Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 6

This Chapter is going to take place when Rollins turns against the shield.

Monday Night Raw

"Welcome everyone to Monday Night". Michael Cole said.

(skip to the end)

"This next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first being accompanied by Seth Rollins, Sarah Ambrose, and Dean Ambrose, weighing in at 251 pounds Roman Reigns". The announcer said

The Shield makes their way to the ring with Sarah in Dean's arms so he hands her to Seth to get over then he picks her back up. Ever since what happened with Evolution they keep her within their sights and as for Sarah she refuses to leave her brother. She is paranoid it will happen again. She has had countless nights when either her brother, Roman, or Seth has had to come confront her when she is having a nightmare, cowering in her sleep, whimpering in her sleep from the nightmares or calling out for her brother or one of her uncles to save her from Evolution.

Sarah stands by the ring so she can't get hurt and where she can see her brother and so her brother can keep an eye on her.

"What Evolution did before Extreme Rules was low. What they did was cross a line you never come back from, they crossed the line when they took my sister so at Extreme Rules we taught them you don't mess with me, you don't mess with us, most importantly you do not ever mess with my sister. So at Payback last night Evolution thought they were going to get rid of us. I don't think so". Dean said.

"Adapt or Perish that was the whole deal. Well last night The Shield Adapted while Evolution Perished. Going back to what Dean said Evolution crossed the line when they took his sister, they took this little girl i see as my niece, so what do i as an uncle do? I fight to help her and protect her. I know Dean told her to stay out the ring but Sarah come in the ring sweetheart. It's alright no one is going to hurt you while we're here so come on". Seth said.

Sarah looks at her brother to see if she can he nods and she gets in the ring and runs her way to Dean, he immediately picks her up she holds on to him for dear life.

"Look at what those cheap heads did. They made her terrified of leaving anyone of us. So at Extreme Rules and Payback we taught them a lesson they will never forget". Seth said.

"The difference between Evolution and The shield is that at the end of payback last night Evolution were just 3 strangers in the ring. The men standing in this ring are brothers. So Randy Orton get out here so i can break your jaw using the symbol of excellence". Roman Reigns said throwing the mic behind him.

Then Evolution's music hits and Sarah gets terrified she clings to Dean hiding her face into his neck. All of them see this and sends evil stares to Randy and Triple H.

"Representing Evolution from Saint Louis, Missouri weighing in at 245 pounds Randy Orton". The announcer said.

Triple H and Randy Orton slowly make their way to the ring while Triple H is holding his famous sledge hammer and a mic.

"Guessed you haven't figured it out yet what i do better than anybody is adapt. Last night was plan A, tonight's plan B and there is always a plan B". Triple H said.

"Sarah listen it's going to get dangerous now so get out and go stand by the announce table okay". Dean said calmly to his sister.

Sarah looked at her brother with wide eyes and fear.

"No, i don't wanna. I want to stay with you please". Sarah pleaded with her brother.

"Sarah, listen kiddo i know you want to but you can't. If you get hurt i'm gonna have to hurt someone else so hop out the ring. We will be fine go on baby girl". Dean said.

Sarah finally caved but before she went she gave the 3 members of the shield a tight hug and when she hugged her brother she whispered something in his ear.

"I love you De". Sarah whispered calling her brother by his nickname she gave him.

"I love you to baby girl". Dean whispered to his sister.

Sarah then gets out the ring and just looks at what happens next. Seth takes the chair and hits it hard on Roman's back and Dean looks at him in complete shock. He goes to attack but Rollins jabs him in the stomach and hits him on the back and moves to the stomach area. He keeps hitting Ambrose on the back till the chair brakes and throws it out the ring making sure it doesn't hit Sarah. He then moves to Roman with the second chair and hits him with it a couple time before getting out the ring. He then gives it to Randy who then gets in the ring and takes Roman's vest off and hits him with the chair a couple times then hits him with his RKO. Can't stand what's happening Sarah gets in the ring and goes to her brother begging him to get up.

"GET UP DEAN! Please get up! DEAN! GET UP! DE"! Sarah yelled.

Sarah gets scared and fears that they will take her again. They don't take her instead they get out the ring. Both Dean and Roman start to come to and for a second Dean panics but then calms down when he realizes his sister is in his arms hiding her face in his neck crying. Dean tries to calm her but can't she then falls asleep in her brother's arms.

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