Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 38

Monday Night Raw

The show starts off with Dean being accompanied by his sister, Sarah stays close to her brother they both then get in the ring and Sarah leans on her brother's right side with her arms wrapped around his torso tight and he looks down and gives her a small smile.

"I'm not dead far from it in fact the WWE's ugly step child is back. Ever since what happened to me the last time you saw me i've been messed up in the head been a little loopy and i keep replaying the incident over and over again in my mind again and again the more i think about it i appreciate the creative of ganging up on me 2 on 1 and forcing my sister, my little sister who is a child watch as i get curb stomped through cinder blocks and almost costing me my career. It was pretty cool in fact let's take a look at it again". Dean said.

The trion then goes back to the Raw after summer slam and shows Dean being curb stomped through cinder blocks and Sarah crying hard as she just saw what happened to her brother. It then goes back to the ring and Sarah buried her face in her brother's side trying hard as hell not to cry but Dean let's her know he's there now and is there to protect her.

"There it was i gotta admit i'm kind of flattered that the authority would go through such great lengths to get rid of me kind of makes me feel special but i'm not dead, i'm not satisfied and I CAN HOLD A GRUDGE I'M SICK AND TIRED OF THE AUTHORITY PROTECTING THEIR LITTLE GOLDEN CHILD SETH ROLLINS! I'M ALSO SICK OF THEM BRINGING MY SISTER INTO THIS! I'M SICK OF THE AUTHORITY ALTOGETHER SO TONIGHT I'M THE AUTHORITY AND I'M NOT LEAVING THIS RING TILL I GET MY HANDS ON SETH ROLLINS BECAUSE I NEVER GET TIRED OF PUNCHING SETH ROLLINS IN THE FACE". Dean said throwing the mic.

Dean then goes to get a steel chair to stage a sit in, after a couple of minutes instead of Seth coming out John Cena comes out instead and Dean gets up with Sarah still glued to his right hip and he puts his right arm around her to protect her without taking any chances of his sister getting hurt right when he comes back.

"I'm gonna be real honest with you here John i really am bothered that you're standing in the ring with me. Your flying with close to a flame here brother. John don't give me a reason to not like you". Dean said.

"Ah Mr. Ambrose, Mr. Ambrose what an unfortunate turn of events see you and i share the same agenda Seth Rollins did his best to try and take you out but it didn't work, but last night at Night of champions i had Brock Lesnar beat. I was the one to beat the one until that selfish slimy close minded rubber wearing jackass showed up". John said.

"Right". Dean replied.

"I should be holding the WWE championship right now. But i'm not so tonight i'm cashing in, i'm cashing in my ass kicking in the bank contract on Seth Rollins. And nobody's gonna stop me". John said.

Sarah didn't like the fact that John got in her brother's face just as she is about to step forward and talk Dean gave her a stern look and she stayed right behind him and Dean then turned his attention back to John.

"I warned you once don't get in my way". Dean said.

With that said both men are ready to fight with each other and Sarah knows to get out the ring when Dean is about to fight so she gets out the ring and stays in view of her brother just as the two men are about to fight the authority comes out and Dean doesn't take any chances he gives Sarah a look saying get back in the ring now, Sarah nods and makes her way to Dean and has his right arm in a death grip not wanting to ever let go.

"Before you two get into a pinch fight that you have no control over you want to fight Seth Rollins well not tonight, tonight".- Triple H said being cut off by John.

"No no tonight i'll get him myself". John said.

Dean and John then run up at the ramp and attacks Randy, Kane, and Seth, Sarah doesn't know what to do so she tries to make a run for it by going around the authority and just as she is about to escape Stephanie grabs Sarah by the back collar of her shirt and Sarah struggles to get away but fails. The five men then get into a brawl which leads back down to the ring and Seth tries to make a run for it but is then chased down by Dean and John while Stephanie, Triple H, Randy and Kane goes back to the office, Randy looks at Sarah and Sarah sends a death glare back and if looks could kill Randy would be dead and buried six feet under. The brawl then continues and leads out to the parking garage and Seth escapes in a car leaving behind a pissed off Dean and a disappointed John. Dean then remembered his sister and runs back to find her gone.

"Son of a bitch". Dean yelled.


The authority plus Sarah goes back to the office and Triple H shoves her and she goes to catch herself only to fall and twist her whole left arm.

"AH! You complete nut case look what you did now". Sarah cried in pain.

"You'll be fine now stop whining". Triple H said.

"How about all of you go somewhere and don't come back". Sarah said.

"I've had quite enough out of you so this is your first and last warning you better stop with the smart attitude and remarks and talk to us with respect little girl". Stephanie said.

"Ok Steph honey listen one, DON'T ever call me little girl, two don't tell me what to do cause i ain't gonna listen anyway, three i'll talk to any of you anyway i want, forth i can do what i want when i want and how i want, and five you have exactly 2.5 seconds to get out of my face before i punch you in it and trust me i can pack a hard solid punch ask your husband on that one". Sarah said.

Stephanie then slaps her across the face hard and Sarah isn't going to take that so she gets up twisted arm or not and attacks Stephanie, Stephanie then tries to fight back but Sarah is a whole lot quicker and faster especially for someone her age then Randy pulls Sarah off Stephanie and she starts to elbow Randy's chest. Seth then comes in the room and sees Stephanie with a bloody nose, one hell of a black eye, and couple other scratches and bruises due to the attack, he then sees Sarah fighting with one arm to get out of Randy's tight grip he has on her.

"Seth you're here good i'm telling you right now take that brat right there get her out of here and do not bring her back until she learns how to respects us and talks to us with respect". Triple H said helping Stephanie.

"Alright let's go brat". Seth said.

"Whatever". Sarah mumbled.

Just as Sarah is walking out Seth notices that she is cradling her left arm and trying hard as hell trying not to cry in pain because that isn't who she is, she wants to be like Dean and doesn't care how much pain she is in she cannot and will not cry. They are then back at Seth's locker room and Sarah goes to the couch to sit down still cradling her arm and tears form in her eyes and she can't handle it and bust out crying in pain forgetting her pride and everything her arm hurt like hell and the pain was a son of a bitch. Seth then makes his way over to her taking her into his arms and accidentally hits her bad arm and she screams out in pain.

"Sarah? What happened to your arm?" Seth asked concerned.

"T-triple h s-shoved me i-in the o-o-office and i tripped and fell and twisted my arm. I want Dean, Uncle Seth i want Dean". Sarah cried in pain.

"Alright alright calm down calm down i'll call him but first what did you do to Stephanie?" Seth asked.

"I uh i may have beaten her up for her slapping me". Sarah admitted.

Seth gave her a look and doesn't know to be upset that she attacked an adult or laughing since Stephanie got beat up by a child.

"What? I wasn't gonna take it so i fought back". Sarah said.

"Let me call your brother". Seth said.

Dean is out of the closet the authority locked him in and he gets a phone call on his phone, he checks to make sure he's alone and he is so he takes the call.

-Seth? Tell me you know where Sarah is. Dean demanded.

-I do know where she is, she's with me and i say you better come to my locker room like right now. Seth said.

-Is she okay? Dean asked panicked.

-Just get here and let her tell you. Seth said.

-Give me a couple minutes. Dean said.

-Alright. Seth said.

Seth then hung up the phone and turned his attention to his crying niece who is still cradling her left arm, Seth then swear under his breath hoping Sarah doesn't hear it the authority has gone too damn far now first she gets a concussion because of Randy, now a twisted possibly broken arm thanks to Triple H, what more could they do to hurt her. Seth is then pulled from his thoughts when Dean bust in the room and shuts the door.

"Dean!" Sarah cried.

Dean then made his way over to his crying sister and pulls her into his strong protective arms and just as her left arm made connection with him she screamed out in pain and wrapped her right arm around him burying her face in his chest inhaling his scent while crying.

"Sarah, what is it? What happened princess". Dean asked calmly.

"My arm hurts De. When we got back to the authority's office Hunter shoved me i tripped fell and twisted my left arm and i fell on it". Sarah cried.

"Let me see princess". Dean said.

Sarah tries to lift her arm but can't due to the unbearable pain the most she can do is cry in her brother's chest.

"I'm sorry Dean i tried to be strong like you but i can't it hurts too much, i wanted to be like you but the pain hurts too much". Sarah cried.

"Hey it's alright i know you try and be like me but when it comes to physical pain it's hard to try because the pain hurts so much. Plus it's alright to cry you're still young and from the looks on how you're holding your arm its either a bad sprain or it could be broken". Dean said.

Sarah looks at her brother with wide eyes and knows she may not be able to go to Dean with ring side till her arm is fully healed.

"Does this mean i can't come to ringside for a while?" Sarah asked.

"Yes with the way your arm is, you by ringside is a bad idea because someone could make it much worse than it already is". Dean explained.

Sarah then looked down and saw her knuckles and remembered how she got in a fight with Stephanie and basically won.

"Dean if i tell you something promise you won't get mad". Sarah said in her most innocent voice and using the biggest cutest puppy dog eyes ever.

"Depends what did you do". Dean asked in a bit of a stern voice.

"I may have gotten into a fight tonight". Sarah admitted.

Dean let's out a sigh and wonders if he's gotta go kick someone's ass for putting there hands on his sister.

"Who was it Sarah?" Dean asked pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Stephanie". Sarah answered.

Dean looks surprised, Stephanie? She beat up THE Stephanie Mcmahon.

"You beat up Stephanie?" Dean asked in shock.

"Yea, i told her don't call me little girl that i'll do what i want when i want and can talk to them anyway i want then she slapped me then i wasn't gonna take it so i jumped her. Then Randy pulled me off her". Sarah said.

"How bad was Stephanie?" Dean asked.

"When i walked in she had a bloody nose, one hell of a black eye, and a few other scratches and bruises". Seth said.

Dean doesn't know to be angry at his sister for putting her hands on an adult like that but on the other hand he had taught her to defend herself against anybody who had done something first. Dean then lets out a sigh.

"Sarah i'm not mad that you defended yourself in fact i'm not mad at all". Dean said.

"You're not?" Sarah and Seth asked in shock.

"No i taught you to defend yourself if someone makes an attack towards you, but i don't like the fact that Stephanie put her hands on you and that you attacked her. If somebody at all hurts you in anyway tell me i'll take care of them". Dean said.

"But what if it's a girl?" Sarah asked.

"You can do it just be careful people around here get more madder than me sometimes. Especially those divas". Dean said.

"So what are we gonna do about my arm?" Sarah asked.

"I say after the match we'll take you to the dr and see what he says". Dean said.

"But where am i gonna go? I wanna come to ringside". Sarah said.

"Sarah i said no it's too dangerous somebody can make your arm worse or you could get hurt worse and i ain't talkin bout your arm". Dean said.

"But Dean". Sarah whined again.

"No buts Sarah you're not going end of discussion". Dean said strictly.

"Uncle Seth i wanna go". Sarah whined to Seth.

Seth looked at Dean then back at Sarah.

"Sarah your brother is right you can and will get hurt again and with what you did earlier the authority isn't too happy with you". Seth said.

"Sarah i said no and no means no the next time i say no to something and go behind my back and ask someone else you will be grounded for 2 weeks. Understand". Dean said in a very strict voice.

"Yes Dean". Sarah said.

Dean hated being strict with her but when she starts acting out he has to do it, she knows its for her safety but when she's hurt, sick, etc. she gets clingy with Dean she doesn't want to ever leave his side. They see the time and know they have to go set up for the match. Dean brings his sister to Jimmy and Jey, while Seth goes out to ringside with Kane for the match Randy is in with Cena.

"Alright Sarah right after the match i'll come back and bring you to the dr and see what he has to say about your arm". Dean said.

"Alright". Sarah mumbled.

"Look i know you're not happy right now but it's for your safety, you're already hurt and you don't need to be more hurt". Dean said.

"But i won't get in the way i promise". Sarah said.

"I know you won't but trust me when i say this after what you did tonight which i can say was hilarious the authority is now out to get you and i don't need or want you to get hurt". Dean said.

"But Dean". Sarah whined.

"No buts Sarah what did i just say". Dean said.

"Fine i'll stay". Sarah said in defeat.

"That's my girl". Dean said.

Dean then knocked on the door and waited for someone to open up and Jimmy opens up.

"Hey Dean, hey Sarah, what's up". Jimmy asked.

"I gotta do something and she has a bad arm and i need someone to watch her would you and Jey mind watching her i'll come get her right after i gotta do this". Dean said.

"Sure no problem". Jimmy said.

"Alright Sarah now i don't want you leaving this room by yourself for anything whatsoever, if for any reason you have to leave this room ask Jimmy or Jey to take you wherever you need and back here and if i find out you left this room by yourself and without permission you'll be in so much trouble. Understand me". Dean said.

"Yes Dean". Sarah said.

"That's my girl". Dean said.

Dean then kissed her head and Sarah kissed his cheek then Dean made his way out to the ring and under that huge box.


Cena has Randy pinned for the win and right before the ref can do the three count Seth and Kane break it up, Seth then has Randy and Kane bring him over to where the box is because he is doing what he did to Cena but just as Kane lifts up the box instead of cinder blocks being there Dean is. Dean then makes a beeline straight for Seth and soon the five men get into a brawl, Cena then turns his attention towards Rollins as does Ambrose. Ambrose and Cena then fight over who gets Seth which turns into another fight which is then broken up, after the whole brawl ends Cena and Ambrose came out on top.

After the show Dean went back to get Sarah to take her to the medic to get her arm checked and see if it's a sprain or a broken arm. They make there way to the medic.

"Dean what can i do for you". The medic asked.

"It's my sister's left arm she tripped earlier and landed on it and i can't tell if it's a sprain or a broken bone would you mind looking at it". Dean asked.

"Sure. Come on Sarah". The medic said.

"Dean will you hold my hand?" Sarah asked.

"Of course". Dean replied back.

"Alright Sarah let's see that arm of your's". The medic said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

The medic then gently moved to her left arm and slightly picked it up and Sarah screamed in pain hiding her face in Dean's neck.

"I believe she has a broken arm and will need a cast and sling for about 4-6 weeks then after that you have to help her do some arm movements so it doesn't get stiff. For now i'm gonna put a cast on, any particular color you want Sarah?" The medic asked.

"Could i get sky blue and purple please". Sarah asked.

"Sure". The medic said.

The medic then starts to put the cast on Sarah's arm while she is hiding her face in Dean's neck softly crying due to the pain, the medic is then done and needs Sarah to sit straight to put the sling on.

"Alright Sarah your cast is done now i just need to put the sling on". The medic said.

Sarah then sat straight in her brother's lap and let the dr put the sling on and she winces in pain from her arm.

"So can she take any medicine for it? The pain i mean". Dean asked.

"Yes since she is still a bit young i'd say half of an ibuprofen but not everyday only if the pain is very bad". The medic said.

"Thanks doc". Dean said.

"Thanks". Sarah said.

"No problem". The medic said.

They then have to go back to Seth's locker room to get there stuff and so Dean can inform Seth of Sarah's condition, they finally make it to the room and Dean peaks his head in to make sure Sarah doesn't walk in on Seth changing.

"You guys can come in". Seth said.

"Uncle Seth". Sarah said running over to her uncle.

"Hey princess". Seth said

Seth then notices the cast so he very carefully picks her up with both arms and she snuggles into him inhaling his scent and slowly drifting off to sleep, both men then hear light snoring coming from Sarah so they both kiss her forehead good night and Seth and Dean talk.

"So what the doc say?" Seth asked.

"She'll be in the cast for 4-6 weeks then i got to help her do arm movement so it doesn't get too stiff or anything else". Dean explained.

"Damn were so lucky Roman's not here because he bust Triple H a new ass big time". Seth said.

"Lucky i won't do it". Dean said in a low dangerous voice.

They then look at the time and see it's time to go because Dean won't know if he'll be up half the night if not all night helping his sister with her arm. They then walk out with Randy around the corner watching them wondering if he should tell Seth's secret or not.

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