Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 3

Later on Monday night Raw

"Well if you're just tuning in you missed the stand off between The Shield and Evolution. But before all that the shield came down to introduce Dean Ambrose's sister. Then things took a turn for the worse when Evolution attacked the shield and they knocked them out then in Dean Ambrose's words made the biggest and last mistake of their lives when they took Dean's sister". Michael Cole said.

Just then The Shield's music hits and they come through the crowd and they are not very happy. They are in the ring and have mics.

"As everyone saw while we were knocked out Evolution crossed the line when they took my sister. Now I'm not asking, I'm not telling, I'm demanding that the authority gives me my sister back right here right now or you will be facing not a member of the shield but a very very very extremely annoyed older brother". Dean said in an angry tone.

"Listen I want the authority to know something what's going on between us stays between us you don't have to drag an innocent 10 year old into this". Seth said.

"Look she has nothing to do with this feud or like Seth said what's going on between us stays between us don't drag an innocent child into this". Roman said.

"Look I'm not going to say it again give me my sister back or else". Dean yelled.

Meanwhile backstage Evolution are looking at the screen watching the shield talk and they look down and see Sarah tied up and crying for her brother and two uncles.

"Randy setup the camera and have it live I want the shield to see this after all were not dealing with a member were messing with an annoyed older brother". Triple h said mocking Dean.

The feed comes up and the shield turns towards it and see hhh and Randy.

"Listen you mindless dumb witted pea brains I'm not going to say it again give me back my sister or I will find you and beat the crap out of you for taking my sister and for possibly hurting her. You give her back I might I just might spare you". Dean said.

"Why should we give her back? You have defined the authority. So you bring injustice to others this is your injustice". HHH said.

"Where is my sister you piece of crap?" Dean asked in an angry tone.

"Oh she's here you wanna see her?" HHH asked.

Dean nods and prepares himself and his team for what they are about to witness. HHH picks up Sarah and takes the tape off her mouth and HHH faces her to the camera. The Shield does not like what they see. They see Sarah tied up and her eyes are red and puffy.

Say "hi" to big brother Sarah. HHH said.

"Dean! Uncle Seth! Uncle Roman! Help I'm scared. Please help me big brother". Sarah cried. When the three members hears this it breaks their hearts especially on Dean since he had raised her since she was born.

"Don't worry Sarah were going to get you back okay so don't worry your big brother is going to get you back, so are your two uncles". Dean said.

"P-promise?" Sarah said sniffing.

"We promise". Seth said.

Times up. Randy said.

"No! Dean! Uncle Roman! Uncle Seth! Dean! Dean! Big brother! Help!" Sarah cried.

The screen goes out.

Announce table

"Wow King, JBL, your thoughts of what just happened". Michael Cole said.

"I think when the shield especially Dean Ambrose finds those three guys they will have hell to pay". JBL said.

"I agree with JBL, Michael the whole WWE roster plus the authority have been warned on what could or will happen if they or anyone messed with Ambrose's sister". King said.

The Shield soon leaves the ring going in the back to look for Sarah.

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