Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 35

Smack Down

They start off the show with an 8 man tag team match with Big Show, Mark Henry, and The Usos vs Luke Harper, Eric Rowan, Gold and Stardust

(skips a bit more)

Sarah is still sick with the stomach flu and Seth is with her while Roman is out getting her a few things. Seth hates to see his niece in so much pain the most he can do is sit back and watch.

"It hurts Uncle Seth". Sarah said sadly.

"I know princess i know". Seth said.

"When's Uncle Roman coming back?" Sarah asked.

"I don't know". Seth said.

Sarah then cries because of her pain Seth sees this and gently picks her up cradling the young girl to his chest rocking her back and forth stroking her hair. After a while Sarah falls asleep on Seth's chest and Seth lets out a sigh of relief but then Sarah shoots up and runs to the bathroom to empty the contents of her stomach Seth then chases after to hold her hair back with one hand then rubs her back with the other. Roman then enters the room with a couple bags of stuff for Sarah it's medicine, gatorade, soup, crackers, and a stuffed tiger, he then sets the stuff down to figure out where Sarah and Seth are. He hears noises from the bathroom and sees Sarah leaning over the toilet continuing to puke while Seth is rubbing her back, Seth then looks over to see Roman and lets out a sigh soon after that Sarah is finished throwing up. She rinses out her mouth then she sees Roman and makes a beeline for him.

"Uncle Roman!" Sarah yelled in excitement.

"Hey princess how you feeling?" Roman asked.

"I still feel like crap". Sarah said.

Roman and Seth let out a chuckle then Roman went to put Sarah down on the couch and covers her up with a blanket that Dean gave her when she was a baby. Sarah then falls into a peaceful sleep and cuddles with the blanket while Roman and Seth talk.

"I think we should tell Dean". Roman said.

"What? Why?" Seth asked.

"Seth he has a right to know, this is his sister. His only sister. If you were out and one of us watched your sister and she got sick wouldn't you wanna know if she's okay?" Roman said.

"Your right. So who's making the call, me or you?" Seth said.

"I'll do it". Roman said.

Roman pulls his cell phone out and scrolls to Dean's name and dials his phone and waits for him to answer.

-What's up Rome? Dean said answering his phone.

-Sarah sick. Roman said.

-What? Is she okay? Where is she? Dean asked in a panicked voice.

-Woah man she's alright it's just the stomach flu and she's asleep. Roman said.

-How long has she had this? Dean asked.

-Since Monday, she hasn't been able to hold down anything. She was able to hold down a little bit of soup and crackers with some gatorade we also got her some medicine to ease it a little but she's still in some pain. Roman explained.

-Damn it. Let me talk to her. Dean said.

-Alright. Roman said.

Roman made his way over to Sarah and he gently shook her after a couple minutes she started to stir awake.

"What's wrong Uncle Roman?" Sarah asked sleepy.

"Someone wants to talk to you on the phone baby girl". Roman said.

Sarah had a confused look on her face and took the phone from Roman.

-Hello. Sarah said.

-Hi princess. Dean said.

-Dean! Sarah said.

-How are you feeling kid? I heard your sick. Dean said.

-It hurts Deanie. It sucks and as much as i love Uncle Roman and Seth i wish you were here to take care of me. Sarah said.

-I wish i was there too baby girl. Dean said.

-You don't know how much longer you're gonna be out? Sarah asked.

-Nope. It should be soon though i don't know how soon but i'll be back soon. Dean said.

-I love you Deanie. Sarah said.

-I love you too princess, i love you very very much. Dean said.

Sarah then stifles a yawn and hands the phone back to Roman and goes back to the couch and cuddles under the blanket with the stuffed tiger close to her chest then falls back to sleep while Roman talks to Dean.

-Call me the second then gets bad. Dean said.

-You got it. Roman said.

-Is Seth around? Dean asked.

-He's right here. Roman said.

-Put him on. Dean said.

-Alright. Roman said.

Roman hands Seth the phone.

-What's up Dean? Seth said.

-Anybody hurt my sister Seth? Dean asked.

-No. Nobody laid a hand on her i swear. Seth said.

-Look i know i shouldn't be doing this but i have to. Dean said.

-What are you talking about man? Seth asked.

-Knowing the authority there going to put you in a match going one on one with Roman and if he wins...i want you to give Sarah back to him. Dean said.

-Are you sure that's a good idea Dean? They may not like it right now there still using her as leverage against both you guys.

-Look i'm just trying to do what's best for my sister that's all. I'll do anything for my sister. Dean said.

-I'll do it then for you and Sarah. Seth said.

-Thanks Seth. Dean said.

-No problem dude. Seth said.

-I'm guessing you guys have a match soon. Dean said.

-Yea and we have to have someone watch Sarah. Seth said.

-Alright i'll talk to you guys when i get back. Dean said.

-Alright man. Seth said.

-Bye. Dean said.

-See ya. Seth said.

Seth hung the phone up and gave it back to Roman.

"What Dean say?" Roman asked.

"He wants me to give Sarah back to you if you beat me in a one on one match he wants to do what's best for his sister and i agree". Seth said.

"When do you think they will put us in a match?" Roman asked.

"Probably Monday". Seth said.

"What will the others think when they find out she's coming back with me?" Roman asked.

"I don't know". Seth said.

"Well i'm gonna take her to my cousins hopefully they can watch her". Roman said.

"Right". Seth said.

Roman then picks Sarah up gently and she stirs but snuggles into Roman's chest right before Roman leaves Seth stops him, he kisses his niece's head and whispers something to her.

"I love you sweetheart". Seth whispered.

Roman then brought Sarah to The Usos locker room.

"Hey man what's up?" Jimmy asked.

"Could you guys watch Sarah? I'm in a match with Jericho against Seth and Randy and we need someone to watch her". Roman explained.

"Sure". Jey said.

Jimmy then took the sleeping child from Roman and then he gave Jey a bag of stuff for Sarah.

"So what's with the bag Rome?" Jimmy asked.

"She's got the stomach flu and that has some medicine, gatorade, some soup and crackers". Roman said.

"Alright we got the little shrimp". Jey said.

"Thanks guys i'll pick her up after i'm changed if i don't do it Seth will". Roman said.

"Alright man good luck". Jimmy said.

"Thanks". Roman said.

Roman then hesitates to leave knowing he doesn't want to leave Sarah especially when she is sick.

"She'll be fine man go and have your match". Jey said.

"Alright". Roman said.

Before he leaves he walks towards Jimmy who is still holding the sleeping child and Roman kisses her forehead then leaves the room to leave for the match.


"This is a tag team match set for one fall, introducing first the team of Chris Jericho and Roman Reigns.

And their opponents Randy Orton and Seth Rollins". Lillian said.

(skips most of the match)

Seth is outside the ring with Roman fighting while Randy has Jericho set up for a DDT from the second rope but he took too long and Jericho caught him in a sneak attack and pinned him getting the pin.

"The winners of this match Chris Jericho and Roman Reigns". Lillian said.

After everything is done and over with Roman and Seth are out of there ring gear and changed into their regular clothes and they make there way to The Usos locker to get Sarah and leave for the night, Roman knocks on the door and Jey answers to let them in.

"Hey guys". Jimmy said.

"She got sick?" Seth asked.

"Yeah a few times". Jey answered.

Sarah then comes out the bathroom and sees Roman and Seth she then makes a beeline for then crashing into one of Seth's and Roman's leg they then let out a laugh and Seth picks her up and she snuggles into his embrace.

"Thanks for watching her guys". Roman said.

"No problem". Jey said.

Sarah then falls asleep on Seth's shoulder, the four men made their farewells for the night after that Seth and Roman take Sarah back to the hotel to rest for the night.

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