Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 67

The next day Seth leaves for the arena by himself since Sarah still sick so she stays with her brother at the hotel again, right now the two siblings are watching tv in the room then during the movie there's a knock on the door so Dean gets up to answer it and when he does he sees anger in his eyes. It's Renee so he goes out into the hallway so they don't disturb Sarah.

"You got a lot of nerve coming here what part of stay the hell away don't you understand". Dean said.

"Dean please hear me out". Renee said.

"Let's see um no, so you can go back to that stupid little boy toy of yours cause were finished no more. I don't want you to come around me outside of work anymore, i want you to stay away from me and my sister. Good bye Renee". Dean said.

"So that's it your not even gonna hear me out?" Renee yelled.

"Nope because there's nothing else to say to you not to mention you were caught by my sister". Dean said.

"It's not even her business what i do or what you do". Renee said.

Dean was seriously about to lose his cool with his woman, Sarah heard arguing from outside the door and knew it was Dean and Renee so she slowly moves from the bed to the door opening it to see the two adults arguing.

"That little brat needs to know her place and mind her own business". Renee said.

"And what exactly is her place Renee? She's a 10 year old child. And my business is her business". Dean said.

Sarah then closed the door and went back to the bed to sit down lost in her thoughts, Dean heard the door close and knew his sister was listening to them fight.

"Before i lose my cool i think you should go". Dean said.

"But Dean". Renee said.

"GO! Now! And stay away from me and my sister" Dean yelled.

Renee then left leaving Dean standing there highly pissed off and he couldn't calm down so to release the frustration he decides to go to the gym and brings his sister with him. Dean goes back in the room to see Sarah with her head down so he goes to her.

"You alright sweetheart?" Dean asked.

"Was it my fault Dean?" Sarah asked.

"Was what your fault?" Dean asked confused.

"Me breaking up your relationship with her, i heard her yesterday she made you pick between me and her". Sarah said.

"No no sweetheart it wasn't your fault it was her fault, and what she did yesterday was completely out of line. You never would have to worry about me picking any other girl over you because your the only girl i need in my life nobody else". Dean said.

"If it makes you feel better Dean i'm not going anywhere for a long time". Sarah said.

Dean then had a smile on his face and pulled his sister into a hug and she buried her face into his neck, once they broke the hug Dean still needed to let out the frustration so he goes to the bathroom to put some gym clothes on and he comes back out to get his gym bag together.

"You feel like coming to the gym with me?" Dean asked.

"Sure i'm tired of being cooped up in the room anyway". Dean said.

"First i gotta make sure your not sick anymore because if your sick your not going". Dean said.

"Your no fun sometimes". Sarah said.

"Its my job as the older brother". Dean said.

Dean then felt her forehead and she felt alright but just to make sure he checked her temperature it was normal but he wanted to make absolutely sure before he took her to the doctor.

"Is your stomach doing better? You don't feel the need to puke?" Dean asked.

"Not really but my stomach does feel empty though". Sarah said.

"Seth was right you had food poisoning so your gonna have to eat small at first before you get your appetite back". Dean said.

"That was the worst experience ever". Sarah said.

"I know but this just did remind me of something". Dean said.

"What?" Sarah asked.

"You need a check up". Dean said.

Sarah then ran to the bathroom locking the door making Dean sigh, his sister hated the doctor she always has ever since she was younger he tried to help her through it but it wasn't good. Every time she needed a shot or blood drawn she would either try and bolt from the room or the doctor would have Dean hold her so it can be done the last time she got a shot she almost gave the doctor a swift punch to the face and kick to the groin.

"Sarah come on it's not that bad they just going to make sure that your alright". Dean said.

"I am fine". Sarah said.

"I know that sweetheart were just gonna double check". Dean said.

"No needles?" Sarah asked.

"No needles i promise". Dean said.

Sarah then unlocked the door and came out and got her stuff ready to go to the gym with her brother, once they arrive to the gym they put their bags down then Dean tapes his hand so he can use the punching bag while Sarah just sat down and read her book. After a while in the gym Dean was still on the punching bag while Sarah kept reading then Renee found Dean in the gym wanting to talk to him but Sarah saw from the corner of her eye and stayed there while Renee went towards them.

"Dean please talk to me please". Renee begged.

"Renee, you might as well give up because my brother isn't going to talk to you so go back to wherever it is you came from with that little douche of a boyfriend you got". Sarah said.

"Look here sweetie why don't you go and play with your barbie dolls and let the grown ups talk and stay out of my business with your brother". Renee said.

Sarah then closed her book and looked at Renee with a confident look.

"Look here honey you are not going to tell me what to do because your not the boss of me my brother is, second you should watch who your talking to because my brother may not hit a woman but that doesn't mean i won't talk to me like that again i will knock your lights out, and third my brother's business with anybody is also my business so get your facts straight you blonde headed barbie doll". Sarah said.

Renee then slapped Sarah across the face and Dean saw it so he ran over, Sarah then shot up throwing her elbow straight across Renee's face breaking her nose having blood come out rapidly.

"Told you just because my brother won't hit a woman doesn't mean i can't should have listened". Sarah said.

"Sarah are you ok". Dean said.

"I'll be fine Dean but she's not". Sarah said.

"Dean i just wanted to talk to you so we can work things out, so we can be together again". Renee said.

"Wait wait you just slapped my sister and you want to get back together. No way in hell that's gonna happen because there is nothing to talk about you cheated on me and i'm done with you not to mention you threatened my sister and then slapped her. I'm not gonna be with anyone who doesn't accept my sister and especially who threatens her. I swear most of you women are all the same. Renee your best bet right now is to go before i lose my cool with you". Dean said.

"You'll be sorry Dean you both will be very sorry". Renee said.

Renee then left holding her nose that is still bleeding while Dean checks over his sister to make sure she's alright.

"You sure your alright sweetheart?" Dean asked.

"I'm fine Dean but i do have to tell you something". Sarah said.

"What?" Dean asked.

"The other day after we had lunch with her i talked to her at the arena and she told me that if i ruined the relationship between you guys...she'll end you and me". Sarah said.

"Sarah why didn't you tell me?" Dean asked.

"I didn't wanna start anything and i didn't want you to be mad at me". Sarah said.

Dean sighed ever since the fight with them Sarah was almost always afraid that if she did anything wrong Dean would be mad at her and she didn't want that again.

"Sarah if anybody tells you something like that you need to tell me understand". Dean said.

"I understand". Sarah said.

"Good you wanna head back to the room and watch some tv". Dean said.

"Sure". Sarah said.

Dean then untapped his hands and wiped his face with his towel then threw it back in his bag while Sarah got her stuff then took her brother's hand going back up to the room. Once in the room Sarah turned the tv on while Dean ordered room service.


Seth is heading to his locker room to prepare for smack down but is stopped by the former authority members.

"What do you want?" Seth asked.

"Were here to make you a once in a lifetime deal so you should choose wisely". Randy said.

"What deal?" Seth asked.

"You rejoin the authority and we'll leave your precious niece and buffoon friends alone, and you have no contact with any of them". Randy.

"You can't be serious Randy, i mean no contact who are you to tell me who i can and cannot talk to". Seth said.

"I know you'll do it for the sake of your precious little niece because i know that you'll do anything to protect her". Randy said.

What is it with you? All of you, using Sarah to get to me, Dean, and Roman i mean seriously she's just a kid leave her out of this she hasn't done anything to any of you so leave her alone you wanna come at me by all means come at me just leave her alone". Seth said.

"Well look at that Seth has gone all soft over a pint size twerp". Kane said.

"Where is she anyway?" Randy asked.

"Non of your damn business". Seth said.

"So what's it gonna be Seth you gonna rejoin the authority in exchange we leave your niece and buffoon friends alone and you have no contact with any of them". Randy said.

"I'm gonna put this in terms so all of you can understand. Go to hell". Seth said.

"You just made the biggest mistake of your life Seth". Randy said.

Seth then pushed past all of them heading to his locker room to he can change and prepare for his rematch tonight against Luke Harper only this time the only way to win is by pin fall or submission. Seth then changes into his ring gear and while he waits he pulls his wallet out and looks at a picture he has of Sarah he then throws his head back on the wall because he needed to focus and prepare for his match up or he's gonna get his ass kicked again.

(Skips to the match)

"This match is set for one fall the only way to win is by pin fall or submission. Introducing first he is Mr MITB Seth Rollins". Lillian said.

Seth gets in the ring ready for this match.

"And his opponent Luke Harper". Lillian said.

The ref then keeps the two separate long enough so the bell can ring and the match goes underway.

(Skips most of the match)

So far the match is close to both Seth and Harper, Seth then decides to go under the ring to get a kendo stick and once he has one he starts to beat the hell outta Harper with it he beats him with it so bad it broke. He then decides to get a chair and beat Harper with it, once he saw that his opponent is down he goes for the pin but Harper kicks out, he then hits Harper with the chair a few more times and once he is down he positioned Harper for the curb stomp and hits it on the chair and he pins him winning the match.

"And the winner of the match Seth Rollins". Lillian said.

Seth then got his briefcase and headed backstage so he can shower and change so he can head back to the hotel so he can spend time with his friend and niece but on the way back Renee stops him but has something on her nose since Sarah broke it.

"What do you want now Renee?" Seth asked.

"I wanna talk to Dean but he won't talk to me can you convince him to talk to me or at least tell him i wanna talk to him". Renee said.

"Let me think about it for a second...no. First you cheat on him with some other guy, second his sister tells him, third you threaten his sister, just from that i highly doubt that he will talk to you let alone go anywhere near you. You gotta know one thing about Dean no matter who it is male, female, anybody who hurts and/or threatens his sister that will make him your enemy for life and not to mention he will find a way to get back at you trust me been there done that". Seth said.

"So why aren't you his enemy for life because that's exactly what you did when you were with the authority". Renee said.

"He forgave me because i turned on the authority when those complete ass wipes hurt my niece i only did it to impress them, my intentions were to never in my life hurt her i love her more than anything and i would do anything to protect her from people like you and the authority. She means everything to me so when i turned on them yeah i hurt her but it wasn't by choice and i regret what i did". Seth said.

"Just please convince him please i love him". Renee said.

"No i'm not and what happened to your nose?" Seth replied.

"Your niece decided to elbow me in the face today and broke my nose". Renee explained.

"Well whatever you did you probably deserved it you should really listen when she says she will hurt you because she's not kidding". Seth said.

"You all are unbelievable". Renee said.

She then storms away pissed off while Seth goes to his locker room to shower and change, once he is changed into regular clothes he grabs his gym bag tossing it around his shoulder grabbing his car keys then leaves the arena heading back to the hotel for the night. Once back at the hotel he parks then heads up to the hotel room after a very long day all he wants to do is lay back and relax especially after his match he had he was exhausted. He quietly entered the room not knowing if his friend and niece were asleep or not once he is in the room he saw his niece fast asleep on the bed and Dean isn't around so he puts his stuff down and checks on the patio because that's where Dean likes to go when he wants to be alone or have a beer.

"Hey you alright man". Seth said.

"I'm fine". Dean said.

"No your not because i know that voice". Seth said.

"And how would you know?" Dean asked.

"Because i know how my brother sounds when he's pissed about something so what's wrong". Seth said.

"Renee came by today and we just had this huge argument i swear i was ready to just punch her but i didn't i went back in the room because Sarah had over heard us she thought it was her fault that me and Renee broke up but i told her it wasn't her fault. Then i went to the gym and took Sarah with me everything was fine till she came back but Sarah stopped her she really told Renee off then she slapped Sarah dude i was ready to rip her apart but Sarah threw her elbow across her face breaking her nose. I swear she gets more and more like me everyday". Dean said.

"She does learn from the best". Seth said.

Seth and Dean stayed on the patio talking drinking their beers. While Renee is heading back to her room and when she gets there she sees her boyfriend Jake packing his stuff up like he's leaving.

"Jake? Where are you going?" Renee asked.

"I'm leaving Renee, you don't love or care about me your just obsessed with Dean and getting him back so i'm leaving you". Jake said.

"Jake no please don't go i love you, i really do love you". Renee said.

"No you don't i don't think you ever had. This is good bye Renee have a nice life". Jake said.

"No Jake please don't go please". Renee begged Jake.

"I'm sorry". Jake said.

Once Jake left Renee broke down in tears and got highly pissed and in her mind this is Dean's fault so now Dean has to pay one way or another she didn't care how but she knew that he was gonna suffer the way she has to and if that means going to extreme measures then she will do it.

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