Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 33

Monday Night Raw

They start the show off with Chris Jericho's highlight reel with Randy Orton but then The Authority except Stephanie comes out, Sarah is by Seth's side with Seth holding one of her wrist while Triple H, Kane, and Randy Orton just stand around. Then when Triple H brought up the WWE World Heavyweight Championship John Cena comes out and says if Hunter doesn't give him the rematch he will sue Triple H, then a few moments later Roman Reigns comes through the audience and Sarah gets happy knowing that nothing will happen to her if Roman is around. The Authority sees this and Randy whispers something to her.

"Don't get too happy pest". Randy whispered.

She then stomps on his foot and kicks him, she gets out of Seth's hold and then kicks Seth, Kane then picks her up and she fights him off and she hits him with a full on headbutt to the chin then Triple H picks her up she does the same thing to him then as Roman gets in the ring he, John, and Chris all get in a protective stand in front of her as she made her way over to them.

"If there's a discussion about the WWE World Heavyweight Championship then Roman Reigns name should be in that conversation. By the way that was a hell of a way to get your asses kicked by a 10 year old". Roman said.

"Everyone in this ring thinks they are championship material so we will see tonight, i will be watching from over there". Triple H said.

With that the main event is set it is a 6 man tag team match, it will be Randy Orton, Kane, and Seth Rollins vs John Cena, Chris Jericho, and Roman Reigns. Sarah then looks at Roman his eyes tell her she has to go back with Seth but she hesitates then goes because she doesn't want the authority to suspect anything but they still do. Sarah then makes her way back to Seth and he grabs her wrist but not to hard then everyone makes their way backstage to prepare for the 6 man tag team match later that night. Seth takes Sarah to his locker room so he can change, she sits and watches Raw while he changes out of his suit into his ring gear. As soon as he finishes she says something.

"I'm sorry Uncle Seth for kicking you that hard i had to play it out". Sarah said.

"It's alright sweetheart but what you did to Randy, Kane, and Triple H was priceless". Seth said.

They then laugh and he hears a knock at his door and scrunches his eyebrow and Sarah looks confused and is a bit scared.

"Who is it?" Seth said.

"Randy and Kane". Randy said.

Seth then panics as well as Sarah does. Why were they there? They weren't suppose to meet till later before the match.

"Hang on a sec. Sarah i don't know why they're here so we have to play out that we hate each other, so i'm not your Uncle Seth i'm just either Seth or the two toned idiot to you". Seth said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

"Coming". Seth called.

Seth then opens the door to see Randy and Kane and he feels his heart race increases. He let's them in and they make there way inside and Seth shuts the door.

"So what's up guys?" Seth asked.

"Are you turning against us?" Kane asked.

"W-what? Why would you think that?" Seth replied.

"You were seen with the little pest a few times coming out of Roman's locker room. Care to explain". Randy said.

"Look with Ambrose not here he left custody of her to me and Roman, all he did was ask to see her. He has rights to see her too". Seth said.

"You think were buying that? Were not stupid Rollins". Randy said.

"Look before i even turned on them losers he left custody of his sister to me and Roman all he did was ask me to see her that's all. I stayed there as long as she wanted too then we left". Seth said.

"You talk to him?" Kane asked.

"I gave him updates on her that's it. I would never turn on the authority". Seth said.

"Alright just don't ever let me or anyone from the authority find out your turning against us because if you do you won't like the results. Kane said looking at Sarah for the last part.

We'll see you later for the match and bring the pest i wanna see her face when we smash Reigns face in". Randy said.

Sarah mumbled something to herself but loud enough to be heard.

"What was that you little pest?" Randy asked Sarah.

"None of your business Orton you're not my brother so i don't have to explain nothing to you". Sarah said.

Sarah then gets up to leave the room because she's getting too angry and she did not want to be around people and Seth knew it, right when she was about to walk out Randy grabbed her wrist hard and yanked her back. With Seth watching and couldn't do anything he watched as Randy hurt his niece.

"Look you little pest i don't care who you are and i could care less who your brother is but now that you're with the authority i suggest you talk to all of us with some respect or you will not like it. Understand me". Randy said.

Sarah remained quiet but ready to attack Randy.

"I said do you understand me". Randy said.

"Bite me". Sarah said.

She then gave a kick to Randy's shin and ran from the room leaving Seth there sighing, Randy sore and Kane helping Randy up.

"Guys look she won't listen if y'all keep doing that i'm lucky if she even listens to me. She's just going through a difficult time with Ambrose not being here she's use to listening to him nobody else". Seth said.

"Well she better figure it out and fast before she gets punished again". Kane said.

"Alright". Seth said.

Randy and Kane then leave after a few minutes then Seth pulls his phone out to text Roman.

-We have a problem. Seth.

-What happened?. Roman.

-Get to my locker room quick and i'll explain. Seth.

-Be there soon. Roman.

After 3 minutes Roman gets to Seth's locker room and sees Seth but not Sarah which sets him off.

"Seth where'd she go this time?" Roman asked annoyed.

"I don't know after Randy told her to talk to the authority with more respect she kicked him and ran off". Seth said.

"Damn it. Where should we start looking?" Roman asked.

"Everywhere". Seth said.


Sarah is out of breath from running so she stops to take a few deep breaths, she has her breath back and she realises she is at the divas' locker room and she wants to talk to someone who isn't Roman, Seth, or anybody else so she goes in and sees AJ, Brie, and Naomi. Naomi sees and she gets AJ's and Brie's attention and they all look over to see Sarah, they know Sarah very well because the divas' often sometimes watched her for Dean when he couldn't get anyone else.

"Hey sweetheart". Brie said.

"Hi guys". Sarah said.

"What's wrong honey". AJ asked.

"Randy is what's wrong, so is everyone who is with the authority it's because of them Dean is out". Sarah said.

These girls know Sarah is one tough cookie because of Dean but at times she will crack if got too angry or upset to the point she cries. They didn't like it when she cried because if Dean was dangerous when it came to his sister the girls' were much more dangerous.

"Sweetie he'll be back just give it some more time". Brie said.

"I know it just sucks without him". Sarah said.

AJ had an idea on how to make her feel a bit better give her just a small makeover, just a small one since she is only 10.

"I have an idea, how about if we give you just a little makeover nothing big since you're still too young". AJ suggested.

"Okay i'd like that. Thanks AJ". Sarah said.

Brie got to work on her hair, AJ added just a little bit of lip gloss, a little bit of eyeshadow, and just a bit of blush, Naomi picked out a cute little outfit since Sarah spent a lot of time with her. by the time the three women were finished with Sarah she was in a cute red top with a black skirt that came to her knees her red converse shoes, her hair was in a french braid, and she had on just a little bit of makeup to match her outfit not a lot but she still look beautiful. She looked like Dean's identical twin but in a girl way also a lot smaller and younger. Naomi sees the time and Sarah has to go back to either Roman or Seth because if Dean found out he'd go nuts.

"Alright sweetie it's time for you to go back". Naomi said.

"She's right but if you want we can do it again". Brie said.

"Yea we love spending time with you". AJ said.

"Alright i'll see you guys later. Bye i did have fun though". Sarah said.

Sarah then hugged AJ and Brie and Naomi walked her to Roman's locker room. She knocked on the door because she didn't know if he'd be changing or not, he opened up with a smile on his face to his cousin.

"Hey Naomi. What's up". Roman said.

"You guys lose something". Naomi said.

Roman let out a sigh knowing what she is talking about.

"Where is she?" Roman asked.

Naomi stepped aside to reveal Sarah and she jumps up and Roman catches her immediately.

"Baby girl you look very pretty". Roman said.

"Thanks Uncle Roman". Sarah said.

"Thanks Naomi for keeping her and giving her this little makeover. She's been in a pretty bad mood lately and this probably helped her". Roman said.

"It's no problem". Naomi said.

"Bye Aunt Naomi". Sarah said.

"Bye sweetheart". Naomi said.

She then kissed Sarah's head and made her way to Jimmy, while Roman brought Sarah inside for a small talk.

"Sarah, what have we told you about just wandering off by yourself?" Roman asked.

"That if i go anywhere to tell you or Uncle Seth first". Sarah said.

"Right, i understand that you're having a bit of a hard time now but you can't keep wandering off like that. If you do and someone from the authority finds you trust me when i say this you won't like what they do and neither will me or Seth. Plus you can't keep running away, me and Seth know it's hard for you with Dean not being here and if you want to talk to him just ask. You can facetime, skype, or just call him". Roman said.

"I just thought with you and Uncle Seth always busy i can't call him". Sarah said.

"You can always call him when your with one of us or call him with your phone. Just because he isn't here doesn't change anything he will always love you no matter if you call him day or night". Roman said.

"We should go back to Uncle Seth it's almost time for your guys match". Sarah said.

"Your right". Roman said.

They make there way back to the locker room and Seth comes out knowing it's time for the match, when he sees Roman he has a smile on his face hoping he found Sarah.

"Tell me you found her". Seth said.

He stepped aside revealing there young niece and Seth let out a huge sigh of relieve and he scooped up the young girl and held her close. He then sets her down.

"Um why she wearing makeup?" Seth asked.

"She went to a few of the divas and gave her a small makeover to makeover to make her feel better". Roman said.

"Did you talk to her about running off?" Seth asked.

"Yea, dude she's having a bad time right now so she's acting out". Roman said.

"Gotcha ya". Seth said.

Roman then bid his farewell because he has to go get ready for the match. Seth starts to head out but is stopped by Stephanie and Triple H.

"Seth, before you go out we need Sarah". Triple H said.

Sarah's eyes widen in shock, Seth then glances a look meaning they'll talk later.

"Could i ask why". Seth asked.

"Well since it's a 6 man tag team match and you can't keep your eye on her we'll do it, also so she can't or won't get hurt". Stephanie said.

"Alright, Sarah go with Hunter and Steph they'll watch you during the match". Seth said.

"No, i'd rather fall off a cliff then be with either of them two". Sarah said.

"Sarah". Seth warned.

"I'm not going, none of you can or will tell me what to do because none of you are my brother". Sarah said.

"Look here you little pint size brat"-Triple H said being cut off.

"Dude unless you don't wanna get punched i suggest you back off of me". Sarah said.

"How many times have i told you to talk to us with respect missy". Stephanie said.

And how many times i said for you to SHUT UP, you sorry excuse for a barbie doll. How about y'all both do everyone a favor and go fall off a cliff somewhere that way you won't be running WWE into the ground. Stephanie you're nothing but a wanna business woman, Triple H you just suck". Sarah said.

Seth bit on his bottom lip hard trying not to laugh like hell because it's all true but then he cleared his throat.

"Sarah that is enough". Seth warned again.

"Seth you really aren't gonna tell me what to do it is YOUR fault that my brother isn't here right now". Sarah said.

Sarah feels the anger rising in her chest and the hot tears in her eyes she blinks them, she then tries to go back to Seth's locker room because she is so angry and she hates to cry in front of people she is then stopped by Hunter who grabs her arm.

"Listen here brat i don't think you realise who your talking to here, you're talking to the future of the WWE Mr Money In The Bank Seth Rollins, one of the principal owners my beautiful wife Stephanie and the COO of WWE me". Hunter said.

"I know exactly who i'm talking to, i'm talking to a corporate sellout, a sorry excuse for a barbie doll as a business woman and you must be drunk or something because she is far from beautiful, and you well like i said you just suck. And if you don't let me go in the next 3 seconds i'm going to punch you. Hard". Sarah said.

"I'd like to see you try". Hunter challenged.

With that Sarah turns around and punches Hunter square in the face to his jaw, Seth and Stephanie stands there in complete utter shock. Stephanie tries to make a move to Sarah but backs off when she sees the anger built up in Sarah's eyes, Seth sees this and he grabs her only to be elbowed in the chest then punched in the jaw and after that Sarah speeds off to Seth's locker room to be by herself. She gets to Seth's locker room screaming, crying, etc. She knows of one thing to do: call Dean. She takes her phone out scrolls to his name and dials his number.

-Hello. Dean said.

-Deanie. Sarah cried.

-Woah what's wrong princess. Dean asked panicked.

-I miss you Dean, i want you to come back. Sarah cried.

-I know you do princess, i know you do. How are you holding up? Dean asked.

-Not good. I ran off since the authority got me mad, then i really really told off Stephanie and Triple H. I wasn't gonna go with them. Sarah said.

-Go with them where? Dean asked.

-To ringside for the 6 man tag team match with John, Chris, and Uncle Roman vs Randy, Kane, and Uncle Seth. They said they were gonna watch me and make sure i don't get hurt. Sarah said.

-You really know when to trust people don't ya kid. Dean said letting out a chuckle.

-I don't trust the authority i never did and i never will after what they did to you. Sarah said.

-Believe me i never did either they only used us for protection. Dean said.

-So you don't really know when you're coming back Deanie? Sarah asked.

-If i knew i'd tell you babygirl. Dean said.

Sarah then lets out a sob, Dean hated it when his sister cried.

-Hey don't cry princess, i'll be back before you know it. You have my word. Dean said.

-I love you Dean. Sarah said.

-I love you too princess. Dean said.

Sarah stifles a yawn and rubbed her eyes.

-Princess go to sleep i'll talk to you later okay. Dean said.

Alright. Good night big brother love you. Sarah said.

-Good night princess i love you too. Dean said.

Sarah hung up her phone and got out of her bag Dean's old shirt and sweater, she changes into his shirt and covers up with his sweater and fell into a peaceful sleep.


Half the match has gone by, by this time the two legal men are Randy and Roman. Randy has Roman cornered but Roman fights out of it after a few moments Roman is in control of Randy then he knocks Kane off then pulls Seth over the rope and begins his attack on him. Then Randy breaks that up and Roman goes on a full force attack on Randy then turns his attention back to Seth, Seth gets out the ring very fast to avoid the attack Roman was about to give him. Kane is now the legal man along with Roman, Kane hits Roman with a few attacks then tags in Randy. After a few more minutes of Roman and Randy attacking each other Randy tags in Seth, Seth has Roman in a headlock and Roman gets out of it. After a few more attacks from Seth he tags in Randy, then the two men are so weak they have to make tags. Randy tags in Seth, Roman tags in Jericho, after a few tries Chris has the walls of Jericho locked in on Seth hoping to make him tap then Randy breaks it up then he gets superman punched by Roman then Kane chokeslammed Roman, then John does an AA on Kane then he tags in Roman to let him spear Kane he does getting the win for his team.

"The winners of this match John Cena, Chris Jericho, and Roman Reigns". The announcer said.

Then after the match John picks up Seth and performs an AA on Seth in front of Stephanie and Triple H to show he is ready for Brock Lesnar at night of champions.

After Seth is showered and changed he has to go back to his locker room to get his and Sarah's stuff for the night then get her and bring her back to the hotel. He makes his way into his locker room and the sight swells at his heart, his young niece is curled up on the couch with Dean's sweater on the floor after falling and her hair is shielding her face. He makes his way to get his gym bag and Sarah's back pack, then he picks up Sarah who stirs in his arms then talks.

"I'm sorry Uncle Seth. I'm sorry". Sarah mumbled.

"Shhh sweetheart just go to sleep, go back to sleep. Uncle Seth is here don't worry". Seth said.

"I love you Uncle Seth". Sarah mumbled.

"I love you too sweetheart, i love you too". Seth said.

They then leave the arena back to the hotel.

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