Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 62

Smack down

Now that Dean had destroyed Wyatt's rocking chair on Raw he has a gut feeling something very bad is going to happen tonight he just doesn't know what and Sarah has the same feeling.

"Dean i don't want you to go out tonight i have a bad feeling". Sarah said.

"Sweetheart i'll be fine there isn't anything he could do to hurt me i will be just fine". Dean said.

"Please Dean for me don't go out something bad is going to happen i can feel it". Sarah said.

"What do you think is gonna happen?" Dean asked.

"I don't know but it's not good since you did that on Monday he could do anything". Sarah said.

From the way his sister sounded she was close to tears so he pulled her into his arms holding her close to his chest resting his chin on her head, Seth then went to Dean's locker room to check on his friend and niece to see how they're doing. When he gets there he sees Dean holding his sister close to him afraid to lose her and he gets very concerned.

"Hey everything alright?" Seth asked.

Sarah then broke the hug from her brother running to Seth hugging him around the waist.

"Uncle Seth convince Dean to not go out tonight i got a feeling something bad is going to happen". Sarah said.

"Sweetheart what are you talking about?" Seth asked.

"Since Dean destroyed Wyatt's rocking chair on Raw I've had this real bad feeling sense, if he doesn't go out then he won't get hurt or anything". Sarah said.

Seth then caught on to what Sarah is trying to explain so he brought her to the couch and sat her down next to Dean.

"Sarah i wish i knew what to sat to help the whole situation i really do but know that nobody not even Bray Wyatt can keep your brother down not without a fight. Your brother is one of the most fearless people i have ever met nothing and nobody will ever keep him down at all". Seth said.

"I don't wanna loose you bubba". Sarah said.

Dean's heart shattered it was really rare when his sister called him 'bubba', the only other nicknames she has ever called him were 'De' or 'Deanie' but 'bubba' was rare and his heart shattered at hearing his sister say that. If he could he would skip out on his match with Resuv but he didn't want to and no matter what Wyatt did to him he will come back and he sure as hell will go down fighting. All he could do was hold his sister in his arms resting his chin on top of her head, Sarah was hugging her brother with all her might with no letting go of him anytime soon. Dean saw the time and knows he has to go out for his match soon so he had to pry his sister off of him so he can go out.

"No don't go please bubba please don't go, don't leave me". Sarah cried begging her brother.

"I'm sorry sweetheart i have to go out". Dean said in a guilty voice.

"No Dean please don't go please". Sarah pleaded.

Once Dean finally got his sister from wrapped around him he passed her off to Seth and she began fighting him to let her go, when she finally broke away from Seth she chased after her brother and hugged him from behind getting his attention.

"Sarah, we've been through this sweetheart i have to go out i have a match you'll be fine with Seth". Dean said.

"I don't want you to go out please De please don't go out not tonight please". Sarah pleaded.

Seth finally caught up with his niece and just as he figured she is once again pleading with Dean for him not to go out tonight and it's breaking all their hearts he jogs up to them and picks up Sarah who begins fighting her way out of Seth's hold.

"I love you sweetheart, i love you so much". Dean said.

He then kissed her forehead a couple time before going out to the ring in his usually crazy mood, while Seth tried to bring a fighting Sarah back to the locker room to get her to calm down but it wouldn't work. Just then as Dean came down the ramp Wyatt jumped him from behind and began his attack by throwing him on the edge of the ring then beating him with a chair, then he took a hold of Dean's neck in one hand and holding the chair in another holding it towards his throat then throwing him into the steel steps having the chair hit against his throat extremely hard. When Sarah saw that she cried out loud scaring Seth.

"NO! Dean!" Sarah cried.

Sarah then ran from the locker room out to the ring with Seth hot on her trail, for a 10 year old she was fast she was already out down by the ramp by her brother.

"Dean get up, get up Dean please get up bubba. Please get up Dean please. You promised you wouldn't leave me again". Sarah cried.

One of the refs had to hold Sarah back while the doctor had to call for a stretcher, Seth finally came down to see what damage has been done to Dean and from the looks of it Sarah was not gonna get through this at all. Seth ran down the ramp and took a hold of Sarah who was still fighting out of the hold to go with her brother.

"Let me go! Let me go! I want my brother let me go! I want my brother! Dean!" Sarah cried.

Seth picked Sarah up so that they can load Dean onto the stretcher, once they got him on and strapped on they wheeled him out with Seth in tow with Sarah in his arms.

"U-Uncle S-Sethie is Dean gonna be ok?" Sarah asked between sobs.

"I'm sure he'll be alright sweetheart i promise". Seth said.

"I want my brother. I want Dean". Sarah cried.

"I know sweetie i know". Seth said.

They saw Dean being loaded into the ambulance and since Seth had a match he couldn't let Sarah go by herself so she stayed with him then after smack down he promised that he will take her to see Dean. Sarah wouldn't stop crying nothing Seth would do or say won't change what happened but he can try something instead of his match he is going to forfeit and take Sarah to see her brother. It was time for his match against Cesaro and he doesn't go out instead he changes out of his ring gear into regular clothes grabs his and Sarah's bag and she looks at Seth with a confused look on his face.

"Uncle Seth where you going you have a match". Sarah said.

"I know and that's why i'm forfeiting tonight i have more important matters to tend to". Seth said.

"What are you talking about?" Sarah asked.

"I'm taking you to see Dean so i'm forfeiting my match because my niece is more important than a dumb stupid match". Seth said.

"You would forfeit a match for me?" Sarah asked.

"I'd do anything for you sweetheart and i mean that anything". Seth said.

Sarah then hugged Seth with all her might and he hugged her back, she put her headphones in cranking up her IPod as they went out to the car but not before they got stopped by Randy.

"And just where do you think your going last time i checked you have a match right now". Randy said.

"Piss off Orton i got some place to be". Seth said.

"Where? To go see that lunatic Ambrose?" Randy asked.

"It's none of your damn business so how about for once you worry about yourself and i'll worry about me". Seth said.

Seth then took his niece's hand and they went out to his car and Seth packed it up with all their stuff in the trunk while Sarah got in the passenger seat before Seth finally got in the driver's seat. Once he started the car they drove to the hospital that Dean was admitted to.


It took a little over 25-30 minutes to get to the hospital where Dean is and once Seth parked the car Sarah was out in a flash but she waited for Seth to come and he grabbed her hand as they went in the hospital and went to the floor Dean was on, Seth asked which room Dean was in but since only family were aloud to see him he lied saying that he was Dean's brother to get in but didn't lie when he said Sarah was his sister once they got the room number they jogged down and found Dean lying on the bed sleeping from all the pain meds they put him on and Sarah didn't care so she climbed up on his bed and curled into his left side throwing his arm over her and she threw an arm over his chest as she slowly drifted off to sleep and Seth covered her up with the blanket. Once he saw his niece was totally asleep he figures he can make a quick phone call to Roman to tell him about Dean.

-Hello. Roman answered.

-Roman it's Seth. Seth said.

Roman knew that voice and when he heard that voice coming from either Seth, Dean, or Sarah something was seriously wrong.

-What's wrong Seth. Roman asked.

-Dean's in the hospital, Wyatt got him tonight. Seth said.

-What the hell happened. Roman asked.

-Wyatt took a steel chair held it against Dean's throat and threw him into the steel steps, i just got here with Sarah now so i didn't talk to his doctor yet. Seth said.

-Weren't you suppose to have a match tonight? Roman asked.

-I forfeited. Seth answered.

-If anything at all changes with Dean call me. How's Sarah? Roman replied.

-I don't know man she flipped out at the arena it took her a little while to calm down, she's sleep now but this might have taken a real toll on her. I couldn't keep a hold on her long enough before she got away a couple of time. Seth said.

-You need me to fly out? Roman asked.

-No i can handle her for a couple of days till Dean gets released. Seth said.

-If you need me call me and i'll fly out. Roman said.

-Alright i gotta go hopefully i can find out Dean's condition. Seth said.

-Let me know if anything changes. Roman said.

-Gotcha. Seth said.

Seth hung his phone up and went to go find Dean's doctor and once the doctor was paged he told the doctor that Dean was his brother so he can be told the update on him. From what the doctor said Dean has a serve bruised trachea so he will be out of action for a few weeks and he will have to ware a neck brace during that time. Seth then went back into the room to sit next to his best friend whispering words to him.

"You gotta wake up man, Sarah needs you. She needs her brother, she wouldn't know what to do without you. So wake up man i'm not losing one of my best friends not after all the hell we been through". Seth whispered.

Jimmy and Jey then came so Seth quietly made his way out of the room to talk to them.

"How is he Seth?" Jimmy asked.

"He has a serve bruised trachea so he'll be out for a few weeks and he has to ware a neck brace during that time". Seth explained.

"Damn, how Sarah holding up". Jey asked.

"I don't know it took her a while to calm down but it took a real toll on her. She's afraid to lose him". Seth said.

"Did you want us to take her back to the hotel with us? We'll bring her back in the morning". Jimmy said.

Seth then thought about it for a couple of minutes looking back at his sleeping niece wondering if he should let the twins take her back, it'll break her heart if she woke up and she's not with her brother but if she went back to the hotel she can get some rest and come back the next day to see her brother when he's awake. He quietly slips in the room to pick Sarah up but she clings to Dean so he gently moves her hands away from Dean then picks her up and hands her to Jey, he then went out with them so he can give them Sarah's bag. Once Jimmy got Sarah's stuff in the trunk his brother got her in the back seat and buckled her in before biding their farewells to Seth for the night. Once the twins left with Sarah, Seth went back in and stayed with Dean for the night before falling asleep in one of the chairs in the room.

The next morning

Dean started to wake up to a irritating beeping noise and the lights were bright as hell so he blinked a few times before opening his eyes all the way, he takes his surroundings in and knows he's at the hospital because of Wyatt's attack. He looks over to see Seth asleep in the chair so he slowly takes something off the tray next to him and throws it at Seth waking him up. Seth wakes up and blinks a few times before remembering where he is and remembers he's at the hospital with Dean so he looks over to see his friend awake.

"Dean your awake". Seth said.

Dean tries to talk but Seth stopped him before he could, he poured Dean some water to help ease his throat some then after a couple of minutes Dean tries to find his voice with it's rough and scratchy.

"W-where's Sarah?" Dean asked in a gruff voice.

"She's at the hotel with Jimmy and Jey". Seth answered.

"I wanna see her". Dean said.

"Are you sure your up for seeing her?" Seth asked.

"Seth i maybe in a hospital bed but i will still kick your ass when i get out of it, i want to see my sister". Dean said.

"Alright i'll call Jimmy to see if he and Jey can bring her". Seth said.

Dean then threw his head back on the pillow and closed his eyes for a few minutes wanting to see his sister more than anything right now. After 20 minutes Jimmy and Jey have finally arrived at the hospital with Sarah but they didn't tell her that Dean is awake so they wanted to surprise her, they take her up to the floor Dean is on and they got visitor's passes to see their friend. Sarah saw Seth at the end of the hallway so she ran to him and he hugged her tightly.

"Can i see Dean now?" Sarah asked.

"Sure let's go sweetheart". Seth said.

Seth then took her to Dean's room but since they wanted to surprise her Dean is pretending to be asleep, once they got to his room they saw Dean 'sleeping' so Sarah went over and took her brother's hand into her's squeezing it hoping that he's awake. Dean then squeezed his sister's hand back and she looked up at her brother to see his opens opened and she has tears of joy in her eyes.

"Hey sweetheart". Dean said in a gruff voice.

"Dean". Sarah cried.

Sarah then carefully got on her brother's hospital bed and hugged him with all her might as did he.

"I missed you so much bubba". Sarah said.

"I missed you too baby, i missed you more than the world". Dean said.

Sarah couldn't hold her tears back anymore and began crying in her brother's shoulder and he comforted her.

"Shh sweetheart it's all ok now, everything's gonna be alright now baby i promise. Shh it's ok now, it's alright". Dean comforted.

After a couple of minutes Sarah fell asleep on her brother's left side using his shoulder as a pillow and he threw the blankets back on the both of them then after a couple of minutes he began to drift off to sleep with his sister tucked safely and firmly in his side with a protective arm around her. Seth saw the view of the two siblings and it was a perfect picture of a older brother and his younger sibling, it swelled at his heart. He then decided to stay at the hospital till Dean gets released so he goes back to the room to watch tv at a low volume so it wouldn't disturb his friend or niece soon after that he fell asleep to so the only noise that came from the room were the soft snoring that came from him, Dean, and Sarah.

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