Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 34

Monday Night Raw

They start the show off with the steel cage match with Chris Jericho vs Bray Wyatt.

(skips a bit further)

Kane, Seth, and Sarah are in the authority's office and Sarah is sitting on the couch on her phone ignoring Kane and Seth.

"What a way to kick off Raw, what a way to kick off the new season of Raw". Kane said.

"That cage match was brutal". Seth said.

Triple H then walks in and Sarah mumbles something.

"Oh my god, what now?" Sarah mumbled.

Triple H then greets Seth and Kane.

"Kane that was a hell of a way to start off Raw, this is the season premiere of Raw which mean we. No one will forget". Triple H said.

"I was just wondering if we want the season premiere to be unforgettable and i look around this room and only see one man, it isn't the corporate suit, it sure isn't the corporate sellout, it's me. Now with your permission i wanna get rid of Roman Reigns almost the way Seth got rid of Dean Ambrose just to settle the score". Randy said.

After hearing her brother's name she's wondering what to do and she attacks Randy. She kicks him quite hard in the groin causing him to fall then she repeatedly kicks him in his ribcage, she then starts to punch him in his head. Seth then pulls Sarah off of Randy only to get elbowed in his chest quite harder, Kane then tries to stop the attack but she sends him a headbutt then Triple H tries but she headbutts him. She then runs out the room to Seth's locker room. They all then get up after being attacked.

"Randy you have my permission". Triple H said.

"You won't regret it". Randy said.

"Seth we need to talk". Triple H said.

"What's up?" Seth said rubbing his chest.

"I thought i told you to make sure she works for the authority not mouth off and attack us". Triple H said.

"I told her but she still refuses to listen, she won't listen to us she'll only listen to her loser brother or Roman". Seth said.

"Well she'll listen one way or another". Triple H said.

Seth then leaves the room to go talk to Sarah in his locker room, he finally reaches his locker room and when he opens the door he sees Sarah who is crazy mad and crying. He makes his way over to her to try and confront her at first she refuses but then she throws her arms around his neck burying her face in his shirt sobbing hard Seth then rubs her back and strokes her hair.

"Shhh sweetheart shhh it's alright princess it's alright. It's okay baby girl it's okay. Shhh baby shhh it's alright. It's alright". Seth said.

"I WANT DEAN!" Sarah cried.

"I know baby girl i know". Seth said.

"I WANT DEAN! DEAN! DEAN! DEAN! DEAN! Dean. Dean Dean Dean". Sarah cried.

Sarah then cried herself to sleep leaving Seth there sighing trying to figure out what to do now. He then pulls his cell phone out to text Roman.

-We have a problem come to my locker room. Seth.

-What's wrong? Roman.

-Just come and i'll explain. Seth.

-On my way. Roman.

Seth is sitting on the couch rubbing Sarah's back then strokes her hair in a soothing way to keep her calm, he then hears a knock on the door he gets up to let Roman in and they begin to talk.

"What's wrong?" Roman asked.

"She had another break down if we don't do something soon she will completely shut down until Dean gets back". Seth said.

"Did anybody mention his name around her?" Roman asked.

Seth remained quiet and Roman caught on, someone did mention Dean's name around her which made her go off.

"Who mentioned his name?" Roman asked.

"Randy". Seth said.

Roman then tries to remain quiet so he does not wake Sarah up, but due to all the loud she woke up. She saw through her sleepy eyes Roman and she ran her way over to him and he picked her up.

"Hey baby girl. How are you?" Roman said.

"I miss Dean". Sarah said sadly.

"I know baby girl i know. He'll be back soon though". Roman said.

"It sucks without him. I didn't think he be gone this long". Sarah said.

They both see she is still too angry and needs to blow off some steam or she will have another bad meltdown.

"Sarah go get a change of clothes and i'll take you to the gym to blow off some steam". Seth said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

With that Sarah went in her backpack and got out a black tank top, basketball short, her red and black nikes, and her now fully charged cell phone and headphones. She goes in Seth's bathroom and she changes and comes out, Roman then tells them that he will see them later. Seth then takes Sarah to the gym to blow some steam off, they arrive there and he helps her put on the boxing gloves with the helmet then he lets her go to the punching bag to release her anger. She begins to punch the bag and she is a pro when it comes to fighting and Seth notices this and figures out Dean has been showing her how to fight. After a while she is still punching and then Randy comes in and Seth goes to him.

"So you and Kane are gonna come when i give the signal?" Randy asked.

"Yea we will". Seth said.

"Bring the pest i want her to watch this". Randy said.

"Let's leave her behind this time i already made her watch as i decimated her brother". Seth said.

"If i don't know i think you're trying to protect her like you use to do". Randy accused.

"I'm not alright". Seth said.

"You show her how to fight? She looks like a pro". Randy said.

"Her brother did, he wanted her to grow up learning it so she can defend herself. Why what's it to you?" Seth replied back.

"Maybe we can use her for something". Randy suggested.

"Wait what? She's 10 dude, she can't compete. Plus she is still too young". Seth said.

"She wasn't young when she beat you, she wasn't young when she competed at summerslam, so she isn't too young". Randy said.

"Well since she is my responsibility i say she isn't going to fight because if she gets hurt Ambrose will not only kick my ass but your ass as well and knowing him he will do it". Seth said.

"Yea whatever". Randy said.

With that Randy left and Seth turned his attention back to Sarah who just finished hitting the punching bag and is now drinking some water and cooling off.

"Feel better now that you let some steam off?" Seth asked.

"Much better. So uh what did the loser Randy want this time?" Sarah asked.

"He wanted to let me know that me and Kane are helping him dominate Roman tonight". Seth said.

"WHAT?! Y-you're not gonna do it are you?" Sarah asked.

"I don't have a choice princess, if i don't they will think i'm protecting Roman". Seth said.

"There something else you're not telling me". Sarah said.

Seth knew she was a smart girl especially since she is homeschooled .

"Randy wants you to come to ringside and watch as we attack Roman". Seth explained.

Sarah feels more anger building up inside her so she makes her way over back to the punching bag.

(skips a couple of hours)

Sarah finished another few rounds of punching the punching bag, she is tired, weak, and worn out. Seth then tells her it's time to go because it's time for Roman's match and they have to be ready. They go back to Seth's locker room and Sarah cleans up and changes out of the clothes she was wearing and puts on one of Dean's old shirts to make her feel better, a skirt that came to her knees, black leggings, and her black nikes, she is sitting down watching the match and Seth is about to go out.

"Come on princess let's go". Seth said.

"No, i'm not going". Sarah said.

"Sarah we've been through this you have to". Seth said.

"I don't feel good so i think i'll stay". Sarah said.

Seth makes his way over to her and takes off a glove to feel her forehead.

"You don't feel warm so what's wrong?" Seth asked.

"My stomach". Sarah said.

"Look i know what you're trying to do and it's not gonna work so let's just go and get this over with". Seth said.

"I. Don't. Want. To". Sarah said.

"Sarah enough now let's go". Seth said.

"Don't expect me to help you guys". Sarah said.


Roman and Randy are both down then Randy signs for Kane and Seth to come out to help him decimate Roman. They all then come out then a few other people come out to fix the ring then Seth runs to the rings while the cage continues to fall Roman then hits him with a close line over the rope while Kane and Randy start the attack while the cage sets down on top of the ring and as Seth makes his way to the side Sarah stops him.

"Don't do it please Uncle Seth please don't run now". Sarah whispered.

Seth ignores her and she sees he will never change like he said he would, he climbs to the top and hits Roman with a cross body attack. Roman then hits Randy with a spear then Kane hits him with a chokeslam then they start to hit him repeatedly with the steel chair then when Roman is down Seth does a curb stomp on him, Sarah is outside the ring and looks in shock as she just saw Seth curve stomp Roman on a steel chair. Sarah then runs back to Seth's locker room while tears stream down her face, Seth then starts to get his breath back then looks around the ring to see Sarah and he doesn't see her and he begins to panic wondering where she went.


Sarah finally makes it to Seth's locker room and she grabs her backpack and her other stuff from the room she then looks around to see if anybody is watching no one is around so she makes her way to Roman's locker room and waits on him. Seth then goes back to his locker room to check on Sarah hopefully she is there and will talk he opens the door and she isn't there along with her stuff. Seth then panics more if Dean found out that his sister ran away Dean will have Seth's head on a silver platter and if she got hurt when she ran away he will put Seth through hell and back. Seth wonders where a 10 year old would run away to. A few ideas then come to mind he would check with Roman's cousins The Usos, the divas', then Roman's locker room. He checks with The Usos first and they haven't seen her, he then asked all the divas' if they had seen her and they hadn't seen her either, the only other place is Roman's locker room. He finally makes his way there he goes to open the door but can't since it's locked so he tries to talk to her through the door.

"Sarah open up i know you're in there". Seth said.

"Go away!" Sarah screamed.

"I'm not going anywhere till you open this door now open this door young lady". Seth said strict.

Sarah then storms to the door and opens it with tears down her face and her blue eyes are now bloodshot red from crying.

"I have NOTHING to say to you anymore Seth". Sarah said.

Seth then walks in the room and tries to talk to her.

"Look i had to play it out". Seth said.

"I've been hearing that for weeks now Seth and it's gone no where at this point i don't care if you turn on the authority anymore, It's your fault that Dean isn't here and now it's your fault that Roman is hurt. I can't take that excuse anymore that you had to play it out. At this point i can't trust you anymore you give excuse after excuse, you force me to watch as you decimate my brother my own flesh and blood the only family i really have, then you force me to watch as you decimate my uncle then curve stomp him on a steel chair. I can't take it anymore Seth either you let Roman win a match or i'll just start to travel with him until Dean gets back because at this point i'm done with the authority and i'm done with you, you are no longer my uncle. Then what really bugs me is that whenever someone from the authority slaps or smacks me you don't do anything about it so i'm done. I'm done with you and the authority so do me a favor and just give me to Roman because if you don't i'll just always go back to him after every show till Dean gets back". Sarah said.

Seth sat there in utter complete shock, he never knew she felt that way before and now he did.

"I never knew you felt that way before". Seth said.

"You never asked". Sarah said.

"So where does this leave us?" Seth asked.

"For now i can't trust you, i don't know when i'll be able to trust you again but for now we'll just be enemies. Then one day hopefully i'll call you my uncle again". Sarah said.

"Alright". Seth said.

"I'll also be with Roman for now on". Sarah said.

"Alright". Seth said.

Roman then enters the room wondering why Seth and Sarah are there.

"Um not that i don't mind you guys being here but what are you doing here?" Roman asked.

"After what he did to you Uncle Roman i took all my stuff and ran here then he came and we were just talking". Sarah explained.

"Talking about what?" Roman asked.

"Sarah doesn't trust me anymore, she said that she's done with me and the authority. Also she wants me to give her to you". Seth said.

Roman took a deep breath and let out a sigh.

"Baby girl can you step outside for a second". Roman said to Sarah.

"Sure". Sarah said.

Sarah steps out the room and Roman looks at Seth and begins to talk.

"So explain to me why she doesn't trust you". Roman said.

"She basically said i keep giving excuse after excuse every week for what we do to you. She said it was my fault that Dean's not here and that you got hurt tonight by us, she said at this point she can't trust me and she's done with me". Seth explained.

"I'm not really surprised". Roman said.

"What?" Seth asked.

"What do you expect me to say Seth, it's all true. It's because of you taking Dean out that's when she lost all respect, trust, everything from you. And you do give excuses a lot". Roman said.

"Alright i see why but when will she trust me again?" Seth asked.

"I don't know that part is up to her not me". Roman said.

"Your right. Will you ever trust me again?" Seth asked.

"We'll see what happens. What else did Sarah say she seemed pretty pissed". Roman asked.

"I think she still upset about Dean". Seth said.

"I don't blame the kid i would too". Roman said.

Just then Sarah comes back in the room holding her stomach and this sends the two men into panic.

"Baby girl what's wrong?" Roman asked.

"My stomach hurts". Sarah said.

Seth then looks down knowing she wasn't lying.

"Seth did you know about this?" Roman asked.

"I thought she was lying from going to ringside". Seth said.

"Dammit Seth". Roman said.

Roman then feels her forehead and she is cool.

"You don't have a fever, i think you either got the stomach flu or food poisoning". Roman said.

"I think i'm gonna"-. Sarah said now puking.

Sarah now finished puking wipes her mouth with a towel Roman handed her, Seth then grabs her stuff while Roman picked her up knowing she wants to be held and she doesn't have the energy to walk. They then walk out and leave.

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