Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 57

Smack down

Now since the whole thing with the siblings is over Dean can focus on Bray Wyatt and their match on Sunday at Survivor Series, but Sarah isn't so sure about it.

"Dean i don't like this, that match on Sunday who knows how it could end. Bray is a lot more dangerous then the authority who knows what he is capable of especially when he plays the mind games. I don't want you to get hurt he could hurt you so bad you might have to go out again". Sarah said.

"Sweetheart i can handle Wyatt there isn't anything he could do to physically hurt me, and if i do get hurt to the point i might have to go out again i'm sure that you'll be fine with Seth until i get back". Dean said.

"I didn't like it when you were out it wasn't the same, i missed you". Sarah said.

"I missed you too but don't worry because i'll never have to go out ever again you have my word on that". Dean said.

"Do you think i can come out with you tonight or no". Sarah asked.

"Yeah you can come out tonight just stick by me and if anything goes wrong run back to Seth as fast as you can and wait for me. Alright". Dean said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

"That's my girl". Dean said.

(Skips a little bit)

Dean now sees the time and it's time for his survival kit segment, Sarah saw how fast her brother's mood changed and she knows this time it's all business for him no more games or screwing around. Dean then takes his sister's hand making their way out to the ring, his music hits and they walk down to the ring together Sarah gets in the ring first followed by her brother she went and got a mic for him while he entered, he gave her a small smile then hugged her close to him as he began.

"I'm not your average of the mill WWE superstar to walk down that aisle, they say i have quarks and intensities they say i got screws in the head you can say whatever you want about me because i don't care. Because if I've proven anything i proved that i'm a survivor and i will continue to survive and thrive in WWE no matter who or what gets in my way. Let me tell you a story, a story from when i was a young boy my mother hands me a $20 bill she said go down to the store get me a pack of cigarettes and some scratch off lottery tickets, so i'm walking down the street i run into a group of older guys they wanna know what i got on me they roughed me up pretty good, they took my $20 bill and i go back to my mom empty handed i tell her what happened she opens up a drawer and pulls out a pair of brass knuckles hands them to me and says 'don't ever let it happen again'. These brass knuckles are your survivor kit and i carry a survival kit everywhere i go to this day my hands, my feet, my knees, my teeth, my head i'm a walking, talking survival kit and i will scratch, claw, punch kick, whatever it takes at Survivor Series i'm gonna break Bray Wyatt's nose, and his teeth he's never gonna wanna open his mouth again, i'm gonna take this fist and bounce it off his skull over and over and over and i'm not gonna stop till both his eyes are swollen shut and my knuckles are bleeding, if Bray Wyatt wants to survive all he needs in his survival kit is the ability to run. Run and hide, hide in the shadows run back to the woods or wherever you came from, Bray Wyatt said a lot of things about me, about my dad, about my past and some of it's true so what. And the worst thing he could have done was to bring my little sister into this and that's crossing a line with me that's a line nobody should cross with me i don't care who or what you are you don't screw with my little sister or your just gonna see the end result of one extremely pissed off older brother, he doesn't have the balls to face me but he has them to bring my sister into this not anymore. Yeah he got under my skin just a little bit and that's bad for him because Bray Wyatt your not talking to some scared lonely child no your talking to a grown man and i am the hunter and you are prey, at Survivor Series you will be stalked, tormented, and ultimately you will be put down". Dean said.

Sarah never heard her brother talk so darkly sometimes it even put a little bit of fear in her, another thing he never told her that story about him and their mom maybe she'll ask him about it hopefully if she asks he won't get mad at her or lose his temper. Just then Bray Wyatt appeared on the screen making Sarah hold on to Dean tighter wrapping her arms around his torso on his left side just as he puts a protective arm around her looking at Bray on the screen, who is taking a tin cup bringing it across what looks like jail bars. Sarah tightens her hold on her brother if that's possible and he keeps the protective arm around her shielding her from Wyatt she then buries her face in his shirt so she doesn't have to look at him.

"Let me ask you a question Dean. Is this what it's like? Is this how you remember him? Locked inside a cage? Like an animal? And when you look at me right now are you reminded of him? Hi Dean, Sarah it's dad remember me i gave you life and left you alone to riot in it. And i came here Dean, behind these bars to remind you that the apples don't fall far from the tree. Rather trapped in a prison in your own design, ratcheting behind these bars begging for freedom, praying to adeie that does not exist so you may save yourself from the walls of your subconscious close thinner, but it didn't have to be like this Dean it could have been different man you and i, we could have ruled the world. But you changed all that so instead i am going to leave this cell and then i'm going to leave you drowning inside of a pool made of your own filth just like both your daddies did making sure that precious sister of yours watch and in here Dean it can never end, it will never end in here Dean it never ends. Never end". Bray said.

Bray then disappeared from the screen and the lights coming back on, Dean was pissed off and his sister knew it because she felt his entire body tense the whole time and it took everything inside her to not cry because when Bray mentioned her father it hurt her because she didn't have her father growing up and neither did Dean, Dean raised her as she was his own and nothing about that won't change but the words still affected her more then they affected her brother. Dean then hears sobbing coming from his sister just as he felt his shirt just wet from her tears, he picked her up and held her in a protective hold going back to his locker room to hopefully calm her down but she kept crying she tried to stop but the tears kept coming till she was full blown crying. Dean was not happy when his sister cried, he HATED it when she cried and whoever caused her to cry will get their ass kicked by him once he got back to the locker room he sat down with Sarah in his lap crying in his neck.

"Shhh princess shhh it's alright now, it's alright sweetheart everything is gonna be alright. Shhh sweetheart it's alright". Dean soothed.

Sarah let out a much louder sob and Dean did everything he could think of to calm his sister down but it wouldn't work, Seth was on his way to check on his friend and niece to see how they were doing because if Dean had just got done with Wyatt he'd be pissed so he just wants to check. Just as he got just a bit closer he hears something very familiar to him, crying he then runs because his niece is crying and wants to know why before he kicks somebody's ass. Dean hears the door being flung open by Seth who has a worried panicked look on his face wondering what's going on, Dean then taps his sister's shoulders and she looks up at him with her red puffy eyes he then signs with his head to look back she complies and sees Seth there with his arms open and she runs to him and he picks her up hugging her close as she buries her face into his neck crying. Eventually Sarah finally cried herself to sleep as her breathing became even, as much as she cried Dean probably guessed that she'll be out for the night but Seth was still curious to what happened.

"Dude what the hell happened?" Seth asked quietly.

"Wyatt got to her, i think what he said affected her more then me. I wanna kick that son of a bitch's ass for making her cry like this". Dean said.

"What do you think mainly got to her that got her so upset?" Seth asked.

"When he mentioned our fathers, yeah we didn't grow up with our dads like most other people did and her father just came back a few months ago. She doesn't need to be reminded that she doesn't have a father, as far as i'm concerned i'm Sarah's father i raised her since birth so i'm more of a father to her anyway". Dean said.

"I don't think i ever heard you say that before". Seth said.

"I'm not the type to open up or share my feelings". Dean said.

Dean then saw his sister who is fast asleep on the side of the couch and she looks like she is shivering so he takes off his jacket and covers her up with it, Seth sees the look on his friend's face and wonders what is going through his mind.

"Hey you alright man?" Seth asked.

"Yeah, yeah i'm fine". Dean lied.

"Come on man tell me it's not like i'm gonna tell anyone just tell me". Seth said.

"I can't believe that Sarah is almost 11 it was like i just brought her home from the hospital yesterday then she was in daycare skip a couple years or so she was in preschool now she's 10. She's growing up way too fast and i don't want her too i just want her to stay my little girl". Dean said.

"She will always be your little girl, she always has been your little girl and she will stay your little girl no matter how old she'll get. I mean who else is she gonna run to when she has her first heart break, when she needs a shoulder to cry on, for protection, who do you think is gonna give her away when she gets married. All the answers are one simple word: you. She'll always need you no matter what". Seth said.

"I remember a couple of times when she got scared in the middle of the night she always came to me because i told her i'd protect her from anything or anyone that might hurt her, she'd sleep right next to me with her little head on my chest. She's my little girl, my baby so i think i might do it Seth". Dean said.

"Your considering retiring to settle down with Sarah?" Seth asked to be sure.

"Yes i'm not doing it now but i will one day, she deserves to have a home, to go to school make friends, live a normal life. Not traveling every night or every week to a new city to do the same thing over and over, i'm tired of people using her as an advantage to get to me. She doesn't deserve that". Dean said.

"I agree she doesn't deserve that". Seth said.

"She's afraid that on Sunday she won't know how the match is gonna go with Wyatt, she thinks i might get hurt to the point i'll have to go out again". Dean said.

"Oh no". Seth said.

Seth stayed quiet because Dean doesn't know everything of what happened with his sister when she was out, he never told Dean that Sarah ran away from him and Roman a few times, or when the authority took action a few times when she mouthed off. Dean sees a change in his friend like he's hiding something from him.

"You alright Seth?" Dean asked.

"Yeah i'm fine just nervous about Sunday i guess this could be our only chance to bring the authority down once and for all". Seth said.

"If i didn't have this match with Wyatt i'd join your team i'd love to help put them ass wipes down and out been wanting to for a long time". Dean said.

"I know". Seth said.

They see the time and know they have to head out because they have to train all day the next day to prepare for Survivor Series on Sunday. Dean is getting himself mentally prepared for his match with Wyatt after all that he did to him and Sarah, Dean will make sure Wyatt gets one hell of a beat down. Seth on the other hand is nervous as hell, he knows that if the authority gets put down and some how comes back he is going to have so much hell to pay it'll be worse when he turned on them, he is also keeping from Dean and Sarah that J&J asked him to come back to the authority and what happened when Dean was out the entire time. He knew if that got out to Dean he will royally be screwed to the point Dean, Sarah, and Roman might not ever trust him again he just wants to wait to tell Dean he just doesn't know for how much longer because the longer he waits when Dean finally finds out he will be pissed the hell off.

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