Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 48

Early that morning Sarah had packed up her stuff and Roman drove her to the airport so she will be there in time for the Hell in a Cell pay per view.

"Alright Sarah here's your ticket and a some money so you can get something to eat when you land". Roman said.

"Thanks Uncle Roman for everything. I love you". Sarah said hugging him.

"I love you too baby girl". Roman said.

They make it to the gate that will board to Dallas and after a few minutes the attendant makes an announcement.

"Flight 531 going to Dallas, Texas is now boarding". The flight attendant said.

"Bye Uncle Roman i'll see you when you get back". Sarah said.

"See you when i get back and please be careful". Roman said.

"I will i promise". Sarah said.

Sarah then went and boarded the plane but before the door closed she gave one last wave before the door closed. Roman then pulled his phone out.

-She's on the plane be ready to pick her up. Roman.

-On it. Seth said.

Roman then sighed and went back home.


Seth is waiting at the gate for Sarah's plane to land which should be soon, he was getting nervous, anxious, he didn't know if Sarah was gonna believe him or not. He didn't know if Sarah would ever trust him again. After a hour and a half an announcement comes on.

"Flight 531 from Pensacola, Florida is now landing". The attendant said.

This is the moment of truth for Seth, this will determine everything for him. This will determine his relationship with Sarah and their future together. After a huge group of people he finally sees his niece.

"Sarah!" Seth called out.

Sarah heard her name being called and sees Seth with his arms open for her, she then runs to him jumping in his arms clinging to him.

"I missed you so much Uncle Seth". Sarah said in the crook of his neck.

"I missed you too sweetheart i missed you more than anything in the world". Seth said.

Seth then grabs her luggage and takes one of her hands.

"Where's Dean?" Sarah asked.

Seth put her luggage in the trunk then got in the driver seat while she got in the passenger seat.

"He's probably at the arena". Seth answered.

"Has he been ok?" Sarah asked.

"To tell you the truth sweetheart not really. He was on edge all week, he was about to lose it a few times but after he talked to you he was better". Seth said.

"I shouldn't have left". Sarah said.

"Hey it wasn't your fault you wanted to get away so the authority can leave you alone, Dean was having hard time adjusting to not having you. This wasn't your fault and it wasn't your brother's fault". Seth said.

Sarah then stayed quiet for a few minutes before talking again.

"Uncle Seth?" Sarah said.

"What's up sweetheart?" Seth replied.

"I'm sorry". Sarah said.

"For what?" Seth asked.

"Not believing you. For telling you to go to hell, and everything else. I was just mad i said it in the heat of the moment i didn't mean it any of it. Randy just got me really mad and instead of taking it out on him i took it out on you". Sarah said.

"It's ok Sarah. I know you didn't mean any of it were all human were aloud to make mistakes and say stuff we don't mean". Seth said.

"I shouldn't have let him play me like that i knew you wouldn't say nothing like that an instinct in me just took over me". Sarah said.

"It's ok Sarah let's just put this behind us for now let's bring down the authority". Seth said.

"I'm in". Sarah said.


Seth then parks the car and gets Sarah's luggage out of the car and she takes his hand and they go in the arena.

"You wanna surprise your brother now or later?" Seth asked.

"Now i wanna see him now". Sarah said.

"Alright let's go". Seth said.

They then began searching for Dean but they dropped Sarah's luggage off in Seth's locker room then went to go look for him again before spotting him outside getting some air.

"You ready?" Seth asked.

"Definitely". Sarah said.

Dean is trying to clear his mind before his match tonight with Cena but nothing is working.

"Dean!" Sarah called out.

Dean then thought he was hearing voices because he heard his sister's voice so he shook it off.

"Dean!" Sarah called again.

Dean then turned around because he heard the voice again then just as he turned he saw his sister right before his eyes, she then ran from Seth's grip running to her brother then just as she was close enough Dean scooped her up in his arms hugging her tightly while holding her head kissing it repeatedly.

"Oh my god Sarah, i missed you so much baby girl". Dean said.

"I missed you to Dean i missed you so much". Sarah said letting a few tears escape her eyes.

"I'm so glad to have you back sweetheart". Dean said.

Sarah continued to hold on to her brother even though it's been a week it felt like all eternity to both siblings and they both felt relieved.

"When did you get here?" Dean asked moving some hair behind her ear.

"This afternoon. I flew out this morning and landed a hour or so ago. Uncle Seth came and got me". Sarah said.

Seth then walked up to the two siblings after giving them sometime with each other.

"You and Roman plan this?" Dean asked.

"Yeah. We couldn't stand to see you like that anymore so we figured this out and it worked". Seth said.

"Thank you Seth so much". Dean said.

"Anything for you and Sarah". Seth said.

Sarah remained in her brother's arms not wanting to leave him just yet, so the three then go back inside the arena to go prepare for their matches that night. Seth then pulled his phone out and texted Roman.

-Plan accomplished. Seth.

-That's great. Roman said.

Seth then changed into his ring gear while Dean and Sarah spent some time together after being apart for a week.

"So did you have fun in Florida with Roman?" Dean asked.

"It was fun but i like being here with you". Sarah said.

"I'm glad that your back Sarah i missed you more than anything". Dean said.

"I missed you too Dean". Sarah said.

"So you had nothing to do with surprising me?" Dean asked.

"Not at first but when Uncle Seth told me how you were without me i wanted to surprise you". Sarah said.

"It was the second best surprise of my life". Dean said.

"What was the first surprise of your life?" Sarah asked.

"Seeing you when you were first born. I still remember that day it was the best day of my life". Dean said.


A young Dean Ambrose is waiting in the waiting room of a hospital, he had just got a call saying that his mother went into labor with his sister and he dropped everything that he was doing and rushed to the hospital. He has been pacing around for a while till a doctor came and got him.

"How's my mom doc?" Dean asked.

"She's asking for you". The doctor said.

Dean then goes in the room that his mother is in and he sees her laying on the bed cradling a small baby girl wrapped in pink blankets.

"Dean there you are come see your new sister". Janet his mother said.

Dean then went to the bed and looked at his new baby sister she had the same blonde hair, blue eyes, even the same dimples as him.

"Why don't you name her". She said.

She gently gave Dean his new sister and he looked in her blue eyes that resembled his own.

"Sarah. She looks like a Sarah. Sarah Nicole Ambrose". Dean said.

"Dean i need you to watch over your sister and protect her at all cost". His mom said.

"Why?" Dean asked rocking his sister.

"I got mixed up in some stuff and i can't have nobody finding out about you or her so just please watch over her and protect her you've always wanted to be a big brother and i know that you will watch and protect her at any cost". His mom said.

"I will mom i promise you i will". Dean said.

His mom fell asleep in the bed while he continue to hold his baby sister in his arms gently and slowly rocking her as she sucked on her pacifier while reaching for his hair.

"I will always protect you Sarah no matter what. I'm your older brother and i will always watch you, protect you, and i will always love you. Nobody will ever mess with you Sarah or they will have to go through me first". Dean whispered to his sister.

She then fell asleep against her big brother's warm chest as he continued to rock her.

*Back to reality*

Sarah had tears in her eyes, her brother never told her that story ever.

"How come you never told me?" Sarah asked.

"You were to young to understand Sarah i didn't wanna hurt you so i waited till you were a bit older". Dean said.

"Was mom a nice person?" Sarah asked.

"Yes but when she was pregnant with you she said that she got mixed up in some stuff so the day you were born she gave you to me". Dean said.

"Do you have a picture of her?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah i do". Dean asked.

"Could i see? Please?" Sarah asked.

Dean then pulled out his wallet and pulled an old photo out it was of him when Sarah was first born, their mother, and Sarah as a baby, they were all so happy and smiling.

"She was pretty". Sarah commented.

"I see her in you in everything". Dean said.

"Did mom love us?" Sarah asked.

"More than anything in the world she tried to get help so she could take care of you". Dean said.

Sarah was taking it all in, she then threw her arms around her brother hugging him tightly.

"I love you so much Dean". Sarah said in her brother's chest.

"I love you too Sarah more than this world". Dean said.

What the siblings didn't know is that Seth was standing outside the door listening in, he then knocks on the door and comes in.

"Hey is everything alright?" Seth asked.

"Yeah everything is fine". Dean said.

"Right now it's time for you two to get ready and kick some ass". Sarah said.

"I'll let that one slide". Dean said.

Hell in a Cell

"This match is set for one fall introducing first John Cena". Lillian said.

Cena is prepared for the match.

"And his opponent Dean Ambrose". Lillian said.

The two men then wait for the bell to ring and then the match goes underway.

(Skips most of the match)

Both Cena and Ambrose keep going at it attacking each other with everything they got, Dean then has an advantage against Cena for a moment but is knocked back into the ropes but just as he is about to go for dirty deeds all the lights in the arena go off and in the middle of the ring is a lantern with smoke coming out of it then that goes out, then once the lights come back on Bray Wyatt attacks Dean getting the match called off.

"The winner by disqualification Dean Ambrose". Lillian said.

Dean then gets pissed because he now has to deal with Bray Wyatt and that could put another target on his sister's back because with the mind games he can play who knows what he is capable of, he goes in his locker room almost slamming the door.

"Dean are you ok?" Sarah asked.

Dean then takes a deep breath before answering his sister.

"I'm fine Sarah i promise". Dean said.

"Are you worried that Bray might come after me now?" Sarah asked.

"Yes. When we faced the Wyatts once before i thought that they were gonna get you that's why now your not going anywhere without me, Seth, or somebody else". Dean said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

Dean thought now is the time to be an older brother he will protect his sister at any and every cost against Wyatt because he could do a lot more damage to her then the authority and he won't stand for it not if he or Seth has anything to say about it.

"Could we go see Uncle Seth before his match with Randy?" Sarah asked.

"Sure let's go". Dean said.

Sarah took her brother's hand and made their way to Seth's locker room but Dean kept looking over his shoulder and all around him to make sure Wyatt doesn't attack or grab Sarah. Once they made it to Seth's locker room Dean did one more scan before going in the room.

"Hey you alright man? I saw what happened". Seth said.

"I'm fine but that's the least of my worries". Dean said.

"He thinks Wyatt might get me". Sarah said.

"And that won't happen because you will stay with one of us and if we have to be in the ring i'll leave you with someone". Dean said.

"Don't you think your over reacting just a tad bit man?" Seth asked.

"Put yourself in my place Seth, if you had a little sister and Wyatt came after you and that made your sister a target wouldn't you do the same thing?" Dean asked.

"I see your point just don't over do it". Seth said.

"Does that mean i can't go to Uncle Seth's match tonight?" Sarah asked.

"No even though it will be surrounded by a cell i'm not taking any chance that something will happen to you". Dean said.

"Your brother's right sweetheart you might have a double target on you and we just don't want nothing to happen to you with the authority and Wyatt after you were not taking any chances at all maybe after my match is over you can". Seth said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

Skips time

"This is the Hell in a Cell match, introducing first he is the apex predator Randy Orton". Lillian said.

Randy then takes in the sight of the cell and knows he is going to give Seth a beating of a lifetime.

"And his opponent he is Mr MITB Seth Rollins". Lillian said.

The ref then has the bell rang and the match goes underway.

(Skips most of match)

Seth is giving Randy the beating of a lifetime, he continues throwing Randy against the cage because he wants Randy to suffer for all the pain he had put Sarah through he is doing this for her. Randy then starts to take advantage a little by throwing Seth against the cage a few times, once Seth is down Randy goes under the ring to get a kendo stick he then gets back in the ring but Seth grabs the stick and starts beating Randy with it till it breaks, Seth then gets a chair and starts beating the hell out of Randy with it. Randy is down and weak but Seth still wants to torture Randy so he then begins to throw Randy into the cage a few more times, Randy now has a cut on his forehead so deep blood is now running down his face, Seth then has Randy set up for the curb stomp and delivers it to him with full force but Seth doesn't stop there he then performs a dirty deeds on Randy then finishes with a spear winning the match.

"The winner of this match Seth Rollins". Lillian said.

Seth then goes for a mic.

"I told you Randy don't ever mess with my niece again and that goes for the rest of the authority. Mess with her again i'll bring you all down". Seth said.

Dean's music then hits and out comes both Dean and Sarah, Sarah then runs down the ramp and Seth picks her up holding her up with one arm then Dean comes down and shakes Seth's other hand. They all then go backstage so Seth can shower and change.

"You did great Uncle Seth one of your most best performances ever". Sarah said.

"Thanks sweetheart". Seth said.

"You kicked Randy's ass into the middle of next year, nice job with the dirty deeds and spear i'm sure Roman is going to be very happy". Dean said.

Dean's phone then rings and it's Roman so he puts it on speaker.

-Hey Dean is Seth around? Roman asked.

-Right here man. Seth answered.

-You did amazing Seth you literally put Randy through hell. By the way nice spear i taught you well with that. Roman said.

-Hi Uncle Roman. Sarah said.

-Hey baby girl. Sarah said.

-Oh Rome i forgot to say thank you so much i know that you and Seth made the plan to send Sarah back. Thanks so much man. Dean said.

-Well we couldn't have you going lunatic crazy now could we. Roman said.

-We gotta go now Rome were about to head out soon. Dean said.

-Alright bye guys, bye baby girl. Roman said.

-Bye Uncle Roman.

-See ya man. Seth said.

Dean then hung his phone up, he and Sarah then went back to get their stuff from his locker room once they got all their stuff they headed back to Seth's locker room but Dean gets this gut feeling that they are being followed if not watched, Sarah noticed a change in her brother and knew something was wrong.

"Dean? Are you ok?" Sarah said.

"Yeah i'm fine". Dean said.

They finally make it to Seth's locker room, once Seth had his stuff the trio headed out for the night waiting to see what will happen on Raw the next night.

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