Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 39

Sarah is backstage with Jimmy and Jey since Roman is out due to an injury which required surgery and because Dean has a match with Miz which shouldn't take very long but since her arm is still in a cast and sling for almost 6 weeks her brother has banned her from going to ringside with him while he competes. While he competes either Jimmy and Jey, sometimes if they sneak off Seth, or one of the divas would watch her for Dean.

"Hey what's wrong Sar?" Jey asked.

"I hate being stuck back here i wanna go out there with Dean". Sarah said.

"Your brother just wants to make sure your safe and that you don't get hurt anymore than what your condition is now". Jimmy explained.

"I know but i miss being out there with all the excitement". Sarah said.

"I know how you feel and so does Roman. Since he had to go back home he misses being in the ring more than anything, it's all the excitement being out there that makes you wanna go and be apart of the crowd". Jey said.

"How long do you think Dean will have me backstage?" Sarah asked.

"Till your arm gets better and that is going to take a good few weeks". Jimmy said.

Dean's match is now over and he heads backstage to get his sister from Jimmy and Jey because they have a tag team match soon.

"Hey Dean". Jey said bro hugging Dean.

"What's up man, how was Sarah?" Dean asked.

"She was fine but she really wanted to go with you out to the ring". Jey said.

"I know how she feels but when she's hurt i don't wanna take the chance of something happening to her again". Dean said.

"Well i may have an idea but it's your decision totally your's". Jey said.

"What?" Dean asked.

"Maybe you can take her to ring side depending on who your opponent is, if it's someone not so tough and you know you can beat them take her if it's someone that might be a bit dangerous leave her with someone". Jey explained.

"Good idea i might do it thanks man". Dean said.

"No problem". Jey said.

"Dean!" Sarah said in excitement.

"Hey princess". Dean said hugging his sister.

"Thanks for watching her guys". Dean said.

"No problem man". Jimmy said."Yea it's no problem, sorry we gotta go for a tag match we'll see you later man". Jey said."Later man". Dean said.Dean then bro hugged Jimmy and Jey then Sarah hugged them both then The Usos left for there tag team match while Dean and Sarah made there way to Dean's locker room so Sarah can take her pain medicine but on the way there they get stopped by Seth so they look around to make sure they aren't being followed and they all go to Dean's locker room but no one saw Randy behind the corner of the wall spying on the three.Locker roomOnce the trio was in Dean shut the door and before they could talk Dean had to get his sister her pain medication for her arm and she took it waiting for it to kick in."So Seth when are you going to turn on the authority?" Dean asked.Seth and Sarah shared a look because of what Randy said before that if he turns on the authority Sarah will pay the price."I'm not sure yet". Seth said."Why do i get the feeling your hiding something from me?" Dean replied.Seth and Sarah bite there bottom lips because they both are hiding something from him. Dean then saw the look on his sister's face and knew the look when she was hiding something."Sarah? Kiddo you wanna say something". Dean said.Sarah looked at Seth wanting to know if they should tell Dean or not. Seth then took a deep breath and faced the floor."It was at night of champions after the championship match i was going back to my locker room when Randy stopped me". Seth said."What'd he want?" Dean asked."He asked why i was gonna turn on the authority and i said i wasn't then he said if i ever did turn on the authority...he'd take Sarah and said if i did turn on the authority someone will pay and doesn't care who it is if it's me or Sarah. So he said it be in best interest not to do it". Seth said."And i was there when they were talking. I wanted to see Uncle Seth before we left and i heard them i was about to go back to your locker room when i kicked a water bottle and they caught me". Sarah explained her side.Dean then took a huge breath to process everything he had heard."Sarah you know better to go off without somebody what were you thinking". Dean said to his sister."I wasn't. I just wanted to see Uncle Seth before we left". Sarah said.Dean then took a deep breath because it was rare that he ever got angry with his sister."Give me your phone Sarah". Dean said strictly."What?" Sarah asked."I didn't stutter give me your phone. You're grounded for 2 weeks so no phone and your only to stay backstage when i'm in the ring". Dean said strictly."But that's not fair". Sarah whined."Life's not fair get over it". Dean said."I gotta go before the authority gets too suspicious on where i am". Seth said."Alright man later". Dean said bro hugging Seth."Bye Uncle Seth". Sarah said hugging him."Bye princess". Seth said.After Seth left to his locker room for his match later that night he got stopped by Randy once again."Have fun with your little niece Rollins?" Randy asked sarcastically."Piss off Orton". Seth said."I'd watch my tone if i were you Rollins or it might slip that you were gonna turn on the authority". Randy said threatening Seth."You wouldn't dare". Seth challenged."Try me Rollins because i will rat you out and i will destroy you". Randy said."Why do you even care?" Seth asked."Because i don't like you. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that i have to help put the flames out on the fires you like to start and you think you're better than everyone around here calling yourself the future of the WWE when i will be the one holding the WWE World Heavyweight championship again and not you because i don't think you have the balls to cashin against Lesnar". Randy said."Look for the sake of Sarah leave her out of this she's just a kid an innocent kid who has nothing to do with this if you wanna go after somebody come after me. Just leave her out of this she hasn't done anything to any of you so leave her out of this and leave her alone. Randy i'll do anything if you just leave her alone and stay away from her". Seth said."I'll consider it have a good match your on soon". Randy said clamping a hand down on Seth's shoulder.Seth then took a deep breath, what in the hell was he going to do? If he turns on the authority Sarah can get hurt again but if he doesn't Randy might rat him out. This is one thing he hadn't figured out and if he didn't think of something soon someone could get hurt and he didn't want it to be Sarah or he, Dean and Roman are gonna be on a warpath. Seth is now at his locker room and he goes in to change and once he is changed he makes his way out to the ring with the smug smile he always goes out with.Ring"This match is set for one fall introducing first from Davenport, Iowa he is mr money in the bank Seth Rollins". Lillian said.Seth gets in the ring and waits on his opponent."And his opponent from Las Vegas Ryback". Lillian said.Skips most of the matchRyback is down and is set up for the curb stomp but just as he does it Ryback gets up and does one hell of a close line and goes for the pin but Seth kicks out and Ryback goes for the shell shock and pins Seth for the win."And the winner of this match Ryback". Lillian said.After Seth gets backstage he goes for his locker room to change out of his ring gear and wants to go to see Dean and Sarah before he heads out but once again runs into Randy."Now what do you want Orton?" Seth asked Randy."Just wanna know what choice your gonna make". Randy said."What choice?" Seth asked."If your turning on the authority or not because if you do someone will have hell to pay and i don't care if it's you, Ambrose, Reigns, or your little niece". Randy said."I'm not gonna turn on the authority". Seth said."What do you mean not gonna turn on the authority?" The voice asked.Seth turns around to see Hunter there with a disapproved look on his face and he knows he is screwed."What does that mean Seth that your not gonna turn on the authority". Hunter asked.Seth began to panic and freak."Oh Randy just was wondering if i would ever turn on the authority and i would never ever turn on the authority". Seth lied."And what's the reason you would turn on us?" HUnter asked."No reason". Seth lied.Seth then went to his locker room and changed with his mind racing what will he do. He then pulls his phone out to call Dean.-What's up? Dean answered.-Come to my locker room like now. Seth said panicked.-Everything alright? Dean replied.-Just get here as fast as you can. Seth said.-Alright let me grab Sarah and our stuff i should be there in a few. Dean said.-Alright. Seth said.Seth then hung the phone up and began changing out of his gear and into his regular clothes, after a few minutes a knock came at the door and Seth opened it to let in Dean and Sarah in but just as he was closing the door someone was watching as Dean and Sarah went in the room and it was Hunter.Room"Alright what's wrong?" Dean asked."Hunter almost found out about me turning on them". Seth said."What? How?" Dean asked.Sarah scooted closer to her brother scared out of her mind if they might actually figure out there plan. Dean then threw an arm around his sister's shoulders to calm her."This is the one time i don't know what to do Dean". Seth said."We'll figure something out". Dean said."I hope so". Seth said."They won't get me will they?" Sarah asked."No sweetheart because i'll make sure of it". Seth said assuring her.Sarah leaned into her brother's side and after a while it started to get late and they had to head out so Sarah can take her pain medication and so she can go to bed but as they were heading out they were being watched by Hunter and now he is becoming suspicious of Seth's activities.

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