Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 29

Monday Night Raw

The show starts off with Stephanie and Nikki and she actions why she turned on Brie, Brie then comes out and Nikki then slaps her on the ring then Brie gets out the ring crying. They then make their way backstage and they go into the office to discuss what is going to happen later that night. Everyone who is with the authority is in the office including Sarah, she is with Seth since Dean lost at summerslam. She then asks Nikki a question.

"Why did you do that Nikki? She's your sister and you turned your back on her like this two toned idiot did". Sarah said.

"I thought i said for you to talk to us with respect missy". Stephanie said.

"And i thought i said for you to shut up you little whiny stuck up brat". Sarah said.

Before Stephanie can react Randy does and he slaps her across the face very hard and she begins to cry and begs Seth to do something and he does.

"Dude what the hell? She's just a kid leave her alone all of you, she's my responsibility so i'll take care of her". Seth said.

Seth takes Sarah's hand and leaves the room leaving everyone in the room and begin to talk about what just happened.

"Is it me or is he starting to act like his old self around her?" Triple H asked.

"He is starting to act different around her". Stephanie said.

They then look at Randy who is hiding something.

"What is it Randy? You know something we don't know". Kane said.

"I saw Rollins a couple times with the pest. Coming out of Reigns locker room. I don't know what he was doing but it could go bad". Randy said.

"We'll just ask him when he comes back". Triple H said.


Seth looks around to make sure he isn't being followed so he takes this time to pick up a crying hysterical Sarah and she buries her head in his shoulder while he tries to calm her by petting her head and rubbing circles on her back while whispering soothing words in her ear.

"It's okay sweetheart, it's okay sweetie it's alright. Uncle Seth is here". Seth said.

She mumbles something to him.

"What was that princess?" Seth asked.

"I want Dean and Uncle Roman. Can we go see them". Sarah cried.

"Yea, we can go see them princess. Let's go". Seth said.

Before Seth takes Sarah to see Dean and Roman he takes her to clean up her face which is a mess, her blue eyes are red from crying, her hair is messed up a little, and she has a red welt on her face where Randy had slapped her across the face. Seth then picks her up once again and she buries her head in his shoulder and they make there way to Roman's locker room and he knocks Roman opens up with a look on his face that looks like he is ready to hurt Seth. He lets Seth in and he wants Seth to explain what happened.

"Let me see her before i take you out". Roman said.

Seth whispers in Sarah's ear.

"Princess look who is here". Seth whispered.

Sarah lifts her head off his shoulder and looks through her teary eyes and see Roman.

"Uncle Roman!" Sarah cried.

She jumps from Seth's arms to Roman's and buried her head into his chest, Roman then has a look in his eyes which tells Seth to explain or get pummeled.

"She mouthed off again and she got slapped". Seth said.

"By who?" Roman asked.

"Randy". Seth answered.

Roman growled in anger and cursed under his breath without letting Sarah hear it.

"Let me look at you baby girl". Roman said.

Sarah lifts her head from his chest and he puts her down so he can look her over for injuries, he then looks her over and the red welt on her face which is now turning into a bruise he curses at and knows that he will pay later on in that 6 man tag team match. She then mumbles something in his chest.

"What baby girl?" Roman asked her.

"I want Dean". Sarah said.

"Alright". Roman said.

Roman pulls out his phone and sends Dean a text.

-Come to my locker room ASAP! Roman.

-On my way. Dean.

With that they wait 5 minutes for Dean to show up.

"What's going on?" Dean asked.

He then hears Sarah sobbing a bit. He then sends an evil stare to Seth.

"Seth why the hell is she crying again?" Dean hissed.

"She mouthed off again and she got slapped really hard". Seth answered.

"By who?" Dean asked with anger laced in his voice.

Seth takes a deep breath before answering.

"Randy. After she mouthed off to Stephanie again Randy slapped her across the face". Seth answered.

After that Dean goes through the roof, he is so mad he gets ready to walk out to go rip Randy apart but Seth stops him.

"Dean calm down". Seth said.

"Let me go Rollins i'm gonna go tear his ass limb from limb". Dean said.

"Dean you can do that later right now she needs you more than ever right now. So chill out and go see her". Seth said.

Dean calms down a bit and goes to see his sister. They walk in and Roman gently taps Sarah's shoulder and she lifts her head and she sees Dean there with Seth.

"De!" Sarah cried running to her brother.

Dean immediately picks her up crushing her to his chest, rubbing her back with one hand and holding her head with another.

"Hey let me look at you princess". Dean said.

She lifts her head and Dean looks her over, he sees the bruise on her face and curses under his breath. She then puts her head back on Dean's chest and says something.

"Dean i want to come back with you". Sarah said.

The three men then look at each other and back at Seth.

"I know you do princess i know". Dean said.

Seth then looks at the time and sees he has to go for an interview and Sarah has to go with him.

"Alright Sarah come on i have to do an interview". Seth said.

"I wanna stay with Dean. I don't wanna go back". Sarah said.

"Princess you have to just for a little while longer". Seth said.

"Alright. Bye Dean. Bye Uncle Roman". Sarah said.

"Bye baby girl". Roman said.

"Bye princess. I'll see you again in just a few minutes". Dean said.

Sarah hugs Dean and Roman then kisses their cheeks, they return the hug and both kiss her forehead. She then makes her way over to Seth who grabs her wrist and go to his interview with Renee.

(skips most of the interview)

"I am going to be the future WWE World Heavyweight Champion". Seth said.

Renee and Sarah back away because they see Dean with a big bucket of ice and he dumps it on Seth.

"What? It's for charity". Dean said.

Sarah then backs away because Dean and Seth attack each other and it takes a few refs and security guards to break it up. After they fight is broken up Seth takes Sarah back to the authority's office to figure out what to do with Dean.

"We will let the WWE universe decide your faith in tonight's match against Dean. And whatever match it is i want the brat right there to watch and see as he gets demolished right before her eyes". Triple H said.

"Is there a day that goes by that you can't keep me or my brother out your mouth you pathetic piece of crap". Sarah said.

"Sarah quiet". Seth warned her.

"Yea i would take his advice if i were you. Actually Seth i wanted to ask you something". Triple H said.

"What?" Seth asked.

"Why were seen with that brat coming out of Roman's locker room?" Triple H asked.

Sarah gets a bit scared, who had seen them coming from Roman's locker room? She then sends a small glance to Seth then back to the floor.

"Well i'm waiting". Triple H said.

"She wanted to see her brother and Roman so i took her to see them". Seth said.

"Is that so?" Triple H said.

"Yea". Seth said.

Sarah then tries to make an escape Kane picks her up and she struggles against him, Seth then starts to panic a bit.

"You sure you're not turning against us?" Triple H asked.

"She said she wanted to see her brother and Roman so i took her to see them. That's all i swear". Seth said.

Kane then puts her down and she punched him hard in the groin area and hides behind Seth for protection.

"One more time brat and you will get punished". Triple H said.

"Good luck". Kane said.


"This is a 6 man tag team match set for one fall. Introducing first weighing in at 245 pound he is the viper Randy Orton. And his tag team partners Ryback and Curtis Axel, RybAxel.

And their opponents first Rob Van Dam. And his tag team partners' he is the United States Champion Sheamus. And their tag team partner Roman Reigns". The announcer said.

Roman stares at Randy with an evil stare, he is going to make sure Randy pays for what he did to Sarah. The match then goes underway.

(skips most of the match)

From the second rope he sets Sheamus up for the DDT but Sheamus comes out and goes for his attack on Randy. Sheamus tags in Roman and Randy tags in Axel, right from the tag Roman gets Curtis with a samoan drop and knocks Ryback off the ring and he hits Axel with a closeline. He then trips up Axel knocking him down on his back, he then hits him on the pole and gives him a hard punch sending him back down. From the second rope Roman delivers a boot to the face of Axel, he then hits Ryback and Curtis with a superman punch. He then sets up for a spear but Randy got Roman from behind and RVD tags himself in the match and from the top turnbuckle he body slams Axel, RVD then goes for a sneak attack to pin but Curtis kicks out, he then send Axel into the pole and it knocks him down and with that he did a summersault. Everyone then gets in the ring and performs there finisher moves and Axel is dizzy and confused and RVD performs his five star frog splash getting the win for his team.

"The winners of the match Sheamus, Roman Reigns, and Rob Van Dam". The announcer said.

After the match is over the stipulations for Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose, the stipulations for this match are a no holds bar match, a falls count anywhere match, and a no disqualification match. The results will be announced at the end of the show.

Roman then goes back to his locker and he wants to see Sarah so he sends Seth a text from his phone.

-Mind bringing Sarah to my locker room? Roman.

-Be there in a few. Seth.

After the few minute wait Seth knocks on the locker room with Sarah holding his hand tight and Roman opens the door and sees his former teammate with his niece. Sarah let's go of Seth's hand and jumps in Roman's arm wrapping her arms around his neck laying her head on his shoulder. The two men know she is scared, nervous, and is shaking.

"What's wrong baby girl?" Roman asked.

"I'm scared". Sarah said.

"What do you have to be scared of princess?" Seth asked.

"Your match with Dean, i know they're going to make you hurt Dean bad and i don't want to see him get hurt. If he gets hurt bad i don't know what i'm gonna do he is all i have for family other than you two but he is my only brother and i don't want to see him hurt". Sarah said.

The two men sighed and knew one thing to do: get Dean to talk to her. Roman pulls out his phone and sends a text to Dean.

-Come to my locker room Sarah needs you. Roman.

-On my way. Dean.

After 5 minutes Dean rushes in and Sarah sees her brother and makes a beeline and she jumps in Dean's arms hugging her brother tight.

"What's wrong princess?" Dean asked.

"I'm scared". Sarah said.

"What are you scared of?" Dean asked.

"Your match. I know that they're going to make Seth hurt you bad and i have to watch. I don't want nothing to happen to you Dean, you're all i have and i don't want to lose you or see you get hurt". Sarah said in Dean's shirt.

Dean sighed and take a deep breath and talks to his sister.

"Sarah, princess look whatever this match is going to be me and Seth are gonna hurt each other bad and whatever he, Kane, or anyone does to me will not change anything. If i do get hurt and will have to be out you will not be alone because Uncle Roman and Seth will watch out for you and keep you safe. Right guys". Dean said.

"Right". Roman replied.

"Totally. But guys you should know that the authority does suspect something is up and if they do make me do something to you, Sarah will have to stay with us until you get back". Seth said.

"What? I-i don't wanna leave Dean, i can't. I won't!" Sarah cried.

"Well we have to go Dean our match is up soon". Seth said.

"Princess you have to go with Seth now". Dean said.

"I don't wanna. I wanna stay with you big brother". Sarah said.

"I know you do but it's just for a while i promise". Dean said.

"Okay. Promise me nothing very bad will happen". Sarah said.

"We'll try princess now come on we have to go". Seth said.

"Alright. Bye Uncle Roman. I'll see you out there Dean". Sarah said.

She hugs both of them and kisses their cheeks and they return her hug and kiss to the forehead.

"Protect her Seth". Dean said.

"I will". Seth said.


"Alright ladies and gentlemen the votes are in for the match Dean Ambrose Vs Seth Rollins. Is it going to be a no hold bar match? A falls count anywhere match? Or a no disqualification match?" Jerry said.

The votes are then counted and it's a falls count anywhere match. With that Seth's music hits and he comes out with Sarah.

"This is a falls count anywhere match, introducing first being accompanied by Sarah Ambrose from Davenport, Iowa he is Mr Money In The Bank Seth Rollins". The announcer said.

Sarah then tries to find a safe and secure spot so she won't get hurt during this match.

"And his opponent from from Cincinnati, Ohio weighing 225 pounds Dean Ambrose". The announcer said.

The match then goes underway.

(skips most of the match)

Dean is dominating for most of the match, then coming from down the ramp is corporate Kane and he sees Sarah in the spot she is in so he goes over to her and grabs her and holds her in a tight firm grip trying to distract Dean. Dean then sets up Seth for dirty deeds and goes for the pin only to have Kane yank him off of Seth, he then starts to destroy the announce table and he chokeslams him. Sarah then tries to fight back at Kane but Seth hold her back and whispers something in her ear.

"Don't do it princess you'll just get yourself hurt". Seth said.

Sarah then starts to cry because Seth performs one curve stomp on the announce table, Kane then takes Dean and hold him down on cinder blocks and Seth performs a curb stomp on cinder blocks knocking Dean out cold and Sarah starts to cry harder and panic.

"The winner of this match Seth Rollins". The announcer said.

Sarah then makes her way to her brother begging him to wake up while crying.

"Wake up Dean, Dean wake up please wake up". Sarah cried.

Seth then takes her away so she doesn't see Dean being taken away by the paramedics. She gets out of his grip and runs to her brother trying to hug him. Seth then picks her up and she fights him.

"LET ME GO! I WANT DEAN! DEAN! DEAN! DEAN! Dean!" Sarah cried.

Seth whispers in her ear.

"Calm down princess just calm down. Breath sweetheart breath". Seth whispered.

The paramedics then bring Dean by the ring and he waves his hands and mumbles something.

"Where's my sister? Where is my sister? I want my sister". Dean mumbled.

They look around to find his sister and they see her with Seth and he puts her down and she runs to her brother with tears still streaming down her face.

"I'm here Dean i'm right here. Are you going to be okay big brother?" Sarah cried.

"I'm going to be fine princess, you just have to stay with Uncle Roman and Seth while i'm out okay. I love you princess, i love you so much". Dean said.

"I-i l-love you to Dean". Sarah cried.

They then take Dean away and Sarah cries harder, Seth then doesn't care right now he takes this time to pick her up and she wraps herself around him and buries her head into his shoulder crying hard. He then hears her say something through her crying voice.

"What was that princess?" Seth asked.

"I want Uncle Roman!" Sarah cried.

"Alright we'll go see Uncle Roman". Seth said.

They go to see Roman in his locker room in regular clothes and he has a disapproved look on his face. Seth then taps her shoulders and she brings her head up on sees Roman through her teary eyes.

"Uncle Roman!" Sarah cried.

She runs to him and jumps in his arms burying her head into his chest crying her eyes out still while they are saying soothing words to the girl. After 10 minutes she calms down and she falls asleep from all her crying and her tempertanrum while Seth and Roman talk.

"I wish i hadn't did that". Seth said.

"No kidding". Roman said.

"I don't have a choice for anything now if they find about this or anything i am doing i will have so much hell to pay". Seth said.

"I thought you were gonna turn on them tonight". Roman said.

"I was but i couldn't at least not yet". Seth said.

"So are you gonna do it?" Roman asked.

"Yes, i'll do it after Dean comes back with they way Sarah is she is too vulnerable to go after right now and if they try and hurt her i'll kick their asses, not you, not Dean, me". Seth said.

"That's what i like to hear". Roman said.

After a while Seth knows he has to leave with Sarah and he does.

"I'll see you on smackdown Rome". Seth said.

"See you then, make sure she stays safe". Seth said.

"I will". Seth said.

Roman kisses her head knowing she still sleep and upset after what happened. Seth leaves the room with Sarah in one arm and his gym bag with another. Then again Randy sees this and wants answers from Seth or he will make not only Seth's life a living hell but Sarah's as well.

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