Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 60

Smack down

Now that the authority is out of power tonight Santino is in charge of smack down, and the first match he announced will be a rematch from Monday it will be the 2 on 3 handicap match but with a stipulation it will be a no disqualification match. Sarah's ankle is still twisted so she can barely walk on it so she is limping and the pain is a son of a bitch.

"How's your ankle sweetheart?" Seth asked.

"It hurts real bad i think i landed on it wrong when i did that on Monday". Sarah answered.

"Let me see". Seth said.

Sarah propped her leg up and revealed her ankle to Seth who examined it, her ankle was slightly swollen but not to bad and when she puts some pressure on it her ankle hurts like hell.

"Alright so just keep it propped, keep it wrapped and ice it for 10 minutes on and off". Seth instructed her.

"So i won't be able to come out with you guys tonight?" Sarah asked.

"Sorry sweetheart not tonight because it's going to be a rematch from Monday and it's going to be no disqualification, it's going to be out of control tonight not to mention your ankle is still injured and if we brought you out something worse can happen we just don't wanna take that chance". Seth said.

"That and they might use me because your the only one who can bring the authority back to power". Sarah said.

"Right". Seth said.

"Uncle Seth, I still don't like that Wyatt is still after Dean I think he's gonna go to far one night. Is it alright that I'm a little worried?" Sarah asked.

"Sweetheart your allowed to feel however you want, I can't tell you how to feel but I do know one thing. Dean can handle anything that Bray Wyatt throws at him and no matter what he always comes through". Seth said.

The lights then go out making Seth pull Sarah close to him while trying not to put a lot of pressure on her ankle but fails.

"Uncle Seth my ankle". Sarah whined in pain.

"Alright I got to get you out of here before something happens, let's go sweetie". Seth said.

Sarah limps on her ankle not moving fast enough so Seth picks her up bridal style carrying her back to Dean's locker room while waiting on Dean wherever he is.


Dean is borrowing Jimmy's laptop because he is looking up gifts to give his sister for her birthday but he doesn't know what to get her.

"Still don't know what to get Sarah?" Jimmy asked.

"Not really I mean I had a few ideas but not that she is getting older it's becoming hard when she was younger it was easy, I was thinking about a necklace with our birth stone on it". Dean said.

"Go for it". Jey said.

"You think she like it?" Dean asked.

"I'm sure she'll love it". Jimmy said.

"Any gift from you she will love". Jey said.

Dean then thought about and decided he will get the necklace with the birth stone, he just hopes his sister loves it. Once he is finished he bro hugs Jimmy and Jey then leave their locker room going back to his. Once he gets back to his he sees Seth trying to rewrap Sarah's ankle that got messed up while she was limp walking, this sends Dean in panic mode a little.

"Hey is everything alright?" Dean asked.

"Yeah, can I have a word with you outside?" Seth replied.

"Sure sure". Dean said.

Seth finishes wrapping Sarah's ankle then puts a small bag of ice on it and Sarah holds it to keep it balanced then once it's steady she lets go of it throwing her head back in pain and frustration, the pain hurts so bad she could literally bust out crying at anytime.

"Sweetheart we'll be right out here in the hallway alright". Dean said.

"Ok". Sarah said.

Dean and Seth are now standing in the hallway while Seth is looking at his friend with a mixed emotion look on his face.

"Dean where we're you man? I had to get Sarah back here before Wyatt could have tried something". Seth said.

"He didn't did he?" Dean asked.

"No the lights went out where we were and I got her out". Seth explained.

"Son of a bitch I shouldn't have left". Dean said.

"Where we're you anyway?" Seth asked.

"I was looking for a gift for Sarah her birthday is in a couple of weeks so I'm looking to see what I can get her". Dean said.

"Find anything?" Seth asked.

"A necklace with our birth stone". Dean said.

"I'm sure she'll love it". Seth said.

They were interrupted by Sarah's cries of pain and they both panic and rush in to see Sarah in full blown tears and getting frustrated which is getting her more angry.

"Sarah, sweetheart what's wrong you gotta talk to us". Dean said.

"My ankle really really hurts and I want it to stop". Sarah cried.

Dean then sat down by his sister and pulled her into his side and held her as she cried, Seth then stroked her hair and rubbed her back to calm her.

"De make it stop make it go away". Sarah cried.

"Aw sweetheart I wish I could, I wish I could baby". Dean said.

Seth then went into his bag and got some medicine for Sarah, he takes out an Advil and gives it to her. She takes it but the pain is still unbearable getting her more frustrated and angry.

"Sarah you have to calm down sweetheart, just calm down". Seth said.

"I can't this hurt really really bad and I want it to stop. Make it stop De please, Uncle Sethie make it stop I just want the pain to stop". Sarah cried.

Dean and Seth's hearts shader at hearing her pleas for the pain to stop and go away, Dean wished he could take her pain away forever. After a little while of her crying she started to feel very drowsy and soon enough she fell asleep in her brother's arms burying her face in his chest gripping some of his shirt like she use to do. Dean and Seth wish they could stay with Sarah but they can't since they have a handicap no disqualification match soon.

"Should we leave her with someone? Cause I don't wanna wake her up". Dean said.

"She looks really out of it and judging from her crying and her pain she'll probably be out for the night so I say leave her like you said you don't wanna wake her up and bother her I'm sure she'll be fine". Seth said.

Dean then thought about it and decided Sarah should be fine while he and Seth are in the ring, they see that there match is next so they make sure that Sarah is fine and once they check her again they head out to the ring but watching them from around the corner is Bray Wyatt with a creepy ass smile on his face.


"This is a 2 on 3 handicap no disqualification match, introducing first the team of Mr MITB Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose". Lillian said.

Seth and Dean try to mentally and physically prepare themselves for this match knowing it'll get out of hand.

"And there opponents the team of Randy Orton, Kane, and The Big Show". Lillian said.

The trio walk down to the ring together ready to eliminate Seth and Dean.

The match then goes underway.

(Skips most of the match)

The numbers games is starting to catch up with both Seth and Dean but there still hanging in there, Seth then tags in Dean who goes against Randy and he starts to beat the holy but hell outta of him. Randy then tags in Big Show and he throws Dean into a corner of the ring and slaps his chest hard, Dean has to make a tag to Seth now or he's just gonna get his ass handed to him. Dean finally is able to get back into things and goes from the top turn buckle and hits Big Show with an elbow to the heart once he's down Dean is finally able to make a tag to Seth and he comes in full force, he knocks Randy and Kane off the apron then sets his sights on Big Show who starts to get up and grabs Seth by the throat and goes for the choke slam but Dean hits him with a chair straight across the back quite a few times. Randy and Kane then grab kendo sticks and go after Dean but he takes the chair and jabs it into Kane's ribs then slams it on Randy's back going back and forth from both men till there both down, Seth then hits Big Show with a few blows with a kendo stick. Dean wants to finish off Big Show so Seth tags him in and he gets into his crazy mode and just as he is about to hit dirty deeds all the lights go out in the arena and up on the triton is a sleeping Sarah with Wyatt right behind her.

"Isn't she the most precious thing ever Dean? She looks so precious and adorable don't you think? Sleep well little lamb". Wyatt said.

Seth nor Dean was paying any attention to the match until Randy hits an RKO on Dean pinning him for the win.

"The winners of this match the team of Randy Orton, The Big Show, and Kane". Lillian said.

Dean could care less about the match he didn't care if he and Seth won or not what he did care about was if his sister was safe or not, once he and Seth got to their feet they ran backstage to Dean's locker room and saw the door open making both men panic so they rush in the room and see Sarah still fast asleep and Wyatt no where to be found. Dean then picks his sister up holding her close burying his face in her hair and she stirs awake.

"D'n? Uncle Seth?" Sarah asked with her voice heavy with sleep.

"It's us sweetheart it's us, I've got you baby girl I've got you go back to sleep". Dean said.

Sarah nodded and turned her face back in her brother's chest going back to sleep, Dean felt so extremely guilty for leaving his sister with no one to watch her and leaving her alone making her vulnerable.

"Dean this wasn't your fault man it wasn't". Seth said.

"Yes it is, I left her alone with no one to watch her and that son of a bitch was here with her who could have done anything to her". Dean said.

"But he didn't and she still safe". Seth said.

"This was too close a call for now she doesn't leave out of my sight". Dean said.

"What if you have a match?" Seth asked.

"She'll stay with you". Dean said.

"Dean listen to me this is not your fault". Seth said.

"I left her alone Seth, she had no one around to watch her or protect her, I left her in a vulnerable state and anything could have happened. So I think this is my fault". Dean said.

Seth then whacked him upside the head trying to knock some sense into him.

"What the hell was that for?" Dean asked angrily.

"I'm knocking some sense into you, I swear your the most hardheaded person I've ever met and I see where Sarah gets it from she gets it from you. Dean this was in no way your fault you couldn't have predicted that this would have happened nobody knew this would have happened". Seth said.

"I thought I was about to lose her, I thought I was about to lose my little girl". Dean said.

"But you didn't she's right here with us safe and nobody is around to hurt her". Seth said.

"I say let's just get the hell out of here". Dean said.

"I'm with you on that". Seth said.

The two men grab Sarah and all their stuff head out to the parking lot getting into their rental car and drive on to the next town while Dean keeps glancing at his sleeping sister in the back still trying to figure out how to tell her that he wants to retire and settle down and he just hopes she agrees.

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