Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 55


Dean now has to keep his sister on a real short leash so now she can't go anywhere by herself except the bathroom, anywhere else she has either her brother take her or Seth and frankly it's annoying the hell out of Sarah don't get her wrong she loves her brother to death but sometimes he overdoes the overprotective big brother thing all the time. Right now she just wants to go for a little walk around the arena and Dean won't let her.

"Please Dean please i'll only be 10minutes i promise". Sarah said.

"Let me think about it uh no, i'm sorry Sarah but your not going anywhere by yourself not with Wyatt after me any other time maybe but not now". Dean said.

"Please Dean i'll be careful i swear". Sarah said.

"No". Dean said.

"But Dean i'm bored there isn't anything to do". Sarah whined.

"Don't you have homework?" Dean asked.

"That's been finished". Sarah said.

"Read a book". Dean said.

"I don't have any with me i left them at the hotel". Sarah said.

Sarah then used her famous puppy dog eyes and pout that nobody not even Dean can deny.

"Sorry sweetheart that doesn't work on me anymore". Dean said.

"Your totally be unfair Dean it's just a walk it's not like i'm leaving the state or the country i'm just walking around the arena". Sarah said.

"I'm not being unfair i'm doing it to protect you. Everything that i have to do, i do to make sure that you are safe and that you stay safe. And another thing you don't watch your tone with me right now i will ground you". Dean said.

"Dean it's not fair". Sarah said.

"Life's not fair". Dean said.

"Your being totally unfair". Sarah yelled.

"Sarah Nicole you had better watch your tone and mouth right now because I'm not in the mood". Dean warned his sister.

"Your not my dad so stop acting like it!" Sarah yelled.

Just then Sarah felt a sting in her cheek and looks in complete shock, Dean had smacked her. Dean never once ever laid his hand on her, Sarah stands there holding her cheek where now a bruise is starting to form. Dean just stands there looking at his sister and now realizing what he did.

"I hate you!" Sarah yelled.

She then runs off leaving Dean to sit down realizing his mistake and what happened, Seth is going to see his friend and niece to check up on them but doesn't know what has happened. When he gets to Dean's locker room he sees his best friend sitting down looking extremely guilty and his niece no where in sight.

"Dude where's Sarah at?" Seth asked.

"I don't know". Dean answered.

"What do you mean you don't know? She's with you every waking second of everyday". Seth replied.

"We had a fight, I smacked her, she ran off". Dean said.

"Wait wait wait go back, you smacked her. You never ever laid your hands on her". Seth said.

"It was in the moment she wanted to walk around I kept saying no she said something and I smacked her". Dean explained.

"What'd she say?" Seth asked.

"I'm not her dad so I should stop acting like it". Dean said.

Seth then looked in utter complete shock, Sarah would never say anything like that ever to or about her brother.

"Dean she didn't mean it you gotta see that now, both of you were pissed you both said and did things that you didn't mean. I know for a fact that you didn't mean to smack her you were just angry, frustrated, it was an accident". Seth said.

"I feel like the worst brother ever". Dean said.

"Your not the worst brother ever. It was an accident that's all you both just let your emotions take over its not your fault or her fault. What she said she didn't mean it was just in the moment she still loves you and you still love her. Look both of you need to talk to each other and work this out before something bad happens". Seth said.

"I don't know where she is Seth, she could be anywhere". Dean said.

"So we split up and look for her but we have to hurry the shows about to start". Seth said.

"I just hope she's alright". Dean said.

"Me too". Seth said.

They split up to look for Sarah and they hope they find her.


Sarah is on a hallway floor with her knees pulled to her chest feeling upset and needs sometime away from her brother since she already landed herself in hot water once she doesn't need it again so she'll wait till she and her brother calm down before she landed herself in hot water for the second time. She felt so guilty after saying that to Dean, she had so much guilt it's eating at her. She didn't mean it at all she just had so much anger and frustration it slipped out, she thought Dean would hate her now since she said that. She hates herself for saying it because Dean sacrificed everything for her, to raise her and she says that she probably thought Dean might not forgive her or will never forgive her. That brought more tears to her eyes and she started sobbing some, after five minutes she stopped crying but she sniffed then out of the blue that creepy voice started calling her name like on Raw.

"Sarah. Sarah. Sarah". The creepy voice called out.

"Who's there". Sarah said.

The voice stopped but another one she recognized and it put fear in her body.

"It will all be ok little lamb, it will be alright". Bray said.

The lights then go out and she screamed as she was being carried away.


Seth had zero luck finding Sarah so he goes to a few unexpected allies and hopefully they can help. He's in the authority's office with everyone there of the authority now desperate to find his niece.

"Well look what the cat dragged in, what do you want Seth?" Triple H said.

"I need your help at this point I'm desperate". Seth said.

"Depends what do you need help with". Stephanie said.

"I need help finding Sarah". Seth said.

"She's not with Ambrose? She's with him every second". Randy said.

"They had a fight and she stormed off neither of us haven't been able to find her, at this point I'm desperate. She's 10, just a little girl who could be god knows where with god knows who right now. She's my niece, so please help me find her please". Seth begged.

They see how desperate Seth looks but don't know if they should since he turned on them, on the other hand they saw his point because if they were in the same situation they'd ask for help. Right now they didn't see Seth as Mr MITB, as a WWE superstar, they saw him as Seth the guy who is desperate to find his niece and will do anything for her.

"We'll do it. We will help you find the kid". Triple H said.

"We will?" Randy asked.

"We will". Triple H said.

"What's the catch?" Seth asked.

"No catch at all". Triple H said.

"Thanks guys". Seth said.

"Just don't expect it all the time" Stephanie said.

Triple H and Stephanie remained in the room while they had people to go look for Sarah, the other members of the authority weren't too happy but agreed to help.

"So why'd Ambrose and the kid fight? Those two are the only people who never fight". Randy asked.

"I don't know sibling stuff I guess". Kane said.

"It doesn't matter why they were fighting what matters is we find her". Seth said.

While they split up themselves to look for Sarah, Dean is out of time to look for her because he has a match with Barrett he just hopes he can keep his mind in the game at least for now.


"This match is set for one fall introducing first Dean Ambrose". Lillian said.

Dean is in the ring trying to mentally and physically prepare himself for the match.

"And his opponent Bad News Barrett". Lillian said.

The match goes underway

(Skips most of the match)

Dean is trying to keep his head in the match but he can't, he's not focused on anything to him this match is to let off some frustration he has he's main focus and concern is to find his sister and make up with her that's all. Half of the match has gone by when all the lights go out and a voice only Dean will recognized comes out of no where.

"Dean help me, help me Dean help me". Sarah cried.

Dean then turned his attention to the trion to see his little sister with Bray Wyatt behind her and she is scared to death and shaking. Dean wasn't paying attention to Barrett when he came up behind him going for a sneak pin but Dean kicks out then kicks Barrett in the stomach area then performs dirty deeds making the pin fall.

"The winner of this match Dean Ambrose". Lillian said.

"Dean, Dean, Dean, you failed. You failed at being the brother you were suppose to be to your precious little sister here but you can make it right. Join me". Bray said.

Dean then goes for a mic.

"Wyatt I only say this once let my sister go you son of a bitch, she has nothing to do with this. You want me fine I'll take you on anytime, anywhere". Dean said.

"Run Dean". Bray said.

"Dean!" Sarah cried.

Dean then drops the mic running backstage hoping to find Wyatt or his sister, he's getting more and more pissed and frustrated because he can't find either person so he goes back to his locker room before he blows a casket.


Now they know that Wyatt has Sarah they have to use a different approach to find her so they keep a look out, Seth is still having no luck as does Kane and J&J while Randy keeps looking. Randy then goes down a hallway to check all the rooms till he heards something from one of the rooms; Crying. He runs to where he hears the crying when he finally finds Sarah in a room with her knees pulled to her chest sobbing uncontrollably.

"Sarah?" Randy asked to make sure.

She looks up whipping her eyes sniffing then she sees Randy.

"R-Randy what are y-you doing here?" Sarah asked.

"Seth asked us to help him find you". Randy replied.

"Where is he? Uncle Seth?" Sarah asked sniffing.

"Still looking for you come on he and Dean are worried sick about you". Randy said.

Sarah then got up and took his hand as they went off to look for Seth, they looked all over till they finally spot him.

"Seth!" Randy called out.

Seth turned around to see Randy calling him the has a look of relief on his face because he has Sarah and she is safe. Sarah runs from Randy to Seth who sweeps her up holding her close to his chest tightly holding back his tears of his own. Seth then calms her down then goes to Randy.

"Thanks for finding her Randy". Seth said.

"No problem just don't expect it all the time like Hunter said". Randy said.

Seth nodded and the two men shook hands parting ways, Seth brought Sarah back to his locker room to clean her up then to text Dean so he can finally talk to the two siblings.

-Come to my locker room. Seth.

-On my way. Dean.

Seth then put his phone down turning his attention back to his niece.

"Sweetheart are you ok". Seth asked.

"I'm fine Uncle Seth". Sarah said.

"That's good and when your brother gets here were all gonna talk. He told me what happened". Seth said.

"Dean'll hate me and never forgive me". Sarah said.

"You don't know that, I know this for a fact. You still love your brother and he loves you, there isn't anything that he wouldn't do for you. The both of you can't let one fight blow everything out of per portion, siblings fight all the time. One fight doesn't compare to everything that the two of you have done, yeah you had one fight but that doesn't mean or change anything between you two because I bet when your a little older you two will fight about a lot some even about little things. You can't and won't let one fight break the two of you up". Seth said.

"So he won't hate me and he will forgive me?" Sarah asked.

"Yes". Seth said.

Sarah then stayed quiet as they waited on Dean to show up, after 10 minutes Dean showed up.

"What's so- Sarah?" Dean said going into shock.

Sarah ran to her brother just as he held her tightly to his chest stroking her hair.

"Oh my baby girl, don't ever do that again". Dean whispered in her ear.

"I won't I promise". Sarah whispered.

Dean just held his sister tightly to his chest not wanting to let go, Seth gave the siblings a little bit of time with each other but he decides that he is going to talk to the both of them. Once the siblings broke their hug Seth stood in front of the both of them.

"Now that's over I'm going to talk to the both of you then your going to talk to each other". Seth said.

"Seth I think I can handle my sister now". Dean said.

"You two are not leaving this room until everything is worked out. Now Dean your going to make mistakes in life you learn off of them, you made one mistake everyone is entitled to mistakes you just know not to do it again". Seth said.

Dean nodded at what his friend said because he knew it was true, Seth then looked at his niece and began talking to her.

"Now Sarah, I know I'm not the one to tell you what to do but your brother is and you know what he says goes you of all people should know that. When your brother says 'no' to something he says it for a reason, he does everything for a reason but one thing you know his first and main priority is and always will be your safety. Your safety comes before anything to all of us so when he said he didn't want you wandering around by yourself it was to make sure you are safe, now that Bray Wyatt is going after your brother he will go at any length to hurt Dean either physically or mentally. And you don't need to back talk your brother either you may or may not like his decision but you will learn to listen to him and respect his decisions, you may like or hate the decisions he makes but there for a reason and whether you like it or not you have to respect it and respect your brother". Seth said.

"I understand". Sarah said.

"Good, now the two of you apologize to each other so we can put this entire night behind us". Seth said.

The siblings then turned towards each other eyeing one another, Sarah then broke the silence.

"I'm sorry Dean, I'm really really really sorry for what I said. I hope you don't hate me and you can forgive me". Sarah said.

Dean looked at his sister with a sad expression then pulled her into a tight hug.

"I'm sorry too sweetheart I never meant to hurt you and I could never ever hate you not ever, and of course I forgive you I will always forgive you". Dean said.

Sarah just held on to her brother tighter burying her face in his chest inhaling his scent that always had a calming effect on her, Dean dropped a few kisses to her head while he just held her. They stayed that way for a couple more minutes when they finally broke apart and Dean placed one final kiss to his sister's head before tucking her into his side, Seth then took a seat next to the siblings.

"Look sweetheart we know your getting older and your getting to the age where your gonna wanna do stuff by yourself and other stuff but when your brother, me, or Roman makes a decision that's it no questions asked you just gotta learn to deal with it and respect it. We don't wanna see you hurt at all that's why if your brother says he doesn't want you wandering around by yourself it's so you won't get hurt and nothing will happen. I know your brother can be annoying and a huge pain in the ass sometimes-" Seth said being cut off.

"Hey". Dean said in offense.

"It's true but anyway I know he can be annoying sometimes but when he makes a final decision on something then that's it that's the final say of it and like I said before whether you like it or not you gotta respect the decision. Trust me when I say this when you get a little older your gonna have more fight about a lot of stuff". Seth said.

"Like what?" Sarah asked.

"Well like clothes, curfew, dating, and especially boys". Seth answered.

"You must be delusional if you think she's dating because she's not and she never will". Dean said.

Seth then chuckled while Dean had a look in his eye that says 'try me'.

"See what I mean sweetheart, just know we're only looking out for your safety and well being. You get what I'm saying". Seth said.

"Yes I understand". Sarah said.

"Good now no more nights like this". Seth said.

"Deal. I love you Uncle Seth". Sarah said.

"I love you too sweetheart". Seth said.

Sarah then hugged Seth and he hugged her with all his might, after everything was fixed between the siblings they headed out for the night going back to the hotel and Dean was still wondering when and if he should tell his sister about him retiring and them settling down.

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