Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 37

Night of Champions

(skips most of it)

Sarah is now is the care of The Usos since Roman is now out due to emergency surgery she is sitting in their locker room laying down on there couch since now her brother is out and doesn't know when he will return but also since Roman had to have emergency surgery for a hernia she is so depressed she refuses to talk to anyone.

"Hey Sar you want something to eat from catering?" Jimmy asked.

Sarah shakes her head no.

"You wanna play a videogame or something?" Jey asked.

Again she shakes her head again, she then curls up into a little ball and tries to fight the tears that come then something on the TV catches her attention. Dean's back! She then shoots up from the couch wondering if she is dreaming or not and she's not her brother is finally back in WWE and back with her. She looks at Jimmy and Jey with a smile hoping she is right and they nod their heads they were asked by Dean to keep it a secret so he could surprise his sister for when he returned. She then takes off out the door hoping to find Dean right behind her is Jimmy and Jey to make sure she doesn't get hurt and she makes it safely to Dean. After a while of searching they come up with nothing and a disappointment Sarah so they make there way back to the room and when they open the door they find Dean standing there in the room pacing back he then hears the door open and there he sees Jimmy, Jey, and Sarah. Sarah sees her brother hold his arms out and she runs straight into his arms wrapping herself tightly around him never wanting to let go ever. Dean is holding his sister's head with one hand and keeping her steady with the other while whispering confront words to her.

"Shhh baby girl shhh. I'm back, i'm here baby i'm here. I promise to never leave you again". Dean whispered.

"P-promise Deanie?" Sarah whispered back.

"You have my word i will never leave you again princess". Dean said in a serious voice.

"Dean". Sarah cried in Dean's shoulder.

"It's alright princess i'm here now, i'm here". Dean said.

"Dean i missed you so much". Sarah said crying harder in Dean's shoulder and tightening her hold on Dean.

"I know princess i know i missed you too". Dean said.

"So what happens now? Is Seth gonna turn or not?" Sarah asked from Dean's shoulder.

"I don't know princess". Dean said.

Just then there is a knock on the door and it makes the three superstars and Sarah confused, then Jey goes to the door and opens it and it's Seth. Seth made his way inside and shut the door quickly and saw Dean standing there with Sarah in his arm in a protective hold and is now sound asleep with her face buried in the crook of his neck breathing in his scent of Axe and Dean sees his sister asleep and goes to put her down but she tightens her grip letting Dean know she doesn't want to be put down. Dean sits down on the couch with Sarah in his arms sound asleep and Seth standing there with Jimmy and Jey.

"Good to have you back Dean, it's real good to have you back man. Hasn't been the same without you". Seth said.

"I've noticed. How she been Seth?" Dean asked.

"She's been good". Seth said.

"Don't lie Seth i will take you out right here and now". Dean said.

"Ok she's been a mess, she wouldn't eat, couldn't sleep, always mouthing off to the authority, and they did take action a couple times". Seth confessed.

"Take action how?" Dean asked.

"Randy and Kane slapped her when she mouthed off. Other than that no one from the authority has messed with her. After i had the match with Roman i gave her back i swear it". Seth said.

After hearing what Randy and Kane did to Sarah when he wasn't there he was pissed off big time.

"So where is Roman anyway?" Dean asked.

"He had emergency surgery for a hernia. Don't know when he'll be back so he left Sarah with us". Jimmy said.

"Was she ok then?" Dean asked.

"Nope. She wouldn't do anything she refused to do anything. She wouldn't eat, talk, she wouldn't even play video games". Jey said.

Dean let out a huge sigh and started to stroke his sister's hair and thinking what she went through without him and Roman's leaving unexpectedly. Sarah then stirred in her brother's arms waking up but still hiding her face in Dean's neck knowing she missed her brother terribly he then gets up with Sarah still in his arms he thanks Jimmy and Jey for taking care of Sarah when Roman couldn't. Seth then leaves the room first followed by Dean and Sarah, they then make there way to Dean's locker room so they could talk but Dean or Seth don't notice they are being watched by Randy but Sarah sees him but doesn't want to alarm anyone she keeps quiet and with the look Randy had in his eyes it says 'you tell i'll get you'. She then puts her face back in her brother's shoulder and Dean immediately rubs her back up and down in a soothing manner to keep her calm over what scared her, they then make there way to Dean's locker room and the three people make their way inside and Dean notices something wrong with his sister when she tightened her grip on him.

"Sarah, what's wrong princess". Dean asked.

"Nothing". Sarah lied.

"Sarah really what's wrong". Seth tried to ask.

"Nothing really". Sarah lied again.

"Sarah you know better to lie now what's wrong". Dean said strictly.

"I can't say or he'll get me". Sarah said quietly.

"Who?" Dean asked.

"Dean don't make me say please i saw the look in his eye". Sarah pleaded.

"Sarah we need to know so we can protect you". Seth said.

Sarah shook her head and hid her face in Dean's chest and wrapped her arms around his neck in a tight firm grip not wanting to let go ever.

"Sarah you have to say who it is so we know who to protect you from". Dean said calmly.

Sarah still hiding her face in his chest shook her head no. Something then popped into Seth's head.

"Princess was it someone from the authority that you saw?" Seth asked.

Sarah nodded yes and Seth continued to ask to see if she'll reveal who she saw.

"Was is Stephanie? Or Triple H?" Seth asked.

Sarah shook her head no.

"Was it Kane?" Seth asked.

Sarah shook her head no. It then confused the two men if it wasn't them three who could it have been then it hit both of them she saw Randy and she didn't want to say anything or Randy would get her like before.

"Sarah i promise Randy won't get you because you will never leave my side". Dean said.

"You didn't see the look in his eyes". Sarah said.

Dean and Seth now know they got to put Sarah under extra protection because if she gets hurt again Dean will kick someone's ass into the middle of the next year or years.

"Uncle Seth?" Sarah asked.

"What is it sweetheart?" Seth responded.

"Since Dean is back are you gonna turn on the authority like you said you would?" Sarah asked.

"Yes, after what they made me do to you, your brother, and Roman i think it's time i've come back to you guys instead of those guys who gets everything handed to them". Seth said.

"I love you Uncle Seth". Sarah said jumping from Dean to Seth.

"I love you too sweetheart. I love you too". Seth said kissing her hair.

Nobody knows that the door wasn't all the way shut and Randy just heard every word Seth said and his suspicions were confirmed Seth is gonna turn on the authority and he was going to confront Seth about it and if he was gonna turn on the authority someone was gonna pay big time and he knew who that someone was.

(skips a bit further)

Its the main event match.

"This match is set for one fall and it is for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Introducing first the challenger from West Newbury, Massachusetts weighing 251 pounds John Cena!

And his opponent Brock Lesnar!" The announcer said.

The match then goes underway

(skips most of the match)

John has completely decimated Lesnar throughout the match he then does his fourth AA on Lesnar and goes for the pin but is stopped by Seth who attacked John with the briefcase causing the match to get called off. Seth then does a curb stomp on Lesnar and while he is down he tries an attempt to cash in his MITB contract but is failed when Cena comes back and attacks him and Lesnar still walks out champion.

After the show Seth goes to his locker room to change so he can leave for the night but he is stopped by a furious Randy who is now demanding answers.

"Something i can help you with Orton?" Seth asked.

"Yea wanna tell me why in the hell you're turning against the authority". Randy asked in a pissed off tone.

"I-i don't know what your talking about i'm not nor will i ever turn against the authority". Seth said.

"Don't give me the crock of bull Rollins i heard you because you were with that lunatic Ambrose and his brat of a sister". Randy said.

"What? I can't have conversations with people now?" Seth asked sarcastically.

"You know i should take this right to Hunter and Steph and see what they think". Randy suggested.

"You wouldn't if you do you'll just be putting Sarah in much more danger". Seth said.

"Then you'll do the right and the smart thing for both you and your precious little niece. Stay with the authority or she'll come back to us and it won't be the easy way she comes back". Randy said.

"Alright i'll stay with the authority just leave Sarah out of this and leave her the hell alone. I swear i should have kicked your ass when you gave her that concussion". Seth said.

"Well you didn't oh and if you even try at all to turn against the authority someone will have hell to pay and i don't care who has to suffer whether it's you or that little niece of yours". Randy said.

"I'll do anything just leave her out of this Randy you don't know her the way i do, i don't care what i have to do i will do anything just leave Sarah out of this and leave her alone and i swear i won't turn on the authority at all". Seth said.

"Fine". Randy said.

Sarah is around the corner to head to Seth's locker room and she heard what just happened, Seth agreed to stay with the authority to keep her safe, her emotions are mixed one part of her appreciates what Seth did but the other part feels heart broken like she has just been betrayed again and she starts to walk back but does know there is a empty water bottle on the floor and she accidently kicks it causing Randy and Seth to look back and the two men spot her and she panics.

"Sarah, what are you doing here? Why aren't you with Dean?" Seth asked.

"I-i wanted to come see you before we left but i don't think i need too now Seth". Sarah said.

Sarah then runs down the hall back to Dean's locker room and Seth calls after her.

"Sarah! Wait. I can explain". Seth said.

Randy then chuckles and a small grin forms on his face.

"You see what you did now". Seth said.

"No you caused this Rollins not me. Well my work is done now. Oh and don't forget what we discussed". Randy said.

Seth then let out a huge sigh wondering what the hell to do now. If he turns on the authority Randy will for sure take Sarah but if he stays with them Sarah stays safe.

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