Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 65

The next day Dean brought Sarah and Seth to have lunch with him and Renee to get to know her better since the couple was caught, after a few minutes Renee walks in wearing a simple red dress with black pumps and her hair in straightened out.

"Dean". Renee said.

"Hey babe". Dean said.

They kiss making Sarah gag and Seth covering her eyes but she removed his hands from her face.

"Renee you already know Seth so i would like you to meet my little sister Sarah". Dean said.

"Hi Sarah". Renee said.

"Hi". Sarah said.

"So who's hungry". Seth said.

The four people then order lunch while Sarah kept eyeing Renee suspiciously because she remembered the last time a girl went out with her brother it did not end very good and Sarah won't let that happen to her brother again. Dean may protect his sister from anything and everything but she can protect him from woman. Sarah glanced at Renee to try and get a reading off of her to see what her game is with her brother so far she is a great actress at playing whatever game she's playing. Once the food gets there they all dig in but Dean has to take his time due to his throat.

"So Sarah what do you like to do?" Renee asked.

"Read, write, play pranks". Sarah said.

"What do you like to write?" Renee asked.

"Stories, poetry". Sarah asked.

"That's cool. Do you like traveling with your brother". Renee asked.

"It's fun i like going to different cities". Sarah answered.

Dean smiled because it's going well with his sister and Renee he just hopes that his sister won't get too jealous like the last time, Seth kept eyeing his best friend and niece so far his friend is happy as he could be while on the other hand Sarah looks a bit jealous. After lunch is over Dean, Seth, and Sarah headed up to their room so Seth could get his and Sarah's stuff so they can head to the arena.

"Sarah you alright there kiddo". Dean said.

"I'm fine Dean". Sarah said.

"Ok. Now since your on probation you listen to Seth and do everything he tells you, you stay with whoever he leaves you with and don't go anywhere near ringside or the ring. If you disobey Seth again i'm adding another week to your probation. Do you understand me". Dean said.

"Yes Dean". Sarah said.

"That's my girl". Dean said.

Dean kissed his sister's head then as she packed up her stuff Dean told Seth about his sister's punishment and went over what she could and could not do, once they were all finished and packed Seth took his niece's hand and they made their way out of the room. Seth got their stuff packed in the car while Sarah got in lost in her thoughts.

"A penny for your thoughts sweetheart". Seth said.

"I don't like Renee". Sarah said.

"Why not". Seth said.

"There's something about her that's not right. That act she pulled at lunch i give her a two thumbs up for a great performance either she really loves my brother or she's up to something". Sarah said.

"You got all of that from one lunch?" Seth asked.

"I'm good at what i do". Sarah said.

"And what do you think she's up to?" Seth asked.

"She's either using my brother, trying to mess with him some how, i'm not exactly sure". Sarah said.

"I think you could be jealous that he's spending time with another girl". Seth said.

"I don't get jealous Uncle Seth. It's just after last time i won't see my brother go through that again". Sarah said.

"What happened last time?" Seth asked.

"A girl accused him of cheating on her then made him choose either her or me". Sarah answered.


Dean is in his small two bedroom apartment and he just put his sister to bed once she fell asleep he could invite his new girlfriend Maria over to hangout for a while when she gets there she's ready to have some fun with him.

"Hi Dean". Maria said.

"Hey Maria come in". Dean said.

Maria then kissed him and he kissed back before things got too heated Dean broke the kiss and it got Maria confused.

"I can't do it Maria not tonight i'm sorry". Dean said.

"Come on Dean please". Maria said.

"I can't not tonight at least". Dean said.

"And why not? Do you have someone else on the side?" Maria said accusing him.

"What? No i just can't". Dean said.

"Why? Do you have another girl here or something? Just tell me why Dean". Maria yelled.

"Would you lower your damn voice please". Dean said.

"Why huh afraid that i'll wake whoever you got back in your bedroom". Maria said.

The yelling was so loud it woke up Sarah.

"De?" Sarah called.

Dean and Maria then turned to see the small five year old in princess pajamas holding a teddy bear.

"You have a kid? You didn't tell me you had a kid". Maria said.

"She's not my kid she's my sister". Dean said.

Dean then moved over to pick up his sister and began rocking her hoping to put her back to sleep.

"I'm sorry we woke you up sweetheart". Dean said.

"Your picking her over me?" Maria asked.

"What are you talking about?" Dean asked.

"I'm telling you to make a choice Dean, her or me". Maria said.

"Her. I pick my sister and if you don't like it then there's the door and don't come back when you walk out". Dean said.

"Goodbye Dean". Maria said.

Maria grabbed her purse and left the apartment slamming the door making the five year old wince.

"Let's get you back to bed sweetheart". Dean said.

"De who was that lady?" Sarah asked.

"Nobody sweetheart come on back to bed". Dean said.

Dean then tucked his sister back in placing her teddy bear in her arm then stroking her hair out of her face.

"N'night De". Sarah said in a sleepy voice.

"Sweet dreams baby". Dean whispered.

Dean kissed her head then quietly left her room but he was pissed, just because he couldn't do it doesn't mean he was cheating on anybody he was ready to punch a hole in the wall. Over the next few days Sarah noticed a small change in her brother but won't ask him, Dean tried to hide his anger so he wouldn't scare his sister. After this he probably would date for a while because he can't go through this again he just won't.

*Back to reality*

"After she left Dean wasn't the same for a while i was too young to understand but i knew that, that stupid woman hurt my brother and i won't stand for it. He was hurt once by a woman and i won't let it happen again". Sarah said.

"And how exactly are you gonna prove this?" Seth asked.

"I'll talk to her". Sarah said.

Once they arrive at the arena Seth got his stuff while Sarah got her stuff and they went in, they dropped their stuff off at Seth's locker room so while Seth was getting ready for the night Sarah made her way out of the room to go talk to Renee, Sarah was wondering around trying to find her till she finally found her and she was just finished getting her makeup done.

"Hi Sarah". Renee said.

"Hi Renee". Sarah said.

"What's up". Renee said.

"What's your deal with my brother". Sarah asked flat out.

"I'm sorry". Renee replied.

"What's going on with you and my brother. Gee am i speaking another language here or something". Sarah said.

"I love your brother Sarah i wouldn't do anything to hurt him". Renee said.

"And that's what the last girl said when she dated him. I'm warning you once you do anything at all to hurt my brother and you deal with me. I don't know what game your playing here but it stops now". Sarah said.

Renee then got to her level and her whole attitude changed.

"Look here you little pint size brat your going to deal with the fact that i'm in your brother's life now so you better get use to it because i'm gonna be around and there's nothing you can do about it. And if you try and ruin this for me you will be in a lot of trouble". Renee said.

"Look here you blonde headed barbie doll you don't scare me and nothing you do will scare me, whatever game your playing with my brother stops now or i will tell him and he will believe me over anybody". Sarah said.

"You ruin this for me and i'll end you and your brother". Renee said.

"I may be 10 but that won't stop me from protecting my brother. Just stay away from me and my brother". Sarah said.

Sarah then left to go back to Seth's locker room but she knows if things do go south about Renee she will tell Dean, once back at Seth's locker room she saw him changed into his ring gear training a little bit.

"Hey sweetheart". Seth said.

"Hey Uncle Seth". Sarah said.

"How was your talk?" Seth asked.

"I won't let her hurt Dean". Sarah said.

Raw is getting ready to start and since Seth is in action tonight he has to leave Sarah with someone so he decides to leave her with Nikki and Brie while he competes. Seth then quickly brings Sarah to Nikki and Brie before his match starts so he is speed walking so he'd be able to go out for his match soon. He finds the sisters and they agreed.

"Alright sweetheart remember stay here with Nikki and Brie, don't come anywhere near ringside or the ring for that matter". Seth said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

Seth kissed her head a couple times before heading out for his match, after Seth went out for his match Sarah was bored. Since she had none of her stuff to keep her occupied she had to do anything to entertain herself.

"Something on your mind honey". Brie said.

"I don't like Renee". Sarah said.

"Why not". Nikki said.

"She's up to something and i won't let her hurt my brother". Sarah said.

Sarah then told the sisters she had to go to the bathroom and Brie said she'll go with her so nothing bad will happen, on the way there Sarah hears a familiar female voice so she peaks around the corner to see Renee laughing and giggling but she's not alone she's with a guy and it's not Dean. Sarah was right about Renee so she walks to them with a pissed off look that resembled Dean's.

"Who's this Renee?" Sarah asked.

Renee and the guy turned around to see a pissed off Sarah.

"This is my cousin Jake". Renee lied.

"Yeah like i haven't heard that before now this time i'd like a straight answer". Sarah said.

After a few minutes Renee and Jake had no answer for Sarah without getting caught.

"I knew it your using and cheating on my brother. You all may think i'm a kid but i'm not dumb nor stupid". Sarah said.

"Sarah-". Renee said being cut off.

"Save it Renee i told you that if you hurt my brother you deal with me". Sarah said.

"Look kid you don't talk to her like that". Jake said.

"Dude you don't know me and i'm pretty sure you don't wanna know my brother because he will rip you to shreds". Sarah said.

"Yeah and who exactly is your brother?" Jake asked.

"Dean Ambrose". Sarah answered.

Jake then looked stunned and almost looked scared.

"Yeah that's what i thought". Sarah said.

"You can't tell your brother Sarah". Renee said.

"Why not?" Sarah demanded.

"You just can't". Renee said.

"Too bad you should have thought of that before you did what you did". Sarah said.

Sarah then walked back to find Brie while Renee had to come up with a plan so Sarah doesn't tell Dean so she goes and finds Randy, Kane, Big Show and J&J.

"I need your help". Renee said.


Half of Seth's match has gone by with Neville and so far it's getting to be a close match and they keep going back and forth with each other. Neville goes for the pin on Seth but kicks out, Seth then hits Neville with a missile dropkick from the second turn buckle then once he has him positioned he hits him with the curb stomp pinning him winning the match.

"The winner of this match Seth Rollins". Lillian said.

Seth rolls out of the ring and heads backstage to shower, change then grab his stuff and Sarah so they can go back to the hotel for the night. Once he is showered and changed he goes to Nikki and Brie to get his niece so they can head out.

"Hey Seth". Nikki said.

"Hey Nikki is Sarah ready". Seth said.

"She went to the bathroom with Brie she should be back soon". Nikki said.

Just then coming down the hall is Brie and Sarah, Seth looks at his niece and she has a pissed off look that is very much like her brother and wonders what got her upset.

"Hey Seth". Brie said.

"Hey Brie, you ready to go sweetheart". Seth said.

"Yeah i'm ready". Sarah said.

"Thanks for watching her". Seth said to the sisters.

"Anytime Seth". Nikki said.

"No problem". Brie said.

Seth then took his niece's hand and went back to his locker room so they can get their stuff and Seth asks his niece why she's upset.

"Sweetheart what's wrong?" Seth asked.

"Renee is cheating on Dean". Sarah blurted out.

"What? How do you know?" Seth asked.

"On the way to the bathroom i saw Renee with another guy looking all lovey dovey she told me not to tell Dean but i'm not sure if it's my place to tell him Uncle Seth. I don't want my brother hurt but it's not my business to tell. What should i do". Sarah said.

"I don't know what to tell you sweetheart but if you tell your brother and he confronts her about it chances are she will deny it. If you wanna wait to tell him i'm sure he'll understand". Seth said.

"Do you think if i do tell him will he get mad at me?" Sarah asked.

"No sweetheart because you didn't do anything but tell him the truth". Seth said.

"I hope your right". Sarah said.

Seth and Sarah got their stuff together and headed out while Renee was finishing talking to the former authority members.

"So we got a deal?" Renee said.

"We do this for you and in exchange you join the authority". Randy said.

"Deal". Renee said.

"We have a deal". Randy said.

Randy and Renee shook hands making their deal official.


Seth and Sarah has arrived back at the hotel but Sarah was reluctant on telling her brother about Renee cheating on him because she didn't want to be the cause of her brother getting angry or making him unhappy.

"Uncle Seth i don't know what to do, should i tell Dean or not. If i tell him i don't want him to be angry or unhappy but if i don't tell him he might get really mad at me for not telling him. What should i do". Sarah said.

"I wish i knew what to tell you sweetheart alright this is what we'll do. Let this play out if she gives off any signals Dean will pick up on them and ask her if she denies it then we tell him the truth. But either way if you tell him or not i promise you that he won't get mad at you because you didn't do anything you are just trying to protect your brother". Seth said.

"I feel like i'm betraying him if i don't tell him but if i do tell him i don't want him to be mad at me". Sarah said.

Seth then took her chin making her look at him in the eye.

"Sweetheart you are not betraying your brother in any kind of way i guarantee you that, he's not going to get mad at you for anything. What he is going to get mad at is the situation not you. You are not betraying him or anything alright. He's not going to get mad at you he's going to get mad at her because she lied and she cheated you are just trying to protect him that's all". Seth explained.

"I hope your right Uncle Seth". Sarah said.

"Let's get up to the room it's past your bedtime". Seth said.

Sarah took a hold of Seth's hand and they went up to their room, once up there Sarah got her pajamas out along with her hairbrush, toothbrush and toothpaste heading in the bathroom. Seth then put his stuff away and Dean came back in the room to see his friend.

"Hey i saw your match nice job". Dean said.

"Thanks, where were you". Seth replied.

"I went to see Renee real quick". Dean said.

Seth bit his lip because he was also reluctant on telling his best friend about his so called girlfriend, after a few minutes Sarah came out the bathroom in her pajamas and her hair brushed in a low ponytail.

"There's my favorite girl, how was your day at the arena". Dean said.

"It was good i was bored since i didn't have my stuff". Sarah said.

"Well punishment sucks". Dean said.

"You said it". Sarah said.

"Come on off to bed". Dean said.

Sarah then walked to the bed and climbed on as Dean moved the covers and then threw them on his sister tucking her in then hooked in her IPod so she'll have her music.

"Good night bubba...good night Uncle Seth". Sarah said in a sleepy voice.

"Sweet dreams sweetheart". Dean whispered.

"Sleep tight princess". Seth whispered.

They kiss her forehead then quickly change for bed but they go out on the patio so they can talk.

"Dean what do you know about Renee exactly?" Seth asked.

"Not much really, i know she's from Canada and she moved to New York. Why". Dean replied.

"I'm just asking". Seth said.

"Were taking things slow right now before we rush into anything". Dean said.

"That's good". Seth said.

After a while they both went inside so they can head to bed, Seth was out the second his head hit the pillow. When Dean got on his bed Sarah knew it was her brother so she curled into his side as he threw a protective arm around her bringing her close then kissing the top of her head.

"Sweet dreams baby girl i love you". Dean whispered.

Dean then drifted off to sleep.

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