Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 4

Friday night Smackdown

"Welcome everybody to Friday night Smackdown". Michael Cole said.

Just then the Shield's music hits and they come from the crowds. They make there way to the ring while Seth and Roman stand outside the ring while Dean goes inside the ring.

"As everyone saw last Monday night Raw three deranged mindless morons took someone very important and close to me. The person they took was my baby sister. Now just like I said Monday I'm not asking, I'm not telling, I'm demanding that they give me my sister back right now or I will go backstage find you three mindless deranged morons and beat you into next year but if you give her back unharmed and safe I might I just might spare you". Dean said.

Just then Randy Orton's music hits and he comes out without Sarah. He gets to the bottom of the ramp when Seth and Roman jump him and throw him in the ring with Dean. Dean gets an evil smirk on his face and attacks Orton.

"Now Orton I'm going to ask you this one time and one time only. Where is my sister?" Dean asked.

"I'm not telling you crap you defined the authority with injustice so this is your injustice". Randy said.

Before anybody makes a move HHH puts the camera on and shows him and someone behind him.

"What do you want HHH?" Dean asked.

"I want to make a deal". HHH replied.

"What deal?" Dean asked.

"If you want your sister back you all have to win a match it is a 6 man tag match. It will be the shield vs Evolution. If you all win you get your sister back safely unharmed. But if you lose you don't get baby sister back she stays with the authority and will be our little helper. Deal?" HHH said.

"I want to see my sister first". Dean said.

HHH puts Sarah in front of the camera.

"Anything you want to say to big brother Sarah". HHH asked.

"Dean win your match so I can have my big brother and uncles back I'm scared". Sarah said. The camera then goes back on HHH.

"So Ambrose what do you say The Shield vs Evolution at Extreme Rules? You win you get your sister back, you lose she is with evolution for good". He said.

"You want a match HHH? YOU GOT ONE! Come extreme rules you and your little crew will pay for taking my sister!" Dean screamed.

"See you at extreme rules boys". HHH said smirking.

"DEAN!" Sarah cried.

The screen goes out and The Shield turns there attention to Orton.

"Let me tell you 1 thing viper. If my sister gets hurt by any of you pricks i will rip you all to pieces and leave no remains". Dean said.

"Now let me tell you something Orton if my niece gets hurt period i will end all of you". Seth said.

"Last thing Orton just like what these two said my niece gets hurt i will spear you so hard it will put you into next year". Roman said.

"Let her get hurt or injured that will be the end of all of you". Dean said in a protective voice.

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