Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 66

Later that night Sarah was tossing and turning she couldn't get comfortable, she felt something not right in her stomach like she was going to be sick. Just then she felt something lurch in her stomach and when she got up she felt very dizzy but was able to make it to the bathroom and empty the contents of her stomach which woke Dean and Seth who rushed to the bathroom to see Sarah puking her guts out. Dean knelt by his sister and rubbed her back soothingly while Seth pulled her hair back in a ponytail then wet a wash cloth. Once she was finished she sat back on the floor feeling like crap one second her body was hot the next it was cold, her head felt like it was going to explode, everything in the room was spinning she felt really dizzy, and her muscles ached making her feel very weak almost like she didn't wanna move.

"Sweetheart you alright?" Dean asked.

"I don't feel so good bubba". Sarah said in a weak voice.

"Alright let's get you back to bed and i'll run out and get you some medicine". Dean said.

"No i want you to stay De please". Sarah said.

"I'll go Dean i'll be back in 20 minutes". Seth said.

"Alright just hurry back".

Seth quickly slipped on his shoes and got his car keys practically running out of the room leaving a sick Sarah with her brother, Dean then filled up a cup with water so she can rise her mouth out. Once she rinsed her mouth she held her arms out like a five year old and Dean complied to her request as he gently picked her up taking her back to their bed lying her down but didn't cover her up.

"De everything hurts make it stop". Sarah cried.

Dean stroked her hair back with a sad expression.

"I wish i could baby i wish i could, you'll feel better in no time i promise". Dean said.

Sarah felt hot so she slowly walked to the bathroom to change into something cooler and after a while she felt cold so she wanted a blanket. After 20 minutes Seth ran back in the room with a bag of medicine and gatorade and Dean went to get the bag so Seth can put his stuff down and take his shoes off.

"Alright sweetheart let's get you some medicine". Dean said.

Dean then took the advil out opening it putting a pill in his hand then giving it to his sister.

"This'll help with your fever sweetheart". Dean said.

She then nodded and took the pill and a juice Seth gave her drinking it slowly, Dean then pulled something out that'll help the stomach so he filled the measuring cup with the right amount of medicine and gave it to his sister and she took it giving the measuring cup back. She then laid back down on the bed slowly dozing off into an unpleasant sleep. Dean and Seth knew that they might be up taking care of Sarah so they'll do it in shift so Dean will take the first one while Seth gets some sleep. Dean then set a bucket by his sister so she can use it in case she wouldn't make it to the bathroom in time, he then gently got on the bed pulling his sister close to him throwing a protective arm around her then turning on the tv at a low volume so his sister and friend can sleep. After a while Dean stayed awake just in case his sister needed him, he sees that his sister is burning up so he takes the blanket off so she could get some air he then went to go find something to drink and snack on since it'll be a long night. It was now going on five in the morning and Dean was nodding off while he sister and friend was still asleep, a couple of hours has passed and Dean was asleep while Seth was just waking up to see how his niece was. He felt her forehead and her temperature wasn't good one minute she was hot the next she was cold he thought about the symptoms she has then came to the conclusion that she could have food poisoning. Sarah then felt something lurch in her stomach and couldn't make it to the bathroom but puked in the bucket by her and Seth rushed over to her as she puked and it woke Dean up.

"Sarah? Are you ok?" Dean asked.

She shook her head no after she finished puking, Seth then took the bucket and went to the bathroom to rinse it out while Dean got his sister's medicine ready again and she took it falling back on the bed. Sarah just laid in the bed too weak to move, she had no energy at all to move or do anything for that matter she felt like crap.

"Make it stop De please make it all go away, i want it to go away". Sarah cried.

"Aw i know baby i know you do, if i could i take all the pain away i would". Dean said.

Sarah then started to cry because she can't stand pain at first she can't stand it then it would start to frustrate her to the point she will be full blown crying. Dean then gets on the bed putting his sister in his lap gently rocking her while stroking her hair back hoping that'll calm her, he hated to see his sister cry and especially hated to see her in pain and he felt guilty because there was nothing he could do about it. Sarah then was slowly drifting off to sleep just as Dean gently put her down on the bed and Seth came out the bathroom then signed for Dean to meet him on the patio.

"Dean if you want i could stay here and help you with her". Seth said.

"Thanks Seth but you need to go you have a match tonight, i can handle her". Dean said.

"And from the looks of it she has food poisoning, the symptoms match". Seth said.

Dean then ran his hands threw his hair and sighed he really didn't need this much more on his shoulders but he will take care of his sister no matter what. It's nearing almost 10 in the morning so Seth had to get dressed, get his stuff packed then head out for the arena while Dean stayed with his sister. Once Seth was dressed and packed for the arena he made sure he had everything before he headed out, right before he headed out he kissed Sarah's head then fist bumped Dean and finally he headed out. Once Seth left Dean got relaxed on his bed while Sarah was in a light sleep he turned the tv on but kept it at a low volume so it wouldn't wake his sister, after a little while Dean was still watching tv while his sister slept just then there was a knock at the door and Dean went to answer it and it was Renee and he let her in.

"Hey baby". Dean said.

"Hey yourself i thought we could do lunch today just the two of us". Renee said.

"I wish i could but Sarah sick and i have to stay with her". Dean said.

"Can't you leave her with someone?" Renee asked.

"I can't everybody already left and i don't have time to find a babysitter". Dean said.

"Well she's old enough to stay by herself right". Renee said.

"Renee she's 10 she can't stay by herself especially when she's sick, she's going to need me i can't leave her". Dean said.

"I'm pretty sure she can stay by herself at least for an hour". Renee said almost yelling.

"Would you lower your voice". Dean said.

"I can't believe you would pick her over me". Renee said.

Dean knew where this was going he went through it once before and now he has to go through it again. Great just great.

"I'd pick my sister over anybody she means the world to me more than anybody". Dean said.

"Even me?" Renee replied.

"Especially you". Dean said.

"Well i guess i made your choice then". Renee said.

"Choice? What the hell are you talking about?" Dean asked.

"You clearly picked your sister over me". Renee said.

"She's my sister why wouldn't i, she's the only family i have left i love her more than anything". Dean said.

"It's me or her Dean, your choice". Renee said.

"Her, i pick my sister and i always will. And don't you ever make me pick between my sister and somebody else because i will always pick her she means more to me than anybody else and if you don't like that then get out and don't come back". Dean said.

"You're making a mistake Dean a huge mistake". Renee said.

"No the mistake i made was making you my girlfriend now get out and don't come back, from here on out we keep work related stuff professional other than that you stay the hell away from me and my sister". Dean said.

"You'll be sorry Dean mark my words you'll be sorry". Renee said.

Once Renee left Dean then sighed and sat down on a chair running his hands threw his hair but what he didn't know was that Sarah woke up and heard everything that was said between the two so she slowly got up waking her way to her brother gently putting her hand on his shoulder making him turn around.

"Hey sweetheart you alright". Dean said.

"Yeah, are you alright Dean". Sarah replied.

"I'll be fine princess". Dean said.

Sarah then bit her lip because she was now debating if she should tell her brother about Renee since they broke up.

"Dean there's something i have to tell you". Sarah said.

"What?" Dean replied.

"Renee was cheating on you with somebody else". Sarah said.

"How do you know that?" Dean asked.

"I saw last night when i was at the arena. Uncle Seth was in his match so he left with me with Nikki and Brie i had to go to the bathroom so Brie took me on the way back i heard her laughing and she was with someone. Another guy. They were talking and all that but when i saw him kiss her i knew that she was cheating on you, she told me not to tell you and she said if i ruined it for her i'd be in really big trouble". Sarah explained.

Dean was pissed, first he found out that his ex girlfriend cheated on him, second it was confirmed by his own sister who witnessed it, and third she threatened his sister and he wasn't going to stand for that.

"Don't be mad at me Dean i didn't know if i should tell you or not because i didn't want you mad at me or make you unhappy i didn't know what to do". Sarah rambled.

"Hey calm down sweetheart i'm not mad at you, you did the right thing by telling me so i'm not mad at you i'm mad at her". Dean said.

"I didn't know if i should tell you or not because it's not or wasn't my place but i knew she would deny it, i didn't wanna see you hurt". Sarah said.

Dean then hugged his sister close to him as she buried her face in his shoulder slowly nodding off, Dean then carried his sister back to the bed lying her down putting a light blanket on top of her while he went out on the patio with a couple of beers lost in his thoughts.


Seth is in his locker room getting ready for his match that night and while he's training somebody knocks on his door he goes to open it and its Renee.

"What do you want?" Seth asked.

"I want you to convince Dean to take me back". Renee said.

"And i would do that why, you cheated on him". Seth said.

"How do you know that?" Renee asked.

"Doesn't matter how i know the point is i know and i'm not going to convince him to do anything it's his choice not mine". Seth said.

"I can't believe he would pick that little pint size brat over me". Renee said.

"Hey! That pint size brat happens to be my niece so before i lose my cool get out of my locker room and stay away from Dean and Sarah". Seth said.

"You'll be sorry you both will be very sorry". Renee said.

"If anything and i mean anything happens to my friend or my niece if she even scrapes her knee i guarantee that'll be the last thing you ever do". Seth said.

Renee then left the room and Seth continued on with his training to prepare for his match later that night.

(Skips a little while)

It's now time for Seth's match against Luke Harper so he has to go out and it's different not having Sarah with him in his mind he'd be bringing her to somebody while he competes but she's back at the hotel sick as a dog he puts that aside for the time being so he can focus on his match.


"This match is set for one fall introducing first he is mr MITB Seth Rollins". Lillian said.

Seth gets in the rings pumped and ready for the match.

"And his opponent Luke Harper". Lillian said.

The ref then has them two separated and he rings the bell getting the match started.

(Skips most of the match)

Seth is getting his ass kicked every time he think he has the upper hand on Harper he gets knocked down or out of the ring, just as he was going to get up Harper kicks him right on the jaw knocking him down once again giving Harper the upper hand. Seth can't focus on the match hence why he's getting his ass handed to him. He slides back in the ring and just as Harper goes for a close line Seth dodges it then jumps back on the rope going full force on Harper knocking him down once he's down Seth gets on the top turnbuckle and hits Harper with a missile dropkick knocking him down once again, finally Seth is getting back into it but coming down the ramp are the former authority members and Seth knows what is about to happen so he goes back on the side of the ring and flies out of the second ramp knocking all the authority members down on the floor. Seth then slides back in the ring just as he is hit with a massive close line knocking him out and just as Harper goes for the pinfall Seth kicks out again and the authority members get in the ring to attack Seth getting the match called off. The authority members are giving Seth one hell of a beating to see if he'll bring the authority back but he won't, once the beating on Seth is finished Randy goes for a mic.

"How about now Seth huh you gonna bring the authority back?" Randy asked.

Seth then went for his own mic.

"N-never". Seth said.

"How's your niece doing Seth?" Randy asked.

"L-leave her alone Randy she has nothing to do with this, you want me fine but you leave her out of this". Seth said.

Seth then rolled out of the ring and limped back to the back, he then showered and changed grabbed his stuff then going back to the hotel. Once back at the hotel Seth then started to limp again and wince since he was in a lot of pain, he made it up to the room but was quiet since he didn't know if his friend and niece were sleep or not. When he heard vomiting he rushed in the room to see his niece hunched over the toilet emptying her stomach with Dean right behind her rubbing her back, once she is finished Seth got her medicine ready for her, he got one advil out along with the stomach medication to help settle her stomach. Once Sarah came out Dean guided her to the bed so she can take her medicine once she took it she drank a little gatorade then felt really sleepy so she crawled to her spot on the bed and drifted off to sleep as Dean put a light blanket on top of her.

"Sweet dreams baby girl". Dean whispered.

"Sleep tight sweetheart". Seth whispered.

The kiss her forehead, once Dean knew his sister was in a deep enough sleep he is going to slip out of the room.

"I'll be right back watch her". Dean said.

"Alright". Seth said.

Dean then quietly left the room making his way down to his ex girlfriend's room to talk to her because he is highly pissed at her, he then knocks on her door and she opens it in her bath robe.

"Dean? What are you doing here?" Renee asked.

"Were you cheating on me?" Dean asked.

"I don't know what your talking about". Renee said quickly.

"Bull. I'm not stupid Renee and neither is my sister she told me, and if you ever and i mean ever again threaten my sister in any kind of way i will guarantee that you will regret it". Dean said.

"Dean she's a child she has an active wild imagination she could be lying to get us apart because she's jealous". Renee said.

"My sister doesn't lie to me and she wouldn't lie to me about this so don't you ever accuse my sister of lying". Dean said.

"Babe who is it". A voice called out.

Dean then knew it was a guy's voice and shook his head in disbelief.

"Un Freaking believable i swear you are unbelievable you know that". Dean said.

"Dean it's not what you think it is". Renee said.

The guy then comes out wearing just his boxers looking at Dean.

"I'm guessing your Dean". The guy said.

"And who the hell are you?" Dean asked.

"I'm Jake, i met your sister last night and you should really control your sister keep her on a leash and teach her some manners". Jake said.

That set Dean off big time and he made his way into the room pushing the guy into the wall keeping his forearm on the guy's throat, Dean looked like he was about to kill this guy.

"Don't you ever in your life say that about my sister ever again or i swear to god it'll take an army to pull me off of you, i'm gonna tell you just like i tell everybody else you keep my sister out of your damn mouth or i'll knock all your teeth down your throat then shove my foot so far up for ass you'll choke on it". Dean said.

"Dean stop it". Renee said.

Dean then let the guy go as he then took in a few deep breaths to catch his breath.

"Dean i'm sorry i really am". Renee said.

"I'm sorry too Renee i'm sorry that i had such a lousy girlfriend who screwed me over, you two aren't even worth it so good bye and have a nice life together because you two deserve each other". Dean said.

"Dean please i made a mistake please". Renee said.

"I made one too her name is Renee". Dean said.

"Dean please don't go". Renee said.

Dean left the room slamming the door behind him going back to his own room but he is still pissed off, tomorrow he's gonna hit the gym to release the anger and frustration. He then went back to his room and quietly shut the soon before heading to the fridge to grab a few beers and heading out on the patio to drink, Seth saw his best friend go out and decides to join him.

"How are you man?" Seth asked.

"Pissed off. I mean i get cheated on but to have it get told to me by my sister, i then go talk to her then see the freaking douche bag in his boxers i couldn't believe it i thought i loved her but it turned out it was all fake like her". Dean said.

"Then she accused Sarah of lying about it". Dean said.

"That's just messed up". Seth said.

"I was about to kick the guy's ass though stupid son of a bitch". Dean said.

"Why?" Seth asked.

"He said that i should really control Sarah keep her on a leash and teach her some manners". Dean said.

"Oh hell naw that stupid sorry son of a bitch". Seth said.

"I swear man it took everything in me to not kill the fool". Dean said.

"I bet". Seth said.

"I then told her that she and the bastard should stay together then told her off then left". Dean said.

"That's just crazy man". Seth said.

"Sarah told me that Renee threatened her". Dean said.

"What?" Seth asked.

"Renee told her that if she told me about the cheating that Sarah will be in really big trouble". Dean said.

"That can't be good, i know that's not good". Seth said.

"I don't need her or any girl in my life the only girl i'll ever need is Sarah, she's all i have ever needed". Dean said.

"I hear you". Seth said.

Dean and Seth finish their beers then head in to go to bed, Seth then relaxes on his bed and after a couple of minutes he's out like a light. Dean then gently gets on the bed with his sister and pulls her close to him holding her protectively to his chest, he strokes her hair while gently rocking her.

"Good night sweetheart i love you so much. Your the only girl i need in my life". Dean whispered.

Sarah then gripped the back of her brother's shirt laying her head on his chest listening to his heart beat, Dean then lays his sister on his right side holding her with his right arm. He finally placed one last kiss on her head before going to sleep for the night.

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