Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 45

Monday Night Raw

Sarah is still with her brother but she won't talk, she is still shut down since Randy told her the lie but she doesn't know what to believe because she doesn't know what Seth did or did not say when he turned on them for all she knows he could have said that but she just did not know.

"Sarah? How are you feeling princess?" Dean asked sitting by his sister.

"Fine". Sarah mumbled quietly.

Dean was still pissed at Randy for telling that to his sister he wanted so damn bad to go find Randy and tear him a new one.

"Dean?" Sarah said to her brother.

"What's up princess". Dean replied moving some hair from her face.

"W-would it be ok with you if i went to visit Uncle Roman? I just really don't wanna be around Seth or Randy right now". Sarah said.

Dean's heart shattered into a million pieces, his sister wanted to leave but it was to get away from the authority and Seth. Dean then swallowed hard while running his hands threw his hair.

"Are you sure that's what you want princess". Dean asked gently.

"Yes i'm sure. Please De please". Sarah begged her brother.

"I'll call Roman and ask". Dean said.

"Thanks Dean". Sarah said.

"No problem sweetheart". Dean said.

Sarah then put her headphones in wanting to drown out everyone from around and got on her IPad watching a show, Dean then got his cell phone and went outside of his locker room door calling Roman.

-Hello. Roman said.

-Hey man how's it going? Dean replied.

-What's up Dean. I'm gonna be out for a while and it sucks but i get to spend time with JoJo so that's better. Roman said.

-That's great. Listen man i actually need a favor if you possibly can. Dean replied.

-What's up man. Roman replied.

-Would it be alright if Sarah came down and stayed with you for a little while? Dean asked.

-Fine by me, why what's wrong? Roman replied.

-On smackdown Randy grabbed her and talked to her about Seth, Randy told her that Seth doesn't love or care about her anymore. Dean explained.

-HE DID WHAT? Roman exploded.

-Then Seth confronted Randy about it Seth kept denying it while Randy kept saying it's true she heard ran back to my locker room crying then Seth came in and basically told Seth to get out. She's been shut down since. Dean explained more.

-I'm gonna kick that viper's ass when i get back. Roman said.

-I'm way ahead of you. Dean said.

-But yeah it's totally fine with me man i'm sure JoJo and Sarah will have a great time together. Roman said.

-Alright thanks man i totally appreciate this. Dean said.

-No problem man you and Sarah are family all you gotta do is ask. Roman said.

-I gotta go now bro but thanks again. Dean said.

-Anytime man. Roman said.

Dean then hung up and went back in his locker room to get on the computer to book his sister's flight to Florida, once that is done Dean sees his sister is still on her IPad but he has to get her packed because her flight leaves for Florida at midnight that night. He got all his sister's stuff packed but let her keep a few things out to keep her occupied. Dean then knew he had a match that night but before he goes out he has to talk to Seth or all hell is gonna break loose inside of Dean, he then leaves his locker room to go to Seth's. Once at Seth's locker room he bangs on the door with anger and rage built up in his eyes, Seth opens the door to see Dean there so he lets him in.

"So what's up man? Is Sarah doing any better?" Seth asked.

"Better? Better? She's not even talking Seth she's barely said anything to me the past few days. She asked to leave for a few days". Dean yelled.

"Wait what?" Seth asked in shock.

"Yes she asked if she could go see Roman she said she can't be around you or Randy right now and i agree with her". Dean said.

"You can't let her go man you can't". Seth said.

"I can do whatever the hell i want. You have till midnight to fix this Seth or so help me god i will send you to hell". Dean said.

"She's leaving tonight?" Seth asked.

"Yes". Dean answered.

Seth then sighed he knew what he had to do before Sarah left and if he didn't do it she may never forgive him.

"What are you thinking Seth?" Dean asked.

"I know what i gotta do but she won't talk to me she can barely look at me right now". Seth said.

"Well that's your problem Seth not mine i'm just telling you what needs to be fixed and either you fix it tonight or when she gets back". Dean said.

"How long is she gonna be gone Dean?" Seth asked.

"For how long she wants to be gone". Dean said.

Seth then felt a pain inside him, his niece is leaving and won't know when she'll be back hell he thought she'll come back when Roman comes back and who knows when that'll be he felt like crying so damn bad but he wasn't gonna cry no he wasn't he was gonna go give Randy an ass kicking of a lifetime. Dean had a match soon so he had to get Sarah to someone while he's in action and it sure wasn't gonna be Seth right now.

"You don't tell her i told you where she was at". Dean said.

"What are you talking about?" Seth asked.

"And your suppose to be the smart one. I'm going to tell you who i'm leaving Sarah with for my match i want you to try and talk to her if she doesn't talk just give her some space when she comes back she'll talk to you". Dean said.

"Who are you gonna leave her with?" Seth asked quickly.

"Probably Nikki and Brie if they're not busy". Dean answered.

"You think she'll talk to me?" Seth asked.

"I don't know i can barely get her to talk to me". Dean said.

Seth then knew he was running out of time to make amends with Sarah and once she left it'll left up to her to see if she'll forgive Seth or not. Dean then left because he had to get Sarah to Nikki and Brie. Once back at his locker room he sees Sarah still on her IPad with her headphones still in, he makes his way over to her and gently taps her on the shoulder she looks up at her brother.

"You ready to go to Nikki and Brie while i'm in the ring?" Dean asked gently.

Sarah then nodded and got her IPad putting it in the case and her phone in her pocket. Dean then took his sister's hand and left the locker room while on the way there Seth had an idea he was gonna talk to Sarah but with Dean around so he doesn't go behind Dean's back. Seth then sees them and knew it was now or never.

"Dean! Sarah!" Seth called out.

Dean and Sarah then turned around to see who is calling them and when Sarah sees it's Seth she lets go of her brother's hand running to the nearest bathroom to hide in the stall.

"You really thought that was gonna work Seth?" Dean asked.

"I have to talk to her Dean i have to make this right". Seth said.

"Well don't do it now cause i have a match soon". Dean said.

"I don't know if she'll ever forgive me". Seth said.

Seth then left so Dean can get his sister out of the bathroom but since he won't go in he'll ask Nikki and Brie since there watching her, he goes to knock on their door and they open it with a smile.

"Hey Dean what's up?" Nikki asked.

"Could you watch Sarah while i'm in my match". Dean said.

"Sure we don't mind". Brie said.

"Yeah we love watching her". Nikki said.

"Well she's not really talking right now so if she's on her IPad with her headphones in that's just her way of wanting to be left alone". Dean said.

"Is she ok?" Brie asked.

"Not really". Dean said.

"What's wrong?" Nikki asked concerned.

"She's just going through a slump right now". Dean said.

"Well we'll be happy to watch her". Nikki said.

"Thanks". Dean said.

Dean then goes to the bathroom door that his sister ran into and opens it looking to see if the coast is clear of any divas, once he knows it's clear he goes in and sees which stall his sister is in and he finds her.

"Sarah, sweetheart you can come out now Seth's gone i promise". Dean said.

He then heard the lock on the door and the door opened, Sarah comes out with her eyes slightly red from crying while sniffing. Dean then gets a paper towel wet so he can wash his sister's face some.

"He's not out there is he?" Sarah asked quietly.

"No he isn't i promise you he isn't". Dean said.

"I don't know what to believe Dean. I don't know what he did and did not say when he turned on us". Sarah said.

"Why don't you talk to him?" Dean asked throwing the paper towel away.

"Because if he did say it i don't know what i'll do". Sarah said.

Sarah then threw her arms around her brother's neck hugging him tightly, Dean then strokes her hair.

"Alright my match is up soon so do you think you can stay with Nikki and Brie". Dean said.

"Yes". Sarah said.

"Let's go". Dean said taking her hand.

They then went to find Nikki and Brie, they found them and the sisters were thrilled because Sarah was like a sister to all the divas. All the divas loved her and she loved all of them, she loved spending time with the divas since she doesn't have much female influence in her life.

"Hey Dean. Hi Sarah". Nikki said.

"Hey girls". Dean said.

"Hey Sarah". Brie said.

"Hi Nikki, hi Brie". Sarah said.

Dean then got eye level with his sister.

"Alright Sarah you know the rules don't go off anywhere by yourself, if you want or need to go somewhere ask Nikki or Brie and they'll take you". Dean said gently.

"Alright". Sarah said.

"That's my girl". Dean said.

Dean then kissed her forehead and ruffled her hair before leaving, once he left to have his match Nikki and Brie wanted to do something to cheer Sarah up a little bit so they decide to do her hair and nails hopefully that will cheer her up at least a little bit. Sarah then thought about it and she agreed she needed something to cheer her up so while Nikki got started on her nail Brie did her hair. Brie was going her hair in two french braids while Nikki was doing a pattern for her nails. After the two women finished there was a knock at the door, Nikki thought it was Dean to pick up Sarah but it was Seth who wanted to see Sarah.

"Hey Seth what's up". Nikki asked.

"Is Sarah here? I have to talk to her". Seth said.

"I'll get her". Nikki said.

"Alright". Seth said.

Nikki then left the door cracked and went to get Sarah.

"Sarah someone wants to see you". Nikki said.

"It's not Dean?" Sarah asked.

"No". Nikki said.

"Ok thanks Nikki". Sarah said.

"No problem sweetie". Nikki said.

The sisters decided to stay in the locker room to give Sarah her privacy, Sarah then went out the door closing it behind her she then saw who wants to see her and it's Seth so before she could do anything Seth pleaded with her to give him a couple of minutes to explain.

"You got three minutes Seth". Sarah said.

"Sarah, sweetheart i swear on everything i never have said those words to the authority or anybody for that matter. You are the best thing that ever happened to me when you started calling me Uncle Seth, i made the absolute most worst mistake when i turned on you, your brother and Roman if i could i'd take it all back. When Randy told you that he was lying he wanted to get you and Dean to turn on me i know that your smart for your age and you saw right through him that day but i also know that your still young and your letting it mess with you". Seth said.

"What are you trying to say Seth?" Sarah asked.

"What i'm saying is that your my niece Sarah and i love you with all of my heart, i would never in my life say anything to hurt you i hurt you once and i will never hurt you again. I made that mistake once and i vowed to never let it happen again". Seth said.

"So you never once said those words?" Sarah asked.

"Never". Seth said.

"I still need some time Seth i'll let you know when i get back from seeing Uncle Roman". Sarah said.

"Alright but just know this Sarah your the best thing that has ever happened to me and i don't wanna ever wanna ruin the relationship i had with you i hurt you once and i won't do it again". Seth said.

Sarah then nodded and went back in the room with Nikki and Brie, Seth on the other hand has had enough of Randy hurting his niece both physically and mentally so once Dean's match is over he's gonna go and challenge Randy to a match at Hell in a Cell. Dean then finishes his match and won against Adam Rose, he went to go get his sister from Nikki and Brie. Once he got his sister from the sisters they all said their farewells for the night, Dean and Sarah then went back to Dean's locker room cause he has to get his sister to the airport soon.


Seth goes out to the ring pissed off and he goes for a mic.

"Alright i came out here because i want to call Randy out for Hell in a Cell so Randy get your ass out here because i'm not in the mood get your ass out here right now or i'll drag you out here". Seth said.

Randy's music then hits and he comes out laughing.

"Really Seth really. You wanna call me out for Hell in a Cell have you lost your mind i think you have or it could have something to do with the fact that your niece now hates your guts". Randy said.

"You shut the hell up it's all because of you. You don't know anything about her". Seth said.

"Hey i'm not the one that said i never loved her or cared about her you said that those are your words not mine". Randy said.

"Randy if i were you i'd shut the hell up before i beat your ass". Seth warned.

"You want the Hell in a Cell match? Fine by me, i accept your challenge". Randy said.

Seth then jumped Randy beating the holy but hell out of him the beating lasted a while till officials came and broke it up. What Seth didn't know is that Dean and Sarah were watching what happened he also doesn't know that they left for the airport.

"Can we go Dean? Please. I don't wanna miss my flight". Sarah said.

"Sure princess". Dean said.

Dean then got his jacket on while Sarah got her's on, once both siblings were ready Sarah got her luggage and Dean followed behind her to the rental car Dean has. Sarah got in while Dean packed his sister's stuff in the car she plugged her IPod into the speakers and played her music. Once Dean got in the driver's seat he had to give his sister a few things and go over a few things with her.

"Sarah here's your ticket for the plane, here's is some money for food when you land. Now when you land call me to let me know you landed safely and then call Roman so he'll know where to find you. I'll call you everyday and everynight to check on you ok". Dean said.

"Ok". Sarah said.

"When you're ready to come back all you have to do is tell Roman and he'll tell me". Dean said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

Dean then put the car in drive and began driving while Sarah began reading one of her books she carried with her.


Raw is over and Seth was showered and changed so now he just had to find Dean and Sarah so he goes to Dean's locker room and knocks but no one answered so he opens it and sees that they left already. Seth then got his stuff and ran like a bat out of hell to his car throwing his stuff in it then getting into his seat buckling up then driving off to the airport before Sarah could leave.


Once the siblings get to the airport Sarah gets situated she now waits for her flight to board which should be in 15-20 minutes.

Seth is now driving a little bit over the speed limit trying to get to the airport and since there was no traffic nobody really got in his way he just hopes he can make it before Sarah leaves.

Dean and Sarah are still waiting then after a 5 minute wait someone announces a flight.

"Flight 906 going to Pensacola, Florida is now boarding". The flight attendant said.

"Bye Sarah, please please please take care of yourself and call me when you land". Dean said.

"I promise. I love you Dean". Sarah said hugging her brother.

"I love you to sweetheart. I love you so much". Dean said trying to hold back tears.

"Don't cry Dean it'll be alright i promise". Sarah said.

Dean then chuckles.

"Have a safe trip princess i'll see you when you come back". Dean said.

Sarah gave her brother one last hug before getting in line to board the plane. Once she got pass she looked at her brother and waved at him holding back her own tears she then blew him a kiss and he sent her once back. Once the door closed and the plane was getting ready for take off Dean wanted to wait till the plane left before he left. Seth is now at the airport and running to find Dean or Sarah, he found Dean and sighed but he didn't know he's too late.

"Hey Dean. Where is she? Where's Sarah?" Seth asked catching his breath.

Dean tried to hold his anger and tears back before lashing out at Seth.

"She left you jackass". Dean said.

"I'm too late". Seth said.

They then heard the plane take off and both men felt pain. Dean wanted so bad to cry because his sister had left, she left all because of Randy. Seth wanted to do the same his niece had left just to get away so the authority can leave her alone he knew that at the Hell in a Cell ppv he was going to give Randy his own hell for making his niece want to leave.

"Dean i swear to you i will make everything right again. I made the mistake of hurting her once i will never do it again". Seth said.

"You better not hurt her again Seth or i swear to god i will make your life a living hell". Dean said.

"You have my word i won't hurt her again". Seth swore to Dean.

The two men then went back to the hotel to wait for Sarah to call so they know she landed safely and that she is with Roman.

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