Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 49

Monday night raw

Now that Wyatt is targeting him Dean must keep a super close eye on his sister because if he thought what the authority did Bray is so much worse especially with the mind games. Right now he is in his locker room with his sister and she is on her IPad, as he is thinking his mind goes back to when she was still an innocent baby.


A young Dean is in his bedroom while gently bouncing his 5 month old baby sister trying to get her to go to sleep.

"Come on Sarah i know you're tired". Dean said tiredly.

Sarah was still a bit fussy and screaming.

"Alright let's check your diaper". Dean said.

He then gently laid her down on his bed and checked her diaper and it needed to be changed, he then changed her diaper after he was finished she was still fussy a bit.

"Alright let's get you a bottle now". Dean said.

Sarah just looked up at her brother and started to reach for his hair.

"Oh no you don't princess you can't have my hair". Dean said.

Once the microwave beeped Dean retrieved her bottle and began feeding it to her as she was eating she felt very relaxed and was close to falling asleep, once she finished the bottle he put it in the sink and then began to burp her. Once she fell totally asleep he then gently laid on his bed with Sarah resting on his chest.

"Good night Sarah i love you so much". Dean whispered.

He then kissed the top of her head before going to sleep himself.

*Back to reality*

"Dean. Dean. Dean". Sarah called to her brother.

"Huh, what?" Dean answered.

"You spaced out are you ok?" Sarah asked.

"I'm fine princess i promise". Dean said.

"What were you thinking about?" Sarah asked sitting beside him.

Dean then tucked her into his side before telling her the story. Once the story was over Dean saw the time and knew he had to go out for a match with Curtis Axel but he could care less about that match he wants to send a message to Wyatt but before he can do that he has to leave Sarah with Seth.

"Alright Sarah while i'm out in the ring your going to stay with Seth and you are not to go anywhere without him". Dean said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

Just as they were about to leave the room all the lights went out.

"Dean!" Sarah called to her brother.

"It's alright Sarah i'm still here come on". Dean said.

He then took her hand and she practically ran out of the room behind her brother wondering what was going on.

"Dean why'd the lights go out like that?" Sarah asked panicked.

"I don't know Sarah let's get to Seth before something does happen". Dean answered.

"Why is Wyatt targeting you?" Sarah asked.

"I have no clue Sarah but i promise you this he won't hurt you i promise you that". Dean said.

"Dean...i'm scared". Sarah said quietly.

"You don't have to be Sarah me and Seth will protect you at all cost i promise you". Dean said.

"He's different from when the authority did it, he could be capable of anything". Sarah said.

"I know Sarah but he won't get or hurt you". Dean said.

Sarah then nodded as she and Dean made their way to Seth's locker room, once there Dean knocked first so Sarah doesn't see Seth changing.

"Hey guys what's up". Seth Said.

"I need you to watch Sarah while i'm in the ring and don't let her out of your sight for anything she is to stay with you until i get back". Dean said to Seth in a strict voice.

"Did i miss something?" Seth asked.

"The lights in my locker room went out". Dean said.

"Wyatt might have did it". Sarah said.

Seth then caught on of what was going on.

"I'll watch her don't worry she'll be safe with me". Seth said.

"Thanks Seth". Dean said.

"No problem man". Seth said.

Just as Dean was about to go out Sarah tugged on his hand that she was holding.

"What's wrong Sarah?" Dean asked.

"I don't want you to go out Dean". Sarah said.

"Why not?" Dean asked getting to her level.

"Wyatt might attack you or get me". Sarah said.

"Don't worry about me sweetheart i'll be fine and as long as you stay with Seth nothing will happen to you". Dean said gently.

Sarah then latched onto her brother hugging him burying her face in his neck, he then tried unwrap his sister and give her to Seth once she was with Seth he then went out to the ring pissed the hell off.


Curtis Axel was in the ring ready for his match with Dean, just then Dean's music hits and he walks down the ramp in a casual manner then he decides screw the match so he attacks Axel. Once the attack was finished he went for a mic and stood on the announce table.

"I have a little message for Bray Wyatt, you don't screw with Dean Ambrose and you sure as hell don't screw with my sister". Dean screamed.

Just then all the lights went out in the arena and on the trion screen appeared Bray Wyatt with fog surrounding him as he made his appearance.

"Dean you a fearless person, you are just like me fearless. But you do have a deep dark fear, that fear is your little precious sister of your's and i know that if anything were to happen to her that would decimate and crush you. Do you know where your sister is Dean? Do you?" Bray said.

"Listen here Wyatt if you lay one finger on my sister so help me god i will drag you back to wherever you came from". Dean threatened.

Dean then dropped the mic and ran back to Seth's locker room hoping that his sister was ok and was safe with Seth, he was running so fast he was running as if he were in a marathon once he got to Seth's locker room he practically threw the door open and saw his sister tucked into Seth's side terrified. He has never seen his sister that terrified before ever, Sarah then saw her brother and ran from Seth's side to him in a few seconds he caught her and held her knowing that she is scared as hell to leave him especially since Wyatt is now after him.

"Thanks Seth". Dean said.

"No problem man, you alright there sweetheart?" Seth replied.

"I don't want Wyatt to get us". Sarah said from Dean's shoulder.

"I promise you Sarah he won't". Dean said.

"Your brother's right sweetheart he won't get anywhere near you with me or your brother around". Seth promised.

"He's just different from the authority, we don't know what he is capable so who knows what he'll do. I wish Uncle Roman was back". Sarah said.

"Me too princess, me too". Dean said petting her hair.

The lights then go out again then both Dean and Seth get into a protective stance in front of Sarah as she gripped Dean's shirt as he put her down.

"Alright let's just stay calm now, just stay calm. Alright Sarah me and Dean are right here sweetie just stay calm". Seth said.

"Let's get out of here!" Sarah yelled.

Dean then took his sister's hand and ran out of the room with Seth behind them heading back to Dean's locker room, Seth kept a sharp eye out as well as Dean making sure that Wyatt won't attack them from either side. Dean then felt his sister shake his sister hardly got scared after the authority started targeting her, the time he saw his sister was when she was younger and had a nightmare one night.


Dean is cooking dinner for him and his four year old sister as she watched tv but he didn't know exactly what his sister was watching it was a monster movie, ever since Sarah turned four she was curious about almost everything.

"Alright baby girl dinner's ready then after dinner it's bath time then off to bed". Dean said picking her up.

"Ok De". Sarah said grabbing his necklace.

Dean then set her in her booster seat and gave her, her dinner plate with a decent cup of apple juice as soon as she began eating he got his dinner with a beer then Sarah told him her whole day that happened at pre school. it was now nearing 8:30 and after Dean washed the dishes he got his sister a set of pajamas and her hair brush and began to bathe her, after she is bathed and put in her pajamas Dean then brushes her hair and braids it.

"Alright bed time baby girl". Dean said.

Sarah then nodded as her eyes began drooping until she was fully asleep, he then tucked her in and placed her bear in her right arm then cut on her night light.

"Sweet dreams sweetheart". Dean whispered.

He then kissed her head then quietly exited the room leaving her door cracked, he then went out on the couch after getting a beer and turning on an action movie.

It's now after 2 am and Dean has gone to bed in his room, while in Sarah's room she's tossing and turning she is now whimpering. After a couple more minutes she wakes up scared now with tears streaming down her face like a waterfall so she jumps out of her bed with her bear in her arm and goes to her brother's room, she then goes to his bed and starts to shake and poke at him till he wakes up.

"De, De wake up". Sarah said shaking her brother.

Dean groaned rolling on his left side he then cracked his eyes open and saw his baby sister with dried tears on her cheeks with fresh ones coming down and gets very concerned.

"Hey what's wrong baby?" Dean asked picking her up setting her on his lap.

"I-i had a bad dream, a monster came and took you away then took me away". Sarah cried in her brother's chest.

Dean then hugged his sister for a few minutes while trying to calm her down, she is now calm but she won't leave her brother.

"Sarah, i promise you no monster is coming to get me or you, and if anyone tries to hurt you they have to answer to me". Dean said.

"I'm still scared". Sarah said.

"You wanna stay with me for tonight?" Dean asked.

Sarah nodded and rolled to her brother's right side and he tucked her into his side throwing the blanket over the both of them going back to sleep.

*Back to reality*

The trio is now back into Dean's locker room with the lights back on, Dean and Seth felt some relief but Sarah was still shaken up just a bit.

"Sarah look at me alright look at my eyes, just take a few deep breaths alright. In and out, in and out, in and out". Dean said.

Sarah then started to do what her brother did and she began to calm down and breath normally.

"How'd you do that?" Seth asked.

"She had a few nightmares when she was younger i told her to take deep breaths". Dean explained.

Sarah just pulled her knees to her chest hiding her face in her knees, Dean and Seth shared a knowing look which means they had to talk.

"Sarah, would you be alright by yourself for a few minutes while i talk to Seth?" Dean asked gently.

Sarah nodded and laid down on the couch and slowly drifted off to sleep, Dean then covered her up with a blanket from his luggage after Sarah was settled he and Seth went outside the locker room leaving the door slightly cracked so they'll be able to hear Sarah if she calls them.

"Dude i never saw Sarah this scared or terrified before". Seth said.

"Me neither it's because of that stupid son of a bitch Wyatt. I will say one thing though he's right about something". Dean said.

"Right about what?" Seth asked.

"If anything happened to my sister i'd be crushed and devastated". Dean said.

"Nothing won't happen to her man, nothing won't ever happen to her not with you, me, Roman and the others around". Seth said.

Dean then tiredly pushed his hair back from his face and wiped his face, he was starting to feel tired, stressed, aggravated, if Wyatt did anything to hurt his sister at all he will drag Wyatt to hell. Out of no where the door to the locker room shuts making Dean and Seth look at each other then when Seth went to open the door he couldn't it was locked from the inside. Dean then got worried but pissed at the same time.

"Sarah! Sarah sweetheart open the door". Seth called through the door.

"I'm trying but it won't open. Dean, Uncle Seth i'm scared the door won't open". Sarah said.

"Don't worry sweetheart we'll get it open just stay calm. Dean what are we gonna do it won't open from either side". Seth said.

They kept trying for a while till Dean got to his boiling point.

"Alright Sarah listen to me carefully stand back away from the door". Dean said.

"Ok". Sarah said a bit scared.

Dean then started to kick at the door till Seth got the same idea and they were both able to kick the door down, once the door was down Sarah practically ran to her brother and Seth hugging one leg of each man almost knocking them over.

"It's alright now baby girl it's alright now". Dean said rubbing her head.

"I don't know what happened the door just shut and it wouldn't open". Sarah rambled.

"Sarah honey calm down just calm down and take a few deep breaths". Seth instructed her.

She did what Seth was doing till she calmed down.

"What do we do now?" Sarah asked.

"You guys can stay in my locker room he wouldn't even think to look there she'll be safe". Seth said.

"Thanks Seth it means a lot". Dean said gratefully.

"Thanks Uncle Seth". Sarah said.

"We should hurry and get there i have a match soon". Seth said.

Dean then took a hold of his sister's hand as Seth walked behind them making sure Wyatt doesn't do anything, once at his locker room Sarah went in first then Dean followed by Seth.

"As long as you guys stay here he won't be able to find you". Seth said.

"I hope your right". Dean said.

Sarah pulled her IPad out and put her headphones in turning on her music then pulling a internet book up to read to keep herself distracted. Seth then saw and knew he had to go since he had a match with Big Show next.

"I'll come back after my match". Seth said.

"Alright". Dean said.

Seth then kissed the top of Sarah's head and she kissed his cheek, once Seth left for his match Sarah stayed on her IPad while Dean figured out a game plan for Wyatt.


"This match is set for one fall introducing first he is Mr MITB Seth Rollins". Lillian said.

Seth mentally prepares himself for this match but can't his mind keeps going back to finding ways of helping Dean with a game plan for Wyatt but he better shake that out of his mind within the next few seconds.

"And his opponent standing at 7'0 feet tall The Big Show". Lillian said.

Big Show gets in the ring and the ref rings the bell getting the match started.

(Skips most of the match)

Seth is trying to get back up after receiving several blows to the chest and being hit with the huge hands can hurt like hell, Big Show then starts to punch Seth a few times but Seth counters with a missile dropkick to Big Show knocking him down. Seth then hits with a dropkick knocking him down again he has Big Show set up for the curb stomp and delivers it with full force knocking him out getting the pin.

"And the winner of this match Seth Rollins". Lillian said.

Seth then gets his briefcase and heads backstage fast back to his locker room, when he gets there he sees Dean packing up his and Sarah's stuff ready to leave for the night.

"Hey she ok?" Seth asked.

"I don't know she's been on her IPad since you left". Dean said.

"What if i bunked with you guys tonight? Would that somewhat help". Seth said.

"It might". Dean said.

Sarah then looked up and knows it's time to head back to the hotel for the night, once they were all packed up they drove back to the hotel Sarah just looked out the window listening to her music as Dean was in the passenger seat and Seth was driving. Once at the hotel they headed up to Dean's room he shares with his sister, once there Sarah takes her suitcase and grabs some pajamas and heads to the bathroom to wash up for bed.

"You can take the other bed or the couch if you want". Dean said.

"Thanks man". Seth said.

Sarah then comes out ready for bed and she crawls into bed with her IPad and she listens to music and reads as Dean and Seth get ready for bed, after a little while Sarah had fell asleep with her tablet on her chest with music playing so Dean takes it and puts it on the charger while the music plays. After Sarah had fell asleep Dean and Seth stayed up talking for a little bit, it was now after 1 in the morning and Seth had fell asleep in the second bed while Dean is stretched out laying next to his sister with her curaled into his side grabbing some of his shirt a little. Just as Dean was about to doze off his cell phone rang with a number that didn't look familiar with him so he wondered who'd be calling him after 1 in the morning so he stepped outside on the patio to answer it so he wouldn't wake Seth or his sister.

"Hello. Dean answered.

"Is this Dean Ambrose?" The voice asked.

"Depends who's asking". Dean asked.

"My name is Andrew Collins, i'm Sarah's father. I would like to meet her". Andrew said.

Dean's jaw had dropped and his cell phone had nearly dropped out of his hand. It was Sarah's father? How the hell did he find her? How the hell did he get Dean's number? More importantly what does he want? Seth then heard something drop so he looked to see only Sarah asleep in the bed so he went out on the patio to see Dean sitting in one of the chairs with his phone on the table with him running his hands threw his hair and down his face, Seth then went out on the patio to see what was bothering his friend.

"Dean hey what's wrong? Who called you this late?" Seth asked.

"It was Sarah's father". Dean answered.

Seth then looked wide eyes at what his friend just said and is taken back.

"Her father? As in her biological father?" Seth asked.

"Yes. He wants to meet her". Dean answered.

"Sarah doesn't know who he is does she?" Seth asked.

"Nope and she will never know because he's not meeting her and she's not meeting him. She doesn't need him in her life i raised her for the past ten years by myself not him so why should he get a chance to meet her he had ten years he's not just gonna walk in and walk out no way in hell he's gonna do that". Dean said.

"What if just a suggestion, what if you met him first and then make your decision. You could go meet him and leave Sarah with me". Seth said.

"I don't know Seth she's been doing fine all these years without him, i raised her with my own two hands not him. I did more for her then he ever will but i will meet this guy and if he's bad news he's not meeting Sarah". Dean said.

"Have you ever met him or did he meet you?" Seth asked.

"I seen him like once and that was when my mom told him she was pregnant with Sarah said he didn't want the kid and left. She doesn't need him she never has and never will she has me, you and Roman and that's all she'll ever need in her life". Dean said.

"How are you gonna tell her? When are you gonna tell her?" Seth asked.

"I will probably tell her either tomorrow or sometime this week so i can still get this through my head. I just don't know how i'm gonna tell her, i can't just go to her and say 'hey Sarah your father wants to meet you after ten years wanna go to ringside?' Dean said.

"Look i'll be there when and if you decide to tell her, whatever you and Sarah need at all just ask i'll be with you every step of the way". Seth said.

"Thanks Seth it means a lot". Dean said.

Seth then went back in to get some sleep while Dean just sat out on the patio thinking. Should he meet Sarah's father? Should he let Sarah meet him? All these questions are going through his mind, it's now after 3 in the morning before he finally decides to go to sleep and get some rest. Just as he lays down next to his sister she lays her head on his chest gripping small portions of his shirt in her hands. Before he goes to sleep he mutters something.

"I love you so much Sarah and nobody will ever hurt you". Dean muttered.

Dean then dozed off with his sister curled up on his chest and his right arm wrapped protectively around her. As he fell asleep his mind never stopped thinking. What if her father wanted custody? What if her father took her away from him? His mind kept going but he knew one thing was certain nobody even her father would hurt her. Over his dead body will anybody ever hurt his sister ever again.

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