Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 56

Monday night Raw

Ever since the fight between the siblings Sarah tried to be a little distant because she still felt guilty for what she said, Dean has also noticed a change in his sister but he doesn't know what's wrong.

"Sarah what's wrong sweetheart?" Dean asked.

Sarah bit her lip because she didn't wanna tell her brother what was wrong because she thought he might get mad at her again so she stays quiet.

"Sweetheart i can't help you until i know what's wrong". Dean said.

Sarah shook her head in guilt not wanting to talk to him afraid that he might get mad again, she landed herself in hot water once she didn't wanna do it again.

"I won't get mad at you i promise". Dean said.

Sarah still bit her lip wanting to say what's wrong but she won't take the chance of Dean getting mad at her again, Dean knows that Sarah won't open up to him because of the fight he's even afraid himself that he'll lose his temper again and he swore he would never do it again. Dean sees the time and knows he has to go out soon so he has to take his sister to Seth so he can watch her and hopefully he can get her to open up to see what's wrong.

"Alright Sarah come on i have to go out so i'm gonna leave you with Seth alright". Dean said.

"Ok". Sarah said.

Dean then takes his sister to Seth's locker room but he isn't there yet Dean thought he could still be in the ring talking about Survivor Series in a week.


Seth is in the ring calling out any superstar that'll help join him in taking down the authority once and for all. The first is Dolph Ziggler, then Eric Rowan, then Ryback after that no else wants to come out because all the superstars know if they cross the authority they get fired. Once the four men agreed to it Seth shook their hands then they all got out of the ring so the next match can start, Seth gets back to his locker room to see his best friend and his niece there he then senses something is wrong but doesn't know what.

"Hey is everything alright?" Seth asked.

"Yeah can i talk to you outside for a minute". Dean replied.

"Sure". Seth said.

"Sarah we'll be right outside if you need anything". Dean said.

"Alright". Sarah said.


"What's up man". Seth said.

"Something's wrong with Sarah but she won't tell me, i think she's afraid i'll get mad at her like before". Dean said.

"How long has she been like this?" Seth asked.

"Since after the fight, she probably thinks if she tells me i'll get mad at her and hit her again. God i feel like the worse brother ever". Dean said.

"Dean you are not the worse brother ever, you made one mistake it's not like you got arrested or something with her around. You can't let one mistake ruin the relationship you have with Sarah, after all that you two have been through with each other your letting one little mistake one fight break that up. Dude all siblings fight it's natural you two only had one fight and your going to let that break you two up? You were angry, frustrated, you let your emotions take over but you and i both know it won't happen again. Brothers and sisters fight all the time it's nothing half the time it's just sibling stuff but you two are more than just siblings hell your like her father then her brother, you raised her with your own two hands so no matter what nothing won't ever break the two of you up. Trust me when i say this when she gets older and she'll start to date you'll have fights let and right about that, clothes, curfew, everything. Don't let one mistake or fight break up everything that you two have because you both won't forgive yourselves or each other". Seth said.

"Seth i broke a promise, a promise i made years ago when she was first born. I broke that promise now i may not forgive myself". Dean said.

"What promise". Seth said.

"I would never in my life do anything to hurt her, i hit her. I broke that promise when i hit her". Dean said.

"You didn't hit her you smacked her there is a difference. Dean it'll take just a little bit of time for the both of you to forgive yourselves, it may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, but you will forgive yourself it was a one time mistake that'll never happen again". Seth said.

"What if she may never forgive me Seth? I can't lose my little girl i just can't". Dean said.

Seth then had enough of Dean so he gives him a hard sharp slap upside the head.

"Hey what the hell man, what the hell was that for". Dean replied.

"I swear you are the most hard headed person i have ever met, did you not hear a word i said to you. It was a mistake, an accident and it will never happen again. She will forgive you and you will forgive yourself, look i'll talk to her then once your finished in the ring i'll talk to the both of you again. And you won't lose Sarah, she's 10 she isn't going anywhere at all get that through your head right now". Seth said.

"Alright but just see what's wrong with Sarah she won't open up right now at least not to me". Dean said.

"Alright now go you have a match". Seth said.

"I'll come back after my match". Dean said.

"Sounds good". Seth said.

Seth and Dean then bro hugged leaving Dean going out to his match and Seth going back to his locker room to talk to his niece to see if she'll open up to him. Seth walks in to see his niece on her IPad reading while listening to music he goes to sit down on the couch and Sarah knew that Seth had sat down because her brother is in the ring, she also knew that he wanted to talk to her from his appearance.

"Sarah, sweetheart can you tell me what's wrong i promise i won't get mad or tell Dean not if you don't want me to". Seth said.

Sarah knew she had to get this off her chest or she'll explode or the guilt will continue to eat at her until she confesses.

"Promise you won't tell Dean, he might get mad again. I don't like it when he gets mad". Sarah said.

"Whatever we talk about can stay between us i won't tell Dean you have my word but you have to tell him, he's worried about you sweetie". Seth said.

"I think Dean still hates me". Sarah confessed.

"Sweetheart why do you think Dean hates you?" Seth asked.

"After what i said to him on smack down i don't think he will ever forgive me and i think he hates me for it". Sarah said.

"Sweetheart listen to me and listen carefully, your brother will never in his life hate you for anything you say or do. Yes he will get mad but he will never hate you ever, just like i told him you two can't let a little fight break the two of you up, you can't let it break you up and you won't let it break you up. You and your brother have been through everything together and your gonna let one little stupid fight break it up? You both said and did things that was out of anger neither of you meant it, i know what you said to Dean you didn't mean it. And when Dean smacked you he never meant to do it he was angry and frustrated he never meant to take it out on you it was an accident, a mistake". Seth said.

"I wish i had never said it i really do". Sarah said.

"Then why did you?" Seth asked.

"I don't know i guess it just kinda slipped out, it was just said out of anger i really didn't mean it. Dean may never forgive me he might hate me forever". Sarah said breaking down.

"Just like your brother the both of you". Seth muttered.

"I don't want Dean to hate me i don't it was an accident, i never meant to say it i really didn't". Sarah cried.

"Sarah listen your brother does NOT hate you, he never has the two of you have just been harboring your guilt and it's eating at you, this won't get resolved until the two of you talk to each other and the two of you won't leave this room until you talk to each other. I don't care if we have to be here all night but the two of you will talk to each other and work this out because if you don't the both of you will have guilt and remorse for each other for the rest of your lives but you won't if you talk to him". Seth said.

"How do you know all of this Uncle Seth?" Sarah asked.

"Because when i was your age me and my older brother fought consistently, we fought over little stuff, we fought over big stuff, hell we just fought to fight. Siblings fight all the time sometimes over little stuff other sometimes big stuff but at the end of the day we always made up because were brothers, were family. Sweetheart one thing about family is that you can always count on them even when you fight. I know being the youngest child sucks sometimes but you always look up to your older siblings so you can learn from them, because i know from looking at you and Dean you two are practically the same person except he's the oldest and your the youngest but everything you learned you got from him. Most of what i learned i got from my brother, but me and my brother had a falling out one day and ever since then we haven't spoke to each other since. That's why you and Dean should make up so you two won't be like me and my brother, i don't wanna see you two lose a really great relationship over a stupid little fight that means nothing to either of you. You mean everything to your brother there isn't anything that he wouldn't do for you, i know that you don't wanna lose Dean and he doesn't wanna lose you. So when he gets back from his match talk to him fix this". Seth explained.

"Are you sure Dean won't get mad at me?" Sarah asked.

"I promise he won't be mad at you". Seth assured.

Sarah then bit her lip trying to think of what she's gonna say to her brother. Dean is now finished his match with Fandango and won, he's thinking what he's gonna say to his sister then after today it'll be all behind them and they can move forward with this. Dean then gets to Seth's locker room to see Seth sitting next to his sister assuring her everything will be alright, Seth and Sarah look up to see Dean standing there with a guilty look on his face and Sarah has the same expression she also feels her heart rate speed up.

"I'm going out for my match now so while i'm gone you two talk to each other and work this out". Seth said.

The siblings nodded then Seth left the room leaving Dean and Sarah in silence for a few minutes.

"Dean". Sarah started.

"Sarah". Dean started.

"You go first Dean". Sarah said.

"Sweetheart what happened on Friday was a mistake something that should have never ever happened, it was a total accident i never meant to hurt you in anyway possible. I don't like taking anger out on you i never have but when i say no i expect you to listen to me and not back talk me, you may not like the decisions i make but i expect you to respect them. You know that since Wyatt's after me he will do anything in his power to mess with my head even if that means using you just like the authority did, sweetheart if something were to ever happen to you i don't know what i would do so next time when i make a final decision on something that's it i don't want no ifs', ands, or buts about it and i don't want it questioned either you could like it, you could hate it, i don't care but what i do care about is that you respect it. And i don't wanna hear no more back talk from you at all for any reason or i will ground you. Do you understand me". Dean said.

"Yes i understand. Dean i'm really really really sorry for what i said i never meant to say that i really didn't it just slipped out, i only said it out of anger i didn't mean to say it and i didn't mean to say it to hurt your feelings. I was just acting like a brat, i wanted to walk around because i felt smothered by you and your over protectiveness i just wanted to be by myself for a few minutes. I know it's your job to be over protective because your my big brother and you'll do anything if not everything to protect me but you kinda go over board with being protective. I just don't want you to hate me anymore". Sarah said.

"What? Sweetheart i don't hate you i never could hate you, your my little sister i don't hate you and i couldn't hate you because i love you so much. There isn't anything and i mean anything that i wouldn't do for you, sweetheart you mean everything to me so i could never in my life hate you. There isn't a fiber in my body that i could hate you, i love you with all of my heart. I couldn't hate my little girl ever". Dean said.

"So you forgive me?" Sarah asked.

"Yes sweetheart i forgive you, i forgive you all day long". Dean said.

Sarah then jumped on Dean hugging him with all her might burying her face in his shoulder just as he rubs her back soothingly then strokes her hair.

"I love you De". Sarah said from his shoulder.

"I love you too sweetheart, i love you so much". Dean said.

They held onto each other for a few minutes before Dean broke the hug and Sarah curled herself into his side.

"I guess Uncle Seth was right". Sarah said.

"I guess he was right too". Dean said.


Half of Seth's match has gone by and he goes for the curb stomp on The Miz pinning him for the win.

"Here is your winner Seth Rollins!" Lillian said.

Before Seth could get out of the ring Big Show's music hits and he goes down to the ring confusing Seth a little but he doesn't let his guard down, Big show goes for a mic and he stands a few feet away from Seth.

"Just calm down Seth i'm not out here to attack you i'm here to join your team, i wanna help bring the authority down so if you will have me on your team i will be glad to help". Big Show said.

Seth then shakes his hand and now Big Show is on Team Rollins, Seth's team now consist of himself, Dolph Ziggler, Ryback, Eric Rowan, and Big Show, at Survivor Series it will be Team Rollins vs Team Authority. Seth hopes just hopes that everything will go according to plan. Seth then goes back to his locker room hoping that Dean and Sarah made up like he asked them to, when he gets there he sees Sarah curled up into Dean's left side slowly falling asleep as Dean strokes her hair as she is falling asleep.

"So everything is good now?" Seth asked quietly.

"Yeah were all good now, thanks Seth i guess we both needed a talking to. You were right Seth about everything". Dean said.

"Of course i was". Seth said.

They stayed silent for a minute before grabbing their stuff and heading out, Dean got a hold on his sister so he wouldn't drop her. Seth saw the look on his friend's face happy that the two siblings finally made up.

"Dean when are you gonna tell her?" Seth asked.

"I don't know, i don't wanna wait too late or tell her too soon. I don't know if i wanna tell her anymore she likes being on the road with us, she enjoys spending time with everyone. I love being on the road to it's fun, maybe i won't retire yet but it would be nice to settle down with Sarah and give her a normal life". Dean said.

"It's whatever you wanna do man, i'll support you all the way". Seth said.

"Thanks Seth". Dean said.

"Anytime". Seth said.

They then continue to drive going to the next town.

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