Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 50

Early that afternoon Dean left Sarah with Seth so he can go meet with Sarah's father, he is now waiting at a cafe near the arena waiting for him to show. He's sipping on an energy drink while waiting till a guy about 30 years old, 5'10 with brown hair and blue eyes walks in and sees Dean sitting down.

"Hey Andrew how's it going?" Dean asked the guy.

"Dean i didn't think you remember me it's been a while". Andrew said.

"I remember every asshole who walks out my sister's life". Dean said.

"I kinda earned that". Andrew said.

"Now let's just skip to the point, what do you want?" Dean replied.

"I wanna see Sarah". Andrew said.

"Let me think about that uh no way in hell your meeting her because as far as i'm concerned she doesn't need you never has never will i'm all she needs". Dean said.

"Dean please she's my daughter". Andrew pleaded.

"And she's my sister. What'd you think i was gonna say? You walked out the minute my mom told you she was pregnant i was the one who took her to the doctor's every time she had an appointment, i was the one at the hospital when she was born, i was there for everything and where were you because i didn't see you changing her diapers, i didn't see you feeding her, i didn't see you when she got hurt or sick. So as far as i'm concerned she doesn't need you, hell she doesn't even know your name". Dean said.

"What will it take for you to let me see her?" Andrew asked.

"Nothing because i'm not going to let you see her let alone go anywhere near her". Dean said.

"I can always go for custody". Andrew threatened.

"I'd like to see you try because when she was born i gained full custody of her so if you even think that you're going to see Sarah you're crazy as hell. Don't come near me or her just stay the hell away from us she's doing perfectly fine without you i bet you never even cared about her". Dean said.

"Look i was young still in college working all the time i couldn't have a kid but now that i'm straightened out i'm ready". Andrew said.

"Don't give me that crock of bull, i was 18 when she was born you thought that i was ready to help take care of a kid? No i wasn't i had to stop doing what i love to take care of your responsibility which is now mine". Dean said.

"Dean please i know what i did was wrong but i'm ready to take care of her now. I could take care of her while your on the road i can provide her with anything and everything she'll need". Andrew said.

Dean then narrowed his eyes at the guy now.

"What are you trying to say? That i don't provide her with anything she needs because i do. I was the one breaking my back to put clothes on her back and food in her stomach while you were no where to be found". Dean said angrily.

"Would you at least consider it Dean? She's my daughter, my flesh and blood". Andrew said.

"No i won't because when you walked out that said you don't want nothing to do with her". Dean replied.

"Dean please i'll do anything to prove it to you to show you that i'm worthy of being in Sarah's life". Andrew said.

"You know nothing about her, i know more about her than you do". Dean said.

"Please i'll do anything to see her anything at all". Andrew pleaded.

"I'll think about it, i'll talk to her about it and if she's says no then no she says yes i'll consider it. But i'm warning you right now if i do let you in my sister's life if you do one thing just one little thing at all to hurt her i'm kicking your ass back to where you came from and not think twice about it". Dean said.

"Alright we got a deal". Andrew said.

"I'll call to let you know but i'm busy i gotta go. But for now don't go near her or you will get an ass kicking you had coming for a long time". Dean said.

"Alright". Andrew said.

Dean then got up and walked out getting in his car heading back to the arena to prepare for smackdown that night, once there he takes a deep breath before going to see Seth and Sarah he tries to get his mind off of things before he heads in but it still wondered his mind. He heads to catering where Seth and Sarah are eating lunch.

"Hey Seth, hey kiddo". Dean said.

"Hey man". Seth said.

"Hi Dean". Sarah said hugging her brother.

"Sarah would you be alright here while i talked to Seth for a couple of minutes?" Dean asked.

"Sure". Sarah said.

"Don't go anywhere". Dean said.

"Alright". Sarah said eating her sandwich.

Dean and Seth then walked outside in the hallway before starting the conversation.

"How'd it go?" Seth asked.

"I didn't kick his ass if that's what you meant. It was fine he said he wants to see Sarah". Dean said.

"Now? After all this time why now?" Seth replied.

"He was in college and working he couldn't take care of her". Dean said.

"What'd you say?" Seth asked.

"What else? He's not seeing her until i say so then he threatened me". Dean said.

"Threatened you how?" Seth asked.

"He said he can go for custody of Sarah". Dean said.

"But you have full custody of her". Seth said.

"Had since she was born". Dean said.

"So What happened next?" Seth asked.

"He practically begged to see her says he'll do anything to see her". Seth said.

"What are you gonna do?" Seth asked.

"I'll talk to her about but Seth she's doing perfectly fine without him she doesn't need to see him i raised her since birth while he was no where to be found". Dean said.

"Dean when you're ready to talk to her about i'll be there with you because nobody will ever hurt her and they sure as hell won't take her away not without a fight". Seth said.

Dean then looked back at his sister and thought of a time from when she was much younger and got hurt.


Dean is at work one day when he gets a call saying that his sister was hurt and had to be taken to the ER, he runs out and hops into his car rushing to the hospital where his sister was. She was a 5 year old in kindergarten how bad could she have gotten hurt? He rushed faster going over the speed limit not giving a damn. Once he is there and parks the car he runs into the ER to see his sister, once he was in there he saw one of the teachers from his sister's school there.

"Where's Sarah? Is she ok? What happened?" Dean asked catching his breath.

"She's in with the doctor now, she was on the play ground and got on the monkey bars and she must have slipped and fell. They think should could have a sprained wrist". The teacher said.

Dean then got the room number from the nurse to where his sister is, just as the doctor is about to wrap Sarah's wrist which turned out to be a sprain Dean opens the curtain.

"And who are you sir?" The doctor asked.

"I'm Sarah's brother". Dean said.

"Dee". Sarah cried.

Dean then went to his sister's side and set her in his lap while trying to calm her.

"Is she gonna be ok?" Dean asked.

"She'll be fine she has a sprained wrist so you'll have to ice it for a few weeks". The doctor said.

Dean nodded and held his sister as she let the doctor wrap her wrist till he was finished, once he was finished Dean held his sister in one arm as she buried her face in her brother's shirt gripping it with her fingers.

"All you gotta do for that wrist is keep it wrapped for a little while and ice it for ten minutes everyday". The doctor said.

"Thanks doc". Dean said.

"You two have a good day". The doctor said.

"Hey sweetheart you ready to go home?" Dean asked.

Sarah nodded still in some pain but not too bad.

"You were really brave Sarah i'm proud of you". Dean said.

"I tried to be like you because your always brave". Sarah said.

Dean then formed a lump in his throat but he swallowed it and made his way out to his car with his sister in his arms.

*Back to reality*

"Dean, Dean, Dean". Seth called out to his friend.

"What?" Dean replied.

"You spaced out are you ok?" Seth asked.

"I'm fine. When do you think i should tell Sarah?" Dean replied.

"Whenever your ready man i'll be with you the whole way". Seth said.

"Then let's do this". Dean said.

"Your gonna do it now?" Seth asked a bit shocked.

"It'll give her a chance to let it sink in a little and make up her mind, and if she says no then he won't meet her". Dean said.

"Alright man let's go". Seth said.

Dean then mentally prepared himself to tell his sister the news but still has doubts in his mind. When Seth saw the look on his friend's face he became concerned.

"Hey what's wrong?" Seth asked.

"I don't know Seth i mean does she really need him in her life she's fine without him. She doesn't even know his name or what he looks like and who says if i do bring him in her life who's to say he won't walk out again or he won't hurt her?". Dean replied.

"You just do what you think is best for her she thinks of you more as a brother. She sees you as her best friend and a father figure, you just do what you think is what's best for her if you wanna let her meet her dad then let her if you don't then don't". Seth said.

"Your right". Dean said.

They then made there way over to Sarah who is reading on her IPad, she looks up to see Dean and Seth walking towards her.

"Hey what's up?" Sarah said.

"I need to talk to you Sarah". Dean said.

"About what?" Sarah asked.

"When i left you with Seth today i had to go meet someone". Dean started.

"Meet who?" Sarah asked.

"A guy named Andrew Collins. He's...your father". Dean said.

Sarah looked at her brother in shock not knowing what to do, say, or think.

"He said he wants to meet you but it's totally up to you if you wanna do it, i'm not gonna force you to meet him if you don't want to". Dean said.

Sarah was still in shock at what her brother told her.

"Sweetheart don't worry he's not taking you from us he just wants to meet you nobody will ever take you from us". Seth said.

"Did he even want me?" Sarah asked.

"At the time he said he couldn't take care of you so he wants to meet you now". Dean explained.

"You won't be mad if i said yes?" Sarah asked.

"It's whatever you wanna do sweetheart i won't get mad". Dean said.

"Can i think about it first?" Sarah asked.

"Take all the time you need Sarah but just know this he's not nor will ever take you away from me you'll be stuck with me if you like it nor not". Dean said.

"I love you Dean". Sarah said hugging her brother.

"I love you too baby girl, i love you so much". Dean said hugging her back.

"I love you Uncle Seth". Sarah said hugging Seth now.

"I love you too sweetheart". Seth said hugging her back.


Dean is getting ready for the show because he's going to be the special guest for Christian's peep show but doesn't know if he should bring his sister or not because he doesn't know what'll happen to his sister if she's with Seth or not so he decides to bring her but keeps her close.

"Alright Sarah your gonna come with me to the ring ok". Dean said.

"What about Wyatt? He could attack you or get me". Sarah said.

"I'll be fine but the second it gets bad i want you to run back to Seth as fast as you can and wait for me don't come looking for me". Dean said.

"Alright". Sarah said.


"Welcome to the peep show and help me introduce my guests at this time the lunatic fringe Dean Ambrose and his sister Sarah". Christian said.

Dean's music hits and he comes out with his sister by his side while he's looking around making sure Wyatt isn't around, once they were by the ring Sarah got in first followed by her brother and he shakes Christian's hand then goes for a mic.

"Alright Dean i'm gonna get straight to it why do you think Bray Wyatt is targeting you and your sister?" He asked.

"Bray Wyatt thinks me and him are the same because were both fearless, if anything that gets thrown at us we'll fight but me and Bray Wyatt are not the same. As for my sister i have no clue she's just an innocent child who hasn't hurt anybody. Bray Wyatt likes to play mind games with people who have weak minds and my mind is a dangerous place, he's a manipulator. Bray Wyatt thinks he knows me he doesn't know me nobody except my sister knows me, see i can play games to. Do you know why i do this Christian? You know why i do this, because it's fun i like danger i like riding the end of a lightning bolt. I'm not scared to go down a dark alley with Bray Wyatt. ". Dean said.

Just then all the lights in the arena went out and Sarah then went to her brother and he pulled her close to his side, Sarah glued herself to her brother's right hip holding on for dear life while he just pets her hair trying to calm her down.

"You have nothing to fear Dean because you have nothing to lose except your precious little sister. Do you know what i do? I heal people Dean, i healed Eric Rowan, i healed Luke Harper, i can heal you too Dean all you have to do is take my hand. What do you have to lose Dean, what do you have to lose other than your precious little sister. I mean your own father turned his back on you so did Sarah's father, her father turned his back on her. Does he still send you postcards from prison? What about you Sarah does your father send you postcards from prison?" Bray said.

Sarah just clinged to her brother as if her life depended on it, Dean was pissed he was so pissed he could actually rip Wyatt to shreds especially for saying that crap to his sister. The lights then darkened again and Dean held his sister close then when a spotlight hit Bray's chair he wasn't there instead he was behind the two siblings then as Sarah let go of her brother Wyatt grabbed her.

"Dean!" Sarah cried out.

The lights then came back on with Dean searching for Wyatt and his sister, Dean then ran backstage hoping to find his sister safe.

"Sarah! Sarah! Sarah where are you? Sarah!" Dean called out for his sister.

The other superstars' and divas' looked at him like something was wrong but none of them wanted to go to him because when Dean is pissed he don't want nobody around. Dean then sat down on a chair and his mind wondered to a time when Sarah was three and got lost for the first time.


Dean is in a huge store with his sister to get her some new clothes and stuff because she is outgrowing her old stuff.

"Sarah you wanna ride in the cart or you wanna walk?" Dean asked.

"I wanna walk i a big girl". Sarah said.

"Yes you are now come on and stay beside me". Dean said.

The store was a bit crowded but not very crowded, Dean then made his way over to the clothes isle for toddlers.

"Alright Sarah you wanna pick what you want?" Dean asked.

"Yea". Sarah said.

Dean then picked her up and she started to point out many different outfits, once they were done they moved on to shoes and she picked a few pairs of sneakers out along with a pair of sandals and boots that matched her brother's. Once that was done Dean had to get some food for the two of them so as they made their way to the food aisle Sarah got lost in the crowd, Dean didn't noticed his sister was missing just yet.

"Alright Sarah pick what you want for dinner". Dean said.

When he didn't hear his sister's voice he turned around and began to panic, his sister wasn't there. Fear rose up inside of him when he couldn't find her so he took the cart and started going through the aisles up and down, back and forth trying to find her. After a couple of minutes his ears perked a bit when he heard crying coming from a toddler so he goes to where the crying is which led him to the toy aisle where his sister always went when she got lost.

"Sarah". Dean said in relief.

"Dee". Sarah said running to her brother.

"Are you ok? What happened sweetheart?" Dean asked wiping her tears.

"I was following you then a bunch of people were in the way and i couldn't find you so i came here and waited". Sarah said.

"Why didn't you ask someone who works here?" Dean asked hugging her close.

"You said to never talk to strangers". Sarah said sniffing.

Dean then thought about it for a second but it left his mind as long as his sister was safe that was all that matters.

*Back to reality*

Dean was thinking he knew his sister was smart so he knew she would hide in a place only he'd be able to find her where no one would decide to look so he went to find her hoping that she's ok and not hurt.


Sarah was able to get away from Wyatt but now she had to find Dean so she thought of something only the two of them know she's gonna hide in a place where only her brother could find her nobody else so she went there. She knew Seth had a match now so she goes into his locker room quietly making sure she won't attract attention once she's in she locks the door and pulls her knees to her chest resting her head on her knees wondering if Dean would find her. Dean looked in his locker room, the divas', even with Jimmy and Jey so if she wasn't with any of them who else would she go to then it hit him. She's in Seth's locker room, he runs there and when he goes to open the door he notices its locked so he bangs on it. Sarah hears banging on the door but doesn't open it instead she moves by the door so she could open it if it's Seth or her brother.

"Sarah! Sarah sweetheart it's me Dean, come on baby open the door". Dean said.

Sarah heard her brother's voice and unlocked the door swinging it open and flying into her brother's arms.

"Oh Sarah thank god your ok i was so worried about you". Dean said.

"I was so scared Dean, when the lights went out i couldn't see you or find you then Wyatt took me. I was really really scared". Sarah whimpered.

"It's alright Sarah it's alright now ok, i'm right here with you now and i'm not going anywhere. Shh baby shh it's ok now everything is ok". Dean soothed his sister.

"Dean?" Sarah replied.

"What's up baby girl". Dean said.

"What did Wyatt mean your father and my father? What is he talking about?" Sarah asked.

Dean sighed and knew he had to tell his sister the truth sooner than later.

"What he meant is that we have different fathers. Were only half related, we share the same mom but not the same dad". Dean explained.

"So your only my half brother?" Sarah asked.

"Yes but that doesn't change anything at all Sarah your my sister and i love you, i will do anything and everything in my power to protect you from anything and anybody". Dean said.

Sarah stayed quiet for a few minutes while Dean just held her, after his match Seth rushed back to his room to see Dean holding Sarah and let out a huge sigh of relief.

"Hey you guys ok". Seth asked.

"Were fine, she's shaken up a bit". Dean said.

"Come here sweetheart". Seth said opening his arms.

Sarah then ran to Seth who picks her up holding her tightly to his chest, once the trio was packed they headed back to the hotel to turn in for the night. Sarah had gotten ready for bed while her brother and Seth had just finished. After she fell asleep in Dean's bed, Seth and Dean went out on the patio with a couple of beers and began talking.

"You sure your alright man". Seth asked.

"I'm fine i was just worried about what happened to Sarah when i couldn't find her". Dean said not wanting to finish the sentence.

"Well she's safe now so that's good". Seth said.

"She found out that were half related". Dean said.

"What?" Seth asked shocked.

"I told her". Dean said.

"So are you gonna let her meet her dad?" Seth asked.

"It's up to her if she wants to do it". Dean said.

Sarah then awoke with a start and jumped out of bed when she couldn't find her brother or Seth she went out on the patio to see them talking, she jumped in her brother's lap throwing her arms around his neck burying her face in his chest. Dean then took it in that she had a nightmare so he held her until she calmed down.

"Dean would you get mad if i said i wanted to meet my dad?" Sarah asked.

"Are you sure you wanna meet him sweetheart you don't have to if you don't want to". Seth said.

"I'm sure". Sarah said.

"Alright but if that's what you want Sarah you can meet him". Dean said.

"Thanks De". Sarah said.

She then fell asleep in her brother's arms then after a little while Seth brought Sarah back in the room so Dean can make a quick phone call.

-Hello. The voice said.

-It's Dean, Andrew. Dean said.

-What's going on Dean? Andrew asked.

-Sarah said she will meet you but were doing this on my terms or there will be no meet. Dean said.

-Deal. Andrew said.

-I'll call you with the details tomorrow. Dean said.

-Alright. Andrew said.

Dean then hung his phone up and wondered if this meet with Sarah and her father will go well.

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