Seth Rollins". Lillian said.

"And his opponents at a combined weight of 420 pounds the team of Dean and Sarah Ambrose". Lillian said.

All the lumberjacks will know if Sarah gets out the ring they will not attack her they will help her though. Sarah talks to Dean and says she wants to start things off with Seth, Seth sees this and knows he will not hurt Sarah very much but knows Dean will pull her if necessary.

(skips most of the match)

Sarah got Seth on a roll she is fast for her age in the ring, she hits Seth with 3 close lines in a row. She starts to get a little winded and Seth tries to go for a sneak pin but she kicks out she then starts to grab and yank at his hair but stops. She is feeling more winded so she tells the ref to get her to the medic and Dean starts to panic a little. The medic tells the ref to pull her from the match and he does. The match is now Seth vs Dean and the winner gets Sarah. Dean and Seth then go at it in a brawl they go back and forth for a while, then Rollins is out the ring and the lumberjacks throw him back in the ring same with Dean. They both once again get out the ring but fights off all the lumberjacks and Rollins fights their way up in the crowds so far that they are in the stands. Kane then comes down to the ring and tells the lumberjacks to go get Rollins and Ambrose. Kane then spots Sarah sitting down drinking some water and he makes his way over to her, she sees this and panics because Kane is very much dangerous in his own way. He picks her up and she fighting him off he has a tight firm grip on her to where she can't escape. The lumberjacks then finally carry down Ambrose while Rollins is making an exit away from the match but at the end where is making an exit a few lumberjacks then see him and pick him up and carry him to the ring but before anyone has a chance to throw Rollins back in the ring Dean jumps from the top rope on the ring knocking down everybody. He then looks back to see Kane with his sister in a tight firm grip. He then gets out the ring to save his sister but is short lived when Rollins comes up from behind him. Kane then gets in the ring with Sarah and the lumberjacks try and save her but that causes a brawl to break out, then Seth is down and Dean hits him with a curb stomp hoping to pin him but Kane pulls him off of Seth then that gives Seth the opportunity to get his briefcase and Sarah looks with fear in her eyes as Seth knocks Dean over the head pinning him and getting the win.

"The winner of this match Seth Rollins". Lillian said.

Sarah then starts to struggle to get out of Kane's grip but it's so tight she can't move, she then looks to Seth with sad teary eyes and wonders if Seth will give her back like he promised. He then gives a sad smile to her assuring her everything will be alright. They make there way back to the authority's office with a crying Sarah.

"Nice job out there Rollins real nice job with the case. Ambrose is probably knocked out cold". Triple H said.

"Don't talk about my brother you sorry excuse for a human being". Sarah said.

"What did you just say? Look you may talk that way when you're with your brother but since you're with the authority now you better start talking to us with some respect missy". Stephanie said.

"Why don't you do everybody a favor Stephanie and shut up you little stuck up snobby nose brat". Sarah said.

"Look you little pest i think you better be talking to us with respect or else". Randy said.

"Shut up you wannabe face that's why you're going to lose tonight against Roman". Sarah said.

"Say one more smart thing and you will not ever go back to your brother". Kane said.

"How about you do everybody a favor and shut up before i knock your lights out corporate suck up". Sarah said.

A smack then flies across Sarah's face and in that wake now leaves a handprint which is red. Stephanie had smacked Sarah across the face very very hard. Sarah then looks to Seth with tears in her eyes begging him to do something.

"Now next time when we say do something i expect you to do it. Understand me". Stephanie said.

Sarah remains quiet.

"She's talking to you, you little pest". Randy said.

"How about all of you go fall off a cliff somewhere before i knock out each and every one of you". Sarah said.

"Seth she's your responsibility now so i suggest you take her away from here and tell her to learn some respect and manners or she will be punished". Triple H said.

"Alright come on you brat". Seth said.

They leave the room and Seth makes sures he isn't being followed so he takes this time to take Sarah and clean her up before he takes her back to Dean. He takes her to the bathroom so she can clean her face and by the time she is done she now has a bruise on her face where Stephanie had slapped her. She is crying so hard her breathing is heavy and hitched and if Seth doesn't calm her she will get sick. After a few minutes her cries turn to sniffing and hiccups.

"Sarah, sweetheart are you okay?" Seth asked gently.

"I want Dean". Sarah cried.

"I know you do sweetheart i know. Look you can't talk that way to them because they will get mad and what Stephanie did is nothing compared to what will happen if you do it again. I know you wanted to stick up for yourself and Dean but you cannot do that tonight because they all have a lot riding on this and what you're doing isn't gonna make a difference it's going to cause more problems and if that happens both Roman and Dean are gonna pay the price since you're still too young to defend your self very well. Okay". Seth said.

"O-okay. Can we go find Dean i just really wanna be with my brother right now". Sarah cried.

"Yea, let's go sweetheart". Seth said.

Seth picks her up because she wants to be held, she wants to be with Dean more than ever so Seth looks around to make sure no one is around so he quickly makes his way to the trainer's room to see if Dean is there and he is. The doctor is just done checking on him and Dean lays there for a couple minutes till there is a knock on the door, he gets up and opens it standing there is Seth holding Sarah who is still sobbing some.

"Why the hell is she crying?" Dean asked.

"She mouthed off to the authority and told them all off and Stephanie slapped her across the face very very hard". Seth said.

After hearing that Dean is fuming mad he never hit a woman in his life but after hearing Stephanie slapped his sister he may reconsider that for a first time.

"Sarah, sweetheart look who is here". Seth whispered in her ear.

Sarah lifts her head from his shoulder and see through her teary eyes, Dean who is holding his arms out.

"Dean!" Sarah cried.

Seth then carefully gives Sarah to Dean and she hugs her brother with all her might. Dean is letting out a big breath of relief knowing his sister is safe. Sarah is crying and clinging to Dean while he is holding her head with one hand and rubbing her back with the other.

"Let me look at you, you hurt anywhere else?" Dean asked pulling his sister back looking her over for injuries.

Other than the handprint which is now a bruise on her face nothing else is wrong with Sarah, so Dean sits down with his sister in his lap and her arms around his neck and her head laying on his shoulder while she is dozing in and out of sleep.

"So uh what she say to them?" Dean asked.

"She called Triple H a sorry excuse for a human being, Stephanie a little stuck up snobby nose brat, Randy a wannabe face, and Kane a corporate suck up. I have to admit she is a mini version of you when she mouths off to people". Seth said.

Dean let out a chuckle and kissed his sister's head.

"She does act like me sometimes". Dean said.

"Acts like you? She is you excepts she is little and a girl". Seth said.

Dean then looks at Seth with a pissed off look in his eyes.

"Look i know what you're gonna say i literally had no clue that Stephanie was gonna hit her, if i did i would have stopped her". Seth said.

"Why didn't you when she did it?" Dean asked.

"It happened so fast i didn't even know till she started crying". Seth said.

Dean was cursing under his breath but made sure his now sleeping sister didn't hear him.

"Look i can't control what they do if i could Sarah would have never been brought into this, Kane wouldn't have gotten her tonight, or anything". Seth said.

"You realise when Roman sees this he might end you, Stephanie, or all of you because he is going to be pissed off big time". Dean said.

Sarah then starts to stir in Dean's arms, he and Seth then try and calm her to put her back to sleep by humming a lullaby. She is once again in a sound sleep.

"So am i going to keep her till tomorrow or are we gonna wait and let her see Roman first?" Seth asked.

"Let her see Roman first, his match is about to start soon and chances are he wants to see her before you take her back". Dean replied back.

"Right. I have to go now i'll meet up with you guys in his locker room later i have to go Stephanie just won her match and she is gonna wanna be celebrating". Seth said annoyed.

Dean then gives Sarah to Seth and she lays her head on his shoulder with her arms hanging down. Before Seth and Sarah leave the room Dean tells him something.

"She gets hurts again and i will kick all there asses including Stephanie". Dean threatened.

"Alright". Seth said.

They then make there way back to the authority's office and Stephanie is there laughing, cheering, and celebrating with Triple H and Nikki Bella. In the match Brie had Stephanie in the yes lock but Triple H and Nikki came down and interferred, Triple H pulled the ref out the ring while Nikki stalked Stephanie and Brie then stalked her. Out of no where Nikki closelined her sister and Stephanie pedigreed her and winning the match. Seth is still holding a sleeping Sarah who is stirring awake due to the loud noise and Seth rolls his eyes. They all look at him.

What are ya'll staring at? Seth asked.

"Why are you carrying her? She has legs, she can walk". Triple H said.

"She fell asleep alright now if you guys don't mind i'm taking her back to my locker room". Seth said.

"Seth, i hope you told her that if she mouths off to us again she is getting punished". Triple H said.

"I told her". Seth said.

"Good". Triple H said.

Seth then leaves the room with Sarah who is now awake.

"Hey princess have a good cat nap". Seth said.

Sarah shakes her head sleepy.

"Let's go watch Roman's match. Sound good". Seth said.

They make there way to Seth's locker room and he sets Sarah down on the couch and gives her a snack and drink while he changes into some regular clothes. He comes back out in a black t shirt, black jeans, and his black nike's. He sits down next to her and she curls up against his side watch Roman vs Randy.


Half the match has gone by and both men are weak from blows to one another, from the second rope turnbuckle Roman does a samoan drop hoping to pin Randy but he kicks out at 2. The two men then start to build up speed and Roman goes for a tackle only to get body slammed by Randy. Randy then delivers a DDT from the second rope and with that Randy hopes to go for an RKO but Roman counters the move and hits Orton with a close line and hits Randy with a superman punch. He goes for a spear but misses Randy then RKO's Roman but he kicks out at 2, they once again picks up speed and with that Roman spears Orton then pins him getting the win.

"The winner of this match Roman Reigns". Lillian said.

Roman then heads backstage to find Dean and they make there way to his locker room because Roman is pissed. He told Seth that if Sarah got hurt he will finish him. They are in the room and see Seth with Sarah curled up against him, Sarah lifts her head up and sees Dean and Roman in the room.

"Dean! Uncle Roman!" Sarah yelled in excitement.

She runs to Roman who picks her up and hugs her close.

"You did great Uncle Roman i knew you beat that little worm Orton". Sarah said.

"Thanks princess". Roman said.

Roman then looks over at Seth and he has anger in his eyes and wants answers.

"Seth, why does she have a handprint on her face?" Roman asked in a angry tone.

"Stephanie slapped her after she mouth off to them. If i knew she was gonna do it i would have stopped her, i didn't know till after she did it and i heard her crying. I swear". Seth said.

"It happens again i'm taking all their asses out including you". Roman said.

"I deserve that and much more. But look after tomorrow night you don't have to worry because i won't be with them anymore". Seth said.

"I don't know if i can still trust you Seth, you hurt not only me and Dean but you hurt Sarah too and i don't like seeing her hurt or in pain". Roman said.

"Oh like i do? When Stephanie slapped her i couldn't do anything because if i did they would know something is up or i would have been questioned or worse". Seth said.

"What worse?" Dean now coming in the conversation.

"They said since Sarah is with the authority she better talk to them with respect or she will be punished". Seth said.

Dean and Roman are furious, who does the authority think they are bringing in a helpless child like this? The two men are cursing under there breath. Sarah then asks a question.

"Are you guys okay?" Sarah asked.

"Yea, yea were okay baby girl we're fine". Roman said.

Summer Slam ended with Brock Lesnar winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from John Cena. It took a total of 16 suplexes and 2, F5s' to finish off Cena.

After SummerSlam is over Seth has to now take Sarah from Dean and Roman till Monday Night Raw.

"Sarah you have to go with Seth now". Dean said.

"But, but i wanna stay with all of you. Were finally back together". Sarah said.

"Look it's just for tonight sweetheart i promise. It'll be a sleep over and tomorrow i will come back and never leave you again". Seth said.

Sarah shakes her head sadly, but before she leaves she hugs Dean and Roman and kisses both their cheeks. They return her hugs and give her a kiss to the forehead. She then makes her way to Seth who picks her up because she is close to tears.

"It's alright sweetheart, it's alright. It's okay, i'll be with you the whole time. No one will hurt you when you're with me. I promise". Seth said.

"Promise it's only for the night Uncle Seth?" Sarah asked.

"I promise". Seth said.

Sarah then lays her head on Seth's shoulder falling asleep and Seth is looking at Dean and Roman who have looks in there eyes which tells Seth something.

"Listen Seth i know she starting to trust you, but that doesn't mean we trust you. But if anything happens to her again i'm going to kick not only your ass for stopping it but there asses as well". Dean said

"Same of what Dean said, she gets hurt again i'll take all your asses out". Roman said.

"Alright. When will you guys be able to trust me again?" Seth replied.

Dean and Roman look at each other.

"We don't know. But i'm trusting you with my sister, she is my life, my world anything happens to her i won't be able to live with myself". Dean said.

"I got it. I'll see you guys later they might be getting suspicious so i better leave now". Seth said.

Alright see you tomorrow. Dean said.

"Keep her safe Seth". Roman said.

"I will". Seth said.

They give fist bumps to each other then Dean and Roman kiss Sarah good night. While Seth is walking out Randy spots him again, in Randy's eyes Seth is either about to turn against the authority to go back with Dean, Roman, and Sarah or he is still friends with them. One way or another he will find out and if Seth turns against the authority not only will he have hell to pay but Dean and Roman will to. As will Sarah, she will be there as a plan B if things go south.

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