Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 47


While Sarah is still with Roman in Florida it's taking every fiber in Dean's body to not lose it and go get her even though it's been a few days to him it feels like a month that she has been gone. While Dean is in his locker room Seth goes to check on him.

"Dean? Are you ok man?" Seth asked.

"No i'm not even though it's been a few days it feels like a month". Dean said.

"Have you talked to her at all?" Seth asked.

"A few times yeah but it's not the same without her". Dean said.

Dean knows he has a match tonight so hopefully that will help release all that anger and frustration he has built up, he then goes to catering to at least eat something then Seth sighs knowing how Dean feels he wants Sarah back more than anything in the world. Just as he is going back to his locker room he gets stopped by Randy who has a smirk on his face.

"What the hell do you want Orton?" Seth asked in a cold tone.

"Where's your precious niece at Seth? Oh that's right she hates your guts now". Randy said.

Seth then took Randy by the front of his shirt and pinned him to a wall getting face to face with him, Seth has so much anger, rage, and fury built up inside him because it's all Randy's fault that what happened with Sarah ever since he gave her that concussion he's been wanting to tear Randy a new ass.

"You're going to leave her alone Randy, she has absolutely nothing to do with me or this whole damn thing. Where she is right now is none of your damn business. Mess with her again i guarantee you i'll be the very least of your worries you can count on that". Seth said.

Then out of no where Dean comes and jumps Randy attacking him so bad it takes multiple superstars to break up the fight and hold back Dean but he then soon breaks free going after Randy again. Once the fight has finally been broken up Dean then storms off to his locker room to prepare for his match, while Seth tries to calm himself down Dolph approaches him.

"Hey what's up with Dean i never seen him so wound up like that before". Dolph said.

"Sarah's not here and he's been a bit pissed off". Seth answered.

"Where is the shortie? I haven't seen her around". Dolph said.

"She's staying with Roman for a little while so the authority can leave her alone for a while". Seth said.

"That's messed up man i mean she has nothing to do with you or Dean". Dolph said.

"I know". Seth said.

"Listen i gotta go i have a match maybe we could meet up later". Dolph said.

"Sure". Seth said.

Dolph then went out for his match while Seth went back to his locker room but not before checking on Dean, when he gets to Dean's locker room he sees that Dean is about to lose it he knew he had to do something so he goes to his locker room then calling the right person hopefully they could do something.

-Hello. The voice said.

-Roman. It's Seth. Seth said.

-Hi Seth. What's up. Roman replied back.

-Dean's losing it. Seth said.

-How bad? Roman asked.

-Bad. He jumped Randy tonight after i talked to him, it took quite a few other people to break it up then when he went back to his locker room he was about to lose it again. Seth explained.

-Damn. Roman replied.

-What should i do? Seth asked.

-I don't know, i know he talked to Sarah when he can. Roman said.

-I think i may have an idea but neither of us tell Dean. Seth said.

-Which is what? You know as well as i do that he doesn't like us going behind his back. Roman said.

-It'll be worth it trust me. Seth said.

-Alright what is the idea you have? Roman asked.

-We bring Sarah back she can fly out Sunday morning and be here in time for Hell in a Cell. Seth said.

-She did say she wants to go back around that time i like it. Oh and i need to tell you something. Roman said.

-Is Sarah alright? Seth asked a bit panicked.

-Dude she's fine it's not about her, it's about something else. Roman said.

-What? Seth asked.

-I told Sarah and Dean about you doing the Hell in a Cell match with Randy. Roman admitted.

-I knew you were gonna tell them. Well had a feeling you were. Seth said.

-So you're not mad? Roman asked.

-No your my best friend in a way you wanted them to know instead of them finding out on their own. Seth said.

-So how is this plan gonna work? Roman asked.

-I'll book her a ticket to Dallas and pick her up from the airport and i'll take her to the arena but she'll stay with me i want her to surprise Dean. Seth said.

-Good plan. Roman said.

-Hey i gotta go i have a match soon. Seth said.

-Alright good luck man. Roman said.

-Thanks man talk to you later. Seth said.

-Sounds good. Roman said.

Seth then sighed hoping that with this idea with bringing Sarah back will cheer Dean up and probably herself. Seth then heads out for his match against Kane.


"This match is set for one fall introducing first he is Mr MITB Seth Rollins". Lillian said.

Once he is in the ring he mentally prepares himself for his match. Kane then comes out but he is holding a mic.

"Well Seth you looked prepared to face me but i forgot to tell you one little important detail this is going to be a 4 on 1 handicap match so it will be me, Randy, and J&J security going against you". Kane said.

Randy's music then hits and he comes out with J&J in tow of him, Seth then knows he's screwed. The four men then surround the ring ready to attack Seth but before anyone can make a move Dean's music then hits and he comes down ready for a fight, the four men then attack Dean and Randy. After the fight was broke up its now a 4 on 2 handicap match.

(Skips most of the match)

Randy is in with Dean and he is beating the living hell out of Randy, Randy is down and weak from receiving multiple blows from Dean he is finally able to make a tag to Jamie Noble. Once he is in the ring with Dean he's just getting an ass kicking he goes for the pin but kicks out. His partner Joey then tries to help but Dean then threw Jamie into him he then tags Seth in, Seth jumps to the top corner and jumps on J&J taking them out he then goes after Kane trying to take him out hoping to get Randy again. Dean is outside the ring getting J&J security so they don't go after Seth, Randy then sneaks up behind Dean attacking him then something inside of Dean snaps he now has so much rage and fury inside him when he looks at Randy he knows that he is going to tear Randy a new ass three times over. Randy is now down and badly beaten so Dean goes to help Seth with Kane so he tags himself in the match and goes on Kane, Kane is then about to chokeslam Dean till he gets out of it he is about to go through the rope until he caught himself giving a mean close line to Kane then hitting dirty deeds but then Dean tags Seth in and he gives the hardest curb stomp to Kane knocking him out he then goes for the pin winning the match.

"And the winners of this match Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins". Lillian said.

Dean then shakes Seth's hand then heads backstage to his locker room after realising all of that anger, rage, and frustration he finally feels better after giving an ass kicking to Randy once and for all. After he is showered and changed he calls his sister.

-Hey Dean. Sarah said.

-Hey kiddo how are you. Dean replied.

-Good, Uncle Roman took us to the pool today. Sarah said.

-That was nice. Dean said.

-I saw your match just now Dean, you and Uncle Seth make a really good team. Sarah said.

-Yeah we do don't we. Dean said.

-Dean do you, Uncle Seth and Uncle Roman ever thinking about...reforming the shield you guys were so good together you guys basically ruled the WWE. Sarah said.

-Do you want us to reform the shield? Dean asked.

-It'd be great to have us all back together but it's up to you guys. Sarah said.

-I'll talk to Seth and Roman about it we'll see what happens. Dean said.

-Cool. Sarah said.

Sarah then let out a yawn making Dean chuckle a bit.

-Go to sleep sweetheart and i'll talk to you tomorrow. Dean said.

-Ok good night Dean. I love you. Sarah said.

-Good night baby girl i love you too. Dean said.

Dean then hung the phone up feeling a hell of a lot better, Seth then knocks on the door not knowing how his friend is feeling.

"You can come in Seth". Dean said.

"You feeling better after kicking some ass?" Seth said.

"Oh yeah. I gotta talk to you". Dean said.

"What's up". Seth said.

"Your challenging Randy to the Hell in a Cell match?" Dean asked.

"Yes i am". Seth said with confidence.

"Why?" Dean asked.

"It's because of him dude. Almost everything that happen to Sarah was because of him, he gave her that concussion, he told her i never loved or cared about her, it's all because of him and the authority. Nobody messes with my niece and gets away with it". Seth said.

"You really do love and care about her don't you". Dean asked.

"Damn right i do. I would do anything and everything for her Dean, that night when Randy gave her that concussion something inside me snap i should have kicked his ass right then and there. When she called me Uncle Sethie that night i knew that i had made the biggest most dumbest mistake ever by turning on you, her, and Roman. I hurt her once Dean when i came back to you guys i swore to all of you i'd never hurt her or you guys again". Seth said.

"I believe you Seth". Dean said.

"What?" Seth asked.

"I said i believe you. I was having a hard time believing you but hearing you say that makes you worthy of my trust again you just have to talk to Sarah and prove it to her". Dean said.

"I hope she does believe me". Seth said.

"I think she is already starting to trust you again". Dean said.

"What are you talking about?" Seth asked.

"I talked to her tonight she told me that she saw our match and we make a good team. She asked if we would ever reform the shield". Dean said.

"I wouldn't mind reforming the shield". Seth said.

"I wouldn't mind it either it's just one thing comes to mind". Dean said.

"What?" Seth asked.

"You turned on us once what makes us think you won't do it again". Dean said.

"We'll talk to Roman about it when he gets back for now it'll be us two". Seth said.

"You think we'd make it as the shield again?" Dean asked.

"Oh yeah". Seth said.

Dean and Seth got there things heading out to the hotel for the night. Seth is in his room drinking a beer while watching NCIS on the tv then he mutters something under his breath.

"Good night Sarah". Seth muttered.


Sarah is in the guest bedroom of Roman's house and she is almost asleep before she mutters something under her breath.

"Good night Uncle Seth". Sarah muttered.

She then fell into a peaceful sleep for the rest of the night because on Sunday she will finally be reunited with Dean and Seth.

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