Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 32


They start off the show with Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt.

"This match is set for one fall introducing first from Pensacola, Florida weighing in at 265 pounds Roman Reigns.

And his opponent Bray Wyatt". Lillian said.

The match then goes underway.

(skips most of it)

Roman is dominating for the whole match then Wyatt is in control. From the second rope turnbuckle he gives Wyatt a samoan drop, then from the second rope he delivers a boot to the face. After that was delivered the other two Wyatt family members attack Roman getting the match called off, then running down the ramp is The Big Show and Mark Henry to help Roman. This is now turned into a 6 man tag team match.

The next match is Seth vs RVD, Seth is in his locker room finished and ready for his match and he notices Sarah is very quiet.

"Sarah, sweetheart what's wrong?" Seth asked.

"Nothing". Sarah mumbled.

"We'll talk about it after the match let's go princess". Seth said.

Whatever. Sarah mumbled.

Seth knows something is very wrong with Sarah because this is not her usual attitude she is more energetic, active, talkative. They make there way out to the ring.


"This next match is set for one fall introducing first from Battlecreek, Michigan Rob Van Dam.

And his opponent being accompanied by Sarah Ambrose he is Mr Money In The Bank Seth Rollins". Lillian said.

The match goes underway

(skips most of the match)

RVD is weak from the many attacks from Rollins, then Rollins mocks RVD. While RVD is down Seth puts him in a headlock, then he shoves RVD into the right turnbuckle then he sends a kick to the head to Rollins followed by 2 close lines and another kick to the head then RVD goes for the rolling thunder but misses and lands hard on his back. Seth then goes for a curb stomp but misses then RVD sends him another kick to the head and sets up for the five star frog splash but misses and hits the mat with full force and Seth then curb stomps him getting the win.

"The winner of this match Seth Rollins". Lillian said.

Seth then takes Sarah back to his locker room to figure out what's wrong with her.

"Sarah, sweetheart what's wrong? You know you can tell me anything". Seth said.

"Nothing". Sarah mumbled.

Seth sighed and knew she was either mad, angry, or annoyed so he took out his phone and texted Roman hoping he can figure out what's wrong with his niece.

-Come to my locker room ASAP! Something's wrong with Sarah. Seth

-On my way. Keep her with you this time. Roman.

Within 3 minutes Roman is knocking on Seth's locker room door and Seth lets out a sigh of relieve hoping Roman can figure out what's bugging their niece.

"Where is she?" Roman asked.

"On the couch watching smackdown, she is either pissed off, angry, upset, or annoyed. And i have no clue what's wrong with her". Seth said.

"Let me check on her". Roman said.

They make there way back to Sarah who is sitting on the couch with her head down and tears streaming down her face like a waterfall, she is also fuming mad and is ready to punch something or someone. She looks up to see Roman and Seth. The two men make their way over to their crying niece.

"Sarah, babygirl what's wrong?" Roman asked.

"Nothing". Sarah mumbled.

"You can tell us anything you know that right". Seth said.

"I know". Sarah mumbled.

"Then what's wrong". Roman asked.

"I WANT DEAN!" Sarah screamed.

She then once again storms out the room running as fast as she can before either man can stop her, they then run out behind her looking for her and search everywhere. Roman then asks his cousins The Usos if they had seen her and they hadn't. Seth is searching everywhere as well and asks a few superstars where she is and no one has seen her. He then meets up with Roman again to see if he had found her and he hadn't.

"If Dean finds out we lost her again he'll have both our heads". Roman said.

"No kidding man. Come on we have to keep looking". Seth said.


Sarah is out of breath from running so she sits on the floor with her back to the wall and her knees to her chest while she is crying in her arms. She then remembers her phone in her pocket and it's vibrating with Roman's name on the front she ignores the call, then after that it's Seth who calls her. She is crying so hard no one can confront her right now except Dean but he's still out to what Seth did. She and Dean hadn't been apart this long ever, but she knew that she couldn't take care of Dean so she didn't have a choice to stay with Seth and Roman. Her phone then goes off a few more times and its Roman calling along with Seth. Then coming down the hallway is Naomi, Jimmy's wife or her Aunt Naomi. Since she doesn't have a lot of female influence in her life she turns to some of the divas'.

"Sarah, sweetie what is it? What's wrong? Where are Roman or Seth?" Naomi asked her.

"I ran off, i'm just so angry". Sarah said.

"Honey why?" Naomi asked.

"I miss Dean, we haven't been apart this long maybe for one night but never this long. I want him back Aunt Naomi". Sarah cried.

"Oh sweetie it'll be alright". Naomi assured her niece.

Naomi pulled the girl to her chest and began rocking her while rubbing soothing circles on her back, after a few minutes Sarah cries stop and her breathing is calm so she takes this time to get her to Jimmy and Jey then they will tell Roman. She knocks on the door and Jimmy answers and has a confused look on his face on why she has Sarah.

"Hi babe. Why do you have Sarah?" Jimmy asked.

"She broke down after running away from Roman and Seth". Naomi replied.

"Hey guys. Why Sarah here? Is she okay?" Jey asked.

"Not really she had a huge break down from what she told me". Naomi replied.

"We should tell Roman or Seth". Jey said.

Jimmy gets his phone out to text Roman.

-Come to our locker room and make it quick. Jimmy.

-Be there in a few. Roman.

After the few minutes Roman knocks and he walks in and Jimmy, Jey, and Naomi look at him signing for him to come in, he then sees Sarah in Jimmy's arms after Naomi handed her to him.

"How'd you guys find her?" Roman asked.

"I found her, she had a bad break down". Naomi said.

"Let me have her Jimmy". Roman said.

Jimmy then hands him the young girl and she starts to stir but Roman calms her then she is back to sleep.

"How bad was her break down?" Roman asked.

"Bad. She said she was angry really angry". Naomi replied.

"She say why". Roman replied.

"She misses Dean, she says that they have never been apart this long and she wants him back". Naomi replied.

Roman let out a sigh, she was already beginning to crack without Dean. If he and Seth don't come up with a plan soon Sarah can completely shut down until Dean gets back or she will be like him and go lunatic crazy. And at her age she can and will cause lots of mayhem if she is angry just like Dean and that's not a good thing. Not good at all.

"Thanks guys for finding her and keeping her". Roman said.

"No problem". Jimmy said.

"Yea no big deal". Jey said.

"Your welcome". Naomi said.

Roman then leaves with a sleeping Sarah still and make there way back to Seth's locker room, he knocks and waits for Seth to answer. Seth opens the door and he is changed from his ring gear to his regular clothes and his two toned hair in a small bun he then lets out a huge sigh.

"You found her. Where was she?" Seth questioned.

"Naomi found her, apparently she had a bad break down and was very pissed off". Roman said.

"She say why?" Seth asked.

"She misses Dean, she has never been this far apart from Dean at all and she just exploded. If we don't do something soon she will either shut down completely until he gets back or go lunatic crazy like him". Roman said.

"This is all my fault i should have never done that and they should have never made her watch". Seth said.

"No kidding". Roman said.

"Look like i said i had to play it out if they knew about this or anything of what i'm doing i'd have hell to pay as will you, Dean and possibly Sarah. With the way she is now i can tell you i'm not turning on them in her mental state like this if i did who knows what would happen to either her or us". Seth said.

"You can't leave her with anyone?" Roman asked.

"No, they said since she is my responsibility she stays with me. Wherever i go she goes, if it's to an interview or match if she's not there then questions will be asked and until Dean gets back i'm not taking that chance because if that happens Dean will come back very very very pissed off". Seth said.

Roman then puts her down on the couch and the two men just sit and talk for a few more minutes.

"What are we gonna do about her? We can't have her shut down and we cannot have her go lunatic crazy because she will go crazy like Dean and that will not be very pretty". Seth said.

"Maybe we can let her call Dean every other day, skype, facetime. Anything as long as she can see or hear his voice that usually makes her feel better". Roman suggested.

"That might work". Seth said.

"I hope so. I have to go it's time for this 6 man tag team match so i'll come back after i changed then we'll figure something out". Roman said.

"Alright good luck man". Seth said.

"Thanks i'll see you later". Roman said.

Roman then walks out the room, Seth is on his phone then Sarah wakes up a few minutes later looking around wondering how she got back in Seth's locker room. Seth then looks over to see Sarah is awake and he moves over to her.

"Hey sweetheart you okay now?" Seth asked.

"Yea, how did i get here the last thing i remember was Aunt Naomi was sitting with me". Sarah said.

"I know she then brought you back to Jimmy and Jey's locker room and Roman went to get you". Seth said.

"Oh". Sarah said.

"Then we figured out why you're so angry. It's alright to miss your brother you know". Seth said.

Sarah look at him with wide eyes and a few tears in her eyes, Seth then notices this and pulls her close to his side. She then throws her arms around his side and buries her head in his side while crying and he is rubbing her back while saying soothing words to her trying to calm her.

"Shhh it's alright sweetheart it's alright. It's okay princess it's okay. Let it out just let it all out. It's alright now i'm here, i'm here babygirl". Seth said.

Sarah then cries harder staining Seth's shirt with tears, her cries then turns to hiccups.

"Feel better?" Seth asked.

"No". Sarah asked.

Smackdown is over the final match was the 6 man tag team match, the final part of that match was big show KO'd Luke harper, Mark Henry performed a world's strongest slam to Eric Rowan and Roman speared Bray Wyatt getting the win for his team.

Roman is now showered and changed so he grabs his gym bag and tossed it over his shoulder and made his way to Seth's locker room to figure out what to do about Sarah. He makes it there and he walks in with Sarah curled up against Seth and Seth trying to calm her. An idea just popped into his head, he heads out for a second to the hall way to make a phone call.

-Hello. Dean said.

-Hey man. We may have a slight problem with babygirl. Roman said.

-What's wrong with my sister Roman? Dean asked in a serious voice.

-She misses you like big time misses you. She ran out of Seth's locker room a couple times and it wasn't pretty man. Roman said.

-Damn it i knew this would happen. Where is she now? Dean asked.

-With Seth in his locker room. Roman said.

-Bring her the phone but don't say who it is. Dean said.

-Alright, give me a couple minutes. Roman said.

Roman then makes his way back in the locker room and gives Seth a look that says get Sarah. Seth taps Sarah shoulders, she looks at Roman.

"Someone's on the phone for you princess". Roman said.

"Who? I don't feel like talking to anyone". Sarah said.

"See who it is for yourself i'm sure you'll change your mind". Roman said.

Sarah looks at Seth confused and he nods knowing who Roman is talking about she then gets up and makes her way over to Roman and he hands her his phone.

-Hello. Sarah said.

-Hi princess. Dean said.

-Dean? Is that you? Sarah asked with her voice cracked.

-It's me princess. Dean said.

-I miss you Dean, when are you coming back? Sarah asked.

-Soon princess not now but i'll be back i promise. Dean said.

-How soon? Sarah asked.

-I don't know yet but i will be back soon. You have my word. Dean said.

-Dean, i miss you. I want you to come back, we never been this far apart like this and it stinks not seeing you. Sarah said.

-I miss you to princess, but i'll be back before you know it. Dean said.

-I love you Deanie. Sarah said.

Dean chuckled in the phone, he hadn't heard that nickname since she was 3.

-I love you too princess. It's time for you to go to sleep now. Good night princess i love you. Dean said.

-Good night Deanie and i love you too. Sarah said.

She then gives Roman his phone back and makes her way to Seth, he picks her up knowing she's about to go to sleep from her second round of crying. As soon as her head lays on his shoulder she closes her eyes.

-Alright she'll be out for the night man. Roman said.

-Alright, look if she needs me at all just have her call me i'll talk to her. Dean said.

-Got it. Were heading out so i'll talk to you later man. Bye. Roman said.

-Bye. Dean said.

The two men along with Sarah make there way out the arena and is being watched again by Kane.

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