Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 41

Next Monday night raw

Everyone from the authority and Sarah minus Seth go down to the ring but Kane has a grip on Sarah's shoulder so she won't get away but in Sarah's mind she just hopes she can keep up the charade for as long as Seth did.

"Well you're probably wondering why were out here so i'm gonna get to the bottom of it last week it's been said that Seth is going to turn on the authority so since he did that we decided to take something of his and because of his betrayal he will now pay very dearly". Triple H said.

"That's right Hunter and since he made his decision we made ours so we have a new member of the authority so can you step forward Sarah". Stephanie said.

Kane then took his hand off Sarah's shoulder and she went forward and took the mic from Stephanie and before she could say anything Dean came out and before she knew it Randy had snatched her up applying pressure to her broken arm and she is crying out in pain.

"Ambrose i'd stop if i were you". Triple H said.

Dean kept moving so Randy put the mic to Sarah's mouth and tells him to stop because he will only do it for the sake of his sister's safety.

"D-Dean. Dean stop don't come any closer please just stay where you are". Sarah cried in pain.

Dean then stopped in the middle of the ramp because he saw exactly how much pressure he was applying to his sister's broken arm and it was enough to make her almost break out in tears then before anyone else can do anything Seth came out and he is pissed.

"Alright. Alright you all made your point just please let Sarah go she's just an innocent kid, she has nothing to do with any of this". Seth yelled.

Dean didn't know what to do or what to think if Seth had turned on them again why was he defending his sister again he thought, Sarah then started to fight out of Randy's grip and couldn't so she bit him again only this time it was harder and she ran around everyone in the ring only to get caught up by the collar of her shirt by Kane and she glared at him. Dean then picked up a mic.

"I'm only telling you assholes once let go of my sister or i'll send you all to hell". Dean threatened.

Randy then applied much more pressure to Sarah's broken arm making her cry out in more pain and agony.

"What was that Dean i didn't quite hear you can you say that ". Stephanie said.

Dean just glared at her then Triple H got an idea in his head.

"So since Seth left the authority our new member little Sarah here is going to do something for the first time. She's going to put you both in a match tonight so Sarah go ahead announce the matches for tonight". Triple H said.

Sarah then looked at her brother with wide eyes, she didn't wanna do that to her own brother. She then looked toward Seth who gave her a sad look and just nodded. Sarah's mind is racing at a hundred miles an hour wondering what to do but since she could pick her brother's and Seth's opponents she could give them somewhat easy opponents but she knows if she does that the authority will suspect something.

"Dean tonight you will face John Cena. Seth tonight you will face Randy". Sarah said.

"Good luck tonight boys you're gonna need it". Triple H said.

Sarah sends a apologetic look to both Dean and Seth, both men then give her a soft expression because they know what she did wasn't nor could ever be her fault.


Sarah is now sitting on the couch in the office with her left arm propped up she just waited till they all left so she can go see Dean or Seth but she really just wanted to see her brother so she sees that they are all too busy to pay attention to her so she tries to sneak out but gets caught by Randy.

"And just where do you think your going young lady?" Randy snapped at her.

"To the bathroom i really gotta go". Sarah lied.

"Make it quick". Triple H said.

Sarah then nodded and started walking but not towards the bathroom but to Dean's locker room and on the way she accidentally bumped into someone and it's Dolph.

"Sorry Dolph i wasn't paying attention to where i was going". Sarah said.

"It's alright Sarah. Where are you off to". Dolph asked.

"Dean's locker room". Sarah answered.

"I'm guessing that the authority doesn't know you're going to his locker room". Dolph said.

"I said i was going to the bathroom". Sarah said.

"Nice cover. Hey what's wrong kid you look down". Dolph asked.

"I had no choice but to join the authority i told them i'd do it but they had to leave Dean, Seth, and Roman alone". Sarah said.

"I'm also guessing they didn't hold up there end of the bargain did they". Dolph said.

"No last week on smackdown they jumped Seth and Dean. I don't know if i made the right decision or if this is my fault". Sarah said with her voice cracking.

"Hey Sarah listen this could never in any life time be your they're doing has nothing to do with you there just using you to get to your brother, Seth, and Roman. And your decision is what you wanted so if you think you did the right thing then you did". Dolph said.

"Do you think my brother or Roman could hate me?" Sarah asked.

"Why would they hate you? Your brother, Roman, nobody could ever hate you". Dolph said.

"I was forced to join the authority". Sarah admitted.

Dolph then bent down to Sarah's eye level and wiped her tears away and hugged her then made sure no one was looking.

"Hey lets dry those tears and lets go to your brother". Dolph said.

"Alright. Thanks Dolph". Sarah said.

"Anything short stuff". Dolph said ruffling her hair.

Dolph then took Sarah to her brother because she was desperate to see him, once at the locker room Dolph knocked and Dean answered with a confused looked.

"What's up man?" Dean asked.

"Someone wants to see you". Dolph said.

Dolph then stepped aside to reveal Sarah and Dean let out a huge sigh of relief and he bent down and she practically jumped in his arms. Dean was then careful of hugging his sister once he had his sister he then turned his attention to Dolph.

"Thanks man i owe you". Dean said.

"No problem". Dolph said.

Dolph then had to go because he had a match soon, Dean then brings his sister in the locker room.

"Can we have Uncle Seth come?" Sarah asked.

Dean then looked wide eyes at his sister.

"Sarah no, he turned on us again it's because of him your with the authority". Dean argued.

"No it's not". Sarah said.

"Yes it is Sarah i heard that tape". Dean said.

"It was a set up for Uncle Seth". Sarah admitted.

"What? What are you talking about?" Dean asked.

"Last Monday when i was going to the bathroom i heard Randy and Kane talking. They said they were going to pretend that Seth gave them the order to grab me so we turn on him like he did us". Sarah said.

Dean then sat down on the couch and Sarah sat next to him curled into his side hugging him tight.

"Dean?" Sarah said.

"What's up princess?" Dean asked holding his sister.

"Will you hate me after i tell you this". Sarah asked.

"Sarah i could never ever hate you, what is it that you wanna tell me". Dean replied.

"There right i-i...joined the authority". Sarah said.

"You did what?" Dean asked in shock.

"I didn't want to but i begged them not to hurt you, Uncle Seth, or Uncle Roman they said they agreed to my deal if i joined in Seth's place. Please don't hate me Dean please". Sarah said with her voice cracking.

"Hey hey Sarah look at me". Dean said.

Sarah looked at her brother with teary eyes and tears running down her cheeks so Dean wiped them away and looked straight into her eyes.

"I could never ever in my life hate you princess no matter what you do i couldn't hate you. Your my baby sister, my little girl and no matter what you do, what you say, i could never ever hate you". Dean said.

"I love you De!" Sarah cried in his side hugging him tightly.

"I love you too princess". Dean said hugging his sister back.

"I just got a brilliant idea". Sarah said.

"And what is that?" Dean asked.

"We gotta get Uncle Seth first". Sarah said.

"I'll text him". Dean said.

-Come to my locker room we need to talk. Dean.

-On my way be there in a few. Seth.

"Dean i thought i was doing the right thing i thought if i joined them they leave you, Uncle Seth, and Uncle Roman alone". Sarah rambled.

"Sarah calm down i'm not mad because i know you didn't really join them i know you better then that". Dean said.

A knock then disrupted the siblings and Dean went to go answer the door and let Seth in, once in the room Seth sees Sarah in the room and she runs to him hugging him tightly.

"I'm sorry i put you against Randy tonight Uncle Seth". Sarah said into his chest.

"It's not your fault sweetheart". Seth said.

"Seth i'm sorry i should have known it was a set up from the beginning its just when i see my sister in danger all i can think about is getting her back". Dean said.

"I get it Dean". Seth said.

"Now little miss here said she had a brilliant idea, so now since Seth's here spill". Dean said.

"Ok remember how we were playing the authority when Uncle Seth was with them". Sarah said.

"Yeah". Both men replied.

"We do it again but this time we do it with me you two will still pretend the whole thing was a set up then i'm thinking the night after the Hell in a Cell ppv we turn on them". Sarah said.

"I like it". Seth said.

"You sure are an evil genius sis". Dean said.

"Oh and i will be pulling pranks on them the whole time". Sarah said.

"They won't know what hit them come the night after Hell in a Cell". Seth said.

"Oh and that night is going to be epic because i have the best prank ever planned". Sarah said.

"And just what is that?" Dean asked.

"Just wait you'll see". Sarah said.

Sarah then looks at the clock and knows she's been gone way too long and they will suspect something so she has to go back.

"I'll see you guys again right". Sarah asked.

"Of course princess". Seth said.

"Seth's right we'll see you again cause i know you and you will do anything to sneak out". Dean said.

"I just don't wanna go". Sarah said.

"We know sweetheart we know just try and be brave". Seth said.

"I'll try but that doesn't mean i have to like them". Sarah said.

Sarah then hugs her brother and Seth then leaves the room but not before running to the bathroom to get her hands wet then going to catering and getting them coffee but not before adding something 'special' to it so she carefully puts the cups on a tray and carries it back to the office with an evil smirk on her face, once back at the office she goes in the room with all eyes on her.

"And just where were you young lady?" Stephanie asked.

"I was in the bathroom i had a real bad upset stomach i think i ate something that didn't agree with me so after that i went to get you guys some coffee to make up for how i've been acting to let you know i'm done with that idiot Seth i'm ready for this place to have order. I want what's best for business". Sarah lied through her teeth.

"That's what we like to hear". Triple H said taking a cup.

Once they all take a cup and they all take a drink then spit it out with there mouths on fire, Sarah then tries hard not to laugh so she tries to hide it and covers it with a cough.

"Why was there hot sauce in here?" Triple H asked.

"I thought the bottle said creamer i must have picked up the wrong bottle i'm sorry". Sarah lied.

"Just don't do it again for now just go watch your brother's match". Triple H said.

Sarah then went to the couch and watched her brother's match.

(Skips most of the match)

It's towards the end of the match and both men are weak, Dean then has an opening and kicks Cena in the ribs a few times then performs dirty deeds pinning him for the win.

"The winner of this match Dean Ambrose!" Lillian said.

Dean then goes backstage to his locker room with his sister on his mind just wondering if she'll be alright with the authority.

(Skips up to Seth's match)

"This match is set for one fall introducing first he is mr MITB Seth Rollins". Lillian announced.

Seth gets in the ring and prepares for Randy, Randy then comes out but not without the rest of the authority with Sarah.

"And his opponent Randy Orton". Lillian said.

The match then goes underway.

(Skips most of the match)

Seth is down from all the shots Randy has been giving him but then he starts to take control then once he knows Randy is set up for the curb stomp the authority members attack Seth but then Dean comes down to the ring and attacks Seth to make it look real, just then the authority attacks Ambrose and its hard for Sarah to watch. Dean then got rid of J&J security, then Seth got back up and went after Kane while Dean went after Randy once Randy and Kane were out of the way to make it look real Dean then attacks Seth then goes for a mic.

"So Seth since you wanted to turn your back on me again i want you inside Hell in a Cell and when i'm finished with you nobody will even be able to recognize you because i'm gonna rearrange your face". Dean yelled through the mic.

Seth, Dean, and Sarah then looked at each other with a look hoping that this act can play out longer than Seth's act.

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