Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 64

Now that Dean has to stay back at the hotel to rest because of doctors orders Seth has been taking Sarah to the arena for all the shows, one day a little after Seth and Sarah had left Dean sat in the room watching tv drinking some water then after a little while he hears a knock on his door and when he opens it he sees his girlfriend Renee Young they have been dating for a couple of weeks but haven't told anybody yet not even Sarah. They decided to spend a little of the afternoon watching movies before she had to go to Raw so when Dean got up to use the bathroom Renee was lying in his bed still watching the movie but unexpectedly the door to the room was opened by Seth and Sarah coming in shocking Renee.

"Um Dean can you come out here please". Renee said.

"Coming babe". Dean said.

Once Dean finished in the bathroom what he saw was unexpected; He saw his best friend and little sister in the room with a shock looked.

"Oh no guys this isn't what it looks like alright". Dean said.

Sarah then ran from the room leaving Seth standing at the door with his head down because now he had to deal with an upset Sarah which was never a good thing.

"Care to explain Dean". Seth said.

"Alright we've been seeing each other for a couple of weeks after you guys leave she comes and we hang out that's all we do. I just didn't want no one to find out at least not right now we wanted to wait before we told people". Dean explained.

"You couldn't have told me? You couldn't have told your sister? Do you even care or love your sister enough to tell her that your in a relationship with somebody or do you just like hiding and sneaking around". Seth said.

"Watch it Seth, i love my sister more than anything and anybody else on this planet. She has always came first to me there isn't anything i wouldn't do for her i put her before anything in my life. I would die for my sister. The reason i haven't told her or you about it was because we wanted to see how the relationship was before we told people and what was i suppose to say i can't drop something like that on Sarah i was just trying to figure out how to tell her. I wasn't planning for you two to catch us, what were you doing here anyway i thought you were at the arena". Dean said.

"Sarah forgot her phone and book so we came back to get it". Seth explained.

The two men forgot that Renee was in the room so she slipped out so she can get her stuff ready for the arena, once she was gone Seth was still shocked at his friend.

"I'm gonna go find Sarah". Seth said.

"No i will she's my sister so i'll find her and talk to her". Dean said.

"Why couldn't you at least tell me Dean? I'm your friend! Your brother!" Seth almost yelled.

"Were you my brother when you turned your back on us for those assholes!" Dean yelled.

That stabbed Seth in the heart because that night killed him when he had to do that and that just set him off even more so before he did or said something he'd really regret he left the room to find his niece.


Sarah was out of breath when she stopped running so she sat on the floor pulling her knees to her chest resting her head on her knees with silent tears rolling down her cheeks. Dean had a girlfriend. A girlfriend that she didn't even know about and that hurt her because she and Dean always told each other everything since they were close siblings but when he didn't tell her about Renee she felt heartbroken and a bit betrayed, her mind is racing a hundred miles an hour trying to piece together everything that just happened and it broke her heart a little. She just sat there on the floor lost in her thoughts until Dean found her and he felt guilty for not telling his sister about his relationship then once he was finished he had to talk to Seth, Dean then sat down beside his sister as she looked away from him.

"Sarah, sweetheart i'm truly sorry for not telling you about Renee and our relationship. I wanted to see how it would work first before we told anybody". Dean said.

"I thought we told each other everything Dean, we never keep secrets from each other". Sarah said.

"I know sweetheart but this i wanted to keep so i know how it went because if it went bad there wouldn't be a point to tell you but if things were good we were gonna tell you and Seth we just wanted to wait first to see how things went". Dean said.

"Why couldn't you at least tell me?" Sarah asked.

"I didn't know how to tell you, everyday i tried to find a way to tell you but i couldn't". Dean said.

"Yeah you were probably too busy with her". Sarah said.

"Hey watch your tone young lady". Dean warned her.

"I still don't get why you couldn't tell me or Uncle Seth it's not like we would have told anybody". Sarah said.

"Sweetheart you know me better than anybody you know that i don't like people knowing my business about anything especially you, it's nobodies business if i'm in a relationship or what i do. What i do and who i date is my business not anybody else". Dean said.

Sarah then let a couple tears escape her eyes and Dean wiped them away.

I forgive you Dean, it may take a little while but i might get use to it. But if she hurts you she deals with me". Sarah said.

"Alright that sounds alright now i gotta find Seth and make up with him or he'll hate me forever". Dean said.

"Why?" Sarah asked.

"I said something really really stupid and very hurtful to him". Dean said.

"Let's go find Uncle Seth then". Sarah said.

The siblings then split up to find Seth and they find him but he is steaming mad talking to himself, ready to hit anybody at any minute. Sarah tried to go but Dean stopped her because he didn't want her to see them when they were that pissed off because he didn't want her in the crossfire if things went south. Dean then approached Seth but just as the other man tried to walk away Dean grabbed his arm and almost started a fight and Sarah saw the look in both her uncle and brother, she knew Seth was ready for a fight and whatever her brother said to him must have seriously pissed him off because she couldn't remember the last time Seth was that mad so she wanted to try and break up the soon to be fight before things got way out of hand.

"Stop!' Sarah yelled.

Seth and Dean then looked at her with an almost confused look.

"Alright before this gets out of hand Uncle Seth just hear Dean out i don't know what he said to you but please hear him out for me please. And Dean let Uncle Seth go i hate it when you guys fight your friends, your brothers act like it. A wise person once told me don't let a little fight break up what you had". Sarah said.

The two men knew she was right so before things got physical they separated and Seth let Dean say what he wants to say.

"Seth what i said was way out of line, i was out of line we were both caught up in the moment we said things that the other didn't like i took it way out of line and per portion and for that i'm truly sorry. I am so so sorry for what i said". Dean said.

"Dean you knew i felt bad enough and you had to go bringing that up i feel bad enough for doing that but no you had to go and remind me for what i did". Seth said.

"I'm sorry Seth i truly am sorry, i never meant to say that it just came out i didn't mean it". Dean said.

Seth then knew at least one way of forgiving Dean but he had Sarah turn around so she wouldn't see, Seth then took all his strength and hit Dean on his jaw putting him on the floor.

"Ok i guess i deserved that". Dean said.

"I forgive you Dean just don't ever bring up what happened before or you'll get worse". Seth said.

"Alright". Dean said.

"Can i turn around now?" Sarah asked.

"Yes sweetheart you can". Seth said.

"So Dean when do we get a proper introduction to meet Renee". Sarah said.

"Maybe we can do lunch or something tomorrow". Dean said.

"Like i said she hurts you she deals with me". Sarah said.

"Alright sweetheart i got it". Dean chuckled.

Seth then saw the time and he had to get back to the arena soon so he and Sarah got their stuff together and headed back out as Dean went back to the room to rest.


Seth quickly parked the car then got his duffle bag out the back just as Sarah got her backpack then once Seth took a hold of Sarah's hand they made there way in the arena heading to his locker room to prepare for Raw. While Sarah read her book Seth was in the bathroom changing in his ring gear, once he finishes he starts to train a little to get pumped up for his match. Seth tried to figure out what to do with his niece while he competed because since she has a double target on her back he couldn't leave her alone or Dean'll kill him so his choices were either he takes her to ringside or he leaves her with someone. He thought about bringing her to ring side but if he did and something happens to her Dean'll kill him but if he left her with someone she'll be safe and protected he just knew that she can't be by herself.

"What are you thinking about Uncle Seth?" Sarah asked.

"Trying to figure out if i should bring you to ringside tonight or leave you with someone because you can't stay by yourself". Seth said.

"Dean doesn't have to know". Sarah said.

"Sweetheart if i left you by yourself and anything were to happen to you your brother will kill me". Seth said.

"Well can i come to ringside?" Sarah asked.

"probably not because i'm not taking the chances of either the authority members and Wyatt coming after you so i'll leave you with AJ and Paige". Seth said.

"That's fine with me". Sarah said.

Right now Bray Wyatt is still talking about what he had did to Dean and what he is going to do to him at the TLC ppv, it frightens Sarah because Wyatt is capable of a lot of physical and psychological damage and Seth saw that something was bothering his niece.

"Hey what's wrong sweetheart?" Seth asked.

"I'm scared". Sarah said.

"Why are you scared". Seth asked.

"I don't want Dean to do the TLC match with Wyatt, anything could happen to him". Sarah said.

"Sweetheart your brother can handle anything that gets thrown at him trust me, your brother can look out and protect himself". Seth said.

"I just don't want nothing to happen to him". Sarah said.

"It'll be alright sweetheart i promise you it will be alright". Seth said.

It's close to Seth's match so he quickly got his niece to AJ and Paige who agreed to watch her.

"Alright sweetheart you know the rules when you stay with someone". Seth said.

"Yes Uncle Seth i do, sometimes i swear you sound like Dean". Sarah said.

"That's good now behave and be good". Seth said.

"Always". Sarah said.

Seth kissed her head a couple of times before heading out to his match leaving his niece with AJ and Paige.

"Hey guys can i ask you something?" Sarah asked.

"Sure honey what's up". AJ said.

"You can't tell anybody it's a secret". Sarah said.

"Alright". Paige said.

"Dean has a girlfriend. Is it normal for me to feel jealous". Sarah replied.

"It is normal to feel a little jealous sweetheart because you're the only girl he has ever had in his life and once this woman came in you will feel a bit jealous since she will be in his life too". AJ explained.

"Paige did you ever feel jealous when your older brothers got a girlfriend?" Sarah asked.

"All the time i always thought that the girls would take my brothers away and not come back but they always did". Paige said.

"Do you think if Dean goes through with this relationship will he forget about me?" Sarah asked.

"Of course not sweetheart he would never forget about you, you have always been his number girl". AJ said.

Sarah kept thinking about her brother and his relationship to see if she could get use to it.


Half of Seth's match has gone by with Cena, Seth has the totally advantage right now he has Cena right where he wants him. Just as Seth was about to go for the curb stomp Randy, Kane, J&J came out to distract Seth hoping that they'll change his mind. Seth was trying to keep his mind in his match but he couldn't so once the four men were surrounding the ring then got in the ring to attack and jump Seth. Once Seth was down and out Randy got a mic.

"So Seth you gonna do the right thing and bring the authority back?" Randy asked.

"Never". Seth said.

Kane then picked him up by the throat to give him one vicious choke slam but what shocked everybody was Sarah running down the ramp and slid under the ring standing in front of Seth.

"Sarah get out of here now". Seth said.

"No Uncle Seth i'm not". Sarah said.

"Kid if i were you i'd listen to him so get out the ring go play with your barbie dolls because the grown up are talking". Randy said.

Sarah goes for a mic of her own.

"If you want me out Randy why don't you make me get out of the ring". Sarah said.

"Kid you don't know what you're walking into". Big Show said.

"Said the 7'0 foot sellout. What the authority bribe you with so you'll join them? A title shot? Raise? Car? No wait a gym membership so you could lose a few. With Kane it's probably the same thing. With tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber here you two just need to go back to whatever mall you were hired from because we don't need mall cops in the WWE were all fine without you here. Now Randy i think you should do everybody a favor and stop kissing Triple H and Stephanie's butt because i'm pretty sure that's how you got everything you wanted anyway am i right". Sarah said.

Seth was finally able to make it back to his feet and once he did he gently brought Sarah behind him so that they wouldn't hurt her.

"Seth you need to teach that little brat some manners before she gets herself hurt". Randy said.

"I don't need to do anything like i don't need to bring the authority back to power. I told you all once and i'll say it again leave my niece alone you want me fine but leave her OUT of this". Seth said.

Once Seth dropped the mic Sarah rolled out the ring then Seth followed her getting in front of her taking her hand and once they were backstage Seth was a little mad at his niece.

"Sarah what do me and your brother tell you all the time?" Seth asked.

"When you're in the ring stay with who you leave me with and for no circumstance don't go anywhere near ring side or the ring". Sarah answered.

"And what did you do tonight?" Seth asked.

"I went to the ring and i could have gotten hurt". Sarah answered.

"Now here's the million dollar question why did you do it". Seth said.

"I couldn't stand them hurting you anymore if i hadn't gone out there they could have did anything to you". Sarah said.

"Sweetheart i can handle myself, i can handle anything that they throw at me. You don't have to worry about us all the time nothing is gonna happen to us". Seth said.

"You don't know that". Sarah said.

"Well look at me i'm fine see. I'll let your brother handle your punishment". Seth said.

Sarah nodded then once they got there stuff packed they headed back to the hotel, once there Sarah was actually nervous because she disobeyed Seth so she didn't know if Dean saw or not and if he did she is in a world of trouble. Once they got in the room they saw Dean standing in the middle of the room with his arms crossed and Sarah knew that look, she was in trouble big time.

"I'm going to leave you guys to talk". Seth said.

Once Seth was out of earshot Sarah got a bit nervous because this was only her second time getting into trouble.

"Sarah Nicole come over here right now". Dean said.

Sarah then listened to her brother or she'd be in worse trouble.

"Sarah what's one of the things we tell you when we're in the ring and we leave you with someone". Dean asked.

"To stay with who you left me with and to not go anywhere near ring side or the ring". Sarah answered.

"Right so here's the next one. Why did you disobey and go in the ring with all the former authority members in the ring knowing they could have hurt you". Dean replied.

"I was tired of them hurting Uncle Seth so i went out there to make them stop and they did". Sarah said.

"Sarah, they could have easily done anything to hurt you. Look at them then look at you then guys would crush you with no problem not to mention what if Wyatt were there and he got you then what". Dean said.

"I guess i didn't think that far ahead". Sarah said.

"No you didn't and since you disobeyed your on probation for 2 weeks meaning no phone, no IPod, IPad, no nothing. When you go to the arena you will have only your homework and a book to read. And you are banned from going to ringside for the duration of your probation". Dean said.

"But Dean that's not fair". Sarah whined.

"Life's not fair and i don't want no more back talk or i'll add another week to your probation". Dean said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

"Good now get ready for bed". Dean said.

Sarah then got a pair of pajamas out of her bag along with her hairbrush, toothbrush, and toothpaste heading in the bathroom. After a few minutes Sarah came out dressed in her pajamas with her hair brushed into a ponytail, she quickly put her stuff away just as Dean put her stuff in his luggage.

"Dean could i still have my music?" Sarah asked.

"Yes but i'm taking it back in the morning". Sarah said.

Sarah hooked her IPod up and crawled into the bed she shares with her brother and he tucks the blankets around her just as she is drifting off to sleep.

"G'night De i love you". Sarah said.

"Sweet dreams sweetheart i love you to". Dean whispered.

Dean brushed some of her hair back then kissed her forehead, Seth then came back in the room after giving the siblings some privacy to talk and once he heard no talking he went back to see his niece asleep, his friend dozing in and out of sleep. Seth then quickly changes for bed then gets in his bed going to sleep after his long ass day. Dean was getting in his bed and Sarah knew it was her brother so she curled up into his side with his right arm thrown around her pulling her close to him in a protective hold and she uses his arm as a pillow making him chuckle. He then strokes her hair back then kisses her head a couple of times. After what happened tonight he doesn't care if he is under doctors orders or not he might end up going back to the arena but just to keep an eye on his sister. He won't stand by and watch as his little sister gets picked on or bullied by the authority because if anyone of them hurts her they will have hell to pay.

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