Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 31

Monday Night Raw

They start the show off with the WWE Hall of fame panel with Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, and Ric Flair to discuss John Cena vs Brock Lesnar at Night of champions.

(skips a bit further)

Seth gets the idea to do a eulogy for Dean since he got rid of him. The ring is set up with a stand, flowers, and Dean's picture. Seth is finished getting ready as well as Sarah is, Seth is in a all black suit with black dress shoes and his two toned hair in straight out. Sarah is in a black dress with black converse and her hair is in a tight but neat ponytail.

"Sarah, are you okay? Your really quiet tonight". Seth said concerned.

"I don't want to go with you to do this and i don't want you to do this at all. It's bad enough Dean isn't here i don't need to be reminded". Sarah said in anger.

Seth sighed he doesn't want to bring her to this but he has to, since he made the bet with Dean she is his responsibility just until Dean comes back then he will turn on the authority like they planned.

"I know you don't but you have to, i don't trust anyone from the authority to watch you plus i have no one to watch you". Seth said.

"Can't i stay with Uncle Roman?" Sarah asked.

"No because we have to go out in a couple minutes and i don't have time to find him, don't worry i'll be there the whole time with you". Seth said.

"Yea just not as my Uncle Seth, when we're out there you're just the guy who demolished my brother in front of me". Sarah said in an angry voice.

"We can talk about this later come on we have to go now". Seth said.

Seth grabs her wrist but not to hard he then picks up his brief case and walk out.


Kane comes out to the ring to address the WWE universe before Seth.

"We are gathered here this evening to honor the memory of the unstable lunatic fringe Dean Ambrose. But tonight is the not mourning of the departed, but we are here to celebrate the future and the future of the WWE, Mr Money In the bank Seth Rollins and Dean's precious little sister Sarah". Kane said.

Seth's music then hits and he comes out with a smile on his face while Sarah walks behind him holding her head down trying not to cry and lash out at anyone. They then get in the ring Sarah stand besides Seth who stands in front of the podium and begins talking.

"I was the leader of the most dominant group in WWE, The Shield. And there is a reason why i handpicked Dean Ambrose to be in The Shield. Pain was never a factor for Dean, fear was never a factor for Dean Ambrose. Dean Ambrose was a courageous fighter, but last week i had to prove at his expense again that the authority always wins. Isn't that right Sarah? And now i like to take a look back at the night when you, YOU the WWE universe chose to demise for Dean Ambrose". Seth said.

The trion then goes back to last Monday night on Raw, it's a falls count anywhere match, Dean and Seth are both on the announce table while Sarah watches helplessly on the side. Then coming down the ramp is Kane to help Seth out and he does, he chokeslams Dean on the announce table while Seth holds Sarah hoping to keep her calm. He then lets Sarah go and she cries as Seth curve stomps her brother, then cries and panics harder as Seth curve stomps him again but through cinder blocks. The paramedics then take Dean away to the hospital for observations leaving Sarah crying hard and Seth trying to confront her. The screen then goes back to Seth, Kane and Sarah, she is so angry, upset, sad, and crying she can't take it anymore and gets out the ring as fast as she can and runs backs to Seth's locker room to cry her eyes out leaving Seth and Kane in the ring.

"Can you imagine, can you imagine the impact as i crushed Dean Ambrose's skull as i pulverized his head through those cinder blocks. I was wondering what was going through his mind, did it ever dawn on him that he was in way over his head? Could it have dawned on him that he has been out matched physically but mentally as well. I took something so dear and precious to him it was perfect. You know i was no secret that those cinder blocks were out there by accident, but you know what else. That headache Dean Ambrose is going to have for the rest of his life, that's no accident either and it saddens me that the casualty that has become of Dean Ambrose's career can be summed up by 2 words: What if. What if Dean Ambrose has known his place? What if Dean Ambrose recognized my superiority? What if Dean Ambrose walked away when he had the opportunity? The real tragedy is we will never know the answers to those what if's because i highly doubt that we will ever see Dean Ambrose again. I was the one who created The shield and i was the one who destroyed it". Seth said.

Just then Roman's music hits and he comes through the audience ready to give Kane and Seth his revenge for Dean. Seth and Kane are taking off their suit jackets and ties getting ready for a fight with Roman. Kane then gets out the ring and begins his attack on Roman only to be stopped by a right hook to the jaw, they go back and forth with blows to each other then Roman knocks Kane away from him then turns his attention to Seth who still in the ring. Seth then goes for an attack on Roman only to be stopped when Roman gets the first few hits in on Seth's rib cage and abdomen area. Then Roman takes the podium and hits Rollins on the head with it, he then sets up for a superman punch on him only to have Kane grab him by the ankle and force him out before Roman can do anymore damage to Seth. There are now in the authority's office discussing what they should do while Sarah is still in Seth's locker room crying and very very very angry.

"We got to do something about Roman Reigns. He stuck his nose in our business where it didn't belong, he stupid he's going to know what we did to Dean Ambrose is going to happen to him". Seth said.

"That's it there's the answer, tonight Roman Reigns will face Seth Rollins and me. And were gonna make the brat watch". Kane said.

"Handicap match, handicap match, i love it". Seth said.

"Just like Dean Ambrose our business ends with Roman Reigns tonight". Kane said.

Seth then takes this time to go to his locker room to check on Sarah and change for his match later. He opens the door to his locker room and what he sees breaks his heart, Sarah crying while holding a picture of her and Dean on her 5th birthday before they met Seth and Roman. She then holds the picture close to her heart crying her little eyes out. Seth clears his throat and she looks up at him with anger in both her eyes she then looks away from him.

"Sarah? Princess i'm so so sorry i made you do that but i didn't have a choice, since you're with me wherever i go you have to go with me or else they will get suspicious". Seth said.

"Seth, you say that week after week and it's not making any difference, i can never get that image out my head and all because of them stuck up moronic people. I don't even know when or if Dean is coming back. Did you ever think how this would affect me? You probably didn't. You never did since you turned your back on us for a little fame and fortune". Sarah said.

"Sarah, i never ever stopped caring or loving you when i turned on you, Dean and Roman it was the biggest mistake of my life i wish i could take it back". Seth said.

"You know what my biggest mistake of my life i made? Trusting you again!" Sarah yelled.

Sarah then storms out the room going somewhere to calm down leaving Seth in the room pulling out his phone to text Roman because if he texted Dean about his sister being that angry Dean would have Seth's head.

-Come to my locker room ASAP! We need to talk. Seth.

-On my way. Roman.

After 5 minutes Roman knocks on the door and Seth looks around before letting him in, Roman then looks around to see if Sarah is still there. He sees Sarah is not there and is pissed off big time.

"Where the hell is she Seth?" Roman asked.

"She stormed out out here right before i texted you, she blew up on me for everything i did to her, you and Dean. She said the biggest mistake of her life was trusting me again. Seth explained.

You realise if you don't find her and she gets hurt Dean will kick your sorry ass before i do". Roman said.

"No kidding, where would she go though?" Seth replied.

"Either my locker room, my cousins locker room, if not she went to go punch something". Roman said.

They split up to try and find her she isn't in Roman's locker room, she isn't with The Usos, or with any of the divas', so they go to the gym in the arena and there she is in basketball shorts, a red tank top, black nikes and her hair up in a ponytail wearing boxing gloves and a head protector and she is unleashing all her anger on the punching bag and she is a natural just like Dean, Roman, and Seth. Seth tried to go to her but Roman stopped him because he is the last person Sarah wants to see and if she is anything like Dean she can and will get violent. Roman then makes his way over to her and clears his throat, she turns around and takes off her head protector and gloves and bust out crying again. He picks her up and she buries her head into his shoulder and he rubs her back while saying soothing words to her.

"Shhh babygirl, shhh it's alright it's okay. It's okay. It's alright princess it's alright". Roman whispered to her.

"I'm sorry i took off i was too angry and had to unleash it". Sarah said.

"We know baby girl, just don't ever leave without telling someone". Roman said.

"I know i was just too mad at Uncle Seth and i didn't want to hurt his feelings bad so i went to go hit something". Sarah said.

"Princess? Again i'm so sorry i am truly sorry. Can you ever forgive me?" Seth asked.

Roman puts her down and she runs to Seth and he picks her up hugging her close holding her head and rubbing her back. They then go their separate ways to prepare for this 2 on 1 handicap match. Seth is changed into his ring gear and Sarah speaks up.

"Uncle Seth?" Sarah asked.

"What's up". Seth responded.

"I'm sorry for how i acted before i was just angry and blamed you for Dean not being here". Sarah said.

"It's okay princess. I promise, i shouldn't have had you out there but i didn't have a choice". Seth said.

"Will you be my Uncle Seth again?" Sarah asked.

"I'd be honored to be your Uncle Seth princess". Seth said picking Sarah up.

"I love you Uncle Seth". Sarah said kissing his cheek.

"I love you too sweetheart". Seth said kissing her hair.

Sarah then hid her face in Seth's neck hugging him before his match, Seth is laying his cheek on Sarah's head mentally vowing nothing will ever happen to her again or he'll kick someone's ass. It's then time for the 2 on 1 handicap match.

"Come on princess let's go". Seth said.

"Alright". Sarah said


"This is a 2 on 1 handicap match set for one fall. Introducing first weighing 323 pounds Kane, and his tag team partner being accompanied by Sarah Ambrose he is Mr Money In The Bank Seth Rollins". The announcer said.

Roman's music then hits and he makes his way through the audience.

"And their opponent from Pensacola, Florida weighing in at 265 pounds Roman Reigns". The announcer said.

Sarah gets in a secure spot where she can't get hurt and the match goes underway.

(skips most of the match)

Roman is dominating, Kane and Seth makes frequent tags but Seth gets hurt by Roman to the point he had to tag in Kane. From there Roman is dominating him, he hits him with close lines, he then spears him and he goes for the pin only to have Seth hit him the the case getting the match called off. They then torture Roman how they did to Dean last week on Raw, Kane then gets a set of cinder blocks and holds Roman down so Seth can curb stomp him. Sarah then gets a bit close but to where she can't get hurt, Roman fights out of it. He then close lines Kane over a barricade then superman punches Seth. He then picks up a cinder block and he throws it at Seth with full force but he ducks out the way just in time, the block that Roman threw it hit the pole so hard it shattered into pieces and flying and Sarah back away before it can hit her or she gets hit. Kane then sneaks up and grabs her and she fights him off but doesn't success he is then up at the ramp with Seth. Kane then handed Sarah over and they make there way back to Seth's locker room so Seth can change and get his gym bag for the night. Sarah has a drink and snack while Seth changes, he comes out in a red t shirt, black jeans, his red nikes, and his two toned hair into a small bun.

"You really dodged a bullet Uncle Seth". Sarah said.

"I know what you mean, sometimes i forget how hard Roman can throw something". Seth said.

"You were gonna do it again weren't you?" Sarah asked.

"Do what?" Seth replied back.

"Curb stomp Uncle Roman through cinder blocks like you did Dean last week". Sarah said.

"Yes, look i wouldn't have done it. If i knew Kane was going to bring cinder blocks i would tell you guys". Seth said.

"Kane is unpredictable so i don't blame you for that i blame him". Sarah said.

Seth then chuckled a bit, he and Sarah watch the final part of Raw which is John Cena vs Bray Wyatt, it then turns into a 6 man tag team match with The Wyatt Family vs John Cena, Big show and Mark Henry. Cena, Big Show, and Henry win because Cena has brought out his aggressive side which he rarely brings out. Raw then goes off the air, Seth then looks over and sees Sarah asleep so he picks up his gym bag and her purple back pack throw it on one shoulder and picks her up and she puts her head on his shoulder snuggling into his embrace. He then kisses her temple and makes his way out the room but not knowing Kane is watching. Kane is now becoming suspicious of this, whenever Seth is around Sarah just the two of them he is kind, caring, loving. But when it's around the authority they can't stand each other. He will find out what's going on one way or another.

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