Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 53

After all the drama with Andrew is now over Dean can finally focus on Bray Wyatt. Roman has flew back home to continue his rehab, Seth and Dean are keeping a close eye on Sarah because they don't want Wyatt to get her. So while Seth gets ready for his match with Randy tonight Dean is in his locker room preparing for Wyatt, he looks over at his sister and notices something is wrong with her.

"Sarah, what's the matter princess?" Dean asked his sister.

Sarah didn't wanna face her brother because she felt ashamed.

"Hey what's wrong sweetheart you can tell me". Dean said.

She still didn't face her brother but she answered him.

"I'm scared". Sarah said.

"What are you scared of?" Dean asked.

"Wyatt and what he might do to you or me". Sarah said.

Sarah still didn't look at her brother because she felt ashamed for being scared, Dean then gently took her chin and forced her to look at him.

"Listen sweetheart it's alright to be scared there's nothing wrong with being scared. And don't worry I'll make sure he won't get you or hurt you and you don't have to worry about me I can take care of myself. You have my word nothing won't happen to you". Dean said.

Sarah then hugged her brother hiding her face in his shirt, Dean then held his sister close to his chest in a protective hold. Just then all the lights in the locker room went out startling Sarah making her cling to her brother more.

"Dean". Sarah said worried.

"It's alright Sarah I'm right here let's get out of here though". Dean said.

Dean then took his sister's hand and left the room, just as they made it outside of the locker room Dean looked around to make sure Wyatt isn't anywhere around to attack him or grab his sister. Just as he turned around he got hit on his head and Sarah ran from the fight hiding covering her ears shutting her eyes tightly, every instinct in her body told her to run to Seth as fast as she could but if she did that Wyatt might catch her, once she heard the fight come to an end she peaked her head around the corner and saw her brother lying on the floor unconscious. She then ran to her brother shaking him trying to get him to wake up.

"Dean wake up, wake up Dean please wake up". Sarah begged.

Dean wouldn't move or budge an inch but she kept trying but he wouldn't move, just then someone picked her up and began to carry her away but she was able to scream before she was knocked out.

"Dean". Sarah screamed.

Bray then put a cloth over her mouth to prevent her from screaming anymore soon she was knocked out cold. Seth was on his way to see his friend and niece before his match with Randy that night on Raw, just as he was down the hall from Dean's locker room what he sees causes him to panic. He saw his best friend lying on the floor unconscious and his niece no where to be found. He then ran to his friend just as Dean was about to come too.

"Dean hey what the hell happened". Seth asked.

"Wyatt got me from behind and Sarah, Sarah where is she". Dean replied.

"She wasn't here when I got here you don't think". Seth started.

"He's got her that son of a bitch has my sister". Dean growled.

"Alright let's think about this before we make any stupid decisions. First you need to calm yourself down man or your gonna get yourself too worked up". Seth said.

"Screw with being calm Seth, that son of a bitch has my sister. And I just promised her he wouldn't get her, I just promised he wouldn't get her. Some brother I am huh maybe she might be better off without me". Dean said.

"Hey! Don't talk like that man, she adores you man. Sarah loves you with all her heart, she adores you, admires you, cherishes you, looks up to you. She sees you more as her brother dude, she looks at you like a best friend, a hero, and most of all a father. Dean you raised her from birth and now you want to give up on her? How would she feel if her own brother gave up on her and walked out just like her own father did to her, I know you Dean you will do anything and everything for Sarah so don't you dare talk about giving up on her you never have and your not gonna start now. You are the best damn brother that little girl could ask for, don't be like her father who walked out on her be the brother and father she adores, someone she admires, cherishes, and someone she looks up to. Don't give up on her because one thing goes bad you get her back like you always do". Seth said to his friend in a strict voice.

Dean knew Seth was right he needed to focus on getting his sister back that is the only thing that mattered to him right now.


Sarah is starting to come to and just as she tries to move she can't because she sees the ropes that bind her wrists and ankles to a chair so she starts to squirm trying to break free just then Wyatt comes up behind her scaring the hell out of her.

"Don't worry little lamb you have nothing to fear and neither does that brother of yours". Bray said.

"Let me go". Sarah said.

"I'm afraid I can't do that little lamb". Bray said.

Just as he pushed her hair off her face she flinched and whimpered.


Dean goes down to the ramp and he is livid he goes for a mic and starts talking.

"Bray Wyatt you made the biggest stupidest decision of your life, what you did was cross a line nobody ever crosses with me. You took my sister, my sister an innocent child in this whole situation so I'm only going to say this one time and one time only, get your ass out here right now and bring me my sister back right now because if I have to come find you I swear to god I will rip you to shreds". Dean yelled.

Just then all the lights in the arena went out and up on the triton Bray appeared with fog surrounding him and someone behind him.

"Dean, you tried to be a good big brother to your precious baby sister. You tried to protect her but you failed, you failed your duty as a brother to protect his sister. But I have noticed something about the both of you, you both are fearless nothing to fear either of you but one thing. That thing is you both fear what'll happen to each other if the other isn't there. Isn't that right little Sarah". Bray said.

Bray then turned the camera on Sarah who is cowering while trying not to cry.

"De help me please I'm scared". Sarah whimpered.

"Don't worry Sarah I'll find you don't worry big brother is coming I'll find you". Dean assured his sister.

Bray then stroked her hair back making her whimper letting a few tears escape her eyes.

"Wyatt get your god damn hands off my sister or I'll break them". Dean yelled.

"Join me Dean, join me the two of us are just alike were both fearless. Join me and get your baby sister back". Bray said.

"De!" Sarah cried.

The triton then went out and Dean ran out of the ring running backstage to find either Wyatt or his sister but has no luck so he goes back to his locker room.


Sarah is still squirming to get out of the chair but fails, Wyatt then gets in her face a little scaring her making her whimper some.

"Let me tell you a story little lamb. It's about your brother, he doesn't love you he never has and never will. He's never cared about you and he never will. All you are to your brother is a burden". Bray said.

Sarah then let a few tears escape her eyes then spit in Wyatt's face he then left the room leaving her in the dark room, she then starts to squirm more trying to get the chair to fall and does making her land on her recently healed arm. She then runs out the room and she stops to catch her breath then a few things that Bray said floated around in her head. Brother. Never loved her. Never cared about her. Burden. She then pulls her knees to her chest and starts sobbing which turns into crying. Seth then came back from his match with Randy and he's a bit sore but nothing he can't handle, as he walks through the hallway he hears something very familiar to him; crying. He follows it till he sees his niece crying on the floor of the hallway.

"Sarah!" Seth called out.

Sarah looked to see who is calling her and she sees Seth coming towards her and she runs to him practically jumping into his arms burying her face in his neck crying uncontrollably.

"Hey shhh it's alright sweetheart its alright now, shh sweetie shh I've got you now I've got you". Seth soothed her.

She cried for a couple more minutes until Seth put her down, before he brings Sarah back to her brother he wants to know what Wyatt said to his niece that got her so upset to make her cry like that. They finally make it back to his locker room and Sarah sits down on the couch while Seth closes the door and takes a seat by his niece.

"Sweetheart what did he say that got you so upset?" Seth asked.

"He told me that Dean never loved me or cared about me that he never has or never will love or care about me. He then said all I ever was to my brother is, is...a burden". Sarah said.

"You are not a burden to your brother and you never will be a burden to him, me, Roman, or anybody for that matter. Sweetheart your brother has always loved you more than anything on this planet he has and always will love and care about you, Dean loves you more than life. There isn't anything he wouldn't do for you. He cares about you more he thinks of you more than just his little sister, he thinks of you has his daughter because he raised you from birth and he never has or will ever give up on you. Sweetheart you mean so much more to him than anything words can't describe how much you mean to your brother and how much he means to you. He has and always will love and care about you". Seth said to his niece.

Sarah then let what her uncle said to her sink in, Seth gave her a couple of minutes to set in her head. She then threw her arms around his neck hugging him close and Seth hugged her back.

"I love you Uncle Seth". Sarah said hugging him.

"I love you too sweetheart. Always have always will". Seth said.

"Can we go see Dean now?" Sarah asked.

"Sure sweetheart". Seth answered.

Dean's locker room

Dean is lost in all his thoughts all he could think about was a way to get his sister back from Wyatt that's the only thing that mattered to him right now. He was so lost in his thoughts he didn't even hear someone knocking on his door until they banged a little louder breaking him from his thoughts.

"Hey man what's up". Dean said.

"I have someone who wants to see you". Seth said.

Seth then moved aside to reveal Sarah and Dean crouched down just as his sister jumped in his arms holding on for dear life.

"Oh my god Sarah, thank god you ok. Hey let me look at you are you hurt". Dean said.

"No". Sarah said.

"Oh Sarah. I'm so so so sorry I broke my promise to you, I promised that he wouldn't get you and he did". Dean said with guilt laced in his voice.

"It wasn't your fault De you couldn't have known that he was gonna attack you". Sarah said.

"How'd you get to be so smart?" Dean asked.

"I guess I got some good teachers". Sarah said.

"I'm just so glad you're safe oh my baby girl". Dean said hugging his sister closer.

Sarah just held on to her brother for a few more minutes before finally letting go. Raw is finally over and the trio heads back to the hotel to get some rest after having a long day, Sarah is already changed for bed and is in Dean's bed on her IPad reading a story while listening to music. Seth notices her eyes starting to close and her device starting to slip from her hands so he and Dean go over to her Dean takes her tablet hooks it up letting the music play while Seth covers her with the blanket.

"G'night De. G'night Uncle Seth". Sarah said in a sleepy slur.

"Sweet dreams princess". Dean whispered.

"Sleep tight sweetheart". Seth whispered.

They both kiss her forehead and go out on the patio with a couple of beers and begin talking.

"So what that bastard say to her". Dean asked.

"He told her that you never have or will love her or care about her, then he told her all she'll ever be to you is a burden". Seth answered.

Dean's blood boiled wanting to rip Wyatt to shred for saying that to his sister so he took a swing of his beer before he said something stupid but he also wanted to talk to Seth about something important.

"Seth there's something I wanna talk to you about before I say anything to Sarah about it". Dean said.

"What's up man". Seth replied.

"I'm thinking about retiring in a few years. I wanna give Sarah a normal life you know let her go to school, do things that people do at her age, I wanna give her a stable life and home". Dean said.

Seth looked shocked, Dean loved wrestling it was his life and career but on the other hand he has always put his sister first.

"You sure you wanna do this mani mean its totally up to you but are you absoutely sure". Seth replied.

"Yup and it's your choice to". Dean said.

"My choice?" Seth asked.

"I want you to move in with us to help me with her, we can't do it now because first were on the road and second I gotta pack up that crappy two bed room apartment we have in Vegas and start looking for a house". Dean said.

"I'd love to Dean thanks man". Seth said.

"Anytime man. There is a couple more things I wanted to talk to you about but we'd have to discuss it with Roman on one of them". Dean said.

"What?" Seth asked.

"I wanna reform the shield". Dean said.

Seth then looked even more shocked and taken back at what his friend said.

"You want to reform the shield?" Seth asked to make sure he understood what his friend said.

"Am I speaking another language or something here? Yes I want to reform the shield we were so much better as a team than we are by ourselves think about how we tore through the WWE together as a group imagine if we did it again". Dean said.

"When you say it like that and when I think about it yeah I kinda do wanna reform the shield". Seth said.

"Like I said we have to discuss with Roman first then we'll see what happens". Dean said.

"Alright". Seth said.

"Then the other thing I wanted to talk to you about". Dean said.

"What". Seth said.

"I'm naming you and Roman, Sarah's godfathers should anything happen to me. If I know she's with you and Rome I know that you both will do anything and everything to protect her". Dean said.

"Where'd this come from man?" Seth asked drinking his beer.

"After the thing with Andrew it got me thinking, if something happens to me where does that leave Sarah? So what do you say Seth will you be one of Sarah's godfathers'?" Dean replied.

"I'd be honored man thanks". Seth said.

The two continued talking about when they could reform the shield but they had to get Roman to agree first. It was now going on 1 am so Seth went to sleep leaving Dean lost in his thoughts, he was thinking long and hard about retiring from wrestling to finally settle down with his sister and let her have a normal life. Wrestling was his life he's been doing it since before his sister was born he gave his life, soul, and body to wrestle it was his dream but when his sister was born his life changed for the first time in a long time he was happy, he had a reason to do what he does. His sister has been on the road with him since she 5 almost 6, he knew that she loved being on the road going to new city each week learning something new or going sight seeing before all the shows but deep down he knew that his sister would be happier if she had a stable life and home, if he did retire they both would have a normal life. They would live in a house with a decent size backyard for them to hang out, she would go to school, make friends her own age, join a club or sport at school, he'd have to find a new job to support her, they would have Seth live with them so he would have help with his sister. Hell they will even get an extra room so Roman would be able to stay with them sometimes. Dean has finally made up his mind in a few years when Sarah would be 12 or 13 he would retire from the WWE so he can focus on his sister and give her the normal life he wanted her to have, it was now 2 am and Dean finished his beer so he went back in the room to see his friend fast asleep on one bed and his sister asleep on the other one. He quickly changed for bed before going to bed after he changes he quietly gets in the bed he shares with his sister, Sarah feels the bed dip down with extra weight and knows its her brother so she lays her head on his chest gripping some of his shirt like she use to do. Dean then looked down and chuckled at his sister he quickly kisses her head before stroking her hair tucking some behind her ear he then has her in a protective holding.

"Good night Sarah I love you so much". Dean whispered.

Dean kissed his sister's head a couple more times before finally dozing off going into a deep sleep.

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