Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 61

Monday night Raw

Dean isn't taking anymore chances with his sister so now he has strict rules for her, she goes almost everywhere he goes, when he's in the ring she is going to stay with Seth, she is now going to stay within his or Seth's sight at all time. Both Seth and Sarah think he's going a bit over board with over protectiveness.

"Dean don't you think that your being just a little over protective with this whole situation?" Seth asked.

"Not really, come on Seth I'm doing it to protect her you would do the same thing if you were in my situation. I would do anything and I mean anything at all to protect her". Dean said.

"I know that Dean but I still think your going overboard just a little". Seth said.

"I'm just trying to make sure that Sarah stays safe, I won't let anything at all happen to my little girl". Dean said.

Sarah was lying down on the couch fast asleep and she starts to whine in pain then both Dean and Seth went to her trying to calm her.

"Shh sweetheart its alright, everything's alright princess. We've got you sweetheart its alright". Dean said soothing his sister.

Sarah's pain got just a bit worse making her cry just a little and then Dean gently picks his sister up and tucked her into in his side and held her just as Seth tended to her ankle and it looked a little better as the swollenness went down but the pain was still there and the most they could do is give her an Advil and put ice on it, Sarah then woke up still in pain and it was getting her very very frustrated to the point she can't take it anymore.

"De please make the pain go away please, make it stop". Sarah cried.

"I wish I could sweetheart I wish I could, believe me sweetheart if I could I'd take all the pain away". Dean said.

Sarah clinged to her brother with all her might gripping his jacket in a tight grip, Seth sat beside his niece and rubbed her back soothingly but it wouldn't make the pain in her ankle stop it broke both men's heart feeling helpless. Dean saw that Bray Wyatt is in the ring now and he insistently gets fired up with rage and Sarah feels her brother's body tenses up.

"Seth stay here with Sarah don't let her leave this room". Dean said.

"What are you gonna do Dean?" Seth asked.

"I'm gonna go teach that son of a bitch a lesson". Dean said.

"Don't do it De please don't, I don't wanna see you get hurt". Sarah said.

"I promise you sweetheart I won't get hurt and I can handle Wyatt you just stay here with Seth alright". Dean said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

"That's my girl". Dean said.

Dean then kissed his sister's head a couple of time before going out to the ring.


Bray Wyatt is talking about his TLC match with Dean at the next upcoming ppv in a few weeks, just then Dean's music hits and he comes out fired up ready for a fight so he slides in the rings starts to beat the holy but hell out of Wyatt then once he got Wyatt out of the ring he then took a steel chair and destroyed Wyatt's sacred rocking chair. Dean kept bashing the steel chair against the broken rocking chair sending a message to Wyatt, once the rocking chair was finally dismantled he then goes for a mic while climbing the ladder in the ring.

"Wyatt I told you and that entire roster from day one, the one thing you don't do is screw with my sister. Now if I have to tell you again I will drill it in your head, STAY AWAY FROM MY SISTER! Don't go anywhere near her, I swear to god if you go even two feet near my sister Wyatt it will take more than that roster to pull me off of you. Like I said before you screw with my sister all you and everyone else will see is one extremely pissed off older brother". Dean said.

About four or five refs had to hold Wyatt back from going to get back in the ring then Dean's music blares through the speakers.


Sarah is getting a bit hungry but she knows that she can't leave the room without Seth so she asks him to take her to catering but since her ankle is still in pain he sits down so she can jump on his back and he can carry her on his back, they are almost to catering till all the former authority members stop them and Sarah can just cling to Seth's neck.

"What do you all want?" Seth asked.

"We just want you to bring back the authority". Randy said.

"Let me think about it uh no, I'm not bringing the authority back". Seth said.

Randy then thought of another lie for Dean and Sarah to turn on Seth.

"Seth I did remember you saying that your gonna join the authority again". Randy lied.

Sarah looked in wide eyes looking at Seth while he just looked in utter complete shock, Sarah then let go of Seth and dropped on the floor hitting it a tad hard but she didn't care.

"You promised you wouldn't go back to the authority and now you are". Sarah said.

"Sarah he's lying I never said that, I made that mistake once before and swore I never do it again". Seth said.

"He told us differently kid, he said he couldn't wait to turn on you and your loser brother". Joey Mercury said.

"I never said that!" Seth yelled.

"So was it all just an act? Do you not really care about me anymore? Do you even love me anymore? Or we're you just playing us again". Sarah said with her voice cracking.

Seth bent down and grabbed her shoulders but she pulled away.

"I never once said those words sweetheart, I would never ever again turn on you or your brother I made that mistake once and I would never do it again". Seth said.

"How do i know you haven't said that? You could be lying to me right now". Sarah said

"Sarah you are the last person i would ever lie to, i wouldn't lie to you again. I told you i made that one mistake by turning on all of you and i wasn't gonna do it again you have to believe me". Seth said.

"I don't know what to believe anymore Seth i really don't". Sarah said.

She then did something that shocked everybody especially Seth which made the former authority members smile in amusement, Sarah went to their side.

"Well Rollins it looks like she hates your guts again". Randy said.

"Sarah don't do this please". Seth begged.

"Who says i am?" Sarah replied.

She then took her good ankle and gave a good sharp swift kick to Randy's groin hard making him fall on the ground, she then kneed J&J in the stomach area hard. Seth got a hold of Kane and threw him into The Big Show and once the attack was finished Sarah stood in front of Seth with a look of amusement.

"I wish you losers would stop trying to get me to turn on Seth because that'll never happen and next time you should come up with a bit more convincing lie. Heck i'm 10 and i can lie better then that". Sarah said.

"You knew he was lying the entire time?" Seth asked.

"Well yeah, Uncle Seth i maybe young and naive but i'm not dumb nor stupid they tried that before so i just upped my game i just went along with it then striked. I have to admit i'm pretty good". Sarah said.

"You really are one smart kid sweetheart you know that". Seth said.

"I did learn from you". Sarah said.

Seth then hugged her and picked her up bridal style going back to Dean's locker room but something is eating at his mind wondering if he should tell Dean and Sarah that the authority asked him to come back because this was too close of a call for Sarah to find out, once they got back to the locker room Seth decides to tell them but assure them he won't go back to the authority.

"There you guys are where were you". Dean said.

"Catering". Seth answered.

"What's wrong with you two it looks like you just saw the former members of the assholes". Dean said.

Seth then put Sarah on the couch and she propped her ankle up just as Seth was about to answer Dean.

"We did, they made up another lie about me so Sarah will turn on me again but it didn't work". Seth said.

"What was the lie?" Dean asked.

"That i would rejoin the authority but before you something anything i'm not going back i'm not i swear". Seth said.

"What happened next". Dean said.

"Sarah went along with the lie and i have to admit she's pretty good, she pretended to join their side then jumped Randy along with J&J. Dean she is the best man you should have seen it". Seth said.

Dean then decides to check his sister over for injury to make sure she's fine.

"Hey sweetheart let me look at you, you hurt anywhere". Dean said.

"No i'm fine Dean you worry to much". Sarah said.

"It's my job to worry". Dean said.

"I know". Sarah said.

Dean then kissed her forehead and tucked her into his side and Seth decided it's now or later.

"I do have something to tell you guys though". Seth said.

"What?" Dean asked.

"The night that J&J were watching Sarah right before i came back to you guys, they said they'd like it if i went back to the authority. But before either of you say anything let me finish, i'm not going back to them you both have my word on that. After all they did to the both of you i'm not making that mistake again i swear". Seth said.

Dean felt a bit ticked off because Seth has been keeping this from them for sometime now and now he decides to tell them.

"When were planning on telling us Seth?" Dean asked.

"I wanted to tell you the night they said it to me but i couldn't because Sarah was missing and she came first so i wanted to wait a little longer to wait, i'm sorry Dean i really am. I know that if i had told that you two would probably hate me or something and i didn't wanna get Sarah upset or anything". Seth said.

While Seth is sitting there he feels a pounce and small arms wrap around him, he returned Sarah's hug and held her close.

"I made the mistake of turning on all of you the first time but i'm not making that mistake ever again". Seth said.

Sarah remained in Seth's hold for a few more minutes till he let her go and kissed the top of her head and sat her down by Dean.

"I have to go out for my match now i'll be back when i'm finished". Seth said.

"Alright good luck". Dean said.

"Good luck Uncle Seth". Sarah said.

Seth then kissed her head one last time then fist bumped Dean then headed out for his match against Mark Henry, Dean sees the opportunity to tell his sister about retiring and settling down he just hopes that she likes the idea at first.

"Sweetheart i wanna talk to you about something". Dean said.

"Am i in trouble?" Sarah asked.

"No your not in trouble". Dean said.

"So what is it?" Sarah asked.

"How would you feel if one day i retired from WWE and we settled down?" Dean asked.

"You mean i would go to school, you would go to work, and we live in the apartment?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah but we won't live in the apartment because i asked Seth if he wants to come with us". Dean said.

"What about my friends here? I like the superstars and divas, they're my only friends if we leave i won't see them anymore". Sarah said.

"We'd still be able to come back and see everyone sweetheart, it's just a thought i wouldn't make any decisions without asking you first". Dean said.

Sarah thought about it but she wasn't so sure she's been on the road with her brother for a long time now if they settle down they won't be traveling from city to city, state to state, or country to country instead they'll be in Las Vegas living a normal life. She then thought about what it would be like going to school and she hated it because no matter what she will always be referred to as Dean Ambrose's little sister and she didn't know if she could go to school and deal with all the people looking, staring, gossiping, if not asking her for autographs.

"Could i think about it first Dean?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah take all the time you need i'm in no rush". Dean said.

Sarah then laid back on the couch putting her head on her brother's shoulder thinking long and hard about it, she then started to fight sleep that was starting to take over her body. Dean then took his jacket off and covered her up with it.

"Go to sleep sweetheart I've got you". Dean whispered.

"G'night De". Sarah said in a sleepy slur.

"Sweet dreams baby girl". Dean whispered.

He kissed her head and threw his head back with his mind racing a hundred miles an hour.


Seth was trying to catch his pace up with Mark Henry but he couldn't and since he wasn't paying very much attention the next couple minutes were a blur and he had the world's strongest slam put on him and he lost the match.

"The winner of this match Mark Henry". Lillian said.

It took Seth a little while to get up and once he finally did he made his way back to Dean's locker room so they can go back to the hotel to get a good night's sleep, when he gets there Dean signs for him to be quiet and points to a sleeping Sarah so they collected their stuff while Dean carried his sleeping sister with one arm. They make it out to there rental car and loaded it up, Dean then set his sister in the backseat buckled her seat belt then covered her with his jacket and let her sleep. Seth got in the passenger seat while Dean drove and after a few minutes of driving Dean decided to break the silence.

"I told Sarah about settling down". Dean said.

"How'd she take it?" Seth asked.

"I don't think she likes the idea so i said she can think about it". Dean said.

"Is that offer still open for me to come with you guys?" Seth asked.

"Are you sure Seth?" Dean asked.

"Totally i couldn't miss out on seeing my niece everyday, i'd miss her too much". Seth said.

"Alright now we just gotta see what Sarah says". Dean said.

"Right". Seth said.

They continued the drive to the hotel.

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