Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 59

Monday night Raw

The show starts off with Seth with Sarah by his side.

"The authority is gone and i only have the power to bring them back frankly i don't want them back so as my niece said last night good bye and good riddance". Seth said.

Before they could get out of the ring Randy, Kane, J&J, and Big Show came out not knowing what'll happen Seth gently pushes Sarah behind him making sure that if things do go south she can get out, the five men then entered the ring just as Seth tries to make sure his niece stays clear of them and they go for mics.

"Seth, Seth, Seth, you need to do what is best for business and bring the authority back or this place will be chaos without authority". Randy said.

"This place had chaos even with them here and plus after what you all did to my niece there is no way in hell i'm bringing the authority back i wouldn't bring them back even if hell did freeze over, my answer is still gonna be the same if you ask. I'm not bringing the authority back to power". Seth said.

"Well if you don't do it for us you should do it for your little niece". Kane said.

"Is that a threat Kane? Because the last thing any of you should do is threaten my niece if any of you even look at her the wrong way i will take you out". Seth said.

"We don't threaten Seth we makes promises and you can count on that". Randy said.

Dean's music then hits and he comes out furious.

"The first one of you assholes touch my sister i will take you out myself". Dean warned.

"Well if it isn't big brother Ambrose here to save the day once again like always". Randy commented.

Dean then got in the ring getting in Randy's face with an extremely pissed off look on his face.

"I'm only telling you sons of bitches one time you touch my sister hell if you look at her the wrong way i'll take all your asses out staring with you first Orton i did it once before and i don't mind doing it again". Dean said.

"Ambrose what are you even doing here? This doesn't concern you it concerns that little weasel Rollins so why don't you do us and everyone else a favor and go back to whatever lunatic asylum you came from". Big Show said.

That got Sarah ticked off so she grabbed Seth's mic and yelled into it.

"Hey!" Sarah yelled.

Everyone looks at Sarah, Dean with a protective glare, the authority members with an almost amused look.

"Leave my brother alone you 7'0 foot sellout". Sarah yelled.

"Well isn't that cute the little shrimp is standing up for her brother". Randy said.

"Cute? Cute? I'll show you dingbats cute". Sarah said.

She drops the mic and got out of the ring confusing everybody, she pulls the apron up from the ring and pulls out a chair and two kendo sticks, she tosses one of the sticks to her brother and the chair to Seth as she went for another kendo stick so she has two. Seth and Dean knew what she was up to and they followed along with her plan, she then got back in the ring in a fighting stance with the sticks in her hands. She then took one of the sticks hitting Randy with it in the ribs and stomach area with it hard just as Seth and Dean began the attack as well, Dean helped take Randy down once he got Randy down his sister attacked J&J while Seth took on Kane and Big Show. Sarah kept beating the holy hell out of J&J with the sticks then once the sticks finally broke she started using her fist and began kicking them she then took the chair placing it carefully on the arm of Joey Mercury till it's finally how she wants it positioned, she then climbed up to the top turn buckle and came down on the chair possibly snapping the man's arm. Jamie Noble then grabbed her from behind and she head butted him hard then kicked him in the groin area hard she then took the chair and started to beat Jamie with it till he was down she then repeated what she did to Joey on Jamie, she positioned the chair on his arm then got on the top turn buckle and came down on his arm but when she came down on the chair she twisted her ankle so she couldn't get up because the pain was a son of a bitch. Once Seth and Dean were finished the attack they looked around the ring to find Sarah, they found her cradling her left ankle just then the anonymous GM sent an email.

"I have just received an email from anonymous GM it says and i quote 'Since Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are looking for a fight they will get one tonight they will face Randy Orton, Kane, and The Big Show in a 2 on 3 handicap match. And Dean your sister along with J&J security will be banned from ringside'. Michael Cole said.

The main event is set for the night it will be Seth and Dean vs Randy, Kane, and Big Show with Sarah and J&J banned from ringside, Dean then picked his sister up bridal style taking her back to the doctor to wrap her twisted ankle. Once her ankle is wrapped they have to put ice on it to reduce the swelling, both Seth and Dean are proud of Sarah because nobody was able to do what she did no one she was Dean's sister 100% no questions asked.

"Sarah that was amazing how did you do that?" Seth asked.

"I train with Dean sometimes when i get bored. When he goes to the gym i train somewhat, he teaches with little stuff at first then he works on the harder stuff i just learned how to do the turn buckles". Sarah explained.

"You train Sarah?" Seth asked Dean.

"Why not? it's not like she has anything else to do plus i want her to know how to defend herself just like she did out there, she's a total bad ass just like her big bro right kiddo". Dean said.

"Yup just like you". Sarah said proudly.

"See she wants to be like her big bro there ain't nothing wrong with that". Dean said.

"Uh yeah there is she can get hurt like she did tonight not to mention her arm got broke once before". Seth pointed out.

"It's not like she planned for it to happen it just happened and it's not like she competed in a match or something she only twisted her ankle it'll be fine in a couple weeks she just has to stay with either you or someone while i'm in the ring". Dean said.

"What?" Sarah asked.

"Sweetheart i'm most definitely not letting you come to ringside when you have a twisted ankle because you can get hurt a lot worse and i'm not taking that chance or risk not to mention Wyatt still after me". Dean said.

"Alright". Sarah said in defeat.

While Sarah played on her IPad Seth and Dean planned their strategy for their handicap match later on in the night.


The former authority members go back to the office in pain and sore from the attack, J&J suffered a broken arm each from the chair attack that Sarah did and the others were pissed off.

"How in the hell did the two of you get your asses handed to you by a little girl? A 10 year old little girl!" Randy yelled.

"Your acting like we meant to get our asses kicked we didn't, she's just one fast kid and well just like Ambrose". Jamie said.

"What's that mean just like Ambrose?" Kane asked.

"He could be training her i mean no 10 year old i know can do that but her and the only one or ones who could have taught her how to do that is Ambrose and Rollins, i mean if you look at her technique that she did it almost resembled Ambrose in a way. He has to be training her that's the only explanation i can think of". Randy said.

"Then that give me an idea". Kane said.

Kane then discusses the plan with the other guys.


Sarah and Seth kept talking about the plans for Dean's birthday when he stepped out of the room but just as Dean came back in the room both of them went silent.

"What are you two up too?" Dean asked.

"Nothing". Seth said.

"Sarah what are you up too kiddo?" Dean asked.

"Nothing much just sitting here on my IPad". Sarah said.

"Yeah right". Dean said.

"Alright i was telling Uncle Seth how wonderful you are at being my big brother because your the number one big brother in the world". Sarah said.

Dean then smiled and kissed the top of his sister's head then brushed some of her hair back.

"Thanks sweetheart". Dean said.

They then saw the time and it's almost time for their match so they have to bring Sarah to somebody, they decide to leave her with Nikki and Brie until there match is over.


"This is a 3 on 2 handicap match, introducing first the team of Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose". Lillian said.

They get in the ring prepared then the former authority members come out.

"And their opponents the team of Randy Orton, Kane, and The Big Show". Lillian said.

The match goes underway with Dean and Randy starting it off.

(Skips most of the match)

Dean is dominating in the match Randy is getting his ass handed to him left and right by Dean, Seth then wants in so Dean tags him and he begins on Randy. Randy is down and weak he has to make a tag he just has to but Seth won't let him, he is finally able to make a tag to Kane and he starts to go on Seth he choke slams him and tries to pin him but Dean breaks it up which turns into a fight and the ref can't control it so both teams gets disqualified and they all continue to fight. Then the lights go out and Bray comes from under the ring he then gets in the ring attacking Dean but Seth pulls him off only to get RKO'd and Dean gets planted by Wyatt.

"Do you know where your sister is Dean? Do you know Dean?" Wyatt said.

That set fear and panic inside Dean wondering if his sister is still safe with Nikki and Brie, he then helps Seth up and they go backstage to get Sarah hopefully she's alright. They run well Dean ran for that matter to the divas' locker room to get his sister he knocks on the door and Brie answers.

"Hey guys come in". Brie said.

They go in and see Sarah hanging out with the divas', Dean sighed in relief knowing his sister is alright and safe. Sarah looks up to see her brother and uncle there.

"Hey guys how was your match?" Sarah asked.

Dean didn't answer his sister instead he ran to her dropping to his knees hugging her burying his face into her face, Sarah is confused to why her brother is acting like this.

"Dean are you ok?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah i'm fine sweetheart what'd do you say we get out of here". Dean said.

"Ok". Sarah said.

"Thanks for watching her". Dean said.

"Anytime". Nikki said.

They all said their goodbyes and good nights then headed out for the night but Dean still feared that Wyatt might try something again.

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