Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 63

Sarah has been staying with either Seth or The Usos while her brother was still in the hospital but she visited him everyday while he was there and that put a smile on his face all the time. Dean is finally released from the hospital but under doctor's orders he cannot compete for a few weeks so he'll have to stay back at the hotel while Seth does compete but Dean isn't exactly sure what to do about Sarah because while he rest and takes care of himself she wouldn't have anything to do because chances are he'll be sleep or going back and forth to the doctors from time to time so he decides that she'll go with Seth to the arena while he rest and heals up.

"Dean are you sure that's a good idea?" Seth asked in a quiet voice.

Sarah was still asleep so they won't wake her up they go out on the patio to talk.

"What other choice is there Seth? Chances are if she's with me i'll be sleep from the dumb ass pain medication if not going back and forth from the doctor for this trachea i don't think she'll like that very much". Dean said in a gruff voice.

"So what am i suppose to do while i compete i can't leave her by herself, Roman's not back yet so what do i do". Seth said.

"Leave her with one of the divas or a superstar". Dean said.

"What do i do about Randy and the others? I'm the only one who can bring the authority back to power and with you out now they might go after her". Seth said.

"Do what you have to". Dean said.

After a while Sarah woke up to the hotel room being empty so she figured that Seth and Dean are on the patio so she takes this time to shower and change her clothes, after she showers she dresses in one of her brother's tank tops, a black pair of pants, her black and red nikes, one of her brother's jackets, and she pulls her hair into a ponytail to finish off. She then decides to go out on the patio to see her brother and uncle. Both men hear the patio door open and drop the conversation so they don't make Sarah worried.

"Morning sweetheart you sleep well". Seth said.

"Yeah". Sarah said.

"Who wants breakfast?" Dean announced.

Sarah raised her hand quickly and both men chuckled so while Dean ordered room service Sarah wanted to ask Seth something.

"Uncle Seth?" Sarah asked.

"What is it sweetheart?" Seth asked.

"While Dean is healing and resting where am i gonna go?" Sarah asked.

"Your gonna come with me to the arena and while i compete i'm gonna leave you with someone". Seth answered.

"Dean can't come?" Sarah asked.

"Sorry sweetheart he can't if he does Bray Wyatt can do a lot more damage to him then before". Seth said.

Sarah looked down with a sad look on her face which broke Seth's heart into piece so he brought his niece into a hug consoling her but neither of them saw that Dean was watching and listening it shattered his heart even more because he can't even be there to protect his sister without getting injured worse. Once the breakfast came they all ate on the patio then once Seth saw the time he had to get to the arena soon so he and Sarah had to get their stuff for the arena ready but Sarah didn't wanna go she wanted to stay with her brother. Once she and Seth got their stuff packed up for the arena Sarah was reluctant on leaving she didn't want to go, she didn't care about the authority or Bray Wyatt or anybody else for that matter what she cared about was her brother.

"Sweetheart you have to go i'm not leaving the hotel i'm just gonna be here resting and healing". Dean said.

"But i want you to come with us i don't wanna go without you". Sarah said.

"I know sweetheart but i can't i'm under doctors orders and if i don't listen the longer i'll be out". Dean said.

"Sweetheart we can call to check on him every few hours while were there". Seth said.

"It won't be the same without you". Sarah said.

"I know baby girl i know". Dean said.

Sarah then hugged her brother around his waist burying her face into his shirt gripping the back of it tightly in her fist, Dean hugged his sister back and rubbed the back of her head wishing he could go with them but no.

"I love you bubba". Sarah said.

"I love you too baby". Dean said.

Dean kissed his sister's head just as Seth took her hand and they got their bags heading out of the room leaving for the arena, once they left Dean had to take his medication that the doctor prescribed him once he did that he got back in his bed turned a movie on then halfway during the movie he fell asleep.


Seth is almost at the arena with a sad Sarah he kept looking at her wondering what to do to cheer her up, once they got to the arena Sarah grabbed her backpack from beside her putting it around her shoulders while Seth grabbed his duffle bag with his ring gear, Sarah grabbed her uncle's hand as they went inside of the arena. They ran into some of the superstars and divas, Seth then got an idea that'll probably cheer Sarah up. Once he is at his locker room and he gets his stuff situated while Sarah gets hers situated she then lays on the couch in a glum sour mood she won't even talk she has her ear buds in listening to her music laying on her side facing the couch with silent tears coming down her face, Seth sees how distraught his niece is and he can't take it anymore so he does the only thing he can think of. Seth goes to the divas locker room but knocks not wanting to go in if any were changing after a couple of minutes Paige opens the door still dressed in her regular clothes.

"Hey Seth what's up". Paige said.

"I was wondering if you guys would mind taking Sarah for the day she's in a bit of a sour mood since Dean's not here". Seth said.

"Sure sure i'm guessing she's in your locker room". Paige said.

"Yeah we just got here". Seth said.

"Alright let's go get my munchkin". Paige said.

Seth and Paige then went back to his locker room to get Sarah so she can spend the day with Paige and a couple of the other divas, Seth opened his locker room door and Sarah was listening to her music dozing off so he was careful enough to shake her but still scared her.

"Sorry sweetheart, i thought maybe you could spend the day with Paige and a couple of other divas". Seth said.

"That sounds like fun". Sarah said.

Sarah jumped up and hugged Seth then took Paige's hand almost dragging her out of the room making Seth chuckle, once Sarah was out of the room he quickly changed into his ring gear and trained a little knowing something has to be planned for him.


Paige has finally gotten back back to the divas locker room with Sarah while they talked about what to do for the day, at least Sarah was starting to cheer up even if it was a little bit. Paige opened the door to the divas locker room and in there was Nikki, Brie, AJ, Naomi, Cameron, Nattie, and Alicia Fox.

"Girls we have a visitor for the day". Paige said.

"Hey sweetie". Brie said.

"Hey". Sarah said.

"Where's your brother or Seth?" Alicia asked.

"Dean's at the hotel resting and Uncle Seth decided to let me spend the day with you guys". Sarah said.

"I got the perfect idea what to do for the day". Nikki said.

"What?" Sarah asked.

"Shopping". Nikki answered.

"Cool". Sarah said.

Sarah liked shopping but not as much as the girls did, once the girls had their purses and stuff Paige took a hold of Sarah's hand as they went out to their rental cars and went to the mall.

2 hours later

All the girls are back from the mall with tons and tons of shopping bags some for them and some for Sarah they loved to spoil her as much as Dean did but they sometimes go over board just a little bit. Nikki got her a purse and wallet set, Brie got her a couple cute sundresses with matching shoes, Naomi and Cameron got her a few outfits, Nattie got her some shoes, Paige got her some finger less gloves similar to hers but in different colors, and Alicia got her a earring, necklace, and bracelet set. Some of the girls had to get ready for Raw so while they got ready the others decided to give Sarah a small make over but noting too big they don't wanna have Seth or Dean freak out. AJ did her hair, Naomi and Cameron went through the outfits, and Alicia did her make up but made it very light. Once she was finished her hair was in a french braid with some of her hair still down, she was dressed in a red shirt with a blue skirt and red leggings and black boots, her nails were a red and blue pattern, she had just a little bit of lip gloss and just a little bit of eye shadow that brought her eyes out. She looked beautiful, after a little while they knew they had to get her back to Seth so he won't freak out or so nobody can do anything to hurt her. Since Sarah didn't have a lot of bags she took them with her going back to Seth's locker room.

"Thanks girls i had fun today". Sarah said.

"Anytime sweetheart". Nikki said.

"Yeah we love spending time with you". Brie said.

Sarah and the rest of the girls said bye as Paige took Sarah back to Seth.

"Thanks Paige i had fun today". Sarah said.

"Anytime munchkin". Paige said.

Once they were back at Seth's locker room Paige knocked so they didn't walk in on Seth changing into his ring gear, after a few minutes Seth opened up and had a smile on his face happy that his niece is out of her sour mood.

"Hey sweetheart you have fun today". Seth asked.

"Totally". Sarah said.

"We took her shopping". Paige said.

"I see thanks Paige". Seth said.

"Anytime". Paige.

"Bye Paige". Sarah said.

"Bye my little munchkin". Paige said.

Once Seth and Sarah are back in his locker room Sarah put her bags down on the couch and asks Seth a question.

"Uncle Seth?" Sarah asked.

"What's up sweetheart?" Seth replied.

"Can i come out for your match tonight?" Sarah asked.

"Sweetheart if i brought you out tonight and something happens to you, your brother will have my head". Seth said.

"Please". Sarah said.

Sarah then used her famous puppy dog eyes and pout nobody can resist no matter how hard they try, Seth finally caves in.

"Alright but you do what i tell you and you stay where i can keep an eye on you". Seth said.

"Deal". Sarah said.

Seth then took his niece's hand as they went out to the ring but not before being stopped by the former authority members so Seth gently pushes his niece behind him before they hurt her once they didn't pose any threat Seth took Sarah and they went out to the ring.


"This match is set for one fall introducing first being accompanied by Sarah Ambrose from Davenport, Iowa he is Mr MITB Seth Rollins". Lillian said.

Seth then told his niece where to go stand so he can keep an eye on her, he also knew that if she got hurt from her being out there Dean is gonna kill him.

"And his opponents the team of Kane and The Big Show". Lillian said.

Sarah then gulped hard knowing this probably wasn't a good idea right now maybe she should have stayed backstage but she knew that if she made a move to run backstage one of them can and will get her so she will stay where Seth can see her but Randy along with J&J stalk her while Kane and Big Show deal with Seth.

(Skips most of the match)

The numbers game is catching up to Seth and he is getting his ass handed to him left and right he's trying to get back in the fight but it's not working. Big Show and Kane are punishing Seth every possible way they can in the ring they will do anything if not everything in their power to bring the authority back but Seth won't do it he won't give in to them not as much as they did to his niece he won't do it. Big Show spears Seth but he kicks outs, Seth is out of energy and his body can't take it but he's holding his own he doesn't know what is motivating him but it sure as hell is working. Sarah is keeping a look out for Randy and J&J she knew that sometimes J&J can be stupid insecure morons so she has one plan for them just as they approach her.

"Look out my brother's right behind you". Sarah said.

They look back and don't see Dean but turned around just as she took off but bumped into Randy, she didn't think this through but she did have another idea she crawls under the ring since she is the perfect height so she grabs a couple of things that she can use to her advantage, the first thing is a fire extinguisher and the other is a kendo stick so she uses the fire extinguisher first and sprays it all over Randy and J&J then once they were blinded she threw the extinguisher at J&J knocking them down then took the kendo stick and started beating Randy with it till Kane picked her up but he dropped her when Seth got him from behind. Seth then thought screw this match he knew how it was gonna end so he took it apon himself to do what's right so he took a chair and bashed it against Big Show's rib cage and abdomen repeatedly till the chair broke then took a kendo stick that Sarah handed him and used it on Kane till that broke, all the former authority members are down and weak. Seth then goes for a mic.

"I told you assholes once don't bring my niece into this or you'll see a side of me no one wants to see, stay the hell away from my niece". Seth said in the mic.

Seth then took his niece's hand and went back to the locker room and she waited as he showered and changed his clothes once he was finished they grabbed all their stuff and headed out to the parking lot to Seth's rental car and back to the hotel. Once they were back up to their room they didn't know if Dean would be asleep so they were quiet when they went in and he was passed out on his bed with one of his arms hanging down off the side of the bed, Seth saw the time and he knew it was time for Sarah to go to sleep so she quickly changed out of her clothes and into some pajamas and she quietly crawled up next to her brother just as Seth played her IPod to help her sleep. Seth then took the blanket from the couch and threw it over Dean and Sarah then tucked it around her just as she curled into her brother's side slowly falling asleep.

"G'night Uncle Seth". Sarah said in a sleepy slur.

"Good night sweetheart sweet dreams". Seth whispered.

Seth then kissed her head just as he went to his own bed and relaxed as he started to fall asleep. When Sarah got on the bed Dean knew it was his sister so he just threw a protective arm around her bringing her closer to him.

"G'night bubba". Sarah whispered.

Once Sarah closed her eyes and fell asleep then Dean whispered something.

"Good night baby girl i love you". Dean whispered.

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