Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 51

Early that afternoon Dean had to get Sarah ready to meet her father for the first time in ten years, he has Seth tag along so that way if things go south Seth can get Sarah out. They agree to meet at Ihop for brunch once the trio was there Sarah felt extremely nervous meeting her father for the first time because she didn't know if her father will go for custody of her and she'll be taken from her brother, Seth, and Roman. She fixes her skirt that got wrinkled, Dean and Seth notices Sarah is nervous.

"Don't worry sweetheart he's not or won't ever take you away from us". Seth said.

"He's right princess nobody will ever take you away from us". Dean promised.

She calmed down a bit but was still nervous, after 10 minutes Andrew pulled up so Dean went to meet him first before introducing him to his sister first.

"Thank you Dean for giving me this opportunity". Andrew said.

"Yeah, just remember you hurt her one time your getting your ass kicked". Dean said.

The two men then moved to where Seth and Sarah are, Seth gets up first to meet his niece's father for the first time.

"Andrew this is Seth he's my friend and Sarah's uncle". Dean said.

"Nice to meet you Seth, could I ask how you became her uncle". Andrew replied.

"Dean is like my brother so she became my niece". Seth explained.

The three men then made there way over to Sarah who is picking her nails nervously once she saw her brother, Seth, and her father she sees a little resemblance between her and him but the rest of her looks she got from Dean and their mother.

"Andrew this is Sarah, Sarah this is Andrew your father". Dean introduced the two people.

"Hi Sarah it's nice to finally meet you". Andrew said.

"Same here". Sarah said.

Once the four people went in and were seated they looked at the menus to see what they wanted, after looking it over Dean got steak and eggs with a coke, Seth got pancakes and eggs with coffee, Andrew got French toast with coffee, and Sarah got the cinnastack pancakes with chocolate milk.

"So Seth you met Dean while working?" Andrew asked.

"Yeah we met in FCW that's where we met our friend Roman". Seth answered.

Sarah then excused herself to use the restroom leaving the three men to talk.

"What's wrong Andrew?" Dean asked.

"I don't know what to talk to her about". Andrew said.

"Just ask her what her interest are, what she's likes and dislikes. Not very complicated". Dean said.

"Does she hate me?" Andrew asked.

This time Seth answered because Dean bit his lip from saying a smartass remark.

"She doesn't hate you, she's nervous that's all. It will take just a little bit of time and space for her to get to know you a little bit better". Seth answered.

Sarah came back to the table to finish her food, after an awkward few minutes of eating in silence Andrew spoke up.

"So Sarah what do you like to do?" Andrew asked.

" I like to read and write, spend time with my brother and Uncle Seth and Uncle Roman, I like spending time with the other superstars and divas when my brother is in the ring". Sarah answered.

"What do you like to write?" Andrew asked.

"Stories and poetry". Sarah answered.

"That's cool". Andrew replied.

After a little while of talking Dean and Seth have to get to the arena so once the bill was paid the four people went outside so they can go there separate ways but Andrew wants to talk to Dean.

"Seth take her to the car I'll be there in a few minutes". Dean said.

Seth nodded and took his niece's hand and went to Dean's rental car, leaving Dean and Andrew standing on the sidewalk about to talk.

"What is it you wanna talk about Andrew?" Dean asked.

"What if I got custody of Sarah she'd be able to go to school, you can have her on certain holidays, her birthday, and summer vacation". Andrew said.

Dean looked at him as if he lost his damn mind.

"No. No way in hell your keeping her for all that time and I'm not giving you custody, you will see her when and if she wants to see you". Dean said.

"Dean please give me the chance to be in her life, give me the chance to be her father". Andrew said.

"You had the chance to be a father and you walked out, I'm more of a father to her than you'll ever be". Dean said.

"I know I made a mistake but please I'm trying to make up for it so please give me the chance to make it up to her and to you". Andrew said.

"You know nothing about her let alone you don't know the first thing about taking care of her". Dean said.

"You'll be hearing from my lawyer then, I tried to be nice Dean but you forced me to do this. When I get full and sole custody you will never see her again". Andrew said.

Dean then narrowed his eyes sending an evil death glare to Andrew.

"Listen here Andrew because I won't repeat myself, if you even try to take my sister away from me and you take her happiness you will have to watch your back because I'm not the only person you have to deal with. Stay the hell away from her". Dean said.

Before he actually did kick his ass Dean went to the car where his sister and Seth are, he gets in the driver seat slamming the door putting on his seatbelt and started the car driving to the arena.

"Hey you ok man?" Seth asked.

"I'm fine, we'll talk later". Dean said.

Dean looked through the mirror to see his sister listening to her IPod while reading a book, his mind went back to when they first met Seth.


Dean is looking for his sister who likes to play hide and seek, Seth then was preparing for a match then hears giggling from a small child and goes to see who it is and spots Sarah hiding while giggling.

"Well hello there what's your name". Seth said gently.

"My name Sarah". Sarah said.

"Who are you here with little one". Seth replied.

"My big brother". Sarah answered.

"Sarah". Dean called out.

Sarah heard her brother calling her and ran to him, Dean then picked her up brushing some hair out her face.

"Thanks I've been looking for her everywhere. I'm Dean and you already met Sarah here". Dean said.

"No problem, I'm Seth". Seth said.

After a while of talking Dean and Seth had become friends, Sarah then fell asleep in her brother's arms.

"Maybe we could grab a beer or something later". Seth said.

"Sure". Dean replied.

After that Dean and Seth kept in touch and after a while of knowing each other they became like brothers and Seth even stepped up to help Dean with his sister earning the title of 'Uncle Seth'

*Back to reality*

The trio arrived at the arena for Monday night Raw, Dean is still pissed off at what Andrew said to him. Seth notices something wrong with his friend but he's not gonna bring it up yet, Dean got his and Sarah's bags heading to his locker room.

"Uncle Seth is Dean ok, he's acting different since we left the meeting with Andrew". Sarah said.

"I don't know sweetheart". Seth responded.

Sarah then heads to her brother's locker room and when she gets there she sees him about to lose it.

"Dean?" Sarah said to her brother.

" What Sarah?" Dean snapped.

"Are you ok?" Sarah asked.

"I'm fine". Dean snapped again.

"Are you sure?" Sarah asked.

"Yes Sarah yes I'm fine". Dean yelled.

Dean then realized his mistake when he heard his sister run out the room slamming the door while crying, Dean never once yelled or raised his voice to her. He may have been strict with her but he never yelled or raised his voice at her. Sarah was running to Seth's locker room while crying, she then knocks on his door till he opens it.

"Sarah? Sweetheart what is it?" Seth asked her.

"Dean yelled at me when I asked if he was ok". Sarah cried.

Seth was taken back at what Sarah said, he probably knew Dean didn't mean it he was just stressed, frustrated, and aggravated. Once Seth finally had his niece calmed down there was a knock on his door and he opened it to see a guilty looking Dean standing there so he closed the door looking at his friend.

"Dean what the hell is going on man you've been like this since we left the meeting with Sarah's father". Seth said.

"He asked for joint custody of her. He said he'd keep her so she can go to school and I'd get her during certain holidays, her birthday and summer vacation". Dean explained.

"What?" Seth yelled.

" I said no of course then he said I'd hear from his lawyer and once he got full sole custody I'd never see her again". Dean said.

Seth then got pissed off ready to go kick Andrew's ass but he tired to calm down.

"So what are you gonna do?" Seth asked.

"I'm going for full sole custody of her I've raised her since birth and that's not about to change". Dean said.

"Whatever you need man I'll help the both of you with anything you will need". Seth said.

"Know a good lawyer?" Dean asked.

"I know somebody from back in my day who is the best damn lawyer ever he owes me a favor I can ask". Seth said.

"Thanks man for everything". Dean said.

"Anytime now I think you need to talk to Sarah". Seth said.

"Your right". Dean said.

The two men then go in the locker room to see Sarah wiping her eyes while sniffing, Dean then felt extremely guilty for making his sister cried.

"Sarah, sweetheart I'm so so sorry that I yelled at you it was an accident I was just irritated, frustrated, and aggravated I never ever meant to yell at you. Can you forgive me". Dean said.

She then jumped and threw her arms around her brother hugging him, Dean caught his sister and held her close. Once the siblings made up they went back to Dean's locker room but when they get there standing outside his door who appears to be Andrew with a social worker which pisses Dean off and gets Sarah confused.

"Sarah listen to me carefully go back to Seth's locker room get him and stay there till one of us comes and gets you". Dean instructed.

"What's going on Dean?" Sarah asked.

"Sarah please just do what I told you". Dean said.

She then nodded and ran to Seth's locker room leaving Dean to approach Andrew and the social worker.

"What is this Andrew?" Dean asked.

"I want custody of my daughter I tried to be nice Dean but now this is on you". Andrew said.

"Mr Ambrose, I'm here to see this gets resolved peacefully". The woman said.

"Who are you?" Dean asked.

"I'm Jessica Jackson, Mr Collins tells me that Sarah is in a dangerous environment, no home, and doesn't get an education is this true". She said.

"No absolutely not. She's been with me since she was born, she travels with me since we don't have no family left. When I go out to the ring I always make sure Sarah is with someone at all times. And she does get an education because she is homeschooled". Dean explained.

She wrote that down in her notebook, Seth then came from his locker room to where Dean is.

" And who are you sir?" Jessica asked.

"I'm Seth, Sarah's uncle". Seth said.

"He's not her real uncle but he's close enough". Dean explained.

"Mr Ambrose can you tell me how Sarah became to be in your custody". She asked.

"When she was born my mom gave me custody of her and I've had her since. Andrew walked out the second my mom told him she was pregnant". Dean explained.

"I made a mistake once by walking out her life I won't do it again". Andrew said.

"Well until this gets resolved I don't have a choice in the matter". Jessica said.

"What choice?" Dean asked.

"I'm taking Sarah in my custody until this gets resolved". She said.

Seth, Dean, and Andrew was shocked and taken back, Dean glared at Andrew with a glare so evil he could actually kill him right there. Seth was also pissed but he tries to keep his temper under control. Andrew was taken back he wanted custody of his daughter but he didn't expect it to go this far.

"Wait what if I got temporary custody of her". Seth said.

"I'm sorry that can't be done she needs to come with me and come with me now". She replied.

"Please don't do this she's just a kid". Dean said.

"I am sorry Mr Ambrose but she needs to come with me now". She said.

They all then walked to Seth's locker room and went inside, Sarah sees her brother and uncle along with her father and a woman who has her hair in a tight bun and wearing a business suit.

"Sarah you need to come with me now". Jessica said.

"Dean? Uncle Seth?" Sarah said scared.

Jessica then goes to get Sarah but she starts to fight not knowing what is going on. Once she is free she runs to her brother and she clings to him. Jessica then starts to pull Sarah out of Dean's grip till she finally successes and she takes Sarah's hand pulling her away from the three men.

"Let me go, let me go. Dean do something please, Uncle Seth help. Don't let her take me please don't let her take me away no I don't wanna go. Dean, Uncle Seth help". Sarah cried out.

Dean and Seth have tears in their eyes threatening to fall but they wipe there eyes and Dean grabs Andrew by the front of his shirt pushing him against the wall getting in his face with a look where he could actually tear Andrew apart.

"Listen and listen very carefully because now I won't repeat myself, it'll be in your very best interest to not come around me and when I get Sarah back and I know I will you are going to stay the hell away from her. The only thing that's stopping me from ripping you limb from limb is the fact I don't wanna ruin my chances from getting my sister back that and like I said before I'm not the only one you gotta deal with". Dean said.

"Dean I never expected it to go this far I swear but now we let things work out in court and once I get Sarah you will never see her again". Andrew said.

Seth then took ahold of Andrew with a look in his eyes that resembles Dean's glare.

"Look here asshole you will never get custody of my niece because Dean maybe her brother but he has and always will be her real true father. And Dean is right you thought you have to worry about just him you don't because now you have to deal with me, Roman, and the rest of the wwe locker room including the divas. Sarah may have Dean, me, and Roman but she also has the other superstars and divas to watch out for her. You messed with the wrong kid and sure enough you messed with the wrong brother and uncles". Seth said.

They then let go of Andrew so they can get ready for Raw.

Monday night Raw

Dean is in a match that night but he can't get his mind off of what happened with his sister, he has a rematch with Curtis Axel but he could careless he had to worry about Bray Wyatt and his sister. He sees Axel in the ring so he goes to the ring and starts to beat the hell out of him until all the lights go out and Bray appears on the triton with fog surrounding him.

"Dean, you are just like me you're fearless and have nothing to lose except your precious sister. But you have nothing else to lose and you don't have nothing to fear, I mean you're own father didn't want anything to do with you. I bet Sarah's father didn't want anything to do with her". Bray said.

Dean then went for a mic and he was beyond pissed off.

"Listen here Wyatt I don't know who the hell your talking to but lets get this straight you're not talking to a scared little boy you are talking to a grown man and as I said before you don't screw with my sister at all". Dean said.

"Do you know where your sister is Dean? Do you know where she is Dean?" Bray said.

The screen went out and Bray appeared behind Dean and jumped him, Dean then fought back until Bray did sister Abigail on him. Dean then got up and went back to his locker room slamming the door, Seth had a match now but he wasn't focused on that his concern is to get Sarah back that's all he cares about right now.


"This next match is set for one fall currently in the ring Bad News Barrett". Lillian said.

Seth's music hits and he comes out and he is still pissed off.

"And his opponent he is Mr MITB Seth Rollin". Lillian said.

Seth gets in the ring and he has to focus himself or he will lose the match but he didn't care about the match, he didn't care about anything in WWE he only cared about getting Sarah back.

(Skips most of the match)

Seth is getting his ass handed to him, just then as he made a move on Barrett he knocked him down and prepared to do the curb stomp and hit Barrett with full force pinning him for the win.

"And the winner of this match Seth Rollins". Lillian said.

Seth then went back to his locker room to get his stuff for the night since he is bunking with Dean tonight. He is showered and changed so he goes to Dean's locker room to see if Dean is ready to leave for the night.

"You ready to head out man". Seth said.

"Yeah I am let's go". Dean said.

The two men then leave heading back to the hotel but on the way back Dean kept looking through the mirror to see his sister but she wasn't there. Once at the hotel the two men they got there belongings and went to there room, Dean got a few beers putting it on his nightstand putting a movie on while Seth went out on the patio with his phone and laptop. He is first going to call a couple people then do some research. His first phone call is to his lawyer friend.

-Hello. The voice said.

-Max it's Seth I need a huge favor man. Seth said.

-What's up Seth. Max said.

-My friend Dean he needs help, his sister was taken from him because her father wants custody of her. What I'm trying to ask is can you defend -Dean in court. Seth said.

-Sure anything I can do to help. Max said.

-Thanks man I owe you. Seth said.

-Anytime man. Max said.

Seth then hung his phone up deciding if he should tell Roman or not. He then calls Roman.

-Hello. Roman said.

-Roman it's Seth we have a problem like big time. Seth said.

-What's going on? Roman asked.

-Sarah's father came back in the picture and he wants custody of her, he told Dean that he'd keep her for every school year and Dean get her every other holiday, her birthday, and summer vacation. Seth explained.

-What? Roman exploded.

-Then he showed up earlier with a social worker and she took Sarah I couldn't even get temporary custody. Seth explained.

-I'm gonna kick his ass. How's Dean holding up? Roman replied.

-He is pissed it took everything he had to not kick his ass, Rome he's worse then when Sarah went down to spend time with you. Seth said.

-So he's going for full and sole custody of her? Roman asked.

-Most definitely. Seth said.

-Let me know when the hearing is I'll be there. Roman said.

-Sure thing man. I gotta go now but I'll text you the details after I find out. Seth said.

-Alright man night. Roman said.

-Night. Seth said.

Seth then hung the phone up and got on his laptop researching something. He types in the school that Andrew attended he searched the year that he graduated and then typed in Andrew's name but it doesn't show up so he tries a few more times and nothing pops up, he then had an idea so he searches the police data base for his name and it pops up making Seth look suspicious so he click on it to see what exactly Andrew got arrested for and what he reads makes his eyes widen. He got arrested for assault, assault with a deadly weapon, burglary, armed robbery, attempted kidnapping, attempted murder, and breaking out of prison. After Seth reads that he is going to tell Dean that Andrew had lied to him, Dean, and Sarah.

"You think you can lie and get away with it? I don't think so, and you sure as hell won't hurt Sarah. Over my dead body". Seth muttered.

Seth knew what he had to do and he sure as hell is gonna do it. He's gonna do it for himself, Dean, Roman, and most important he's gonna do it for Sarah.

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