Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 42


Kane, Randy, Sarah, and J&J security comes out to the ring, Sarah is in Randy's grip but she's playing along so well it actually looks real but she knows that she will never turn on her brother, Seth, or Roman.

"I would like everyone to know that since the authority has a new member she is going to announce two of tonight's matches and in one of the matches the participant is her big brother Dean, the other match is for mr MITB Seth Rollins, so Sarah would you mind announcing the matches for tonight". Kane said.

Sarah had to put on a straight face so she didn't give anything away so she took a deep breath and took the mic from Kane. She also had an idea since she could pick the matches she could give her brother and Seth easy opponents but not too easy.

"Tonight my brother Dean will face The Miz and Seth will face R truth". Sarah said feeling somewhat guilty.

Dean's music then hits and Sarah has a hopeful look on her face looking at her brother but just as always Randy grabs her by the broken arm and applies pressure to her broken arm.

"Ambrose i'm only saying it once stay where you are". Kane said.

Randy then took the mic from Sarah and put it once again to her mouth and he told her to tell Dean to stay where he is.

"Dean. Dean stay where you are please Dean don't come closer". Sarah said almost begging.

With that Dean stopped where he was and he was pissed even though he knows everything was a set up just seeing them harm his sister pisses him off.

"Alright, alright i think you guys made your point you want my sister to turn on me so she can be one of you well newsflash dumbasses she won't do that now just give me back my sister". Dean said.

Randy applied much more pressure to the broken arm on Sarah.

"Dean you are in no position to be making any kind of demand". Kane said.

Seth's music then hit.

"Alright i've had enough of this tonight you are going to give me back my niece one way or another or i swear i'll kick all your asses". Seth said.

Randy then whispers in Sarah's ear what to say to both men and her eyes widen sending both her brother and Seth an apologetic look before she says anything.

"Seth you're the reason i'm here if you hadn't turned on the authority i wouldn't be here i'd be with my brother safe and sound, Dean...if you had kept a better eye on me i wouldn't be here or i wouldn't be hurt. It's both of your faults that i'm here so if you wanna do what's best for business you'd just back off". Sarah said with a strong voice cracking a bit.

Both men outside the ring knew she would never say that unless she was forced, Dean couldn't take it anymore so he ran under the bottom rope and was ready to jump someone.

"Uh Dean i wouldn't do that if i were you remember we have your sister and you wouldn't want anything to happen to her would you". Randy said.

Dean's patience was wearing thin with these two asswipes so for his sister's sake and safety he got out the ring but not before giving a few hits to Rollins and he fights back, while that was ending everyone got out the ring and they knew Sarah was feeling very guilty for saying that. Once backstage no one except superstars and divas were around but no one from the authority so Seth took this opportunity to go to Dean's locker room while they waited for Sarah because after that she needed her brother and Seth more than anything because that hurt her more than it hurt them.


Sarah has another prank set up for the authority so she's walking behind them.

"I'm going to catering to get something to eat i haven't eaten all day". Sarah lied.

"Alright". Kane said.

Once Sarah was away and around the corner she peaked her head and saw that Kane had opened the door and a huge bucket of paint fell on all their heads and splattered everywhere and she ran down the hall but stopped to catch her breath she then remembered the things that she had said to Dean and Seth, she's trying so hard not to cry but her bottom lip starts to quiver to the point she broke down in complete sobs even though she has to play along that was really hard for her to say. Sarah then had calmed down some and went to Dean's locker room.

Dean's locker room

"Where is she, she should have been here by now". Dean said.

"Dude relax she's probably on her way". Seth said.

"She must be feeling guilty as hell for saying that". Dean said.

"Randy told her to say it and if she didn't he probably threatened her". Seth said.

A few minutes later there was a knock at the door.

"That's probably her now". Seth said getting up to open the door.

Seth opens the door and sees Sarah holding her head down while sniffing.

"Sarah, come in sweetheart". Seth said.

Dean heard his sister and she was crying for what she said.

"Princess". Dean said gently.

Sarah then ran to her brother hugging his waist burying her face in his stomach bawling her eyes out.

"Dean i'm sorry i'm so so so so sorry for saying that, i'm sorry Uncle Seth. I didn't mean it any of it". Sarah rambled.

"Hey Sarah, calm down sweetheart calm down and take a few deep breaths". Seth told his young niece.

Sarah then began taking a few deep breaths and she began to calm herself down.

"Now other than what Randy told you to say did he say anything else?" Dean asked.

"He said that if i said it they let me go and if i didn't we'd all pay the price". Sarah said.

Seth and Dean then look at each other then turn there attention back to Sarah.

"Guys i'm not sure how much longer i can do this i'm really trying i just don't wanna say more stuff to hurt any of you there making me say it". Sarah said.

Seth then went to get something to wipe Sarah's face off while Dean just holds his sister while stroking her hair. Seth then wipes her face off with a wet paper towel to remove any evidence that she was crying.

"Sarah we don't have to wait till have Hell in a Cell we can do it anytime you don't have to stay with them anymore". Dean said.

"I wanna do it for just a little while longer just to see if they have anymore ideas or plans". Sarah said.

"So did you pull any of your pranks on them like you did with us". Seth joked.

"Hot sauces in their coffees and they just got splattered with pain. Nobody said i had to be nice to them when i joined them". Sarah said.

The two men then laughed, after a while Sarah knew she had to get back or the others will be suspicious.

"I'll try to sneak off later after you guys have you matches". Sarah said.

"We'll see you then sweetheart". Seth said.

"Try to stay out of trouble princess". Dean said.

"No promises". Sarah said.

Sarah then hugged her brother and Seth then left the room back to the authority's office trying not to bust out crying, she then had to go to the catering area to make it look like she still there and grabbed some food but not a lot she then begins to eat just then walking in is Nikki and Brie and they see Sarah who is miserable so they go to her to try and help her.

"Hey sweetie, what's the matter?" Nikki asked Sarah.

"I don't wanna be with the authority anymore". Sarah said.

"You joined them?" Brie asked.

"They said if i did they leave my brother, Seth, and Roman alone but they didn't they jumped Dean and Seth then tried to have me and my brother turn on him like he did and after what they made me say tonight i-i don't know if i can be with them any longer. I don't know what to do". Sarah said with her voice cracking.

"It's alright Sarah don't worry i know that you guys will come up with something to get back at the authority". Nikki said.

Brie and Nikki then hugged Sarah, they all then said their goodbyes and Sarah went back to the office and when she enters the room Randy, Kane, and J&J security are all now cleaned up of all the paint that got splattered on them.

"Did you do this you little pest?" Randy asked.

"Maybe i did maybe i didn't, nobody said i had to like you a-holes when i joined". Sarah said.

"You need to learn how to respect us little girl or you will have severe consequences". Kane told her.

"Like what? You can't ground me because your not my brother, touch me i'll just kick your butt, so what is it that you can do to me" Sarah said.

"I can always put you in action". Kane threatened.

"You mean like in a match". Sarah asked.

"Yes so you need to stop with the disrespect and acting out you represent the authority and the WWE, so therefore we cannot or willnot have you acting out and disrespecting us". Randy said.

Sarah then felt sick to her stomach and ran from the room the bathroom and went into a stall emptying the contents of her stomach, she now needed to do something she couldn't be put in a match because she still young, she has medical conditions, and to everywhere one of the wrestlers she just looks extremely short since they are much taller and stronger than her not to mention all the superstars and divas treat Sarah as if she were there own little sister so they could never hurt her. Sarah then needed to clear her head but before she did she had to go talk to someone.

Seth's locker room

Seth is preparing for his match then he hears a knock at his door he opens it and sees Sarah standing there with a little bit of vomit on her mouth and she's hold back tears.

"Sarah? What's wrong sweetheart?" Seth asked bringing her in.

"I ran from the authority Uncle Seth". Sarah said.

"Are you sick?" Seth asked feeling her forehead.

"No not really, i had to get away from them though Uncle Seth i had to". Sarah said.

"What'd they do sweetie?" Seth asked.

"More like what they said". Sarah said.

"What'd they say?" Seth wetting a towel wiping her mouth.

"They said that if i don't start respecting them and representing the authority they will give me severe consequences". Sarah said.

"Like what?" Seth asked moving hair from her face.

"Putting me in matches". Sarah said.

"What?" Seth replied.

"Kane said if i don't start showing respect and representing the authority they will put me in matches. Uncle Seth i didn't know what to do, i still don't know what to do". Sarah rambled.

"Sarah, calm down sweetheart calm down and take a deep breath". Seth instructed her.

Sarah then followed Seth's lead and began to calm herself down and she is finally calm.

"I don't know what to do Uncle Seth i don't know". Sarah said.

"Honey it's alright you're just a 10 year old little kid your not suppose to know everything we'll figure it out for now you just keep doing what you do best". Seth said.

"What if they do put me in a match? I can't compete i'm too young, i'm too small those guys would crush me". Sarah said.

"I don't think they would put you against those guys maybe against me or your brother but not the other guys". Seth said.

"I wanna go back to Dean. I miss my brother". Sarah said.

"Sweetheart we don't have to wait till after Hell in a Cell we can do it whenever you want to". Seth said.

"No just a little longer then we'll do it i have to see if there going to do anymore set ups or plans". Sarah said.

"Alright if that's what you want". Seth said.

"It is". Sarah said.

Sarah sees she has to once again go back to the authority's office or they will find her like before and if they find her with Seth or Dean they will know that they are being played again.

"Please don't tell Dean don't i'll tell him". Sarah said.

"Ok i won't". Seth promised.

Sarah then hugged Seth's waist.

"I love you Uncle Seth". Sarah said.

"I love you too sweetheart". Seth said.

Sarah then went back to the authority's office.

"And just where were you?" Kane asked.

"The bathroom i had to puke didn't think you wanted it on the floor". Sarah said.

Randy then comes in the room with ring gear that's Sarah size.

"Oh good you're back here put these on now". Randy said.

"I don't think so your not my brother so don't act like him". Sarah said.

"You're going against Rollin in his match tonight so go get ready now". Kane said.

"I can't compete you simpletons". Sarah said.

"Yeah and why's that?" Randy said.

"I have medical conditions". Sarah said.

"Like what". Kane said.

"I can't get overheated or i'll pass out not to mention my broken arm ". Sarah said.

"You will be fine now get ready i'm not telling you again". Randy said.

Sarah then went to go get ready and when she came out it was a tank top, tactical pants and tennis shoes with her hair in a ponytail.

"Now lets go surprise one of your pathetic uncles". Randy said.

"Seth is not pathetic". Sarah yelled.

Sarah then got eye to eye with Randy ready to attack him but J&J pulled Sarah away only for both of them to get punched square in the jaw, Kane then broke up the fight in the room.

"Enough! Lets get to ringside". Kane said.

Sarah then felt guilty for going against Seth but none of it is her fault none of what she is forced to do is her fault and she knew that.


"This match is set for one fall introducing first in the ring he is mr MITB Seth Rollins". Lillian said.

Seth then prepared for whoever he is facing, just then Kane's music hits and he, Randy, J&J security, and Sarah comes out and Seth notices Sarah in ring gear and now knows who he is going against.

"Now Seth i didn't mention your opponent for tonight so i figured i surprise you, it's your precious little niece here". Kane said.

Seth went to grab a mic and he is fuming mad.

"You assholes can't be serious you can't let a little 10 year old girl compete not to mention her arm is broke". Seth said.

"She will compete". Kane said.

Sarah then got in the ring looking extremely guilty, just then Dean's music hits and he comes out beyond pissed off.

"You all must be out of your damn minds if you think my sister is competing in a match she's just a child". Dean yelled.

"For the last and final time she can and will compete in a match so therefore ref ring the bell and start this match". Kane said.

The ref rang the bell and the match starts.

(Skips most of the match)

Seth is letting Sarah attack him he is getting in a few hits but he wants to let her win and right when he is about to get up she hits him with a superman punch and then she sets him up for the curb stomp does that then dirty deeds him pining him winning the match up.

"The winner of this match Sarah Ambrose!" Lillian said.

Sarah then got a bit dizzy her vision blurred and she passed out, Dean saw this and ran down to the ring only to get stopped by Randy while Kane got Sarah bringing her back to the medic. Dean then got more pissed and dirty deeds Randy on the floor then he sees Kane and Sarah gone. Once Kane got Sarah in the trainer's room the dr began working on her, the conclusion to what happened to Sarah is she got too dehydrated and she got overheated making her pass out. Seth and Dean then were hoping Sarah was alright or there will be extreme hell to pay.

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