Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 46


Sarah has just touched down at the airport in Florida and just as promised as soon as she got off the flight she turned her phone on and called Dean.

-Hey sweetheart. You land safely? Dean asked.

-Yes Dean i'm fine the plane just landed. Sarah said.

-Alright i'll call you tomorrow. Sarah please please please be careful and stay out of trouble. Dean said.

-I will Dean i promise. Sarah said.

-I love you princess. Dean said.

-I love you to Dean. Sarah said trying to hold back her tears.

-Don't cry Sarah you just come back whenever you're ready. Dean said.

Sarah then sniffed to hold her tears back she then spots Roman coming her way.

-Dean i gotta go now Uncle Roman is here. Sarah said.

-Alright princess i'll call everyday and every night to check on you. Dean said.

-Ok Dean i love you big brother. Sarah said.

-I love you to sweetheart. Dean said.

Sarah then hung her phone up and saw Roman.

"Hey Uncle Roman". Sarah said hugging him.

"Hey baby girl. You have a good trip". Roman asked taking her luggage.

"Yeah it was ok". Sarah said.

"Your brother told me what happened". Roman said.

"I don't know if i should believe it or not. We don't know what he did or did not say when he turned on us". Sarah said.

"Let me ask you something. Does Seth love and care about you now?" Roman asked.

"More than anything in the world". Sarah said.

"Did he love and care about you before he turned on us?" Roman said.

"Yes". Sarah said.

"Now what do you believe Sarah? Do you believe Seth still loves you and will do anything and everything for you? Or do you believe Randy and the authority who has always hurt and used you to get at me, Seth, and your brother?" Roman asked.

"I believe Seth still does love me and will do anything and everything for me". Sarah said.

"Then why did you start to believe Randy and not Seth?" Roman asked.

"When Randy talked to me about Seth he had this tape recording of Seth saying i never did anything but cause him trouble that he never loved me or cared about me that the reason he did it was to get on Dean's good side". Sarah said.

Roman stayed quiet sinking in what Sarah had told him what Randy had did, he knew when he went back Randy was gonna pay big time.


Dean and Seth are at smackdown preparing for their matches that night, Seth then goes to Dean's locker room to talk to him he gets there and knocks on the door but Dean doesn't answers so he walks in to see his friend who looks like he is about to explode because he is so pissed off.

"Dean? Are you ok?" Seth asked.

"Am i ok? Am i ok? My sister isn't here Seth i can't function right if i don't know where she is or if she is safe". Dean said.

"Dean she's with Roman and she is safe no one knows where she is unless you or i tell them". Seth said.

"I still can't believe i had to send her away just so the authority can leave her alone". Dean said in a guilty voice.

"Dean you did what you thought was right. You got Sarah out of here before they can hurt her anymore you made the decision to keep her safe and if sending her away for a few days keeps her safe just know that you made the right decision". Seth reasoned.

"She never ever once went anywhere without ever since she was born she hasn't left my side. When she was born it was like my whole world changed the second i saw her blue eyes it was like i had a reason to be happy and i wasn't happy for a long time but the moment i saw her my whole world changed my life changed, she's the reason i have to be happy, to have purpose in life. If anything at all happened to her i don't know what i would do". Dean said.

Seth looked a bit shocked because Dean had never once opened up or admitted his feelings except toward his sister but to hear him admit it was different like a different side of Dean.

"Have you talked to her since she left". Seth asked.

"Yeah she called after her plane landed in Florida". Dean said.

Seth then stayed quiet because he didn't wanna make matters worse, he then saw that he had a match soon so he had to go prepare for it. Once he left Dean alone in his locker room he went to his own to change in his ring gear after that he pulled his phone out and called the only person he could think of right now.

-Hello. The voice said.

-Roman it's Seth. Seth said.

-What do you want Seth? Roman asked.

-How's Sarah doing? Seth asked.

-She's fine. Roman said.

The two men stayed quiet for a second before Roman spoke again.

-Seth i want you to tell me right now and you better not lie to me. Did you say those words? Roman asked.

-Rome i swear to god and on my life i never once said those words to anybody not to her or the authority. She is the best thing to happen to me i made the mistake of hurting her once by turning on all of you i would never again want to screw that up. She's my niece Rome i would never want to mess up my relationship with her again but just like i told Dean i will make this right one way or another. Seth said.

-How do you plan on making things right again Seth? Roman asked.

-Don't tell Dean or Sarah i told you but i challenged Randy to the Hell in a Cell match. Seth said.

-What the hell did you do that for? Roman asked.

-It's because of him Roman, everything that happened to Sarah was because of Randy and the authority he gave her a concussion, he told her the lie, it's time i finally get my hands on that sorry son of a bitch for what he did to Sarah. Seth said.

-If that's what you wanna do Seth go for it. Kick his sorry ass into the middle of next year. Roman said.

-I will Rome i promise. Seth said.

-I gotta go Sarah should be waking up soon from her nap and i gotta pick JoJo up from school. Roman said.

-Alright give Sarah my love. Seth said.

-I will bye Seth. Roman said.

Seth then hung up the phone then went out for his match.


Roman hung up his phone and sighed he wanted to believe Seth and if Seth said he didn't say it then he will take his word, his thoughts were then interrupted by Sarah coming down the stairs rubbing her eyes.

"Hey Sarah". Roman said.

"Hey Uncle Roman". Sarah said yawning.

"Listen i gotta pick JoJo up from school you wanna stay or come with?" Roman asked.

"I'll come with i love JoJo". Sarah said.

Roman then got his car keys while Sarah pocketed her phone and IPod, they then went out to the car and started driving to JoJo's school. Roman was thinking about what Seth had told him and was wondering if he should tell Dean and Sarah.

"So Sarah i talked to Seth today". Roman said.

"You did?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah he told me he never said those words and he will find a way to make it up to you and prove it". Roman said.

"How?" Sarah said.

Roman knew he'd be betraying Seth but it was for the greater or good.

"He challenged Randy to the Hell in a Cell match". Roman said.

"He did?" Sarah asked in shock.

"Yeah. He must really love you Sarah if he's willing to do that". Roman said.

"I know what i gotta do now". Sarah said.

"What's that?" Roman asked.

"When i go back i gotta talk to...Uncle Seth". Sarah said.

Roman then smiled because Sarah was once again starting to gain trust back in Seth again, after 15 more minutes of driving they finally made it to JoJo's school. Once at the school JoJo saw her father and 'cousin', she knew Sarah wasn't her real cousin but was close enough and she thought of Dean as her uncle.

"Daddy! Sarah!" JoJo yelled in excitement.

"Hey princess how was school". Roman asked picking her up.

"Good. Hi Sarah". JoJo said.

"Hey JoJo". Sarah said.

"When did you get here?" JoJo asked.

"Early this morning she's gonna stay with us for a little while JoJo while Uncle Dean still travels". Roman answered.

"But we can spend a lot of time together JoJo i promise". Sarah said.

"Could we go to the beach?" JoJo asked.

"Sure but we gotta go home get changed and packed". Roman said.

"Cool". Sarah said.

Roman buckled JoJo in her booster seat while Sarah got in the back seat next to JoJo and they began talking, Roman then looked back and saw how happy Sarah was and wished she could stay like that. Once back at the house the two girls unbuckled themselves and ran into the house leaving Roman to close the doors to the car and go to his room to get his stuff to go to the beach. Once he and the girls were packed and strapped in the car they went to the beach, once the trio have arrived the girls ran down to the beach but not before Roman called them back.

"You girls forget something?" Roman asked.

"Sun screen". Sarah answered.

"Bingo". Roman said.

Roman then got it out of the bag and applied it to his daughter while Sarah put some on, once the girls applied the sun screen they then left again to go run in the water after a few minutes Roman hears his phone ring.

-Hello. Roman said.

-Hey Rome. Dean said.

-What's up man. Roman said.

-How's Sarah? Dean asked in his big brother mode.

-Dude she's fine you know i don't want anything to happen to her the real question is how are you. Roman replied.

-I don't know man she's never been far away from me since i was out. Dean said.

-Anybody ever tell you that you act like a mother hen? Roman joked.

-All the time. So how is she doing? Dean replied.

-She's fine, coming out of that slump she's been in but she has been fine. Roman said.

-Did you talk to Seth at all? Dean asked.

-Yeah he called earlier i asked him if he said the words he swore to me he never did say them at all and he is going to make it up to her and prove it. Roman said.

-Prove it? How? Dean asked.

Roman knew that if he told Dean he'd break Seth's trust he already told Sarah so maybe it was time to tell Dean.

-He challenged Randy to the Hell in a Cell match. Roman admitted.

-He did what? Dean asked in shock.

-I guess he wants Randy to pay for everything he did to Sarah if he's willing to do that he must really love Sarah. Roman said.

-I guess he does. Dean said.

-I gotta go i'm with Sarah and JoJo at the beach". Roman said.

Dean then chuckled.

-Alright tell Sarah i'll call her before she goes to bed. Dean said.

-Alright see ya man. Roman said.

-Peace. Dean said.

Roman then hung the phone up and turned his attention back to his niece and daughter, when he saw Sarah how happy she was acting like a kid and that is what she is a kid not a target, not a guinea pig the authority can use but a 10 year old little girl who has the mind of an adult. He then goes over to where the stuff is and sits down watching as the two girls play. It's starts to get a bit late and Roman sits with the girls watching the sunset he knows he has to get the girls home because JoJo had school the next day and he had to watch Sarah. He got the girls in the car and headed home but no before stopping to grab some pizza for dinner, they arrived back at the house at 8:30 that evening Sarah carried in the pizzas while Roman got a very sleepy JoJo.

"Thanks Sarah". Roman said.

"No problem Uncle Roman. Is it alright if i call Dean real fast i said i'd call him". Sarah said.

"Sure go ahead i'll put JoJo to bed and i'll be back". Roman said.

"Ok". Sarah said.

Sarah then saw her uncle taker her cousin upstairs and she went out on the porch to call her brother.

-Hey sweetheart. Dean said.

-Hi Dean. Sarah said.

-You enjoying your trip with Roman? Dean asked.

-Yup we spent the rest of the day at the beach me and JoJo played in the ocean then built sand castles. Sarah said.

-Sounds like lots of fun princess. Are you feeling any better? Dean replied.

-Yeah i think that's just what i needed was to get away from the authority for a couple of days. I miss you Dean. Sarah said.

-I miss you to Sarah you know you can come back whenever you're ready to come back. Dean said.

-Even though it's been a day it feels like a week. Sarah said.

-I know how you feel princess. Dean said.

-Dean i gotta go i'll call you tomorrow. Sarah said.

-Alright princess good night. I love you Sarah i love you so much. Dean said.

-I love you too Dean. Sarah said.

Sarah then hung her phone up knowing what she has to do, once Roman got his daughter situated he went out on the porch to see Sarah sitting there thinking lost in her thoughts.

"What's on your mind baby girl?" Roman asked putting an arm around her shoulders.

"I know what i gotta do Uncle Roman". Sarah said.

"What's that?" Roman asked.

"Make up with Uncle Seth and take down Randy with the rest of the authority". Sarah said.

"I swear you act more like us than a kid". Roman commented.

"The authority doesn't scare me anymore they did at first because i knew that they weren't bluffing now there just i don't even know anymore. Sometimes they come up with plans to get me or Dean to turn on Seth, one time they were gonna set Dean up". Sarah said.

"What do you mean they tried to set Dean up?" Roman asked.

"On Raw one night i had my pet snake and spider flown in and i pulled a double prank on them that night. But anyway after i brought my snake back to Dean's locker room i was outside there door and i heard them talking, they said that they were gonna use fake documents to prove Dean is an unfit guardian to take care of me but i wouldn't let them setting Seth up is one thing but when they were gonna make my brother look like the bad guy well i wanna get them back. Nobody messes with my brother but me and only me". Sarah said.

Roman then chuckled.

"When were you planning on going back?" Roman asked.

"Maybe either on Sunday or Monday if that's ok Uncle Roman". Sarah said.

"You can go back whenever you're ready Sarah you don't have to be sorry". Roman said.

It started to get a bit late and Roman knew that Dean wouldn't approve of his sister staying up to late so it was a little after 10 so he and Sarah went back in ate some pizza and got ready for bed. Sarah went into the guest room that Roman had set up for her when she visits, after she gets changed Roman goes in to say good night and he leaves closing the door behind him going back downstairs to have a beer. Sarah then lays down on her bed slowly falling asleep but mutters something under her breath before going to sleep.

"G'night Dean". Sarah muttered.


Dean was in his hotel room relaxing but also thinking about his sister he then laid down on his bed and turned a movie on, he then mutters something under his breath.

"Good night Sarah". Dean muttered.

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