Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 44


Sarah was finally back with her brother and Seth after she quit the authority, they were in Dean's locker room getting ready for the night to start.

"So where am i gonna go since you guys are gonna be in a tag match?" Sarah asked.

"You're not coming to ringside for sure so don't ask. I guess you could stay with AJ and Paige if they don't mind". Dean said.

"Please can i stay with them please please please Dean please". Sarah practically begged her brother.

"I guess you can but you are to only stay with them no going off anywhere by yourself you stay with them and only them. I mean it Sarah i find out you went off by yourself your grounded for 2 weeks with no phone and no going to ringside". Dean said.

"Yes Dean". Sarah said.

"But that prank on Monday was epic i wanted to do that for so damn long". Seth said.

"One of our best pranks ever Uncle Seth". Sarah said.

"Speaking of pranks how did yours that you pulled turn out". Dean asked.

"Them two doofs J&J security ran out of the room screaming like little girls when they saw my snake, Stephanie screamed bloody murder when she saw my spider i even recorded here look". Sarah said showing the two men her phone.

Dean and Seth saw the two videos and started cracking up laughing dropping to their knees laughing, Sarah then put her phone back in her pocket .

"Dean can i go to catering i'm hungry". Sarah asked her brother.

"Go ahead but stay with someone i don't care who as long as its not someone from the authority". Dean said.

"Ok". Sarah said.

Seth then got a gut feeling something was going to happen he didn't know what but he knew something was gonna happen. While Sarah was walking to catering lost in her thoughts she got an idea of another prank so while she was outside that day she was searching and found a centipede she found two so she was gonna pull a double prank one tonight and the other on Raw, so she made a little detour while going to catering she went to the authority's office and saw no one there so she let one of the centipedes go then carried on to catering. Once in catering it was just a few superstars and divas because some are in action tonight and are either in action or preparing for the match she went to get some food and once she got her plate she saw Dolph, Titus O'neil, and Darren Young sitting at a table talking she decided she'd go sit with them.

"Hey guys". Sarah said to the three men.

"Hey short stuff". Dolph said.

"What's up Sarah". Titus said.

"What's the word Sarah". Darren said.

"I pulled a couple pranks on the authority on Monday". Sarah said munching on some chicken tenders.

"No way". Dolph said.

"What'd you do". Titus asked.

Sarah then pulled her phone out and showed the three men the two videos and they cracked up laughing.

"Nice one Sare". Darren said.

"Yeah how'd you come up with that seems like a classic". Titus said.

"I asked Dean if he could fly my pet snake and spider out once they came i went and got them from his locker room i went back to the authority's office and let them free, when they came back in the room they never knew that the snake or spider were in the room Randy found out because when my snake was slithering up his leg and arm he thought it was Kane bothering him then he saw it was my snake and thought them two doofs J&J security did it when they saw the snake they ran out the room screaming like little girls. Now with my spider that was even more hilarious i noticed it when it started crawling up the back of Stephanie's dress and on her shoulder Randy told her she had something on her shoulder when she looked and saw what it was she screamed bloody murder it was hilarious". Sarah explained.

"You are a good prankster kid". Dolph said.

"Did you guys see what me, Dean, and Seth did Monday at the end of Raw?" Sarah asked.

The three superstars said no and she played the other video that was posted the one when all the members of the authority got covered in cow manure and they all cracked up laughing.

"Now that was a good one". Titus said.

"Seriously good". Darren said.

"You pull that one from Cena short stuff?" Dolph asked.

"No this time it wasn't mud but it did reak". Sarah said.

"What was it?" Darren asked.

"Cow manure". Sarah answered.

"Nice one shortie much better then when Cena pulled that one". Dolph said.

"I also may have pulled another prank tonight". Sarah said.

"What'd you do kid". Titus asked.

"When i was outside today i found two centipedes so i'm gonna pull a double prank one tonight and one for Raw hopefully they work". Sarah said.

"You remind me so much of your brother but different". Titus said.

"He taught me how to prank people when i was six. When i was six he taught me a few of the basics like the whoopee cushion, the banana peel, all of them i just got better when i got older". Sarah said.

Sarah then knew her prank was about to go in action so she had to prepare to go soon.

"Ok guys my prank is about to happen so i'll see you guys later oh and if anyone from the authority asks you never saw me if my brother and Seth ask you have". Sarah said.

"No problem Sarah go give them authority what they deserve". Dolph said.

"Let us know how the prank went". Titus said.

"See you later shortie". Darren said.

She then fist bumped the superstars then left she was around the corner from the authority's office when she heard two screams so loud it sounds like two little girls screaming but its actually J&J security she then hears Kane and Randy freak out a little bit. She then started going back to her brother's locker room when she bumped into someone and it was a very pissed off Randy.

"You got a eye problem Orton?" Sarah asked.

"Alright cut the crap why'd you let a centipede loose in the office?" Randy demanded.

"I have no idea what your talking about i was with my brother and Seth then i went to catering to get something to eat". Sarah said.

"Why don't we go have a friendly chat there is something you need to know about your dear old Uncle Seth". Randy said.

"I'm busy right now maybe later or never". Sarah said.

"I think you might change your mind after this". Randy said.

Randy then dragged Sarah to the authority's office and sat with her on the couch.

"What do you want Randy i told you i'm busy". Sarah said.

"You know Seth doesn't love or care about you anymore right". Randy lied.

"Do i look like i was born yesterday i may be young and sometimes naive but i'm not stupid you're making up lies to get me to turn on Seth and it's not gonna work i wasn't gonna turn on my brother and i'm not gonna turn on Seth". Sarah said.

"I'm not making up anything Sarah he said it himself when he was with us he said he never loved you or even cared about you". Randy said lying.

"You're lying Seth wouldn't say that". Sarah said.

Randy then pulled out a fake tape recording and played it.

-That little pint size brat causes nothing but trouble i only pretended to love and care for her to get on her pathetic brother's good side i never loved or cared for that brat. Never have never will.

After the tape ended Sarah started to crack a bit.

"I told you he said it now is that the kind of guy you want as your role model and someone you call an uncle. Kid i would never lie to you but it seems like Seth really doesn't care or love you anymore because as soon as he wants to he's gonna turn his back on you, your brother, and Roman again so he can become the champion". Randy said.

"Shut up! Seth never said that you're just trying to frame him and its not gonna work so you can just go to hell". Sarah screamed at Randy with tears running down her face.

Randy then backhanded her straight across the face hard leaving a handprint, Sarah then knees him in the groin area hard making him fall to his knees she then proceed to attack him by repeatedly punching Randy over and over again once she stopped she was now crying so hard her breathing hitched to where she couldn't breath and if she didn't calm down some she would puke then pass out. She calm down a little but her face had a huge welt on her right cheek and her blue eyes are now bloodshot red from crying so she ran from the room and going to her secret hiding place.

Seth's locker room

Since he and Dean were placed in the main event and its a tag match he had to go back to his locker room to change and prepare once he was dressed in his ring gear he hears a knock on his door and he goes to open it and he sees his young niece who is sniffing still trying to hold back tears her face down not wanting to show that she got slapped and to show she was crying, her hair that was once in a braid started falling out and some hair covered her face but none of that mattered he heard his niece crying and he wanted to know why before he got Dean.

"Sarah. Sweetheart what happened". Seth asked his niece gently.

Sarah then came in the room with her arms folded across her chest while she is still sniffling, she then sat on the couch and Seth sat beside her and brushed her hair out of her face but he still couldn't see her face because she refused to show him.

"Sarah, sweetheart talk to me what happened. You gotta talk to me so i can help you". Seth said.

"Do you still love me Uncle Seth?" Sarah asked sniffing.

"What. Sweetheart of course i still love you who told you i didn't". Seth asked.

"Randy said that when you were with them he said that you told them you never loved me or cared for me that the only reason you ever did love or care for me was to get on my brother's good side". Sarah explained.

"Sarah he's lying to you i never said that". Seth said.

"Then why'd he have a tape recording of you saying that?" Sarah asked.

"I don't know Sarah". Seth answered.

Sarah then couldn't take it anymore and broke down again crying, Seth let out a huge sigh but he was also pissed off at Randy for telling Sarah that he never loved her or cared about her he was going to kick Randy's ass in the match. Seth then knew what he had to do next: tell Dean, but not before doing something first. Sarah then basically cried herself to sleep on Seth's couch so he covered her up with a blanket kissed her head and left his locker room so pissed off he could rip Randy to shreds. Seth then starts to wonder around looking for Randy and he sees him icing his groin area where Sarah had kicked him.

"Orton! What the hell is wrong with you?" Seth practically yelled at Randy.

"I don't know what your talking about Seth". Randy lied.

"You know damn well exactly what i'm talking about. What the hell would possess you to say that to Sarah? She's just a kid!" Seth yelled at Randy.

"I was just telling her the truth about her dear old Uncle Seth how you never loved her or cared about her for that matter". Randy said.

"That's a damn lie and you know it your just trying to get her and Dean to turn on me again". Seth argued.

"There your words Seth not mine for once why don't you own up to your responsibility and tell the damn truth and stop all the lying". Randy said.

What Seth didn't know is that Sarah had woken up and she went to find him, she found him she was right around the corner where they were talking listening to the whole thing.

"I never said that Randy i know it and you damn well know it". Seth said.

"I'd stop lying Seth she knows the truth now the truth is you never loved her or cared about her". Randy said.

Seth then knew he was gonna blow, Sarah actually started to believe Randy who knows what Seth could have said after he turned on them he could have said anything, so she decided to make her presence known so she comes out and confronts both Randy and Seth.

"So is it true Seth did you say it?" Sarah asked with tears coming down her face again.

"Yes". Randy said.

"No. Sarah i would never say that ever you have to believe me". Seth said.

"Believe you? You turned your back on us for what? A title opportunity. My brother and Roman were right i knew i should have never trusted you again! Go to hell!" Sarah screamed at Seth.

Sarah then ran away from the two men going back to her brother's locker room leaving Seth there in shock from what Sarah said but also pissed at what Randy just did and knowing Dean he will believe his sister's word over anyone and if she tells Dean he's going to send Seth to hell. Seth then jacked Randy up by his shirt.

"This is all your fault Orton! Why the hell did you do that she's just a kid a damn innocent child, your gonna pay for this Orton i swear your gonna pay". Seth said.

"Not really cause the second she tells Ambrose he's gonna kick your ass not mine yours". Randy said.

Seth then let go of Randy because he had to get to Dean and fast so he ran like a bat out of hell trying to go to Dean's locker room but Sarah beat him to the punch.

Dean's locker room

Dean is still preparing for this tag team main event match just then Sarah ran threw the door slamming it shut and going to the couch crying in the pillow.

"Sarah? Princess what's wrong?" Dean asked his sister.

Sarah then continued to cry into the pillow, Dean then brought his sister into his arms and he let her cry into his chest.

"Princess you gotta calm down and take a few deep breaths". Dean said.

Sarah then started to calm down some and she began taking a few deep breaths as soon as her breathing evened out she began to explain.

"Randy grabbed me earlier and said that Seth told them that he never loved me or cared about me that he only did it to get on your good side. Seth swore to me he never said it but Randy kept saying it but Seth kept denying it". Sarah explained.

Dean's eye lit up with anger and rage he didn't know who to be more pissed at Seth or Randy his thoughts are then interrupted by Seth coming in the room.

"Get out! Go away Seth! I don't ever wanna see you again and your not my uncle anymore just go away!" Sarah screamed at Seth.

"Sarah, Dean you have to believe me i would never in my life say those words not ever". Seth said.

"Seth just go away i don't wanna see you". Sarah cried.

"Seth outside now". Dean barked at the younger man.

He then obligated with his request because he didn't want Dean to get any more pissed off then what he already is. After a little while after Dean got his sister to calm down he then went outside to approach Seth and he didn't know if he should yell at him or kick his ass.

"Dean i swear to god i never once said those words ever in my life. Sarah is the best thing that ever happened to me she's my niece and ever since i came back from being with those complete asswipes i made a vow to always protect her at any and every cost i love her and care about her. I will do anything to prove to you and her that you can trust me again anything at all you want me to do i'll do it. I would not risk anything ever again to have a relationship with my niece i will do anything to protect her". Seth said.

"How do i know if you hadn't said those words? I don't know what you said or didn't say after you turned your back on us hell you could be lying to my face right now, Seth incase you hadn't notice this by now by my sister can be very emotional and if she's not happy i'm sure as hell not happy". Dean said.

"Dean please man you have to believe me i would never in my life say those words not to her she's my niece. I would never in my life at all say those words to her or say anything to hurt her at all". Seth said.

"Well until this situation gets solved i don't want you going anywhere near her". Dean said.

"Dean come on man". Seth pleaded.

"I'm serious Seth don't come around her until you prove you never said it and you find a way to make up with her because right now she hates your guts". Dean said.

"So you rather believe those asshole who hurt and used your sister instead of believing me". Seth said.

"Who said i believed it? I don't know what you said or didn't say i wasn't there all i know is that my sister heard it and until you prove that you never said it and you find a way to make up with her don't come around her until i say so or she says so". Dean said.

"What about the tag match tonight? Your my partner we have to be on the same page". Seth said.

"And we will we just can't show that we were yelling at each other or anything". Dean said.

Seth then nodded, Dean saw it was almost time for his match so he had to bring his sister to AJ and Paige.

"Look right now she doesn't wanna see you so you go for the match while i bring her to AJ and Paige". Dean said.

"Dean you have to believe me i never said those words ever Randy is trying to get you both to turn on me". Seth said.

"We'll discuss this Monday right now we have a tag match and i have to get her to AJ right now, and if she sees you she's gonna blow another gasket i'm not fond of seeing my sister crying". Dean said.

"Oh like i am?" Seth replied.

"Just go wait and get ready for the match while i get her to AJ and Paige". Dean said.

"Alright". Seth said.

Dean then went back inside to see his sister and knowing her if she had a bad emotional breakdown she will shut down for a few day until she's ready to talk again right now she's quiet really quiet she won't talk or even look anyone in the eye.

"Sarah? You ready to go to AJ and Paige?" Dean asked.

Sarah nodded and took her brother's hand while leaving her head down feeling betrayed again by the same person, she hadn't noticed when they arrived at the divas' locker room so while she kept her head down her brother knocked then AJ and Paige opened up to see Dean there standing with Sarah.

"Hey Dean. What's up". AJ said.

"Can you watch Sarah i have a tag match and needs someone to watch her". Dean said.

"Is she ok?" Paige asked.

"Really long story". Dean said.

"We'll be happy to watch her for you Dean". AJ said.

"Thanks guys". Dean said.

He then got to his sister's eye level and took her chin making her look at him.

"Sarah i'm gonna come get you right after the match is over, if you need anything tell either AJ or Paige ok". Dean said gently.

Sarah then nodded and hugged her brother he then returned the hug then kissed the side of her head now leaving her with the two divas' while he had a tag match.


This is a tag team match set for one fall currently in the ring the team of Randy Orton and Kane". Lillian said.

Seth's music then hits.

"And their opponents first he is Mr MITB Seth Rollins". Lillian said.

Once Seth was halfway down the ramp Dean's music then hit.

"And his tag team partner Dean Ambrose". Lillian said.

Once the four men were in the ring the match then got started.

(Skips most of the match)

Right now Dean is in with Randy and he is beating the holy but hell out of him for saying that to his sister, slapping her, and making her cry because no one made his sister cry without getting an ass kicking. Dean then did the running bull dog on Randy hoping to get the pin but Randy kicked out he then tagged Seth in and Seth gave Randy one hell of a beating all of the anger, rage, and frustration finally came out of him because Randy had hurt his niece its because of him Sarah doesn't trust Seth, it's because of him that Sarah had her mental break down and cried, he caused his niece pain so he's gonna make him pay. Seth then tagged Dean in, Randy then got back in the fight and went at Dean he tried to knock him out the ring but he caught himself in the second rope and delivered a mean close line to Randy. Kane then got in the ring but Seth attacked while Dean was still on Randy, once Kane was out of the way Seth saw that Randy was set up for the curb stomp and he gave the hardest curb stomp as he possibly could he then got out of Dean's way since he was still the legal man. Dean then performed dirty deeds on Randy and pinned him winning the match.

"And the winners of this match the team of Mr MITB Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose". Lillian said.

Seth then shook hands with Dean then they left the ring. Seth remembered what Dean told him so instead of following him he made his way to his locker room to change and head out for the night while Dean went to get his sister from AJ and Paige. Once Dean was at the locker room for the divas' he knocked and Paige opened it letting Dean in so he could get his sister.

"How was she?" Dean asked Paige.

"Not good. What happened". Paige asked.

"Really long story i don't have time for". Dean said.

AJ kept trying to get Sarah to talk or open up but she stayed quiet nothing no one would say to her will make her open up, once AJ saw Dean and Paige she then tried once again to get her attention.

"Sarah. Sweetheart your brother is here". AJ said gently.

Sarah then looked back and saw her brother, she got up and hugged the two women and quietly said thank you before moving to her brother who just picked her up and held her close as she buried her face into his neck almost falling asleep.

"Thanks guys i owe you one". Dean said.

"Dean what's wrong. She never acts like this". AJ asked.

"She got told something and she didn't take it well". Dean said not wanting to go into detail with his sister around.

"I hope she feels better maybe once she does she could hang with us". AJ said.

"I'm sure she would love that AJ thanks again guys". Dean said.

"No problem Dean". AJ said.

"Not a problem anything for my little munchkin". Paige said.

Dean then bid his farewells to the two divas' and went back to get his and Sarah's stuff from the locker room then left for the night hoping on Monday he can finally solve this thing with Seth and was also hoping that Seth never said this because if he did he will never again trust Seth around his sister ever again and once again Sarah would have lost Seth to betrayal again she really didn't want that but after Monday he was hoping he and Sarah can believe Seth or things would get bad.

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