Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 58

Survivor Series

The show starts off with Triple H and Stephanie but then Vince McMahon comes out and adds another stipulation to the match, not only if the authority lose they will be out of power and the only person who could ever bring them back in power is Seth. Triple H and Stephanie were shocked and pissed off that Vince'll do that to them but they will make sure that there team wins that night or Rollins team will have a lot of hell to pay.


Dean is preparing himself for his match with Wyatt but Sarah still isn't so sure about it, Dean sees and senses something is wrong with his sister.

"Sweetheart are you ok?" Dean asked.

"I don't want you to do the match". Sarah blurted out.

"Sweetheart we've been over this i'm gonna be just fine nothing is gonna happen to me, i'm gonna be just fine. It'll be like any other match i compete in just on pay per view". Dean said.

"He's different Dean he's capable of anything, he's worse then the authority. He plays mind games with people, with us he did it before what if he does it again". Sarah replied.

"Then i'll be ready for him and his mind games. Are you afraid that he might get you again?" Dean replied.

"Yea". Sarah answered.

"As long as you stay with me or Seth he won't get near you i promise". Dean assured her.

"I still don't like it". Sarah said.

"Neither do i but we have to do what we have to do. Your gonna stay with Seth until my match is over". Dean said.

"I can't come?" Sarah asked.

"I don't wanna take the chance that if things do go south you don't get in the crossfire of this and probably knowing Wyatt he's got something planned". Dean said.

"Alright but please please please be careful Dean i don't wanna see you go out again". Sarah said.

"I'll try ok, you just stay with Seth i don't want you anywhere near ringside or the ring do you understand me". Dean said.

"Yes". Sarah answered.

"That's my girl". Dean said.

Sarah then felt a little bit of disappointment because part of her really wanted to go out there but her brother made his decision to not bring her out.

"Sweetheart i'm not trying to sound harsh but i'm doing this to protect you so you don't get hurt or in the cross fire if things go south". Dean explained.

"I know". Sarah said.

"So why the glum face?" Dean asked.

"I guess i just wanted to go out with you tonight". Sarah said.

"Not tonight but tomorrow you can i promise". Dean said.

"Ok". Sarah said.

"Atta girl, now let me bring you to Seth hopefully he and his team can watch you until their match". Dean said.

"Let's go". Sarah said.

Dean then ran his hand across her head boy was she growing up right before his eyes it killed him on the inside but he also knew that there isn't anything he could do about it but he did know one thing, no matter what she will always be his little girl no matter how old she is, where she goes in life, or to much of his despite even when she gets married one day. She will always be the number one girl in his world no matter what happens and nothing won't ever change that. Dean then took his sister to Seth and his team hopefully they can watch her until his match is over, when he gets there he knocks to make sure his sister doesn't walk in on them changing Dolph answers the door.

"Hey Dean, hey short stuff what's going on". Dolph asked.

"I was wondering if you guys could watch her till my match is over i don't wanna take the chance of Wyatt getting her". Dean said.

"Sure". Dolph said.

"Thanks man. Now Sarah you know the rules when i leave you with someone right". Dean said.

"Yes Dean. No wandering around on my own, if i need or want to go somewhere ask one of the guys and they take me, i am not to go anywhere near ringside during or after your match, when your match is over i'm suppose to wait for you to come get me before i go anywhere". Sarah listed off.

"That's my girl now go on and behave yourself". Dean said.

"Don't i always". Sarah joked.

"I'll be back right after my match to get her". Dean said to Dolph.

"Gotcha we won't let anything happen to the little shrimp". Dolph said.

"I'm keeping you to that". Dean said.

Dean then kissed his sister's head and went off for his match with Wyatt, Dolph then brought Sarah into the room with the other guys just as they were talking about the game plan or a strategy for the match since a lot is riding on this for everyone tonight.

"If i could have everyone's attention real fast we have a visitor tonight". Dolph said.

The guys turn to see Sarah standing next to Ziggler and Seth moved first to hug his niece.

"Hey sweetheart, your brother go out for his match?" Seth asked.

"Yeah i just have a bad feeling that Wyatt has something planned i just don't know what". Sarah said.

"Well we'll just see what happens because i know your brother doesn't want you near ring side if he dropped you off here". Seth said.

"He doesn't want me near the ring because he doesn't want me in the cross fire if things do go bad and they probably could". Sarah said.

"He's right Bray Wyatt is dangerous". Big Show said.

An idea just popped in Sarah's head, she knew her brother's birthday was coming up soon and she wanted to do something for him so she calls Seth over so they can quickly plan this before Dean gets back. Sarah decided to do for her brother breakfast in bed but Seth will cook since she can't, they'll get a cake that will say 'Happy Birthday Dean', for a gift she was thinking maybe matching necklaces or bracelets and maybe they'll even talk Roman into flying out to see Dean on his birthday. This was the perfect plan and she thought of it all herself but she'll have help.


Half of Dean's match has gone by and Dean threw Wyatt out of the ring and he goes for a steel chair ready to hit Dean with it, the ref told Wyatt if he hits Dean with the chair he'll get disqualified but Dean grabs the chair jabs Wyatt in the ribs with it getting the match called off. He then begins the assault with the chair on Wyatt, he performs dirty deeds on the chair then goes under the ring for tables, chairs, and a ladder. He sets Wyatt up on a table and delivers a elbow to the heart then gets back out of the ring to get more chairs throwing them in the ring burying him underneath then grabs a ladder to stand on top of it.


Sarah was in the locker room with Seth and his team, she just saw what happens with Wyatt and her brother she was right Wyatt did have something planned she just hopes because Dean did that Wyatt won't do it to Dean.

"You alright short stuff?" Dolph asked.

"Yeah i'm fine". Sarah said.

"Your worried about your brother?" Ryback asked.

"You could say that, the last time he was hurt so bad he was out for a while i just don't want it to happen again". Sarah said.

Seth knew he had to talk to her to assure her that Dean isn't going anywhere at all he just hopes he can convince her of that.

"Sarah can i talk to you outside for a second please". Seth said.

"Sure". Sarah said.

Once she is outside waiting for Seth he tells the others he has to talk to his niece and he'll be back, he then goes out there to see Sarah sitting on the floor with her knees pulled to her chest resting her head on them.

"Sweetheart you brother isn't going anywhere, he's not leaving again. Why do you think he's leaving again?" Seth said.

"Because Wyatt is capable of anything, he could do something to injury Dean to the point he'll have no choice to go out again. And if Dean goes out it'll be the same as the last time". Sarah said.

"Sarah, your brother is one of the most fearless people i know, he won't let anything stop him from being in that ring and especially from being with you. I know that when i did that to your brother i shouldn't have done it but i didn't have a choice at the time i was still with the authority and had to play it out, i had no clue that Kane had brought cinder blocks out if i did i would have warned you guys that was the worst day of my life i shouldn't have did that or make you watch". Seth said.

"I just don't wanna lose my brother". Sarah said breaking down.

"Come here sweetheart". Seth said.

Sarah then hugged Seth with all her might burying her face into his shirt silently crying, Seth then saw how upset his niece is getting and is wondering if he should tell Dean about the time he was out and what happened with Sarah during that time. Sarah stopped crying but she was still a bit upset and afraid so far nothing nobody can say or do anything that will change anything, Dean is coming back from his match and interview then it was already announced at the next pay per view he and Wyatt will go at it in the TLC match. Dean is already half way up the hallway when he hears crying and automatically he knows its his sister, panic and fear sets in his body as he runs as fast as he can up to where Seth and Sarah are he sees Seth trying to calm his sister down but it's not working. Dean finally gets to the two people and Seth looks up tapping his niece's shoulder getting her to turn and look at her brother she then jumps on him hugging him with all her might just as Dean tries to calm her down but he is going to talk to Seth to figure out why she got so upset to the point she cried.

"Seth what happened she was fine when i left her". Dean said.

"She's still afraid that Wyatt is gonna do something to you to take you out of action and your gonna leave again". Seth explained.

Dean sighed holding his sister tighter, Seth bit his lip deciding if he should tell Dean the whole truth about what happened last time when he was taken out.

"Dean i think there's something you should know". Seth said.

"What?" Dean replied.

"The truth, the truth about what happened when you were taken out there's a lot that you didn't know about because we didn't want you to worry at the time". Seth said.

"What don't i know Seth?" Dean demanded.

"While you were out Sarah was a complete mess. She barely ate, she was angry and frustrated all the time, she cried a lot, she mouthed off a lot well to the authority but she still mouthed off, she ran away a few times but we always found her, and when she mouthed off to the authority they did take action. She thinks she'll lose you". Seth explained.

"She ran away? Where would she run away to? Why didn't you tell me this before?" Dean asked.

"We didn't want you to worry at the time you had to focus on getting better and coming back". Seth said.

"Seth i didn't care about that but you knew if something was wrong with Sarah you tell me, you should have told me man. No wonder why she's so freaked she thinks it'll happen again". Dean said.

"I'm sorry Dean i really am but at the time you had to worry about healing, getting better and coming back that was your first priority". Seth said.

"No my first priority was and always has been Sarah, she has always came first to me and she always will come first. I could careless about everything else, my sister has always came first to me and nothing won't ever change that". Dean said.

"Are you mad at me Dean?" Sarah asked.

Dean looked down at his sister with a look of confusion on his face.

"Sweetheart why would i be mad at you? You didn't do anything wrong". Dean said.

"I didn't tell you what happened while you were out because i didn't want you to get mad". Sarah said.

"I'm not mad princess i'm not mad at you, Seth, nobody, i'm disappointed because none of you told me but next time if something or anything is bothering you don't keep it to yourself come to me, Seth, or Roman alright". Dean said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

"Atta girl". Dean said.

"Do you think i can call Uncle Roman when his interview is over?" Sarah asked.

"Fine by me". Dean said.

Sarah's plan was in progress she was gonna give her brother a good birthday for once she just hopes everything goes well and according to plan. Roman's interview is finally over so Sarah goes somewhere private to call him.

-Hello. Roman answered.

-Hey Uncle Roman. Sarah replied.

-Hey baby girl what's up. Roman said.

-I'm planning something for Dean and i need a little bit of help, i already got Uncle Seth on board and i was wondering if you could help me to Uncle Roman. Please. Sarah replied.

-What are you up to? Roman asked.

-I wanna do something special for Dean's birthday, it's coming up soon and i'm planning it now. So what i was going to ask if you could fly out for his birthday? Sarah asked.

-Sure i could do it. Roman said.

-Thanks Uncle Roman. Sarah said.

-Anytime baby girl. Roman said.

-Oh and i forgot don't tell Dean i want it to be a surprise. Sarah said.

-Alright i promise to not tell Dean. Roman said.

-When are you coming back Uncle Roman? I miss you. Sarah said.

-I miss you too baby girl, don't worry i'll be back next month i promise. Roman said.

-Alright i gotta go now Uncle Roman. I love you. Sarah said.

-Alright baby girl i love you too. Roman said.

Sarah then hung her phone up so far so good her planning is going accordingly just how she planned, she then goes to Dean's locker room to watch the main event which is the Survivor Series traditional 5 on 5 tag team elimination match.


"This is the traditional Survivor Series 5 on 5 tag team elimination match. The ways to get eliminated are by pin fall, submission, disqualification, or count out, once a competitor is eliminated they must go back to the locker room. The only way to win is for one team is have one soul survivor". Lillian said.

The two teams gets introduced and the match goes underway.

(Skips half of the match)

Seth's team is barely hanging on while the authority's team is doing everything in their power to win any means necessary. Ryback and Eric Rowan has been eliminated forcing them to go to the back leaving Seth, Big Show, and Dolph high and dry, while the authority's team is doing better with three people that are left, Luke Harper knocks Dolph out of the ring leaving only Seth and Big Show in the ring. Big Show then turned and punched Seth knocking him out he then went to the authority's side and walked out on Seth and Dolph. Luke then goes to pin Seth and eliminates him now that Dolph is the only one left to fend for himself and Seth's team. Dolph is beat to hell and back but he keeps kicking out because he wants the authority out of power once and for all, he then sneaks and pins Luke Harper eliminating him then he zig zags Kane pinning him. The only two people that are left are Randy and Dolph, Randy is punishing Dolph with everything he has but he won't give up not until the authority is out of power. Triple H then pushes the ref out of the way pedigrees Dolph putting Randy on top just then all the lights in the arena goes out and at the top of the ramp is Sting. He comes down to the ring has a stare down with Triple H performs the scorpion death drop on him then Randy putting Dolph on top then another ref comes out makes the pin having Dolph as the soul survivor.

"Here are your winners Team Rollins". Lillian said.

Dolph can't get up but he is proud that he helped put the authority out of power, Seth then comes out helping Dolph get up shaking his hand. Just then Dean's music hits but he doesn't come out Sarah does she runs down the ramp slides under the ring and Seth sweeps her up holding her with one arm and get her a mic.

"Nah nah nah good bye, nah nah nah good bye. Good bye authority and good riddance ". Sarah said.

Seth and Dolph laugh along with everyone else and the audience joins in singing the good bye song for the authority. Finally the authority is out of power once and for all Seth just hopes it can stay like this for a while if not forever.

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