Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 36

Monday night Raw

They start the show off with John Cena and Paul Heyman. Soon after that is over it is Chris Jericho vs Kane.

(skips most of it)

Sarah gets word that Roman will finally go one on one with Seth later that night.

"Uncle Seth?" Sarah asked.

"What's up princess?" Seth said.

"If Uncle Roman does win will i go back with him or stay with you? Sarah asked.

You will go back with him. I don't want you around the authority anymore". Seth said.

"But i'll still get to see you right". Sarah said.

"Yeah you still will see me. I promise". Seth said.

"Does that mean i can come to ringside tonight?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah you can come to ringside". Seth answered.

"I love you Uncle Seth". Sarah said hugging him.

"I love you too sweetheart". Seth said kissing her forehead.

"So how ya feelin? Still feel sick?" Seth asked.

"Not really". Sarah answered.

"That's good". Seth said.

Someone then knocks on the door and Seth opens it and sees Roman there.

"Hey man". Seth said.

"What's up? So where's my favorite niece at?" Roman asked.

"Uncle Roman! Plus i'm your only niece". Sarah said.

"But you're still my favorite". Roman said.

"So i'm really gonna come back with you tonight instead of with Uncle Seth?" Sarah asked.

"Yes, i don't care what the authority has to say about i'm gonna do what's right here and that is to give you back to Roman whether they like it or not". Seth said seriously.

"You're seriously gonna turn on the authority?" Roman asked.

"Damn straight i am. When i turned on you guys that was the biggest mistake of my life and i wish i could take it all back but i can't". Seth said.

"What if they take me again?" Sarah asked.

"We won't let that happen baby girl because they got to go through us first and that will never happen". Roman said.

"Roman's right princess they have to go through us first and i don't think they would want to". Seth said.

"I love you guys". Sarah said hugging the two men.

"We love you too baby girl". Roman said.

They then kiss her forehead each.

"So what are we gonna do till the match?" Sarah said.

"We could always play a video game on the playstation". Roman suggested.

"Cool". Sarah said.

"Let's do it". Seth said.

(skips an hour)

Sarah is crushing Seth in the WWE 2K14 video game she is playing as her brother while Seth is playing as himself, Sarah then won the game and she is excited and happy.

"Good game Uncle Seth". Sarah said.

"You're a good player kid how'd you get so good?" Seth replied.

"Practice". Sarah said.

Seth then surprises her when he grabs her then starts to tickle her and she is laughing so hard she is crying.

"Uncle Seth i give i give". Sarah said laughing.

"Who's your favorite uncle?" Seth asked.

"Uncle Roman". Sarah said laughing still.

"Wrong answer princess". Seth said.

"Alright alright you're my favorite uncle". Sarah said.

"That's what i thought". Seth said.

Seth then hugs Sarah and she crawls in his lap and lays her head on his chest and wraps her arms around him and Seth notices something is wrong with her and he is determined.

"Sweetheart what's wrong?" Seth asked.

"I'm scared". Sarah said.

"Why? I'm here so is Roman. What do you have to be scared of?" Seth asked.

"The authority, what if when you turn on them they do something to get back at you?" Sarah said.

"Get me how?" Seth asked.

"Me. Everyone knows from before that i was all of your weaknesses, what if they do it again and come after me?" Sarah said scared.

"They won't get you i promise because they have to go through me, Roman, and especially your brother to get to you. Plus we'll always leave you with someone we trust. I promise i will not let nothing happen to you at all". Seth said.

"I want Dean here, he usually helps me from being scared". Sarah said.

"You wanna skype him?" Seth asked.

"Can we?" Sarah asked excited.

"Sure go get my laptop and be careful". Seth said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

Sarah grabs Seth's laptop out of his gym bag and she makes his way over to him then gives it to him so he can sign it on and pull skype up so she can talk to Dean. Seth then pulls skype up and calls Dean with it and he answers.

-What's up Seth? Dean said.

-Nothing much. Someone wants to talk to you though. Seth said.

-Who? Dean asked.

-You have a secret admirer here. Seth said joking.

-Well put her on. Dean said.

Seth then gives the laptop to Sarah.

-Hi Dean. Sarah said.

-Hi princess. Dean said.

-How are feeling Dean? Sarah asked.

-I'm fine princess in fact i'll be back very soon. Dean said.

-How soon? Sarah asked.

-You just have to wait and find out princess. Dean said.

-You're no fun sometimes. Sarah said.

-But i'm your favorite brother. Dean said.

-You're my only brother. Sarah said.

Dean then sees something wrong with his sister and asks why.

-Princess what's wrong? Dean asked.

-I'm scared. Sarah said.

-Why are you scared? Is it because i'm not there to protect you? Dean replied.

-That and when Uncle Seth turns on the authority i'm scared that they're gonna take me as leverage to get back at him for turning. Sarah said.

Dean let out a huge sigh.

-Deanie i'm scared and i want my big brother back. Sarah said scared.

-I know you want me back more than ever princess i know but i'm gonna be out for a few more days but i'll be back soon. Plus if the authority wants you they got to go through me, Roman, and Seth, i don't think they would want to do that and if they do they'll all go down like a ton of brick. Dean said.

-I love you Deanie. Sarah said.

-I love you too princess. Dean said.

Sarah then blew her brother a kiss and he caught it and put it in his pocket and he did the same.

-Sarah let me talk to Seth please. Dean said.

-Ok bye Dean i love you.

-Bye princess i love you too. Dean said.

Sarah then leaves the room so Seth and Dean can talk.

-What's up man? Seth asked.

-I wanna know one thing. Has anybody hurt my sister at all other than Kane? Dean asked.

-Not physically but mentally she is broken and if we don't do something she could have another break down and the ones she has had were bad. I thought you screamed loud she's louder. Whenever someone mentioned your name she'd lose it. Seth explained.

-Lose it how? Dean asked.

-She'd just attack whoever did it and whoever tried to stop her then she run and cry, scream, you name it. Seth said.

Dean cursed under his breath and took a deep breath so he can remain calm.

-Look after your match tonight give her back to Roman because Seth so help me if she gets hurt again i will kick all your asses and i'll start with you first. Dean said.

-Alright i got it, why you gotta be so damn protective? Seth asked.

-She's my little sister Seth i have to protect her by any means necessary. I'll do anything and everything to make sure she is happy, safe, and well protected. Dean said.

-I get it but you have to tone it down geez i hate to see what it'll be like when she starts dating. Seth said joking.

-Please no loser guy is good enough or will ever be good enough for my baby sister plus they have to go through 3 people to date her. Dean said.

-Hey man i have to go i have an interview to said.

-Alright see ya man. Give Sarah my love. Dean said.

-You got it man see ya. Seth said.

Seth then cuts the laptop off and he gets his brief case and Sarah who is happy after talking to her brother and makes their way to his interview.

"Ladies and gentlemen please welcome my guest at this time mr money in the bank Seth Rollins". Tom said.

"Tom". Seth said.

"Seth let's go back to what happened last Monday on Raw". Tom said.

The screen then shows Randy, Kane, and Seth attacking Roman inside the steel cage that was used for Chris Jericho's match earlier that night then the final part was Seth curb stomping Roman into a steel chair.

"Does that same fate await Roman Reigns tonight?" Tom asked.

"Tom come on what do you think? Don't answer that of course it does and i'm not taking anything away from Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns is a naturally gifted superstar in the history of WWE but Roman Reigns is NOTHING without me, i mean you heard him tonight talking about beating me senseless until his knuckles bleed. The only reason his knuckles will be bleeding is because...he is a neanderthal and because he walks on his knuckles check it out". Seth said.

Seth then acts like a gorilla Sarah sees this and can't hide or hold in her laughter and she bust out laughing. She then stopped laughing when Seth glared at her she and Seth then walked away so Seth can make it to his match.


"This match is set for one fall introducing first Pensacola, Florida weighing in at 265 pounds Roman Reigns.

And his opponent being accompanied by Sarah Ambrose he is Mr Money In The Bank Seth Rollins". The announcer said.

Before the match starts Roman grabbed a mic and began to talk.

"Seth before this match start i want to make a deal". Roman said.

Seth then went for a mic.

"What do you want Reigns?" Seth asked.

"I win i get my niece back and you leave her alone for good". Roman said.

Seth looked over at Sarah and she nodded and he responded.

"Fine". Seth agreed.

The match goes underway

(skips most of the match)

Seth goes for a curb stomp but Roman hits him with a spear head on and pins Seth for the win.

"The winner of this match Roman Reigns". The announcer said.

Sarah slides in the ring and heads straight for Roman and he picks her and she throws her arms around his neck holding on tightly letting just a few tears escape from her eyes. Roman then takes Sarah back to his locker room so he can get his and her stuff for the night, Sarah is sitting in his locker room playing with her phone when a knock on the door she gets up and carefully opens the door and Seth peaks his head in and he picks Sarah up tickling her then hugging her. Roman is then changed into his regular clothes and he sees Seth holding Sarah close and Sarah close to sleep then she passes out and finally falling asleep in Seth's arms. He and Seth then begin to talk.

"So did you lose on purpose out there or what?" Roman asked.

"I forgot what a spear was like and after that hit me i don't know what hit me". Seth said.

"So what are we gonna do now?" Roman asked.

"I say keep playing it out till Dean gets back because she is still too vulnerable to do anything right now". Seth said.

"You're right we should head out for the night". Roman said.

"Yea let's head out". Seth said.

Seth then carefully without waking Sarah opens the door to Roman's locker room and heads out first then Roman follows behind Seth but looking from a far is Randy now beginning to suspect what Seth is doing and what his motives are.

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