Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 43

Monday night raw

Before Sarah goes to the authority's office she is going to Dean's locker room to get a couple of things first hoping to scare the living hell out of them tonight. Once she gets to her brother's locker room she walks in and sees her brother has two plastic cases.

"Are they here Dean?" Sarah asked her brother.

"Right here princess". Dean said.

What they are talking about is Sarah's pets that Dean had flown in from their place in Vegas. She has a pet python because she loves snakes, and her pet tarantula because she is fascinated by spiders. What she is going to do tonight is let them loose in the authority's office hoping to scare them all.

"I know that look kiddo what are you up to". Dean said.

"I'm gonna let them loose in the office tonight". Sarah said.

"I can't wait to see the look on their faces". Dean said.

Sarah then bit her bottom lip knowing what happened on smackdown but doesn't wanna bring it up because she doesn't wanna upset her brother. Dean then saw the look on his sister's face knowing what happened on smackdown.

"Dean what happened on smackdown wasn't suppose to go like that". Sarah said.

"I don't blame you princess i don't, i blame them assholes for doing that". Dean said.

"Kane actually threatened me". Sarah said.

"He did what?" Dean asked angrily.

"He said that if i don't start showing the authority respect and start representing them right...he'll put me in matches. I think since i mouthed off to them and pulled that prank they put me in action". Sarah said.

Dean then got up off of the chair he was sitting in and started to pace around the room, his patience with the authority is starting to get thin to the point he will do something and if he does anything stupid they will use Sarah against him right now there all still lucky that the authority doesn't even know there being set up by a kid.

"Dean i don't know what to do anymore i don't know. If i turn on them too soon they'll go after you guys or me again, or they will jump you or Uncle Seth again, or-" Sarah rambled being cut off by her brother.

"Woah woah Sarah calm down and take a deep breath. We can turn on them whenever you're ready we don't have to wait". Dean said to his sister.

"Next week we will they still have to believe that we turned on Uncle Seth and there still believing it". Sarah said.

Sarah then saw she has to get to the authority's office or they will go and find her.

"Dean be careful in your match tonight please". Sarah said.

"I'll try princess". Dean said.

Sarah's pet snake settled down on her shoulders while she carried the spider in the case, she then made her way to the authority's office hoping to scare the living hell out of all of them especially Stephanie. Once she is in the room she sees that it's empty and it's the perfect time to set the snake and spider free so she guides the snake off of her shoulder and on the floor while she opens the case to her pet tarantula and it starts to crawl all over the place while she watches the first match of the night. After a while all the members of the authority comes back in the room not knowing what's in the room, after a while of discussing the plans for that night Sarah seen her pet python slither to Randy and watches as it makes its way up to his shoulder.

"Kane get off me". Randy said.

"Randy i'm right here what are you talking about". Kane replied.

"Wait if your right there then what's on my-". Randy stopping midsentence to look at the huge python on his shoulder.

"Ahh! What the hell! Where in the hell did that damn thing come from". Randy demanded.

J&J security then come in the room not knowing what is going on.

"Did you two neanderthals have something to do with this?" Randy demanded.

"With what Randy?" Jamie asked.

"That big ass snake". Randy said.

They both look at the snake then scream like little girls running out of the room while Sarah is cracking up on the couch.

"It was you!" Randy said to Sarah.

"Ethan is my pet snake i was playing with him till i couldn't find him anymore". Sarah lied.

Randy and Kane are getting more and more fed up with Sarah everyday, once Sarah got her snake she told Kane and Randy she bring it back to Dean's locker room to put away in its case. On her way back she was thinking of another prank to pull but right when she gets to the office of the authority they didn't close the door all the way so she hears everyone from the authority talking.

"So what is this plan exactly". Stephanie asked.

"With these fake documents were going to go out to the ring and tell Ambrose that he is an unfit guardian to that little pint size brat". Triple H said.

With that Sarah got beyond pissed and shoved the door open then slammed it shut.

"What is the matter with you have you gone completely nuts". Stephanie said.

"I'm not going to let you set my brother up. Setting Seth up is one thing but my brother saying he's an unfit guardian to take care of me i won't let you make my brother look like the bad guy". Sarah said.

"And just what are you gonna do about it because if you tell anyone at all i will make you compete in a match tonight broken arm or not". Triple H said.

Before Sarah could speak she saw something on Stephanie's shoulder and busted out laughing. Stephanie felt something tickle her on her shoulder and assumed it was her husband but it wasn't.

"Uh Steph you got something on her shoulder". Randy said.

Stephanie then looked down and saw the huge hairy spider screaming bloody murder while Sarah is cracking up on the floor holding her stomach.

"Let me guess you had something to do with this didn't you". Hunter said trying to calm his wife down.

"I was just playing with him then when i went to the bathroom he must have gotten out". Sarah lied.

After Stephanie has calm down enough she gave Sarah a death glare.

"You take that thing out of here and take it back to wherever it came from". Stephanie demanded.

"You know for a second i thought i was going to listen to you but i'm not. I never said i had to like any of you or be nice to you when i joined". Sarah said holding her pet spider on her arm.

"Ok i have had enough of you disrespecting us you will start showing us some respect little missy". Stephanie told her.

"And what makes you think i'll listen to you?" Sarah asked.

"Because your going to be put in a match tonight". Hunter said.

"You can't i have a broken arm the dr isn't going to clear me at all not to mention i'm not experienced, i have no training whatsoever, i have no ring gear, and i'm just a kid". Sarah argued.

"That's not my problem and your opponent is going to be your brother Dean". Hunter said.

"No way in hell i'm going against my own brother". Sarah said.

"Hey your gonna watch your tone and your language with me". Hunter said.

"And what are you gonna do if i don't?" Sarah challenged.

Stephanie then got near her and Sarah shot her a death glare so bad if looks could kill Stephanie would be on the floor, Stephanie then slapped Sarah across the face hard then Sarah took her good arm and swung right at Stephanie punching her right in the eye giving her a hell of a black eye once she was down Sarah was then being held back by J&J only for them to get kicked in the groin area hard falling to there knees she then clocked them both in the jaw finally she ended by punching J&J in the face breaking there noses. Sarah knew she was getting too angry so she ran out of the room holding back the tears that are threatening to spill out, she knew she couldn't go to her brother just yet but she knew who she could go to.

Seth's locker room

Seth had the night off from all matches but he stilled showed up because of Dean and Sarah but especially Sarah, Seth was brought out of his thoughts when he heard a knock at his door and when he opened it he saw his niece sniffing letting the angry tears fall. He then looked at her knuckles and saw that they were red and starting to bruise a little.

"Uncle Seth". Sarah cried.

"Come here sweetheart". Seth said opening up his arms.

Sarah then ran to her uncle crying into his shirt staining it while Seth just rubbed her back soothingly, he then brought her over to the couch and sat her down but she didn't let him go she was still fuming mad.

"Sarah, sweetheart what happened". Seth asked.

"I had my pet snake and spider flown here so i could pull a prank on the authority so after they found the snake i brought it back to Dean's locker room to put back in his case then i was walking back when i heard them talking". Sarah said sniffing.

"What were they saying?" Seth asked moving some hair out of her face.

"They were gonna go out to the ring tonight and set Dean up. There going to use fake documents to say how he's an unfit guardian and that he can't take care of me anymore". Sarah explained.

"What?!" Seth exploded.

"Then Triple H said that if i told anyone at all he'd put me in a match broken arm or not. Stephanie then saw my spider on her shoulder and screamed bloody murder then she said she's getting tired of me disrespecting them then i told her what is she gonna do if i don't listen to them so she slapped me and i punched her in the face then them two simpletons J&J security started to pull me off then i kicked them in the groin then punched them in the jaw then broke their noses". Sarah said.

"Anyone say anything else?" Seth asked.

Sarah took a deep breath and told Seth what Hunter had told her.

"Triple H told me i was gonna be put in a match tonight against...Dean". Sarah admitted.

Seth then looked shocked, the authority is making Sarah go in a match against her own brother what in the hell is wrong with them he thought, there is no way in hell Dean will ever in his life fight his sister inside the ring or not.

"Uncle Seth i don't know what to do, there making me go against my own brother i don't wanna do that". Sarah said.

"You don't have to. You don't". Seth said trying to calm her down.

"Then what do we do?" Sarah asked.

Seth then had a smirk on his face he had a plan set for the authority and so he told Sarah, she loved the idea the only thing is she had to be with the authority to set the plan in action and they had to get Dean so Seth texted him.

-Get to my locker room ASAP! We gotta talk. Seth.

-On my way. Dean.

After a few minutes Dean came in Seth's locker room without knocking because from how the text sounded it was important. Dean gets in the room to see Sarah beside Seth sniffing while wiping her eyes.

"What happened". Dean asked.

"The authority was gonna set you up". Seth answered for Sarah.

"How?" Dean asked sitting by his sister.

"They were gonna show fake documents to prove you are an unfit guardian to take care of Sarah". Seth answered.

Dean then got extremely pissed off, he was ready to leave the room but Seth stopped him.

"That's not all dude". Seth said.

"What now". Dean practically yelled.

"They put her in a match tonight for mouthing off and acting out. And the match is against you". Seth said.

Dean's eyes then widen a bit then he looks to his sister and she nods, Sarah then gets up to hug her brother and he crushes her to his body ready to go kick someone's ass for doing this crap.

"But i have an idea". Seth said.

Seth then informed Dean of his plan and he loved it even more but Sarah now has to go back to the authority for it to go into action. She is now headed back to the office ready and prepared to pull through with Seth's plan. Maybe the authority won't say that she is going to go against her brother in another match she thought. Once she is in the office she was handed ring gear to put on so she goes into the bathroom to change and she comes out a couple minutes later and she is all ready to go out with the authority.


"Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the authority". Lillian said.

The music then plays throughout the arena and they all go down to the ring everyone from the authority is there but Sarah is standing outside ready to give the signal to her brother and Seth.

"So for tonight's main event we thought to think outside of the box and do something a bit different tonight your doing to see the lunatic fringe Dean Ambrose go one on one with his precious baby sister Sarah". Triple H said.

Sarah then went to get a mic and went back toward the ramp giving the signal for her brother and Seth to come out. Dean's music hits, he and Seth then go out to the ramp standing behind Sarah but not too close to the ring.

"Hey Triple H, Stephanie, i had a real awesome time with you guys but i just have a few words to say. First i just wanted to say: I QUIT, i no longer want to be with the authority. Second lookup". Sarah said.

The authority members then look up to see what she was talking about then out of nowhere they all get splattered and getting cow manure dumped all over them while everyone in the arena including Dean, Seth, and Sarah are laughing while in the ring the authority members are struggling to get up but keep falling.

"Next time you won't be so stupid by trying to put me in a match with my brother". Sarah yelled.

Dean and Seth then lift Sarah up on their shoulders while they continue to watch as they struggle in the ring, Hunter is trying to help Stephanie up while she is just crying after being embarrassed on national tv and all over the world, Randy is helping Kane but fails repeatedly same with everyone else in the ring. Dean and Seth lookup to see Sarah who has a huge smile on her face which they haven't seen in a while so maybe this helped. But now the authority now knows to not ever put Sarah in a match with her brother ever again or they will seriously see one pissed off little sister.

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