Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 30

Smack Down

With Dean out Sarah has no choice but to stay with the authority. She is in Seth's locker room watching the show start off with Randy Orton then Seth has his match with Swagger after.

"Sarah you alright? You're a little quiet". Seth said.

"I just miss Dean". Sarah said sadly.

Seth makes his way over to her and he pulls her close to his side and she is on the verge of tears.

"I know you miss him sweetheart i know you do but it'll be okay. I promise because me or Uncle Roman won't let anything happen to you". Seth said.

"You promise?" Sarah said.

"I pinky promise". Seth said taking her pinky.

"I love you Uncle Seth". Sarah said kissing his cheek.

"I love you to sweetheart". Seth said kissing her hair.


"Just because you won the battle doesn't mean you won the war. One match does not define me and one match does not define Roman Reigns. I've been called the legend killer, the apex predator, and the viper, the only thing i never been called was a loser. All this has done for me has made me much more focused and when i'm focused things like this tend to happen". Randy said.

The trion plays a footage from last month when Randy RKO'd Roman twice through the announce table while making a sick Sarah watch.

"And that ladies and gentlemen is the legend killer, that is the apex predator, that is the viper. Roman Reigns will get what he deserves, he will get what is coming to him. Roman Reigns will get what he has coming to him. Hell maybe even tonight, but first i have a match with RVD and Rob i'm sorry man all your to me tonight is calorital damage. What i do to you today will serve as a warning to everyone in the back and to everyone in the WWE universe that if you get in my way i will put you away. Because i am Randy Orton, third generation wrestler, a 12 time champion and the greatest wrestler in this industry. And i deserve respect and since my focus is back i'll simply just take it from you". Randy said.

Seth's locker room

"Alright princess come on. Let's go i have a match with Swagger". Seth said.

"Will i get to see Uncle Roman after?" Sarah asked.

Seth smiled knowing he and Roman have a surprise for her later on.

"Yea you'll see him i promise". Seth said.


Seth's music hits and he comes out with Sarah behind him and Randy gets half way up the ramp and the two shakes hands.

"This match is set for one fall, introducing first being accompanied by Sarah Ambrose from Davenport, Iowa Seth Rollins". Lillian said.

"Don't get involved tonight or your brother and Roman will have my head". Seth whispered in her ear.

"Alright". Sarah whispered back.

"And his opponent Jack Swagger". Lillian said.

The match then goes underway

(skips most of the match)

Seth keeps attacking Swagger's taped rib cage repeatedly. From the second rope Seth goes for a body slam but gets caught by Swagger and he is body slammed. Jack then goes for the patriot lock while Seth hold on to the bottom rope, Seth then gets out of it goes back towards the pole and Jack charges towards him but misses, Swagger then hits the pole full force on his injured rib cage. Seth then throws him over the barricade and the ref is at the count of 5, Seth then gets back in the ring and Sarah gets in the ring as well. Swagger then makes it back to the ring only to be curved stomped by Rollins, the ref is at the 10 count and Swagger is counted out.

"The winner of this match as a result of a count out Seth Rollins". Lillian said.

Seth then takes Sarah back to his locker room to wait on Roman. They make there way to Seth's locker room and he pulls his phone out to send Roman a text.

-You can come now and remember the laptop. Seth.

-On my way and i have it. Roman said.

5 minutes later there is a knock on Seth's door and it's Roman holding a computer bag. Seth lets Roman in and they make there way to Sarah.

"Sarah, someone's here for you". Seth said.

"Hi princess". Roman said.

"Uncle Roman!" Sarah yelled in excitement.

She runs to him and he picks her up hugging her close and kisses her head.

"I missed you Uncle Roman". Sarah said.

"I missed you too baby girl". Roman said.

"Sarah, we actually have a surprise for you". Seth said.

"What?" Sarah asked.

Roman puts the computer bag down pulls the laptop out and pulls up skype with Dean on it.

"Come here baby girl". Roman said.

"Okay". Sarah said a bit confused.

He turns the laptop towards Sarah and she sees Dean on skype and she has a few tears in her eyes.

"DEAN!" Sarah cried.

"Hi princess". Dean said.

"Are you okay big brother?" Sarah asked.

"I'll be alright, i do have to be out for a while so until i come back i want you to stay with Seth and Roman. Okay". Dean said.

"Alright. Dean i miss you". Sarah said letting a few tears escape her eyes.

"I miss you too princess, i'll be back before you know it". Dean said.

"I-i lo-love you Dean". Sarah cried more.

"I love you to princess. You will always be my number one girl in the world. Never ever forget that". Dean said.

"Never. And you will always be my number one boy in the world". Sarah said crying still.

"Princess don't cry, i'll be back before you know it. I promise". Dean said.

"Pinky promise?" Sarah said.

"Pinky promise". Dean said.

"Can i talk to Roman and Seth princess?" Dean asked.

"Yeah, i'm gonna go to the bathroom". Sarah said.

She runs to Seth's bathroom leaving Seth and Roman to talk to Dean on skype, they make sure she's gone to begin talking.

"She get hurt tonight Seth?" Dean asked.

"No, she stayed with me the whole time. Nobody from the authority even went near her". Seth said.

"Good that means all of them will survive". Dean said.

The three men chuckle.

"So how you been man?" Roman asked.

"I've been better, just wished mr money in the bank hadn't curve stomped me that damn hard". Dean said.

Roman sees the time and he has to go for an interview with Renee.

"I have to go but i hope to see you again bro". Roman said.

"See ya man kick ass tonight against Miz". Dean said.

"I will peace man". Roman said.

"Peace". Dean said to Roman.

"How's my sister Seth?" Dean asked.

"She's okay". Seth said.

"Is she really?" Dean asked.

"She misses you, she can't sleep without seeing me curve stomp you through the cinder blocks. I so did not mean to do that to either of you. I should have turned on them when i had the chance". Seth said.

"Then why didn't you?" Dean asked.

"I had to play it out i swear i had no idea Kane brought the cinder blocks out if i did i would have warned you". Seth said.

"Seth i'm not mad that you did that, i'm pissed because they made Sarah watch that. She doesn't need to see me, you, or anyone get hurt like that so keep her away from ringside leave her with Roman. Listen i was 18 when she was born and from the moments i laid eyes on her i knew i had to protect her from anything and everything. She is my life, she is my world, and if she gets hurt from now till the time i get back i'm going to kick someone's ass". Dean said.

"I know, i know". Seth said.

"Are they becoming suspicious or anything?" Dean asked.

"Yea they are and i'm trying to lie but with Randy's nosy ass it's becoming a bit harder and harder". Seth said.

Sarah then comes out the bathroom, Seth and Dean sees this. Dean then gives Seth a look which means let me talk to my sister. Seth excuses himself from the room to get him and Sarah some food from catering.

"Sarah, are you okay? Seth says you can't sleep very well". Dean said.

"I can't get the image of you out my head, every time i close my eyes i see it". Sarah said.

"Do you have Seth sing your favorite song or read you your favorite book?" Dean asked.

"Sometimes, it's just weird not having you here for a while. I miss you big brother". Sarah said.

"I miss you to princess, i miss you very much. Just never forget i love you and miss you every single day. And never ever forget you will always be my favorite number one girl in the whole world". Dean said.

Sarah then lets a few tears escape her eyes.

"I love you too Dean, i love and miss you every single day. And you are my favorite number one guy in the whole world". Sarah said.

"I have to go now princess". Dean said.

"Okay. I love you Dean". Sarah said.

"I love you too princess". Dean said.

The skype then goes out and Seth comes back in the room and Sarah makes her way to him crying and he picks her up rubbing her back while saying soothing words.

"It's alright sweetheart it's okay. I know sweetie i know shhh". Seth said.

Sarah then cries herself to sleep while Seth changes and Randy has his match with RVD. Seth is now changed into a green t shirt, black jeans, black nikes and his two toned hair is pulled back into a small bun and Sarah is awake watching Randy's match. Right now Randy is just attacking RVD and throwing him everywhere into anything and everything, he then puts a chair in the ring and bashes RVD's head off of it. Back in Seth's locker room Sarah is curled up against Seth.

"I don't like Randy he gets on my nerves". Sarah said.

"I know how you feel you're not the only one". Seth said.

"Do you think he will go after Uncle Roman tonight?" Sarah asked.

"He might, when he sounds serious he will. But i don't think Randy will hurt Roman very much i think Roman will hurt Randy". Seth said.

Roman is now at his interview with Renee.

"Ladies and gentlemen my guest at this time Roman Reigns. Roman tonight you are scheduled to face the miz, but as we just saw what Randy did to RVD and he says he's coming after you tonight". Renee said.

"Randy Orton is coming after me? I wish he would and don't get me wrong i know exactly what Randy and the authority are capable of. And now that i know what Seth Rollins and Kane did to my boy Dean Ambrose and make my niece watch and for what they did to her i promise you this we will have our revenge. And i saw what Randy did to RVD, now the authority thinks they have everything under control and right before summerslam Randy said he was gonna methodically decimate me, so i guess he methodically decimated me up to the point when i speared his ass. And i beat him so if the legend killer wants to finish what we started that's fine because someone needs to kill the legend in Randy Orton and that someone is me. Believe that". Roman said.

(skips a bit later)

Before Randy goes out to distract Roman he stops by Seth's locker room. He knocks on it and waits for Seth to knock, Seth answers with a bit of a shock in his eyes.

"What's up Randy?" Seth asked.

"Give me the pest, i'm gonna use her to get to Reigns tonight". Randy said.

"Not gonna happen man". Seth said.

"If i didn't know any better i think you're starting to act like your old self around her like her Uncle Seth". Randy accused.

"I'm not alright and i'm not giving her to you so you can keep using her". Seth said.

"Like your not using her to get to that lunatic Ambrose". Randy said.

With that said Sarah storms over to the door and kicks Randy hard in the groin then when he falls to his knees she gives him a punch square to the jaw.

"Do NOT talk about my brother again when i can't see him right now". Sarah said.

Before she has a chance to go back to the couch a pair of arms go around her waist and she is dragged from the room by Randy, Seth then runs to them.

"Let her go man you heard what Hunter and Steph said she's my responsibility". Seth tried to reason with Randy.

"She may be your responsibility but she works for the authority now and can be used for anyone's purpose, including mine". Randy said.

"I don't work for anyone you delusional parasite". Sarah said struggling against Randy.

"Randy let her go man". Seth said.

Sarah then stomps on Randy's foot hard and runs out of his grip and away from the two men.

"Great just great now i now have to find her". Seth said.

Seth goes back to his locker room hoping she will be there but Randy finds her hiding behind a corner and he puts a hand over her mouth to prevent her from screaming and they make there way out to Roman's match.


"This match is set for one fall introducing first from Pensacola, Florida weighing in at 265 pounds Roman Reigns.

And his opponent from Hollywood, California The Miz". Lillian said.

The match then goes underway. Then at the top of the ramp is Randy holding Sarah who is struggling against his grip.

(skips most of the match)

Roman is in control for most of the match then Miz jumps him then hits him in the head over and over again then Roman is in the corner of the ring then he hits Miz with a spear winning the match.

"The winner of this match Roman Reigns". Lillian said.

Roman then challenges Randy to get in the ring, Randy gets in the ring and he taunts Roman because he has Sarah in his grip. So he pushes her towards Roman, he gets her to safety then he beats the living hell out of Orton. Randy gets a few shots in on Roman. Randy then gets a steel chair hoping to beat Roman with it but Sarah pulls it away from him and gives it to Roman, he then beats the hell out of Randy with it. Then he sets up for a superman punch and hits Randy right on the jaw with it. After that Roman then picks up Sarah and she wraps her arms around his neck holding on for dear life. She may not have Dean around right now to protect her but she has Roman and Seth. They then make there way to his locker room so Roman can change for the night. Seth saw what happened and he grabs his stuff and make sure no one is around and heads to Roman's locker room to check on Sarah. He knocks on the door and Roman opens it now in his regular gym clothes and his hair in a low bun.

"What happened man? I thought she was with you". Roman said.

"She was till Orton's dumbass showed up and he brought up Dean, she didn't take it well kicked him in the balls then punched him. When she ran i thought she ran back to my locker room but he found her instead and you know the rest". Seth said.

"This is the exact reason she shouldn't have been brought in this Seth". Roman said.

"They would have done it anyway with or without me. They thought since i knew her longer i'd be better at it then them. God knows what would happen if they tried to do anything to her if i weren't there". Seth said.

"I don't even wanna know. Sarah someone's here for you". Roman said.

Sarah gets up and runs to Seth.

"Uncle Seth!" Sarah said.

"Hey sweetheart, i did not mean for Randy to get you". Seth said.

"I know, i should have went back to your locker room instead of hiding". Sarah said.

"As long as you're safe that is all that matters". Seth said.

"I love you Uncle Seth". Sarah said kissing his cheek.

"I love you too sweetheart". Seth said kissing her hair.

"Am i chopped liver?" Roman joked.

"I love you to Uncle Roman". Sarah said kissing his cheek.

"I love you to princess". Roman said kissing her forehead.

Sarah then feels sleepy so she puts her head on Seth's shoulder and is sleep within seconds. They take this time to leave the room and make there way to there cars and back to the hotel waiting to see what will happen on Raw. Around the corner is once again Randy spying on Seth to see what his intentions are. Is Seth going to turn on the authority for Dean, Sarah, and Roman or is he friends with them again. Randy will find out one way or another even if it means going to extreme measures.

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