Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 54

Monday night Raw

Ever since what happened on smack down Dean is keeping a short leash on his sister making sure she stays within his or Seth's sight at all time to make sure Wyatt doesn't try anything else, the only thing that makes both men screwed is there in a tag team match with Kane and Randy but have nobody to watch her and the only choices they would have to leave Sarah with is either one of the divas or as much as Seth might regret it J&J security.

"No way in hell Seth those two sidekicks are not watching Sarah I don't trust them as far as I can throw Big Show. Sorry man not happening plus if those two do watch her and something happens to her I'm going to kick their asses". Dean said.

"Come on Dean at least give it a chance I know you don't want Sarah around the authority but what other options are we left with". Seth replied.

"We could leave her with one of the divas". Dean said.

"True". Seth agreed.

"Plus them two can't watch her for five seconds without her wandering off or something happening". Dean said.

"They owe me a favor anyway after all I've done for them assholes they owe me this at least". Seth said.

"Fine, anything happens to her it's on them". Dean said.

"Alright I'll go ask". Seth said.

Seth then goes off to find either Jamie or Joey and hopefully they can watch Sarah and this time actually watch her.

"You want us to do what?" Jamie asked.

Seth found Jamie and Joey in a hallway near the authority's office.

"Dean and I need you two to keep an eye on Sarah at least until our match is over". Seth said.

"And you trust us?" Joey asked.

"You guys owe me after all I've done for you, all I'm asking is for you guys to watch my niece just until the match is over once it's over she comes back with us simple as day". Seth said.

Jamie and Joey then look at each other then discuss it in private before giving Seth their answer, once the discussion is over the two men then give Seth their answer.

"We'll do it, we will watch the shrimp for you". Jamie said.

"Yeah how bad can a 10 year old be". Joey said.

"Thanks guys I'm gonna go let Dean know". Seth said.

"Seth wait". Jamie said.

"What's up". Seth replied.

"We'd like it if you came back to the authority". Joey said.

"No guys as much as they did to Sarah I can't. Sarah is my niece and with everything that the authority put her through I'm not gonna do it again I don't like seeing my niece upset or in pain neither does Dean, if something were to happen to her Dean will be on a warpath so bad nobody will be able to stop him". Seth said.

"Alright we'll be here when you drop the kid off". Joey said.

"Thanks again guys". Seth said.

Jamie and Joey nodded as Seth went to tell Dean the news.

"Hey man, they agreed to do it. They'll watch Sarah". Seth said.

"I still don't like this idea but it's the best one to do". Dean said.

"Have you talked to Sarah about what we discussed the other night". Seth replied changing the subject.

"Not yet but I don't know how to ask her about it". Dean said.

"You'll figure it out". Seth said.

While they were talking they didn't see Sarah sneak up on them scaring the crap out of both of them.

"Boo!" Sarah yelled in excitement.

Both men jumped up about 20 feet off the floor while Sarah laughed.

"Sarah don't do that you just gave me a heart attack". Dean said holding his chest.

"What were you doing anyway". Seth asked.

"I got bored and wanted to scare someone if not prank them". Sarah said.

"Well doing that is off limits to us". Dean said.

"Oh come on you have to admit it was funny". Sarah said.

"No it wasn't". Dean said.

"Anyway what were you guys talking about?" Sarah asked.

"Who we were gonna leave you with tonight while we compete". Seth said

"So who is it gonna be?" Sarah asked.

"J&J security". Seth answered.

"Seriously?" Sarah asked.

"Yes". Seth said.

"Them two couldn't do it when Kane asked them to do it". Sarah said.

"What do you mean". Dean said.

"It was right after I joined the authority in Uncle Seth's place Kane had a match with you he asked them two knuckle heads to watch me and they were on their phones so I snuck out and went to Uncle Seth's locker room". Sarah explained.

"And you want them to watch her?" Dean asked.

"It's better than having triple h or Stephanie doing it". Seth said.

"Right but I'm laying down the law with them". Dean said.

"Yeah yeah I totally agree man". Seth said.

"Let's go this match is gonna be starting soon". Dean said.

"Your right". Seth said.

"Coming". Sarah said.

She then took a hold of her brother's hand as he and Seth walked her down the hallway to J&J, once they found the two Sarah stayed beside Seth because Dean was going to talk to them.

"Alright you two since your going to be watching my sister listen up. She does not leave yor sight for anything except the bathroom, she leaves your sight for anything but the bathroom I'm going to kick your asses, if she gets hurt I'm going to kick your asses, if Bray Wyatt goes anywhere near or does anything to her I'm going to kick his ass then yours. Point blank period if anything at all happens to my sister your getting your asses kicked. Got it". Dean said.

J&J then felt a bit scared because they know Dean doesn't play when it comes to his sister, if it's anything about his sister he's all business and serious.

"We got it Ambrose". Jamie said.

"Yeah we got it nothing won't happen to her while we're around". Joey said.

"Good because my sister is my life, my world and if anybody disrupts that well they get an ass kicking". Dean said.

The two then nod while shaking a little, Dean then turned around turning his attention to Seth and his sister so he got eye level with his sister putting his hands on her shoulders.

"Alright sweetheart you know the rules when you stay with someone right". Dean said.

"Yes Dean. Don't go anywhere unattended, don't go out of sight from who's watching me, if I need or have to go anywhere tell someone, don't sneak off on my own for anything whatsoever". Sarah listed.

"That's my girl". Dean said.

Dean then kissed her face a few times before letting her say her quick good byes to Seth.

"Good luck Uncle Seth I know you guys will do a great job out there". Sarah said.

"Thanks sweetheart now you be good and behave for Jamie and Joey alright". Seth said.

"I'll try". Sarah said.

"That's all I ask". Seth said.

Seth then kissed her head a couple of times before Sarah kissed his cheek back, Seth and Dean then went out for their tag match.

"So what is there to do?" Sarah asked.

"Not much kid". Joey said.

"I'll just read on my IPad then". Sarah said.

Jamie and Joey nodded as she took her tablet out of her backpack while they pulled out their cellphones, after a while in silence Sarah heard a creepy voice calling her name.

"Sarah. Sarah". The voice called out.

It quickly got her attention but she shook it off because it was probably Wyatt trying to get her again to use against Dean again but the voice kept calling to her so she puts her IPad down and looks over at Jamie and Joey who looks to be occupied on their phones so Sarah sneaks off to find the voice, something in her head is telling her to go back to Jamie and Joey but she wants to find the voice. She then sees one of the doors open with a dim light with a tape recorder there that has the tape which has been calling her name just then the lights go out and the door slams shut causing Sarah to scream and no one could hear so she starts to bang on the door while yelling for someone to let her out.


Half of the match has gone by and Seth tagged Dean in against Randy, Dean is giving a beating to the other man and Randy knows he can't take much more and he has to tag in Kane but Dean won't let him so he tags in Seth and he starts to wail on the man. Seth is about to go for the pin until Kane breaks it up and Dean goes and close lines Kane out of the ring so Seth can finish Randy and he curb stomps him getting the win.

"The winners of the match the team of Mr MITB Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose". Lillian said.

The two men then went backstage to get Sarah so Dean can try and ask her about his future plans, Dean has to use the bathroom so Seth goes to Jamie and Joey to get Sarah then when he gets there his eyes widen; Sarah's not there only Jamie and Joey.

"Guys where is Sarah?" Seth said to the two men.

They looked up and saw that she's gone and they panic.

"Don't tell me you guys lost her, Dean is going to kill you if found out". Seth said.

"She was right there on her IPad reading she must have went to the bathroom or something". Joey said.

"Guys Bray Wyatt is targeting Dean right now and he is using Sarah to get to him if something happens to her Dean is gonna kill you". Seth said.

"She's 10 how far could she possibly go". Jamie said.

"She can be anywhere Jamie". Seth said.

"Hey what's going on". Dean said coming up behind Seth.

Seth, Jamie, and Joey's eyes widen just as they saw Dean and knew they were screwed if anyone of them tells Dean that his sister is missing.

"Hey Dean what's going on". Seth said grinding his teeth.

"Nothing I'm here to get Sarah so we can go". Dean said.

"She's probably in the bathroom we'll bring her to you after she's finished". Jamie lied.

"What's going on with you three, are you trying to tell me something". Dean said.

Seth figures its best if he tells Dean because he'll be the one to hold him back if he goes crazy.

"Dean I don't know how your gonna take it but Sarah's gone". Seth said.

Dean is pissed as his eyes light up in anger, rage, and fury, his nostrils flaring and you could probably see smoke coming out of his ear.

"Gone? What the hell do you mean gone?" Dean demanded.

"We may have lost her". Jamie said nervously.

"YOU LOST MY SISTER?!" Dean screamed.

Before either guy could get away Dean pulled them back by the back of their suit jackets and sat them down on the chairs while trying not to kill them.

"How hard is it to watch a 10 year old seriously how hard". Dean yelled.

"Ambrose you should calm down a little". Joey said.

Seth then backed up a little because when Dean is pissed off the one thing nobody should tell him is to calm down.

"You really shouldn't have said that". Seth said.

"Calm down? Calm down? You want me to calm down when my sister is god knows where!" Dean yelled.

"She probably couldn't have gotten that far". Joey said.

"She's 10 yeah she could have". Dean said.

"We'll find her Dean alright we will find her right guys". Seth said.

"Yeah we'll find her". Jamie said.

They then broke up and went off and searched for Sarah. Jamie, Joey, and Dean are having zero luck they go up and down hallways with no luck. Seth was running down a hallway till he heard banging on a door but it wasn't from outside of a door it was from inside.

"Let me out! Let me out!" Sarah called out.

Seth then ran down the hallway and found the door that Sarah was in.

"Sarah, sweetheart it's me it's Uncle Seth". Seth called through the door.

"Uncle Seth! Let me out!" Sarah cried.

"Alright hold on ok sweetheart just hold on". Seth said.

Seth then tries to open the door but fails he then tries a different approach.

"Sweetheart I need you to back away from the door alright". Seth said.

"Ok". Sarah said.

He then tried to kick the door down till it finally opened and Sarah ran out into Seth's arms crying in his chest.

"It's alright sweetheart its alright now. Hey let me look at you are you hurt". Seth said.

Seth checked her over for injuries and she was fine so he brought her back into his arms holding her as she cried.

"Shh sweetheart shh it's ok it's alright, everything will be alright sweetheart". Seth soothed her.

"I was really scared Uncle Seth". Sarah whimpered.

"It's alright now sweetie it's alright, everything's alright now". Seth said.

After Seth calmed his niece down he wanted to know what happened.

"Sweetheart what happened tonight I thought you were gonna stay with Jamie and Joey". Seth said.

"I was. I was reading on my IPad while they were on there phones then I heard my name being called". Sarah said.

"Who was calling you honey". Seth asked.

"I don't know so I went off to try and find it then the lights shut off and the door closed by itself so I started banging on it to see if someone would let me out but no one was around". Sarah explained.

"Alright sweetheart let's get you back to your brother before he flips out". Seth said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

Seth then took a hold of Sarah's hand making there way down the hallway back to Dean, Jamie, and Joey. When they get there they see Dean about to have a cow, Jamie and Joey still panicking while trying to calm Dean down and he's close to ripping Jamie and Joey apart.

"Dean!" Seth called out.

Dean then turned around to see Seth holding his sister's hand then he runs as does Sarah, Dean drops to his knees holding his sister tightly.

"Oh my god Sarah, I thought I lost you". Dean muttered.

"De". Sarah cried.

"It's alright now Sarah it's ok baby everything's alright now, shh baby shh it's ok I'm right here everything's gonna be ok". Dean whispered in her ear.

Sarah tightened her hold on her brother burying her face in the crook of his neck sobbing just a bit still just a bit afraid and scared, once she calmed down Dean pulled her back to scan her over for injuries once he sees she's fine he held her for another couple of minutes.

"Ambrose sure loves his sister". Jamie said.

"He loves her more than everything, he loves her more than life. He do anything for her". Seth said.

After the siblings broke their hug Dean wanted to know what happened so he sat his sister down then he sat down himself then started to talk to his sister.

"Sarah what happened tonight". Dean asked gently.

"I was with Jamie and Joey they were on their phones and I was on my IPad reading then I heard my name being called". Sarah said.

"Who was calling you?" Dean asked.

"I don't know but I wanted to find out so I left Jamie and Joey to find out and when I found it, I was in a room with a tape recorded then the lights cut out and the door shut and wouldn't open so I banged on the door and Uncle Seth found me". Sarah explained.

"Sarah you know better than to go off on your own but since this is your first offence I'm letting you off the hook just make sure it doesn't happen again alright". Dean said.

"Yes Dean". Sarah said.

Dean then hugged his sister again and he picked her up holding her close then she fell asleep so Seth grabbed their bags but not before Dean turned to Jamie and Joey.

"Thanks for watching Sarah". Dean said.

"Anytime Ambrose". The two men said.

Dean then went to find Seth who had their bags they went out to the parking lot got in the rental car and headed off to the hotel. Seth notices something is on his friend's mind so he asks.

"Dean what's up man". Seth asked.

"I don't know how to ask Sarah how she would feel if I retired and we settled down". Dean said.

"Just sit down with her and ask its not that hard once you know how she feels about everything then once you tell your side both of you come to some sort of agreement". Seth said.

"Your right Seth". Dean said.

"Of course I'm right". Seth said.

Dean then continue to drive to the hotel and once there Seth picked up a sleeping Sarah while Dean got the bags, once in the room Dean just laid his sister down to sleep while he and Seth changed for bed. Dean then went out on the patio with Seth in tow.

"You alright man?" Seth asked.

"No, that son of a bitch Wyatt did that to Sarah tonight. He lured her out because he knew we wouldn't be around". Dean said.

"At least he didn't hurt her think about that". Seth said.

"As long as she's safe and fine I'm cool". Dean said.

"Me too". Seth said.

Seth was not gonna tell Dean or Sarah that J&J asked him to rejoin the authority that will piss Dean off and it will have Sarah felt betrayed again. Dean was lost in his thoughts about settling down with his sister he wanted her to have a normal life but that also meant giving up his dream and if giving up his dream to care for his sister and give her a normal life then he will do it.

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