Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 52

Dean is crushed ever since his sister got taken so for a couple of days he drank some to ease the pain a little bit but it wouldn't fix anything all he wanted to do was to hold his sister and never let her go, Seth saw how depressed his friend is and there is nothing he can do to help him. It's only a couple of days before the hearing for Sarah so Roman is flying out to be there for his friend and niece, so while Dean watches tv and Seth on the phone with his lawyer friend Roman has finally landed and gets a cab heading to the hotel. Once there he gets a room near Dean and Seth's room after he unpacks his stuff he heads to his friends room to see what is going to happen. After Seth gets off the phone he goes to open the door for Roman.

"Hey man what's up". Seth said bro hugging him.

"I'm good, how's Dean been". Roman replied.

"Not good and I don't know how he's gonna feel after I tell him". Seth said.

"Tell me what Seth". Dean said.

Seth then knew he was screwed so he decides to tell his friends the truth about Sarah's father.

"Dean what exactly do you remember about Sarah's father". Seth asked making coffee.

"I remember him being in college when he got my mom pregnant, he said he was working part time while going to school full time so when my mom told him she was pregnant he said he didn't want anything to do with the baby he signed custody over to my mom and she gave me full custody of Sarah. Why are you asking". Dean replied.

"I was doing research the other night after I got off the phone with my lawyer friend and Roman, Dean he lied to you. He lied to you, me and Sarah. He's not who he says he is". Seth said.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Dean asked.

"He never was in college he never worked a day in his life, I checked where he said he went to school and worked they never heard of him so I was digging more and more till I found something. Guys he did what he did because he's a criminal he broke out of prison". Seth said.

Dean was ready to kill Andrew, Roman on the other hand wanted him to suffer because Andrew had lied about everything he told to his friends and his niece. After finding this out they all had the same thought Andrew will never get custody of Sarah over there dead bodies will that ever happen. A knock then was heard at the door so Seth went to go open it and it was his lawyer friend Max.

"Max, good to see you man it's been too long man". Seth said.

"Same here Seth, so where's your friend Dean at so we can discuss the case". Max said.

"He's at the table with Roman. Come in man I just made some coffee". Seth said.

Max then entered the room following Seth, he then noticed Dean and Roman at the table talking.

"Guys this is Max Anderson best defense lawyer ever". Seth introduced his friend.

"Nice to meet you guys". Max said shaking their hands.

"Nice to meet you". Roman said.

"How's it going". Dean said.

While Seth got the coffee ready Max got straight to the point of the conversation.

"Dean why don't you tell me exactly what happened". Max said.

"After a show one night I was about to go to bed when my phone rang I didn't wanna wake up Seth or my sister so I went out on the patio to answer my phone when I answered it, it was my sister's father Andrew Collins he asked to see her. So one day I left my sister with Seth so I can go meet him he told me straight out he wanted to see her I said no he threatened that he could go for custody of her so I told him if he did he'd regret it, after I met with his I went back and explained it to my sister and after she thought about it she said she wanted to meet him so a couple of days later we met and after the meet was over he just came out and asked for joint custody of her he said that he'd get Sarah during school times and I'd get her during certain holidays, her birthday, and summer vacation I said no after he asked again he came out and said I'd hear from his lawyer and that he was going to file for full and sole custody of her then I threatened him then told him to stay away from my sister. He then came to my job with a social worker claiming she was in a dangerous environment, she didn't have a home, and she doesn't go to school, the social worker said until it got resolved she take custody of Sarah he then said after he got custody of my sister I'd never see her again". Dean explained.

Max then wrote most of that down, Seth then set the coffee cups out to the three people and put one in front of himself.

"How did you gain custody of your sister exactly". Max asked.

"When my sister was born my mom gave me full custody and Andrew signed his over to my mom then she gave me all the paper work and I gained custody of her and named her legal guardian". Dean said.

"And I know since you travel she goes with you, when you are competing do you leave your sister by herself". Max asked.

"Never. Before all my matches I make sure to leave my sister with someone at all times". Dean said.

"And when you are granted time off do you spend time with your sister". Max replied.

"All the time, I take her to do stuff when we're in Vegas, sometimes we'll fly out so she can see Roman or Seth". Dean said.

"You also have a stable place for her when you don't travel". Max said.

"Yes, I have a two bedroom apartment in Las Vegas it's toward the strip of Vegas she likes to see the desert at night". Dean said.

Max then finished his notes while the others sipped on there coffee.

"Well Dean it looks like you have a pretty strong case against Andrew you may get full and sole custody of her". Max said.

Dean then had a small smile on his face because that is the only good news he heard since his sister got taken away.

"Max I do have a question". Dean said.

"What is it". Max replied.

"Would Andrew get custody of my sister if the court found out about him being in prison, breaking out and committing other crimes". Dean asked.

"It would depend on the crimes. What crimes did he commit". Max replied.

"Assault, assault with a deadly weapon, battery, armed robbery, attempted kidnapping, attempted murder, and breaking out of prison". Seth listed off.

"How did you find all that out". Max asked a bit suspiciously.

"I did, I researched him and found it out. Dean or Sarah never knew". Seth said.

"It can be used in court but I can't count on it". Max said.

This was gonna be a long couple of days for everyone.

2 days later.

Dean was tugging at his tie wanting to get out of that suit but he was nervous as hell, Roman and Seth tried to assure him everything would go alright. When the three men were outside all of the superstars and divas showed up to the hearing including a surprise to everyone Triple H and Stephanie showed up even Randy did.

"What is all this I thought you guys didn't like us". Seth said.

"We keep that inside the ring right now we wanna make sure Sarah goes home with her brother. She's actually a great kid I see why she's so protective of you three". Hunter said.

"How'd everyone else find out". Dean asked.

"It was around the arena they all came to support you and your sister. We may have our ups and downs guys but in WWE we treat everyone like family that includes Sarah". Stephanie said.

"There right Ambrose I see the spunk she has she is a good kid hell she might even make a badass diva when she is older". Randy said.

Just seeing everyone in the WWE there meant a lot to him because growing up Sarah only had Dean then for a few years Sarah only had him, Seth, and Roman for family but when she came with Dean to the WWE everyone loved her and adored her they thought of her as their own sister. The trial was about to begin so everyone made their way inside and took their seats while Max and Dean set up at a small table to the right with Seth and Roman behind him, then to the left was Andrew and his lawyer.

"All rise for the honorable Judge Maxwell". The court officer said.

Everyone rose for the judge while Dean was sending glares towards Andrew.

"You all may be seated. Today we are here to discuss full and sole custody of one Sarah Nicole Ambrose so I will hear from the plaintiff, the defense, and the child. Who had custody before this happened". Judge Maxwell said.

Dean then stood up looking more confident then ever.

"I did your honor I've had custody of my sister since she was born". Dean said.

"And where were you exactly Mr Collins". Judge Maxwell asked.

"I was young and still in school I was also working, I didn't have time for a child then but now that I'm straightened out I'm ready". Andrew said.

"Your honor it came to my attention that the plaintiff lied. He was never in school and he hasn't worked a day in his life in fact he broke out of prison just so he can see his daughter". Max said.

"Objection". Andrew's lawyer said.

"Overruled. Is this true Mr Collins". Jude Maxwell said.

Andrew knew he was screwed and everyone in the courtroom was glaring at him.

"Yes your honor it's true i didn't want nobody to know about my past so I lied. I was desperate to see my daughter so I broke out of prison so I could see her". Andrew said.

"Alright before I make my decision I'm going to hear from everyone including the child so bring the child forward". The judge said.

Sarah is then brought out of the room she was in and when she saw her brother, Seth, and Roman she was ecstatic, when she saw Triple H, Stephanie and the whole WWE locker room including the divas she felt like she actually has a family with the superstars and divas it even shocked her to see Stephanie, Triple H, and even Randy there.

"Now I will hear from everyone starting with the plaintiff". The judge said.

"Your honor all my client wants to do is have a relationship with his daughter, he will provide her with a home, she'll go to school, he will provide her with anything and everything she'll need. The defendant is a irresponsible guardian to the child she is in a dangerous environment each and every week, she doesn't have a home, she doesn't go to school, she doesn't have any friends her own age so my client will provide her with all of this. The people rest". Andrew's lawyer said.

"Now from the defense". The judge said.

"Your honor since the child was born her brother has provided her with everything she needed, he worked so he can put clothes on his sister, to put food in her stomach, to put a roof over her head everyday. As he does travel for work he makes sure his sister's safety comes first he leaves her with someone all the time when he competes, there is nothing on the face of this earth that Mr Ambrose wouldn't do for his sister he's being doing it for the first ten years of her life he even has the help of his two best friends who are here today. Why take his sister away from him when he raised her from birth and give custody to a man who has a criminal record and was in jail, I think he should still have custody he raised her since birth and he's been doing all he can to make sure his sister is happy, healthy, and safe. As you see he even has the help of his coworkers. There isn't anything he wouldn't do for his sister, her happiness is his happiness if you take that away you will not only crush the spirit and happiness of a little girl who adores, loves, and admires her brother but you will also crush the spirit and happiness of everyone who stands before Mr Ambrose. Don't take away the girl he raised from birth, don't take away the girl he loves, cherishes, and adores, don't take away the girl who is more like a daughter to him than a sister. Let him continue to do what he started doing let him continue to be a brother, a mentor, a coach, and most of all a father figure. The defense rest". Max said.

"Now I will hear from the child. Sarah I want to know who do you want to live with, your brother or your father?" The judge asked.

"My brother. He's done everything for me, I know that there isn't anything he won't do for me. My brother is the most important person to me he was there for everything, he was there when I got sick, when I got hurt, he was there for my first day of school, he has always been there for me and I know he always will be there for me no matter what. But I want to live with my brother I don't think I know what to do without him, I wouldn't know how to live without him". Sarah said.

"Now that I heard from everyone I will make my final decision now. I Judge Maxwell fully declare that full and sole custody of Sarah Nicole Ambrose goes to...her brother Dean Ambrose. Visitation will be worked out on his behalf. Court is adjourned". Jude Maxwell said.

With that said everyone celebrated the verdict, Seth and Roman bro hugged Dean. Sarah then ran to her brother and she jumped in his arms wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist crying tears of happiness.

"It's alright now Sarah, it's alright now baby girl. Nobody will ever take you away from me again, everything is gonna be ok now I promise". Dean whispered in her ear.

Sarah then sniffed while Dean wiped her eyes brushing her hair out of her face.

"I will never let you go Sarah ever". Dean said.

"Congratulation Dean we did it". Max said.

Dean then adjusted his sister to holding her up with one arm.

"Thanks so much Max you really helped me". Dean said shaking his hand.

"Anytime". Max said.

Sarah then went to Roman hugging him with all her might, he then handed her off to Seth who hugged her tightly to his chest kissing her temple. Triple H and Stephanie are now hosting a victory party to celebrate to the verdict so while they and everyone else left wanting to give Dean some time with his sister they are going to a nice restaurant, after everyone had left leaving Dean, Seth who is still holding Sarah, and Roman outside and Andrew approaches Dean.

"Now what the hell do you want?" Dean asked.

"I know I lied Dean but I wanna start over, I wanna have a relationship with my daughter. I'm ready now is there a possibility that we can work out some visitation or even a visitation schedule". Andrew said.

"There is no chance in hell I will give you visitation and if I do it's not up to me it's up to Sarah and that's if she does want to see you again". Dean said.

"Sarah, honey I know what I did was wrong but I'm willing to start over with you, I want us to have that father daughter relationship. Please give me a chance". Andrew pleaded.

Seth then put her down and she moved by her brother taking his hand into her's.

"No I think Dean is right. You had your chance to be my father but you walked out, I don't want to have a relationship with you yes you may be my biological father you were never my father. I didn't need you when I was growing up so I don't need you now. Dean may be my brother but he's more than that he's my best friend, my mentor, my coach, my hero, and most of all he's my father he was always there for me me and you weren't so I don't need you in my life never have never will. My brother has been more of a father to me then you will ever be". Sarah said.

"Sarah please". Andrew pleaded.

"Dude are you deaf no matter how many times you ask or beg her answer won't change". Seth said.

Andrew then sent a death glare to the two siblings.

"You two will be very sorry". Andrew warned.

This got all three men pissed so Dean gently pushed his sister behind him while he, Seth, and Roman got closer to Andrew.

"Is that a threat or a promise you pathetic dumbass because you mess with my sister you mess with the three of us and I don't think you got the balls to do it". Dean said.

"Listen here asshole you step foot near my niece or you even breathe around her I won't hesitate in kicking your ass". Seth said.

"You make one wrong move and you hurt my niece I will break you in half like the scrawny pathetic piece of crap that you are". Roman said.

"You already know me Andrew you mess with my sister I will rip you limb from limb, knock your teeth down your throat then shove my foot so far up your ass you will choke on it". Dean said.

Andrew then left glaring back at the four people, Dean then picked his sister up holding her with one arm he knows nobody will ever take her away from him. They then go to the victory party at the restaurant that everyone else is at, after they get there everyone cheers and claps for the two siblings. All the superstars bro hugged Dean then hugged Sarah, the divas all then hugged Sarah then Dean. Everyone then ate a nice dinner while talking, then around 10 Dean felt something heavy on his shoulder and noticed his sister fell asleep so he got his and his sister's food to go he wished everyone a good night then got his sister taking her out to the car with Seth and Roman in tow. Dean gently sits his sister in the back seat putting her seatbelt on her, Seth then drove because Dean and Roman drank some but he didn't so while he drove Roman sat in the passenger seat and Dean sat in the back with his sister. None of them men noticed that they were being followed by Andrew, once at the hotel Dean had gotten his sister from the car while Seth got the bag of food they all then went in the hotel going up to there room but Dean had a gut feeling something wasn't right. Dean got his sister ready for bed then put her in his bed while Seth got a few beers out but before Dean opened his he told Seth and Roman he was going for a walk around needing a little space, after walking around for a little bit he finally found Andrew and he picks him up by his shirt pinning him to a wall getting in his face.

"You really thought I didn't know you were following us, you must really be stupid to try and pull one over on me. You just don't give up do you". Dean said.

"I want my daughter Dean she's my flesh and blood, she is just your half sister that's all she'll ever be". Andrew said.

Dean then threw him back in the wall a couple times making him hit his head the second time.

"I warned you once Andrew you come around my sister let alone breathe around her I will kick your sorry ass back to wherever the hell you came from". Dean said.

"Just make sure you watch your back Dean". Andrew said.

"Is that a threat you son of a bitch, do you realize who you're talking to. I can and will kick your ass don't think i won't you may be my sister's biological father but when i get finished with you all you will ever be is a pathetic no good sorry son of a bitch who walked out on the best thing in his life. When i get finished kicking your ass all you will be is a broken man". Dean said.

"Just saying oh and tell your friends Seth and Roman I said hi". Andrew said.

Dean then had enough of him so he started throwing punches towards Andrew's face getting it bloodier and bloodier, once Andrew fell on the floor Dean started to kick him a few times he broke a few of the other man's ribs. By the time Dean was finished his knuckles were bloody, bruised, and sore, Andrew was then laying on the floor holding his stomach area then moved his hands toward his ribs where the most pain was.

"You messed with the wrong sister and you sure as hell messed with the wrong brother". Dean said.

Dean then kicked him a few more times before going back to his room, when he gets there he sees Roman went back to his room only to see Seth awake sipping a beer.

"Everything alright Dean?" Seth asked.

"Everything is fine man". Dean said.

"What happened to your knuckles?" Seth asked.

"Kicked Andrew's ass". Dean answered taking a beer.

"Must have been a good ass kicking then". Seth said.

"He told me to watch my back". Dean said.

"Is this dude stupid or something". Seth asked sarcastically.

"Must be for threatening me". Dean said.

The two continued to talk till they went to sleep, Seth got in the second bed while Dean got in his next to his sister. When Sarah felt movement she knew it was her brother so she curled into his side grabbing some of his shirt like she use to do when she was younger, he chuckled throwing his right arm around her pulling her close to him then tucking some of her hair behind her ear then kissing her forehead.

"Good night Sarah I love you so much sweetheart and I promise no matter what I'll always protect you". Dean whispered.

Dean then started to doze off with his sister curled into his right side gripping some of his shirt. Dean then went to sleep that night with a smile on his face knowing he now has his sister back and his happiness is back and he never wanted his sister to leave his side ever again.

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