Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 40

Monday night raw

Dean's locker room

"Dean i have to go to the bathroom". Sarah said to her brother.

"Go and come right back no stops". Dean said.

"Ok". Sarah said.

Sarah then goes to the bathroom while raw starts.


Triple H is out in the ring with a mic.

"I'm going to get straight down to business to why i'm out here right now so Seth can you come out here please i'd like to have a chat with you". Triple H said.

Seth's music then hits and he goes out there wondering what is going on or if he figured out if Triple H knows about his plan.

"So what's up?" Seth asked.

"I want you to be honest with me. Are you turning on the authority?" Triple H asked.

Seth then started to get nervous and sweat a bit while biting his bottom lip.


Sarah is walking back from the bathroom when suddenly two extremely large arm circled around her waist and lifts up up off the ground and she looks up to see Kane and she starts to struggle.


"You know maybe this will make things better Seth, Kane come out here". Triple H said.

Seth then got confused then Kane came out with Sarah in his arms fighting and struggling, then they get in the ring and Kane holds Sarah up in one arm in a death grip with wide eyes and fear looking at Seth then down at the ring.

"So Seth are you turning on the authority or not?" Triple H asked.

Before Seth could answer Dean came running out.

"Stop right there Ambrose. Ambrose stop". Triple H said in a commanding voice.

He still kept running then Kane whispered in Sarah's ear to have him stop or something very bad was going to happen.

"Dean stop don't come any closer". Sarah told her brother in a scared voice.

Dean then stops because he knew how scared his sister sounded and with her hurt he wasn't going to take a chance so he was in the middle of the ramp just waiting.

"So Seth enlighten me are you going to turn on the authority or not?" Triple H asked.

Seth still refused to answer but when he heard a cry of pain coming from Sarah he looked to see Kane messing with her broken arm and she is crying out in pain and it's taking everything inside him and Dean not to do anything for Sarah sake.

"I'm not turning on the authority". Seth said in a quiet voice.

"What? I didn't hear you". Triple H said.

"I said i'm not turning on the authority". Seth said a bit louder.

"Speak up just a little more i'm getting old in age and can't hear very well". Triple H said.


"A couple things Seth one your gonna watch your tone with me or something very bad is gonna happen, second if your not gonna turn on the authority why do i have this photo of you walking out of the arena with Ambrose and this little pint size brat". Triple H said.

Seth then knew he was so screwed there was no way of getting out of that not when he has proof now, Dean then kept getting more and more pissed by the minute so he ran in the ring and Kane kept a firm hold on Sarah while his other arm kept applying pressure to her broken arm making her cry and whimper in pain.

"Ambrose i told you to stay where you were now since actions have consequences your going to be put in a match later tonight but now i'm getting down to business with mr money in the bank on why he would turn on the authority". Triple H said.

Just then Randy's music hits and both Seth and Sarah are both screwed because Randy knows from spying and eavesdropping on them.

"Yeah Seth we all wanna know are you gonna turn on the authority". Randy said.

"Randy don't do this please". Seth said.

"Do what Randy? You two hiding something?" Triple H asked.

"Oh i'm not hiding anything why doesn't Seth explain". Randy said.

"Come on Seth i ain't got all night". Triple H said.

Seth still couldn't figure out what to say.

"Screw this waiting, Hunter i heard him myself said he was going to turn on the authority all because we hurt his precious little niece. They've been planning this for weeks and i heard every word". Randy said.

Seth, Sarah, and Dean were all now totally screwed big time there was no way of getting out of this.

"Oh really now Seth, you care more about this brat then being the future of the WWE. So since you want to turn on the authority you will have severe consequences. Now as i said before Ambrose you're going to be in a match later tonight and your opponent is going to be against Luke Harper. And Seth your match is going to be a two on one handicap match and it's going to be no disqualification. Kane you can put the pint size brat down now. Oh and Ambrose don't go anywhere your match is next". Triple H said.

Sarah then went to her brother hugging him around the waist with her one arm trying not to cry he rubbed her head, just then after everyone got out of the ring Luke Harper's music hit and he came out while Sarah cowered because he was a scary looking dude to her. She gets out the ring and stands by the announce table so she won't get hurt. Just then the ref rings the bell and the match goes underway.

(Skips most of the match)

Dean was down for some parts of the match but just as he got thrown into the rope he caught himself back up and closelined Harper hard then he kicked him in the abdomen area and performed dirty deeds pinning him for the win.

"The winner of this match Dean Ambrose!" Lillian said.

Sarah then went back to her brother and he carefully picked her up taking her back to his locker room where Seth was waiting.

"I'm sorry guys". Seth said.

"For what you didn't do anything". Dean said putting his sister down.

"For dragging you guys back into this especially you Sarah". Seth said.

Sarah then walks over to Seth and sits on his lap hugging him with her good arm.

"It's not your fault Uncle Seth none of it is you were just trying to do the right thing". Sarah said.

Seth then smiled down at his young niece, she is a really smart kid for her to be homeschooled he thought.

"Thanks princess". Seth said kissing her forehead.

"For what?" Sarah asked.

"Not giving up on me". Seth said.

Sarah then smiled and kissed Seth on the cheek.

"So what do we do since they know you turned on them?" Sarah asked.

"For now keep a very close eye on you because they will use you again other than that i don't know". Seth said.

"I wish Uncle Roman were here". Sarah said.

Sarah is missing Roman terribly and since she was in his care when he left it was like she felt abandoned and alone.

"Me too princess me too". Dean said.

"Dean i have to go to the bathroom". Sarah said.

Dean thought for a second his locker room is around the corner from the bathroom and since it's not far he figured she shouldn't take long.

"Hurry back". Dean said.

Sarah then leaves the room then as she is at the bathroom door she hears a couple voices and recognizes them it's Randy and Kane talking.

"I think we can set Rollins up". Randy said.

"How?" Kane asked.

"Think about it he turned on Ambrose, Reigns, and that pint size brat, what if we can get them to turn on him". Randy said.

"Go on". Kane said.

"We 'pretend' Rollins gave us the plan to snag that brat then he and Ambrose get into it they will be so busy going after each other they won't even know what hit them". Randy said.

"Great idea". Kane said.

After that Sarah ran in the bathroom and hid in the stall, after she finished her business she still hid because she was now scared more than anything, the authority wanted them to turn on Seth and that brought tears to her eyes.


"Sarah's been gone a while i wonder what's keeping her". Dean said.

"Probably an upset stomach". Seth said.

Dean then walked out the room running into AJ and Paige who sometimes watches Sarah for Dean they treat her as if she were there little sister.

"Hey Dean what's up?" AJ asked.

"Sarah went to the bathroom like 15 minutes ago and hasn't come back yet what i'm trying to ask is-". Dean said but being cut off.

"You want us to go check on Sarah and get her out". Paige said.

"Please". Dean said.

"We'll be back". AJ said.


"Sarah. Honey are you in here?" AJ called in the small but large room.

They then heard sniffling and knew that she was crying but was wondering why.

"Sarah? It's AJ and Paige come on out pumpkin". Paige said through the door.

"I don't wanna". Sarah said sniffling.

Paige and AJ then looked at each other and was wondering what was bothering her so much.

"Sweetie come out and talk to us so we can help you". AJ said.

"Can we keep it between us girls? No telling my brother, Seth, or anybody else". Sarah said.

"Sure come on out now sweetheart". Paige said.

Sarah then comes out the stall with her blue eyes bloodshot red from crying and her nose running a bit so AJ gets some tissue to wipe her nose while Paige gets something to wipe her face to show she wasn't crying.

"Now honey what's wrong your brother said you were in here awhile". AJ said.

Sarah took a deep breath and with a shaky voice she began to explain what was bugging her.

"I was coming from Dean's locker room to here when i heard Randy and Kane talking". Sarah said.

"What were they saying?" Paige asked.

"There going to set Seth up and have me and my brother turn on him like he did us. Randy said that they were going to grab me and pin it on Seth so me and Dean will turn on him". Sarah said.

AJ and Paige then looked at each other with a concerned look then back down at Sarah.

"Honey you shouldn't worry about them trust me when i say your brother and Seth will handle the authority no matter what they do". AJ said.

"AJ is right sweetheart your brother and Seth will protect you at any cost from them so don't get so worked up about it. Trust us when we say it". Paige said.

"You're right thanks AJ. Thanks Paige". Sarah said.

"No problem sweetie". AJ said.

"No problem munchkin". Paige said.

"Now what do you say we get you back to your brother". AJ said.

"Yeah i probably having him freaking out right now". Sarah said chuckling.

Sarah then skipped out the bathroom leaving AJ and Paige with a pissed off look on their faces, how dare those asswipes use an innocent child like Sarah against Dean and Seth she already got hurt twice because of those assholes. They then try to calm down because if Dean notices a change in either woman he will suspect something, the thing is will AJ and Paige or any diva for that matter they all care for Sarah as if she were there own sister and will protect her at any cost and if she got upset, hurt, or she was crying, well if they thought Dean, Seth, and Roman get pissed the girls are ten times worse.

Dean is back inside his locker room with Seth trying to discuss a game plan for the two on one handicap match which is now no disqualification and they got the perfect idea just as Seth gets pinned or is down and out Dean will come out and help. Just as they were talking a knock was heard on the door and Dean answered it to see AJ and Paige behind his sister.

"There you are i thought you fell in". Dean said ruffling his sister's hair.

"No she just had an upset stomach is all". AJ said lying.

"Probably ate something and didn't agree with her stomach". Paige said.

"Thanks girls". Dean said.

"No problem Dean but maybe Sarah could spend some time with us one night we could have a girl's night but nothing to big". AJ said.

"Please Dean please". Sarah asked her brother.

Sarah didn't really have a mother or sister figure in her life growing up at all so she will go to the divas and they will do anything for her.

"Sure why not it'll sound like fun". Dean said.

"Alright so i'll text you the details Dean we gotta go now bye Dean. Bye Sarah". AJ said.

"Bye Dean. Bye my little munchkin". Paige said.

"Bye". Sarah said to the two divas.

Once everyone was secure in the room they see it's time for Seth's match and he takes a huge deep breath.

"You'll do great Uncle Seth i'm sure of it". Sarah said.

"Thanks princess what would i do without you". Seth said.

"I ask myself that everyday". Dean said.

Seth then goes out for the match leaving Dean and Sarah in the room.


"This is a two on one no disqualification match. Introducing first from Davenport Iowa he is mr money in the bank Seth Rollins". Lillian said.

Seth then gets prepared when Randy comes out with Kane and the match goes underway.

(Skips most of the match)

Seth is down and very weak but he won't give up it's because he has the though of Sarah in his mind wanting to fight because the authority has hurt her twice, once to actually injury her and just as Randy is about to make another move Dean comes out to help and since it's no disqualification it's all legal then Dean took a chair and kept jabbing it at Randy's ribcage while Seth dealt with Kane then Dean took the chair and hit Randy on the head with it and did the same thing with Kane then Seth set Randy up for the curb stomp and succeed winning the match.

"And the winner of the match Seth Rollins!" Lillian said.

Dean and Seth bro hugged each other but that didn't last very long because Triple H came out with Stephanie and she had a hold of Sarah but she wasn't scared or anything because it was planned and she knew it the only thing is Dean nor Seth knew about it.

"Congratulations Seth you won and had help from your buddy Ambrose there by the way Ambrose your sister wants to say something to you". Triple H said.

Sarah then smirked she knew she'd get in trouble with Dean but it was all worth it.

"Sarah what would you like to say to your brother". Stephanie said.

"To my brother nothing; But to you two well go to hell". Sarah said.

Everyone including Dean and Seth looked shocked. Dean knew his sister never cursed or swore but she did after all take after him and it was bound to happen sooner or later but he wasn't mad, Seth was trying not to bust out laughing. Triple H and Stephanie stood in shock just then Stephanie smacked Sarah across the face hard leaving a handprint and that caused Dean to move but Triple H stopped him.

"Oh you're wondering why she's here Ambrose well you can thank your buddy Seth for that he helped plan the whole thing isn't that right Seth". Triple H lied.

Sarah then looked somewhat shocked because she knows that since Seth is back that he would never do anything at all to hurt her. Dean on the other hand was pissed looking at Seth like the night he turned on the shield. Seth looked in utter complete shock, he never planned this since he went back to Sarah and Dean he would never ever do anything to hurt neither of them they are setting him up.

"Dean i swear i didn't you have to believe me i was with you the whole time so i couldn't". Seth said.

"What about when i left the room for a couple minutes you sure you didn't then". Dean said angrily.

"Dean i swear to god i didn't". Seth said.

Dean then kicked him a couple of times and did dirty deeds making Seth's hand land on the chair giving him a small cut on his forehead. Dean then ran out the ring only to be stopped by Randy and Kane attacking him so they throw him back in the ring and begin the assault on Dean next. Randy almost broke the chair using it on Ambrose than he did 2 RKOs' then Kane did one hell of a chokeslam while Sarah just stood by watching as her brother gets decimated by Randy and Kane, and she just hopes that Dean will believe her when she tells them that they really set Seth up and it wasn't planned or anything but she knew her brother was pissed at Seth for believing a lie but it wasn't his fault. Any kind of danger his sister is put in and the first name he get he's going to get that person no ifs', ands' or buts about the situation. She just wished that she had told them before hand and not have waited so now until Dean can get her back she is once again stuck with the authority, she now hopes she and Seth can convince Dean it was a set up but for the time being Dean will not let her go near Seth let alone say his name so it will be kinda hard but she was the best one at convincing her brother.

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