Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 5

Extreme Rules Night

It is now time for the 6 man tag match. The Shield's music plays.

"Introducing first weighing in at 707 lbs, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose. The Shield". The announcer said.

They get in the ring and gets prepared to fight. Then Evolution's music hits.

"Introducing their opponents weighing in at 768 lbs, The Viper Randy Orton, The Animal Batista, The Game Triple h. Evolution". The announcer said.

Dean gets a mic.

"Where's my sister at you pieces of crap?" Dean yelled.

"She's here Ambrose, the deal was Ambrose you get your sister if and when you win. But if you want to bring her out we can but under NO circumstances NO ONE is going to touch her throughout this match. The deal is if the shield wins you get her back but if you lose she becomes our little helper for ever". Triple H said.

"Bring...Her...Out...NOW!" Dean screamed.

"Security bring her out". Triple H said.

Security brings Sarah out and she runs to her brother but is held back by the security guard.

"She is going to stay with this security guard throughout the whole match. And as i said NO ONE is going to touch her in this match that means you three and us. Which ever team wins will get Sarah. Agreed?" Triple H said.

Everyone agrees. The ref rings the bell and Seth Rollins and Triple H start it off

(Skip most of the match)

It's toward the end of the match. The two legal men are Batista and Roman Reigns while Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, and Triple H are in the stands fighting. All of a sudden Seth Rollins jumps from the crowd on top of Orton, Ambrose, and Triple H. Meanwhile in the ring Batista is very weak then Roman Reigns delivers a superman punch then sets up for his finisher and spears Batista getting the win for The Shield.

"Here are your winners, The Shield". Justin Roberts said.

Sarah then runs in the ring to Roman. He picks her up and she buries her head in his shoulders crying taking her to her brother and other uncle. They get to where Dean and Seth are as soon as she sees her brother he pick her up trying to calm her down.

"Dean! i was so scared". Sarah said crying in her brother's shoulder.

"It's okay Sarah, it's alright calm down. Come on Sarah calm down, I'm here now no one is ever gonna hurt you again. I'm here baby girl i'm right here and i'm not going anywhere". Dean said trying to calm his sister.

"Uncle Seth!" Sarah said reaching for Seth.

His eyes soften on his young niece and took her from Dean.

"It's okay sweetheart, it's alright were here. They're not going to hurt you anymore. We got ya sweetheart we got ya, were right here. Were here baby nothing is going to hurt you not now not ever". Seth said.

Sarah finally cries herself to sleep on Seth's shoulder with Seth's shirt stained with tears but they don't care. They bring her back to the hotel changes her into her pajamas and tucked her in bed.

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